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Found Season 1 Episode 7 Recap Missing While Indigenous Found Season 1 Episode 7 Recap Missing While Indigenous


Found Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – Missing While Indigenous

FOUND -- "Missing While Indigenous" Episode 107 -- Pictured: (l-r) Gabrielle Elise Walsh as Lacey Quinn, Shanola Hampton as Gabi Mosely -- (Photo by: Steve Swisher/NBC)



Found Season 1 Episode 7 continues on the trend of delivering really fascinating and unexpected missing person cases, the ones that police look the other way for. 

As the title of the episode suggested, the Nov. 14 storyline focused on a missing and pregnant indigenous woman, Denae, and time was of the essence as her doctor revealed that her baby was breech and she was set to go into labor at any minute. 

The ante was upped when Denae went missing somewhere in Virginia on her way back to her reservation, which forced Gabi and Lacey to confront their past as they were held captive by Sir in a cabin in the same area. And since Gabi visited said cabin, it was apparently in walking distance, causing Lacey to relive her trauma straight on. The case was difficult for Lacey, so you can imagine that a Sir sighting will only fuel her biggest fears, and Gabi, the one person she trusts the most in the world, is fueling that by lying to her and preventing her from getting closure. Lacey honestly deserves better. 

Of course, Gabi may seem like she’s handling it, but the kidnapping (and the kidnapper) still wields major control over her.

During Gabi’s visit to Sir’s cabin, fans get another flashback to her time in captivity during which she attempted to escape and only made things worse for herself as she broke Sir’s trust, causing him to drug her during dinner and chain her up in a dark room as punishment. The scene seemingly explains why she’s chosen to keep him chained in the basement. 

Found Season 1 Episode 7 Recap Missing While Indigenous

FOUND — “Missing While Indigenous” Episode 107 — Pictured: (l-r) A’Zaria Carter as Teen Gabi, Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Sir — (Photo by: Steve Swisher/NBC)

Being back at the house may have been painful, but it also helped her reframe the case of where to find Denae, thus continuing to use her own trauma for good. 

There were many potential suspects in Denae’s case, including her “white devil” baby daddy who was involved in a drunk driving accident the night of her disappearance and admitted to cheating on her with someone he met at his bar, her brother, who had control issues and resented her for leaving the reservation and falling in love with a white man, and her sister-in-law, Ada, a midwife who just so happened to be the last person that saw Denae before she went missing. All three of these would’ve made fine suspects, but they were all a bit too obvious.

Denae was just where Gabi expected her to be—in the space between jurisdictions that no one ever thinks to look—but in yet another disturbing twist, her baby had been cut out of the womb. 

At this point, it was clear that the suspect was Denae’s doctor, however, Gabi and her team took a bit longer to arrive at the realization, though eventually, there was no denying it when staff checked out Denae’s body and noted the cuts from the C-section were done by a professional.

Thankfully, they pieced it all together in time to save Margaret, who went by the doctor’s place to ask him for help in the case before her skills helped her fully comprehend the situation. Once she saw the muddy boots and rainfall soundtrack, she knew she had to get inside the house and find the child. 

The doctor caught her holding the baby and explained that his pregnant wife died early on in a car accident. When he saw that Denae wasn’t taking any of his recommendations to heart, he figured that she wasn’t a fit mother and formed a plan to steal her baby so he could get another chance at being a father—the chance that he claimed was stolen from him.

Margarate navigated the situation perfectly, explaining that she understood that the pain of losing a child is unbearable, but Denae’s life (as he admitted to willingly leaving her to die of her wounds) and the child’s life wasn’t his to take.

The case was filled with intense moments, not only for Gabi and her associates but also for Denae’s family, but as they say, all’s well that ends well. Denae was reunited with her baby and her family, putting all the family drama behind them, as she decided to move back to the reservation so that her daughter could be raised with her tribe. The episode was also well-timed, coinciding with Native American Heritage Month, and putting important stories at the forefront of our TV programming. 

While fans await the day when Gabi will finally be ready for a relationship with Trent, he was heavily involved with the case as Gabi, who is responsible for getting him suspended, wanted to give him something to do to get his mind off of things. I know Trent makes a good cop, and it’s promising to have that connection, but he was a great asset to Gabi’s team—there’s a spot for him if he wants it.

As for Sir, he was extremely jealous of the fact that Gabi had a man over at the house, even going as far as to ask if she slept with him. It was cringe, and the rage he exuded was unsettling, but it wasn’t romantic jealousy as much as he felt like he was losing control over her and that this person was pulling her away from him. In his twisted way, it’s how he shows that he cares about her. Of course, it didn’t help that Gabi antagonized him and he retaliated by breaking the cameras that she used to keep an eye on him while she was out of town so that she had no idea what he was up to. 

And finally, Gabi’s biggest fear transpired as Trent informed her that there’s been a sighting of Sir near her apartment. 

At the same time, Zeke’s system was going off, likely because of the sighting, which begs the question—did Sir escape? Did the cameras kick back on and trigger Zeke’s surveillance? Or was this a lookalike sighting?

And if Sir really is free again, how is Gabi going to explain this one? Will she continue lying? Will she come clean?

With each passing episode, I’m desperate to know more about Gabi and Sir’s backstory—why he kidnapped her, did he know her previously, what his intentions were—along with some insight about their current situation—how long has she had Sir in custody and how did she find him.

The fact that Dhan knew exactly where to find Gabi at the cabin seemingly confirms my theory that he’s the one who helped her imprison Sir. Could he be in on it?

But only time, and additional episodes, will tell. 

This is, however, one of those where I’m fully enjoying the ride, not just gunning for the destination. What did you think of the episode?

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Found Season 1 Episode 9 Review – Missing While Scamming



FOUND -- "Missing While Scamming" Episode 109

Found Season 1 Episode 9 titled “Missing While Scamming” unearthed a handful about Sir’s past, including his first name, Hugh Evans. 

Unsurprisingly, he had a troubled past, with a mother who treated him terribly and abused him both emotionally and physically, which is where his disgust with anyone who was deemed “impure” came from. 

As he was battling intense fever dreams from an illness, his visions illuminated more of his past, including a kind woman who came over one night to feed him and urged him to power through his tough upbringing. The woman, who called him Sir and gave him some reading suggestions, is likely why Hugh chose Gabi as his victim when the time came, adapting many of the same behaviors displayed by both the woman, along with the punishments from his mother, while holding her hostage. It’s a cycle of trauma that’s continuing on with Gabi’s decision to kidnap him. 

I thought that maybe the woman showing Hugh kindness was Gabi’s mother, but she mentioned that her husband died, so it seems as though that isn’t the case. 

In one final confrontation with his mom where she tells Hugh that no one will ever love him because he’s broken, he picks up a knife, though we don’t find out if he ever went as far as killing her. It’s also unclear what happened to his younger sibling, the one he was forced to take care of as his mother partied and brought men home, yet another example of why “heavy boots” irks him. 

Gabi, on the other hand, wrestled with her inner demons and guilt of kidnapping Sir, which has taken quite a toll on her mental health. She can’t even squeeze in a nap without dreaming about getting arrested on kidnapping charges and seeing Sir get his hands on Lacey.

It gets so bad, in fact, that she writes a confession and asks to tell Trent after they solve their current case, but she changes her mind on both by the end of the hour. 

Lacey, who informs Gabi that she’s taking a leave of absence to heal and who is clearly hurt by Gabi’s decision to distance herself, finally gets Gabi to crack a little when she asks for complete honesty and transparency from her about what’s in the basement. “I’m in the basement,” Gabi tells her, and for a minute, I thought this was the show’s attempt at reaffirming that she doesn’t actually have Sir locked up in there but it’s something her mind has imagined. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case, however, she’s also not lying when she tells Lacey that the part that Sir stole from her—and the person she becomes when she goes down there to solve the cases, the monsters that they are hunting for—is locked up there. She simply omitted the fact that she was committing a major crime by keeping him there, all while not providing Lacey with any real closure as she fears Sir is still out there. Lacey and Gabi’s relationship may be on the mend, but it’s bound to break once again when the truth inevitably comes out. There’s a lot Lacey can forgive because of how much she loves and respects Gabi, but I don’t think that letting her live in fear while keeping the truth about Sir is one of them, especially as she spent a night in that house. 

Her relationship with Trent was also tested, and they keep running into the same roadblocks—he wants to keep her safe, she wants to push the boundaries and risk her own life to find the missing people that no one else will look for. During a ransom meeting where a kidnapper held a gun to her head, Trent broke Gabi’s trust by calling the cops for an assist, a decision she felt butchered their attempt at getting Melissa’s location and saving her. 

Of course, Gabi isn’t considering all the sides, simply looking at it from her own skewed perspective, rather than being grateful that someone cares enough about her while she cares about everyone else in the world. Trent’s decision wasn’t exactly out of line as the whole kidnapping ransom situation did feel a bit above their pay grade. Gabi’s relationship with the police might not be great, but working hand in hand with them could’ve benefitted the case if they agreed to be civil. Gabi had every right to stay on the case since Melissa’s husband hired her specifically, but the cops could’ve given the backup and resources necessary to make sure everything was being executed safely. 

Instead, Gabi went rogue and walked into a trap alone, which could’ve got her killed, while the police chief publicly bashed M&A’s vigilante work, blaming Melissa’s death on them, which again, wasn’t fair either. Neither M&A nor the cops could’ve saved Melissa’s life as she didn’t die because of their actions but through asphyxiation because of the bag placed over her head during the meet. Gabi’s first priority was saving Melissa, even amid the shootout, but she didn’t have a pulse. If they’d waited for the cops for the ransom exchange, it would have taken even longer to get the funds, and Melissa could’ve died as well. 

The blame game simply doesn’t work in an instance where a case of greed took a sloppy turn. Melissa’s case was heartbreaking because it was at the hands of two of her closest friends and associates, which really reminded Gabi that her people not stick by her if they knew the truth about what she was doing. 

Melissa, a social media influencer and MLM sales person, didn’t survive her kidnapping, and her husband, Harris, was forced to tell their young daughter that her mother wasn’t coming home, which was a hard scene to watch. And yet, it helped Margaret come to the conclusion that she’s been standing in her own way and holding herself back from having a healthy relationship with her own children. It’s a huge first step, and we know that it was hard for Margarate to make considering she thinks that she’s giving up on Jamie. I think there’s still a way to look for him and hold out hope for his return without being chained to the bus stop as it wasn’t a logical decision, it was that of a grieving mother who needed to have some control over the situation. 

It was nice to see M&A not bring someone home in the sense that I wanted to see what happens when they aren’t successful. And realistically, not every case can be a win—and that’s okay, too. It’s life. Gabi honored the fallen ones in a beautiful way by hanging their photos up in a room in her house and lighting a candle. 

And in the final moments, Lacey informs Gabi that Tony, the boy who was accidentally shot during an earlier case this season, is finally awake from his coma. Sometimes, you just need a little bit of good news to get you through the day.

What did you think of the episode? Are you glad we got some insight into Sir? Did you see how shocked Gabi was to see him mention his mother? Will Trent go back to the force or is he seeing how corrupt it is with the present leadership? And is Gabi serious about shooting down any potential romance possibility? Share your thoughts! 

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Found Season 1 Episode 8 Review – Missing While Homeless



Found Season 1 Episode 8 Review - Missing While Homeless

On Found Season 1 Episode 8, Gabi makes a handful of shocking discoveries when it comes to Sir, and you have to wonder how long she’ll be able to keep him locked up in her basement without anyone knowing. 

The problem with what Gabi is doing is that her lie is hurting everyone, including herself. Instead of turning him over to the police when she had the chance, Gabi took justice into her own hands, but in the process, she’d made herself a prisoner to the trauma inflicted on her by Sir nearly 20 years ago, 

And while he’s the one in the chains currently, he still wields a lot of power over her as a master manipulator. On top of that, he’s made her dependent on him to solve her cases, but as she does good and helps bring home the people who are overlooked or forgotten, she’s simultaneously turning into the kind of monster she’s always feared. 

Sir immediately realized that he had an advantage, knowing that if Gabi ever tried to turn him over, her reputation would be destroyed in the blink of an eye.  Everything she’s worked for, including her credibility, would be gone, and that’s not something that she can afford to lose as it’s the only good thing she has going. 

But he also found another point of weakness to exploit: Lacey aka Bella. And this one is particularly concerning as it places a target directly on her back. 

Sir could feel that Gabi was pulling away, wracked with guilt over what she was doing and questioning whether she should just turn him over with a renewed interest in the case, so he found the only thing that would force her into silence—threatening his other victim. 

When “heavy boots” Trent arrived at Gabi’s to inform her about the police presence following a Sir sighting near her premises, he also divulged that in the years following her escape, there were credible reports that Sir was closely following her, watching and stalking her every move. The realization was unsettling, naturally, but it was even more unnerving when Sir himself admitted that he also tried to find Lacey and was unsuccessful in tracking her down, until now. 

Even worse is that while he absolutely adored and obsessed over Gabi, he hated Lacey because he felt that she “took her” from him and ruined their “family.” And it tracks considering that Bella’s arrival kind of forced Gabi into escaping as she has someone else to fight for. It’s almost as though we’ve come full circle, but now that he’s realized that Lacey recently stayed with Gabi, he made it clear that if Gabi ever turns him in or even sets him free, the first thing he will do is end Lacy’s life. 

It’s chilling—but we can only believe him and trust that he’ll keep his promise, which gives Gabi no alternative. She’s made her bed, and now she has to sleep in it. 

Found Season 1 Episode 8 Review - Missing While Homeless

FOUND — “Missing While Homeless” Episode 108 — Pictured: (l-r) Karan Oberoi as Dahn Rana, Shanola Hampton as Gabi Mosely, Brett Dalton as Detective Mark Trent, Gabrielle Elise Walsh as Lacey Quinn — (Photo by: Matt Miller/NBC)

Keeping up this lie, however, is becoming harder and harder, and it will soon push people away, as it has with Lacey. The harder Gabi has to fight to protect Sir’s existence in her basement, the higher the wall she puts up, and the more she pushes her loved ones away. They’ve been taking it, but for how much longer? Lacey already seems fed up with Gabi’s runarounds every time she confronts her, and Trent, who was trying to help and keep her safe, was basically made enemy #1 throughout the episode. 

And, there is, of course, the little tiny problem that Sir wants to be held captive by Gabi. How do you leverage anything over a person who actually wants to be there? He enjoys spending time with her because there’s nowhere else he’d rather be. As Lacey pointed out, Gabi is his oxygen. 

The scene where he forced Gabi to say that she loves him made my skin crawl, particularly because it gave him everything he wanted to hear and reaffirmed just how much power he continues to possess even as the roles reversed. However, I was glad that Gabi drugged him into silence, ensuring that she didn’t have to worry about him making any noise and ruffling suspicion. 

That being said, suspicion is already there, first with Lacey questioning the choice of locks and books (the same one Sir had) and then with Zeke seeing someone walking around her apartment and chalking it up to the police, though we know that’s definitely not the case. 

It’s only a matter of time before she gets caught up and, quite frankly, caught, and while it would be very hard to explain, it wouldn’t be the worst thing for her mental health. She can’t move on when Sir isn’t just in her head, he’s in front of her still controlling the narrative. 

I hate that it also causes so much animosity with Trent, who is just a good guy looking out for her. She can take care of herself, yes, but it’s nice to have someone else offer a sense of safety. 

Hopefully, additional episodes will unearth the true nature of what led to Gabi’s kidnapping and how Sir ended up in her custody. The present-day dynamic is extremely toxic, but I want to see how it all started.

As for the case of the week, it allowed us to tap into Dhan’s backstory a bit more, even if it was very subtly, as he ran point on trying to locate Samson, a missing unhoused person from the encampment. 

There were a lot of moving parts to the case, as Samson’s significant other, Mack, came to seek out M&A’s help, before falling unconscious as it was revealed she was stabbed by a new man at the encampment who was assaulting women (a rich guy pretending to be homeless so that he could get away with crimes). She explained that Samson found him on top of Mack, so they got into a fight before he went missing. Fearing that he was going to take his own life due to past trauma—which we later found out included the loss of his daughters and wife in a house fire caused by a cigarette he was smoking when he fell asleep—the search was accelerated. Samson blamed himself, and thus, didn’t think he deserved to live, which is extremely heartbreaking considering the pain he’s carried with him all these years. 

There was also Jo, a man whose restaurant was shutting down and who excused stealing the money Samson entrusted him with to give to Mack to get his restaurant back on its feet. 

Since it was a fixture in the community that helped people, he figured it was fine to dip into someone else’s money, and it sounds an awful lot like the excuses Gabi makes for keeping Sir locked up. 

They were, thankfully, able to locate Samson alive (another happy welcome home toast in the books) and give him permission to forgive himself for a tragic accident.

And with Samson letting go of the past, you’d think that it would inspire Gabi to follow her own advice and do the same.

Elsewhere, Margaret revealed that her daughter, Taylor, invited her to mother-daughter weekend at the university, and while she was interested in attending, it would mean she couldn’t spend a night at the train station. For her sake, I hope there’s a way to have both—a current relationship with her living daughter while not being forced to forget about her missing son. 

As for Zeke and Lacey, he offered her a safe space to stay, and I can’t help but pick up some feelings there. Are these two going to help each other work through their respective traumas?

What did you think of the episode? Is Gabi being selfish? Should she tell Lacey the truth so that she doesn’t have to constantly live in fear? And did Gabi just manage to make things worse by giving Sir the time of day?

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Found Season 1 Episode 6 Review – Missing While Addicted



Found Season 1 Episode 6 Review Missing While Addicted

Found Season 1 Episode 7 offered yet another riveting missing person’s case, and one that most people didn’t think deserved the time of day.

Rachel and her nephew Lucas arrived at M&A to report that her son, David, was missing as she was desperately looking to find him and reunite with him before she succumbed to her cancer diagnosis. 

However, Rachel left a key piece of information out—David was an addict, a tidbit that made Dhan a little hesitant to take on the case. He didn’t necessarily disclose why he felt so passionately about not looking for an addict at first, but it was clear that he had some experience dealing with those who don’t want to be found while they are out seeking their next high. 

The case also proved to be very personal to Gabi, which is why she was so determined to find David and give him one final moment with his mother. Audiences later found out that Gabi’s father spiraled into alcoholism after she was kidnapped, and it wasn’t easy to shake once she was found. The addiction strained their relationship, and unfortunately, she didn’t get to the hospital in time to see him before his death. 

Ergo, Gabi wanted to right the wrongs and give this family the chance she never got, though it meant that she broke a handful of rules and pushed away the people that she should’ve been leaning on. 

Gabi was pretty insufferable throughout the episode, though her tough exterior and powerful approach make it easy to forget that she was once a victim as well who has her own fair share of trauma to work through. It’s far easier to judge her for ostracizing her loved ones and putting up walls than it is to try to understand where she’s coming from. Of course, that doesn’t excuse her behavior either. 

Her “found” family deserves the truth—they are all in this together, and they’ve all gone through battles of their own so they’re much more understanding than she gives them credit for. They’ve built their whole business on the desire to help people, but transparency is the key to trust. They’d follow her anywhere and do just about anything to protect her, but she needs to keep earning that devotion and trust by being honest with them about what she’s going through. 

Getting everyone on the same page proved to be much more useful than keeping them all in the dark.They are better together. Once they understood Gabi’s motives for going above and beyond to find David, they also began to realize that there was something much more sinister going on in this situation—David wasn’t just an addict, he was someone who was being held hostage by his cousin. Gabi had a hunch that this might be the case, and like I say, you always have to follow that gut feeling. 

The signs were all there, however, so it was a little frustrating that no one picked up on them as quickly as they should’ve. Jessie, the owner of the sober living home was giving off such shady vibes and was way too eager to submit “Mike’s” stay to his insurance. When it turned out that he was running an insurance scam by taking advantage of those who were turning to him for help, it was the least bit surprising. 

And then there was Lucas, who was determined to get them off of the case by any means possible, going as far as firing them and getting protective orders against them. Gabi wasn’t scared off by his attempts, however, and it’s a good thing because they were never actually his clients. They were employed by Rachel, so Gabi had every right to continue with her investigation. 

The biggest clue that they missed was when David testified after his sister’s death, and Lucas was pretending to be supportive when he was, in fact, controlling the narrative. The little brush on the shoulder didn’t look innocent at all, and I’m surprised Margaret didn’t pick up on the behavior as he was a walking red flag, but she has been preoccupied so I’ll forgive her. 

Thankfully, all the clues that they gathered by going around the red tape proved to be helpful as their theory that Lucas killed Alisa and was attempting to silence David was correct. 

Found Season 1 Episode 6 Review Missing While Addicted

FOUND — “Missing While Addicted” Episode 106 — Pictured: (l-r) Jean St James as Rachel Hall, Shane Coffey as Lucas — (Photo by: Steve Swisher/NBC)

David wanted to come clean to his mother about the secret that was driving him to numb the pain with drugs, and when Lucas found out that he’d be outed, he drugged his cousin and locked him up in the guest house, hoping to wait out Rachel’s death so that no one would ever know. 

They managed to get David to Rachel’s bedside in the nick of time, and after he confessed to knowing how Alisa really died, a weight was lifted off of both of them. With the guilt of her death no longer plaguing them, Rachel was able to pass peacefully, with her dying wish of holding her baby boy’s hand fulfilled thanks to Gabi’s dedication. 

It was an extremely moving moment, not just for audiences but for Gabi as well, who knew that while she couldn’t change her own outcome with her father, she could help others get the closure they needed. 

Of course, everything comes at a price, and Gabi’s actions proved that she was willing to hurt the ones she loved in order to get what she wanted. 

In the final moments of the episode, Trent, who celebrated the win with M&A, arrives at her doorstep to inform her that by stealing the name of the CI, he was suspended and would likely be fired pending an investigation. 

Gabi is solely responsible for possibly destroying Trent’s career, and though he’d have a spot alongside her team, it’s useful to have someone in law enforcement on their side. She should’ve never taken advantage of not only the kindness he showed her and his willingness to help out and do the right thing but also his feelings for her, as it’s very obvious that she can sway him to do just about anything as he feels deeply for her. 

And I guess the fact that Trent helped put two people behind bars—Jessie and Lucas—who they didn’t have on their radar prior to Gabi’s case, didn’t actually matter. 

The episode underscored that Gabi uses people in the name of doing the right thing, which, in turn, makes her kind of a monster, as Sir suggested. 

And yes, I was wondering if Gabi was stressed out that Sir would start screaming and thrashing while Trent was in the house. I would assume she’d soundproof the basement, but if Sir can hear what’s happening upstairs, surely, Trent would be able to hear any noise coming from downstairs also?

Does this prove that Sir doesn’t actually want Gabi to free him? Does he like being held captive because then he can be with her?

Their dynamic is interesting, to say the least, and while we don’t know much about what led to her kidnapping, I have this feeling that it wasn’t random at all. 

I’m inclined to believe that they knew each other somehow—maybe he was her father’s co-worker? He seems to know an awful lot about Gabi’s relationship with her father, including that he wasn’t there for her after her mother died, forcing her into a caretaker role instead. It’s possible he simply stalked Gabi for months prior to taking her, but according to the stats, a kidnapping by family members or someone you know accounts for 49% or so, which makes me think this was not random at all. He even knew exactly where to find Gabi’s father to take picture proof that he wasn’t out looking for her, but he underestimated Gabi’s love as all she saw was that her father was wearing gloves and taking care of himself, which in turn gave her hope. 

I’m as eager as everyone watching to learn more about the backstory that led them to this moment, in addition to how Sir ended up in Gabi’s custody. How did she manage to track him down and lock him up? Did she have help? Moments from prior episodes have led me to believe that Dhan assisted. 

How long has it been since Sir has been captured?

Lacey mentions that Gabi has been acting differently since her father’s death, which, according to the timeline, was only a few months ago. It’s fair to assume that it’s around the same time she locked up Sir, which would explain all the lying.

And truly, it’s the lying that’s going to be the end of her as everyone is picking up on her behavior, particularly Lacey. She realizes something changed and knows that Gabi is hiding something, so it’s only a matter of time before she figures it out. 

Gabi has so many people in her corner, supporting her, championing her, and praising the good work that she’s doing, but all of that would be completely destroyed if they found out that she’s keeping someone locked up in her basement. It seems to be a reality she’s increasingly struggling with herself as she’s realizing her actions are hurting a lot of people.

She can’t play the trauma card forever, especially not in this case to justify her actions. It’s a twisted and dangerous game, one that’s better left to the law to handle. 

Plus, there’s no denying the fact that Sir definitely still has power over her—their dynamic is give and take, but when he told her to stop because he wanted to help with the case, she immediately came to a halt. 

She seeks out Sir’s help on her cases—sometimes on cases she herself could totally figure out alone—almost as if she’s seeking out his approval.

Either way, it’s not going to end well for Gabi as suspicions are already growing, and she can’t keep pushing people away forever. 

Other great moments included Zeke reaching out to Dhan after he opened up about his late friend Mike, who died from his amphetamine addiction, and Margaret mustering up the courage to put Jamie’s missing poster up on the wall at M&A, making him an official client. Also, who else is happy to see them address what they are taking shots of each week during their successful toast?

What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy the case of the week? What are your thoughts on Gabi and Sir’s dynamic? 

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