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Found Season 1 Episode 8 Review - Missing While Homeless Found Season 1 Episode 8 Review - Missing While Homeless


Found Season 1 Episode 8 Review – Missing While Homeless

FOUND -- "Missing While Homeless" Episode 108 -- Pictured: (l-r) Karan Oberoi as Dahn Rana, Shanola Hampton as Gabi Mosely -- (Photo by: Matt Miller/NBC)



On Found Season 1 Episode 8, Gabi makes a handful of shocking discoveries when it comes to Sir, and you have to wonder how long she’ll be able to keep him locked up in her basement without anyone knowing. 

The problem with what Gabi is doing is that her lie is hurting everyone, including herself. Instead of turning him over to the police when she had the chance, Gabi took justice into her own hands, but in the process, she’d made herself a prisoner to the trauma inflicted on her by Sir nearly 20 years ago, 

And while he’s the one in the chains currently, he still wields a lot of power over her as a master manipulator. On top of that, he’s made her dependent on him to solve her cases, but as she does good and helps bring home the people who are overlooked or forgotten, she’s simultaneously turning into the kind of monster she’s always feared. 

Sir immediately realized that he had an advantage, knowing that if Gabi ever tried to turn him over, her reputation would be destroyed in the blink of an eye.  Everything she’s worked for, including her credibility, would be gone, and that’s not something that she can afford to lose as it’s the only good thing she has going. 

But he also found another point of weakness to exploit: Lacey aka Bella. And this one is particularly concerning as it places a target directly on her back. 

Sir could feel that Gabi was pulling away, wracked with guilt over what she was doing and questioning whether she should just turn him over with a renewed interest in the case, so he found the only thing that would force her into silence—threatening his other victim. 

When “heavy boots” Trent arrived at Gabi’s to inform her about the police presence following a Sir sighting near her premises, he also divulged that in the years following her escape, there were credible reports that Sir was closely following her, watching and stalking her every move. The realization was unsettling, naturally, but it was even more unnerving when Sir himself admitted that he also tried to find Lacey and was unsuccessful in tracking her down, until now. 

Even worse is that while he absolutely adored and obsessed over Gabi, he hated Lacey because he felt that she “took her” from him and ruined their “family.” And it tracks considering that Bella’s arrival kind of forced Gabi into escaping as she has someone else to fight for. It’s almost as though we’ve come full circle, but now that he’s realized that Lacey recently stayed with Gabi, he made it clear that if Gabi ever turns him in or even sets him free, the first thing he will do is end Lacy’s life. 

It’s chilling—but we can only believe him and trust that he’ll keep his promise, which gives Gabi no alternative. She’s made her bed, and now she has to sleep in it. 

Found Season 1 Episode 8 Review - Missing While Homeless

FOUND — “Missing While Homeless” Episode 108 — Pictured: (l-r) Karan Oberoi as Dahn Rana, Shanola Hampton as Gabi Mosely, Brett Dalton as Detective Mark Trent, Gabrielle Elise Walsh as Lacey Quinn — (Photo by: Matt Miller/NBC)

Keeping up this lie, however, is becoming harder and harder, and it will soon push people away, as it has with Lacey. The harder Gabi has to fight to protect Sir’s existence in her basement, the higher the wall she puts up, and the more she pushes her loved ones away. They’ve been taking it, but for how much longer? Lacey already seems fed up with Gabi’s runarounds every time she confronts her, and Trent, who was trying to help and keep her safe, was basically made enemy #1 throughout the episode. 

And, there is, of course, the little tiny problem that Sir wants to be held captive by Gabi. How do you leverage anything over a person who actually wants to be there? He enjoys spending time with her because there’s nowhere else he’d rather be. As Lacey pointed out, Gabi is his oxygen. 

The scene where he forced Gabi to say that she loves him made my skin crawl, particularly because it gave him everything he wanted to hear and reaffirmed just how much power he continues to possess even as the roles reversed. However, I was glad that Gabi drugged him into silence, ensuring that she didn’t have to worry about him making any noise and ruffling suspicion. 

That being said, suspicion is already there, first with Lacey questioning the choice of locks and books (the same one Sir had) and then with Zeke seeing someone walking around her apartment and chalking it up to the police, though we know that’s definitely not the case. 

It’s only a matter of time before she gets caught up and, quite frankly, caught, and while it would be very hard to explain, it wouldn’t be the worst thing for her mental health. She can’t move on when Sir isn’t just in her head, he’s in front of her still controlling the narrative. 

I hate that it also causes so much animosity with Trent, who is just a good guy looking out for her. She can take care of herself, yes, but it’s nice to have someone else offer a sense of safety. 

Hopefully, additional episodes will unearth the true nature of what led to Gabi’s kidnapping and how Sir ended up in her custody. The present-day dynamic is extremely toxic, but I want to see how it all started.

As for the case of the week, it allowed us to tap into Dhan’s backstory a bit more, even if it was very subtly, as he ran point on trying to locate Samson, a missing unhoused person from the encampment. 

There were a lot of moving parts to the case, as Samson’s significant other, Mack, came to seek out M&A’s help, before falling unconscious as it was revealed she was stabbed by a new man at the encampment who was assaulting women (a rich guy pretending to be homeless so that he could get away with crimes). She explained that Samson found him on top of Mack, so they got into a fight before he went missing. Fearing that he was going to take his own life due to past trauma—which we later found out included the loss of his daughters and wife in a house fire caused by a cigarette he was smoking when he fell asleep—the search was accelerated. Samson blamed himself, and thus, didn’t think he deserved to live, which is extremely heartbreaking considering the pain he’s carried with him all these years. 

There was also Jo, a man whose restaurant was shutting down and who excused stealing the money Samson entrusted him with to give to Mack to get his restaurant back on its feet. 

Since it was a fixture in the community that helped people, he figured it was fine to dip into someone else’s money, and it sounds an awful lot like the excuses Gabi makes for keeping Sir locked up. 

They were, thankfully, able to locate Samson alive (another happy welcome home toast in the books) and give him permission to forgive himself for a tragic accident.

And with Samson letting go of the past, you’d think that it would inspire Gabi to follow her own advice and do the same.

Elsewhere, Margaret revealed that her daughter, Taylor, invited her to mother-daughter weekend at the university, and while she was interested in attending, it would mean she couldn’t spend a night at the train station. For her sake, I hope there’s a way to have both—a current relationship with her living daughter while not being forced to forget about her missing son. 

As for Zeke and Lacey, he offered her a safe space to stay, and I can’t help but pick up some feelings there. Are these two going to help each other work through their respective traumas?

What did you think of the episode? Is Gabi being selfish? Should she tell Lacey the truth so that she doesn’t have to constantly live in fear? And did Gabi just manage to make things worse by giving Sir the time of day?

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Found Season 1 Finale Review – Missing While Forgotten



Found Season 1 wrapped up one intoxicating season. There may have been bumps along the road, but Found has never failed to entertain or keep audiences on their toes.

The developments with Sir were taken to a whole new level when Gabi realized that Sir somehow managed to escape. While one might think that Sir’s motive was simply to get away, Dhan understood that the kind of determination to break out of the basement could only come from a place of true fear—Sir was terrified about Gabi’s kidnapping, so he broke free to save her. 

But after he got a taste of sweet, sweet freedom, Dhan—through some inside intel—determined that he was on his merry way with a new identity in hand… but that’s what I call wishful thinking.

At every turn, Sir was underestimated, not only by Gabi but by her team. They didn’t think that the big breakthrough Dashika’s case was Sir’s doing, even though a “sighting” happened at the same time he broke free.

They naively thought he was going to leave Gabi alone and skip town, even though at every turn he made it clear that this relationship was the only one that mattered to him.

He even warned her by explaining that if he ever got the chance, he’d come for Lacey, the person he blamed for stealing Gabi from him. Why wouldn’t she take him more seriously on that threat, especially when Lacey’s dog got sick? The signs were all there, and Gabi ignored them, shrugging them off as mere coincidences when they were just too eerie. 

Once Gabi pieced it all together, it was too late and the damage had been done. For all the people that Gabi has been helping and healing, she’s also caused an immense amount of pain and hurt to her loved ones, not to mention she’s thrust them all in the line of danger. She allowed a monster together unleashed into the world once again by taking her oath to serve justice too far. (It’s important to note that I think Sir is cunning and determined enough to have broken out of prison, so I don’t know if the outcome would’ve been different had she turned him in!)

When Sir was locked up in a basement, they were all safe because there was no way he could get to them, but the moment he was out, they were all such easy targets considering the public nature of Gabi’s life and work. She basically fed Lacey to Sir on a platter.

And the worst part is that by the time she tried to warn her friend, Lacey was so angry with her that she ignored her call. Now, that also seemed like a terrible decision on her part considering that Gabi just confessed to her team to kidnapping Sir. While we never heard what she said in that room, seeing all of their disgusted and heartbroken reactions was enough for us to infer that she broke it all down for them. Since Dhan convinced Gabi that Sir left town, it’s possibly she gave them all a sense of false security, but if I were Lacey, I wouldn’t just take anyone’s word for it, especially not after learning someone purposefully poisoned my dog. It reeks of Sir’s doing.

Throwbacks to Gabi and Sir’s first meeting on the first day of school also gave us insight into the dynamic, revealing that he set his sights on her early on after being impressed by her smarts and potential. When one of the boys bullied her—and she had it handled—Sir discreetly took it into his own hands by poisoning said student. It’s how Gabi eventually put two and two together, along with finding the missing poison taken by Sir in her cupboard.

The moment Lacey locked all her doors, I knew that Sir was going to be hiding in there somewhere, and still, I couldn’t shake the visual of him creepily staring at her from the closet while she walked around in her apartment feeling safe and secure. It sent shivers down my spine since I know what he’s capable of—and how capable he is of going undetected.

Point blank—Gabi made a mess and she failed her own people.

The only person who wasn’t clued into her doings with Sir was Trent, as she and Dhan both agreed that they’ve compromised him enough. And I agree that it’s best for now that Trent doesn’t know the extent of the damage as he’d lawfully have to report it or risk going to jail for trying to protect the woman he loves. And yes, I did catch that near kiss between them only to get absolutely nothing on their romantic front. And yes, I’m mad about it. However, I acknowledge that this isn’t the right time to introduce that romance as it’s not fair to Trent considering all of Gabi’s lies.

FOUND — “Missing While Forgotten” Episode 113 — Pictured: (l-r) Gabrielle Elise Walsh as Lacey Quinn, Kelli Williams as Margaret Reed, Karan Oberoi as Dahn Rana, Shanola Hampton as Gabi Mosely — (Photo by: Matt Miller/NBC)

It’s unfortunate that Sir’s case hung over Dashika’s like a dark cloud, though, I guess there wouldn’t even be much to go on if it weren’t for the photo he left at Lacey’s in the first place.

He knew that case was personal to Gabi, so he offered his services the way he has so many times while also sending a message (also did they really think a grandmother would be capable of erasing camera footage at a train station?).  What’s even more upsetting is it kind of proves those voices in Gabi’s head—the ones Sir put there—that say M&A can’t save people without his input. Sir had a hand in every single one of their successes, effectively tainting the good work they’ve been doing. I’m not surprised everyone was so upset that they couldn’t bear to look at her let alone be around her. I think, much like Dhan, they’ll come around eventually, but the fact that Gabi’s actions directly put Lacey in the line of danger will also make it a lot harder for her to regain any trust, support, and sympathy from those she values most.

Now, back to Dashika’s case, it wasn’t your standard missing person’s case because Dashika was never in any real danger, though it did hone in on the fact that most of the time—though not always—the kidnapper is someone you know. As Zeke detailed, in his case, it was his uncle, whom both he and his parents trusted at one point. 

Dashika’s kidnapper turned out to be her grandmother, who thought she was doing it from a place of love and care after she found signs of abuse that were ignored even when she reported them to CPS, and her late daughter’s husband and Dashika’s father threatened to cut contact if she ever brought it up again. 

The grandmother thought that Dashika was being abused and that she’d never see her granddaughter again—so she did what she thought was right. But with her husband’s Alzheimer’s getting worse, she no longer could take care of her and keep up the rouse. 

It was incredibly heartbreaking when they finally located Dashika and arrested the grandmother as the question of the grandfather’s care came into question. His wife was all he had, but Dashika proved to be an angel by making a plea to her father to help her grandparents out. 

The fact that it was someone she knew also explained why Dashika didn’t run or turn them in; though it was revealed that her father’s wife and stepmom was the one who left the burn marks on her arm in an attempt to discipline the “disrespectful” girl.  

Of course, the success of finding Dashika–and her comment about Gabi wearing a cape–were all overshadowed by the pain inflicted by Sir, and Gabi, moments later.

As a series finale, what did you think? How will this all play out? How will M&A move on knowing what they know? Will they get to Lacey in time? And what did you think of Found Season 1?

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Found Season 1 Episode 12 Review – Missing While Eccentric



Found Review Season 1 Episode 12 Missing While Eccentric

Just when you thought Gabi didn’t have it in her, she went ahead and blew it all up. Found Season 1 Episode 12, the penultimate episode of the season, found a way to keep us on our toes by having Gabi expose her deep, dark secret about Sir to her trusted confidant Dhan. 

And Dhan was not picking up what she was putting down, which was actually refreshing. So many shows have the supporting characters blindly following the heroine or main character without ever holding her accountable (yes, he does eventually see her side of things but not without putting up a fight), but that wasn’t the case when Dhan saw what Gabi was hiding in her basement.

Were you shocked that it was Dhan she called? I wasn’t as up until this point, I always suspected he had a hand in helping Gabi trap Sir, and I was partially correct as he did help her track Sir down, though he didn’t know what she did with him when she finally came face-to-face with him. I do, however, find it odd that Dhan never asked any further questions about how Gabi handled Sir, going on to assume that she “took care of him,” which was somehow more palatable in his mind. I guess considering his history of being held captive in a dark basement, it makes sense that he’d be more shocked that Gabi stooped down to the level of the monsters that they slash daily as it knocked her off “white hat.”

Dhan’s reaction is the same one that anyone would have initially, without taking a beat or moment to walk a mile in the other person’s shoes. But the case at hand—of a woman named Aisha, who escaped her captor, a “lizard man,” and made her way to Zeke’s apartment for safety—forced Dhan to do just that. 

Dhan’s anger toward Gabi put her in the line of danger, leaving her alone at a party where the suspect was targeting solo Black women, (though she definitely didn’t help the case by walking away so she could get better reception), which is when she was taken. 

The fear at that moment—the thought of actually losing Gabi—allowed Dhan to reframe his outlook. In his moment of desperation to find her, he turned to Sir, against his better judgment, for help picking apart the case and getting answers, just as Gabi had done many times before. And Sir proved to be rather helpful as he pinpointed that there was a duo of kidnappers—a man and woman—running the show. 

Dhan now understood why Gabi did what she did, and furthermore, understood why she allowed Sir to tap into the cases—in this situation, most of the time, the good outweighed the bad. When a life is at stake, you’ll do anything to save them, even if it means tapping your worst enemy or biggest foe. But what Dhan said about Gabi giving him purpose and a second chance was also true, giving Sir unfiltered access to her personal life so now he feels he’s invaluable and more connected to Gabi than ever before. 

Amid Dhan’s anger, Gabi never failed to grasp how bad the situation was as she knew she blurred the lines and did the unthinkable. By telling Dhan, she simply wanted someone else to understand why she did it other than Sir, and I can’t blame her for that. With a third person in the mix, the dynamic changes and Sir no longer has as much control over her life… hopefully.

Gabi then made it clear that she plans to come clean to everyone who has been hurt by her actions before righting things and accepting the consequences as it’s the only way she’ll ever be free and ever be able to heal. And it’s also the only way her team will ever be able to heal as she’s tainted all of their good work by throwing Sir and her own problems into the mix. 

This time, after gaining some perspective, Dhan promised to stay by her side, his loyalty never wavering again, but it’s unclear if he’ll actually let her go through with this and blow up everything they’ve worked for. If she publicly comes out as a kidnapper/torturer (even of the man who stole a good chunk of her life from her), M&A will never recover in the eyes of the public (and they are already on shaky ground). Their credibility will be shot, which means they won’t be able to help those who are forgotten about. What happens to all the people that need her? That need M&A?

Is it now selfish to destroy all that they’ve worked so hard to build?

And when everyone else at M&A finds out, will they let her go public? Or will they keep her secret? Will they all realize that they need Sir to keep saving lives?

M&A are the only people who believed Aisha’s story, even when it sounded completely made up and they could’ve chalked it up to a bad drug bender based on her history. But they didn’t. Their motto—innocent until proven guilty and telling the truth until proven otherwise—is what separates them from the cops.

They believed everything Aisha said, eventually finding proof of the Lizard Man’s existence, along with the two women he was holding captive, Nova and Estrella. If not for M&A, the Lizard Man and his accomplice, Nova, who turned out to be his wife and Aisha’s trusted anger management counselor (it’s always someone you know!), would’ve kept claiming victim after victim. 

The work they do is important—and nothing should take away from that, not even Sir. Honestly, especially not Sir. He’s already taken so much from Gabi and she needs this; they all need this. 

With the season 1 finale just around the corner, the stakes are at an all-time high, but Gabi seems pretty determined to finally put Sir behind her and have him stop controlling her life, in whatever way that comes to be. Maybe once he’s no longer her secret, she won’t feel like it’s controlling her life, alienating those who love her, and driving a wedge between them. Though, I’m not confident Lacey will be too understanding at first when she does find out. 

Flashbacks give fans more insight into the dynamic between a young Gabi and Sir, her favorite teacher at the time before her kidnapping and one who was proud of all of her accomplishments. We even see the moment that Gabi goes back to school on the final day of the year and takes Sir up on the offer to check out first-year editions of her favorite books with him, never knowing that her whole life was going to change that day and she’d never be able to shake the trauma. 

As for why Gabi kidnapped Sir in the first place, she was operating from a place of grief following her father’s death, a relationship that was dead a long time ago because of what Sir did. He even admitted to seeing her father, who came to his classroom to find closure after Gabi went missing, and scoffed in the face of his pain. It was low, even for Sir.

And finally, what does this mean for Gabi and Trent? He’s on a rollercoaster of emotions with her, most recently texting that he needs to see her because the thought of losing her mere hours before is not something he can just sit with. But when he finds out the truth, will his feelings change? He’s a good cop who has done Gabi a ton of favors, but can he look the other way? Will his integrity be compromised by love?

How do you think it will pan out for Gabi and Sir? If she turns him in—and in turn, herself—there’s not much material to build on for season 2, but if everyone is pulled into the web of lies, well, things can only get more interesting. M&A deals with a lot, including working through many of their own issues, so I’m not entirely sure that looking the other way when it comes to Sir will be beneficial for them. The song lyric “If we go down we go down together” seems fitting right about now. 

And on a final note, it broke my heart to see Zeke try so hard to leave his apartment to find Gabi only to hit a wall.   His skills are invaluable, and he doesn’t need to be out in the field to be useful, but the fact that he wanted to break through his blockade was a huge first step. It will come with time, and hopefully, some tender care and support from Lacey, who has been his rock these past few weeks. I’m glad they have each other, 

What did you think of the episode? Are you enjoying M&A’s cases thus far? How do you think it will conclude?

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Found Season 1 Episode 11 Review – Missing While Interracial



Found Season 1 Fall Finale Episode 11 Missing While Interracial Annie Reveal

The fall finale of Found (Season 1 Episode 11) finally gave us some much-anticipated insight into a few storylines that have been top-of-mind throughout the season, including what happened to Annie (Sir’s previous victim) and how Gabi was taken in the first place. 

In the corporate world, this would be called “moving the needle,” and while I understand the sentiment behind holding these crucial pieces of information until later in the season (you have to build anticipation and intrigue somehow), it provided so much necessary context for audiences to better understand Gabi’s overall situation, approach, and mindset.  

And that doesn’t even begin to touch on the fact that Gabi slipped up in a moment of weakness and said something that not only made Trent pause but likely gave him incentive to start digging into the Sir case unlike ever before. Some might call this a big breakthrough for him—and if he’s the one to crack it wide open, it would elevate his police work, though it would come at the expense of his friendship, and maybe more, with Gabi. While Trent is one of the good cops, he cares deeply about Gabi, so I’m not convinced that he’d totally turn his back on her if he were to find out about her big basement secret. 

Gabi also makes a big decision about the future, but we’ll get to that in a moment. First up, the case of the week, which focused on a missing Black man named Brandon and a white woman named Alison, who he was accused of stalking and possibly kidnapping.

Despite all of their collective trauma—along with the lack of faith from the public after they lost and regained their license—M&A pushed through and took home yet another win, which may not be something audiences want to see. Rumblings on the internet indicate that people want to see them lose more cases for a series more rooted in reality, however, there’s something to be said for Gabi’s impeccable track record. It’s why we’re so invested in the show in the first place, isn’t it? We’re rooting for them to keep doing the work to find the people that the police don’t think are worth their time, even if we have to suspend disbelief about how she skirts the red tape. The show is meant to inspire change—to serve up storylines that are often forgotten about or dismissed.

Gabi is a modern heroine—similar to Scandal’s Olivia Pope, who was equally as frustrating at times. She has the right idea and goes above and beyond to help others, but she’s also deeply flawed, which simply adds layers to her character—ones we get to unpeel with each passing episode. Audiences are allowed to decide whether the good outweighs the bad in this case: is she worth redeeming or is she slowly sinking into a black hole of her own making?

Gabi acts first and thinks later, and while following her gut works most of the time (and it’s one of the things she prides herself on) there are times when it isn’t always effective. During “Missing While Interracial,” it backfired when she went on live television to defend her client, Brandon, without having all of the facts first. While her gut instinct about Brandon was right—and she was one of the few people who didn’t cross him off because of video footage that made him look bad—the perception that the video of him buying rope and a knife was enough to sway the public to side with Alison’s side.

What was even more infuriating about Gabi’s misstep is that she sought to blame her team for not digging up the intel faster than the opposing side, instead of accepting that she took to live television without covering her bases. Time is of the essence in these cases, but it was a rookie move, especially for her, and one she couldn’t even take ownership of. She so badly wants to do the right thing and bring these people home that she sometimes gets ahead of herself. 

Gabi and team then had to work even harder to clear Brandon’s name in the court of public opinion, as Alison’s mother and Harwell Justice placed a huge target on his back, all while seemingly discrediting Gabi. Things got messy, but Gabi knew that the truth was in there somewhere, even if the connection between Brandon, a Black man and nurse reservist in the navy, and a white woman, who was in a long-term relationship with some hedge fund manager, remained somewhat hazy. All eyes immediately shifted to the shady boyfriend, Robert Franklin, who seemed all too calm about his girlfriend’s disappearance, and while he didn’t end up being the suspect, he was involved in sending the “leave me alone” text to Brandon from Alison’s phone, which initially made it seem like Brandon was a stalker who had it out for Alison. 

In a somewhat surprising twist, Alison and Brandon were actually in love! 

One of the criticisms that I’ve seen about the series is that there’s too much of a focus on race, but the reality here is that race plays a role in every single narrative in our world. And similarly to how it played out on Found, the media will defend a white woman over a Black man without many, or any, facts. Look how quickly Brandon became the villain while Alison became the only person that everyone was concerned about. Both mothers were dealing with the same situation, and yet one was, by default, prepared to deal with all the media headlines harassing her son because of his skin color, despite knowing that he only wanted to help others. The mother’s speech to Margaret about why she wanted her son to find a Black woman was also very powerful. 

In that regard, Gabi’s no-bias approach, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt and treating them all innocent until proven guilty, is why she’s so successful and why people seek out her help. She promised to look for Alison with the same fervor as she vowed to look for Brandon. And when she realized that the two of them were in a relationship, one that they kept hidden from the world because of all the negative opinions, she brought their parents together in one room and forced them to work together. 

Eventually, a search mission kicked off for the couple, who told a friend they were going on a romantic getaway somewhere special but then failed to return after several days, indicating something went terribly wrong. Once they found Brandon and Alison, it was as bad as they feared as she fell and sustained a bloody injury, while Brandon remained by her side and created an IV that served as an improvised blood bank to keep her alive, simultaneously draining himself of life.

In the media, Brandon was painted as Alison’s kidnapper when in reality, he was risking his life to save hers. See how easy it is to change the narrative? Obviously, it goes both ways as we’ve seen in our everyday lives, but in this case, the storyline was a promising one, which was nice to see in a world where so much boils down to race. Though, admittedly, this could have been the case where one of the died, giving the audiences the dose of “reality” they’re craving. 

Aside from the compelling case of the week, Gabi made strides in finding out the truth about Annie, which turns out, was far from what she thought happened. Sir isn’t to be trusted, however, he was telling the truth when he said he never killed Annie, though, he did render her mentally unstable and cause her to lose credibility with her parents, which is kind of just as bad and explains why she never came back to help Gabi escape. Gabi scolds him for turning people into the monster that he is, once again skirting responsibility for her actions and blaming someone else. Sir is a bad man, yes, but he never told Gabi to kidnap him—she could’ve easily turned him over to the cops and put an end to all of this. 

When it came to Annie, she didn’t return because no one would have believed her story as Hugh/Sir basically turned everyone against her. And Gabi’s mission to avenge Annie’s death fell apart because, well, Annie only died a few years ago following a drunk driving accident. 

When Trent informed Gabi about Annie’s death, she fell into such a daze that she uttered, “Sir has been telling me the truth,” which obviously shook the cop to his core. When he pressed on asking if she’d had any contact with Sir, she tried to backtrack, explaining that Sir “once” told her the truth, but Trent’s radar was already going off. He knows Gabi better than anyone, so I don’t think he’s going to let this go as easily as she’s hoping. 

Despite all the wins M&A continues to have, Gabi has been off her game lately ever since Sir has taken up a much larger piece of real estate in her mind. She was bound to slip up sooner or later, not to mention that people have been taking notice of her behavior. And when it gets to be too much for her to handle alone, who will Gabi turn to?

Then again, once Gabi learned the truth about Annie, she informed Sir that she was done with this little cat-and-mouse game of lies and manipulations as it’s cost her everything and prevented her from moving on, and then, as Sir begged her not to, she made a call to someone to tell them about Sir. 

Found Season 1 Fall Finale Episode 11 Missing While Interracial Annie Reveal

FOUND — “Missing While Interracial” Episode 111 — Pictured: (l-r) Shanola Hampton as Gabi Mosely, Karan Oberoi as Dahn Rana, Gabrielle Elise Walsh as Lacey Quinn, Kelli Williams as Margaret Reed — (Photo by: Steve Swisher/NBC)

It’s unclear who is on the other end of the line, but my guess is either Trent or Lacey, with my gut saying that it’s Lacey. It’s the one person that Gabi feels especially guilty about lying to, plus the only other person who was involved in Sir’s kidnapping plot. If anyone deserves to know the truth, and decide what to do with it, it’s Lacey. 

However, it’s also not entirely clear if Gabi will go through with telling someone the truth and implicating herself in the process. Would her team stand by her if they found out what she did? Would Trent defend her or risk his career to protect her? It’s possible she placed a call to Trent and once he arrives, she’s going to chicken out. 

We also got plenty of insight into the moment that Gabi was “taken,” and it turns out, she actually wasn’t taken in the same way Lacey was—she willingly went with her English teacher thinking that she was going to check out some cool books. 

It’s an interesting setup because it underscores that most of the time, the kidnapper is someone you know. And while it would be easy to place the blame on Gabi—”Why did she go with him?” or “Why did she lie to her dad about her whereabouts”?—it’s not Gabi’s fault at all; she was an impressionable young woman who trusted her teacher, and that trust was betrayed and taken advantage of. Hugh Evans, an adult, knew exactly what he was doing, and once Gabi started to pick up on it, it was too late. 

This wasn’t a random kidnapping—Hugh didn’t want anything romantic with Gabi, but he did want a family, someone that he felt was “likeminded” and could understand him. He was grooming Gabi and figured that eventually, she’d give up and fall in line with the life he envisioned for them, and in a way, he got his wish. He may not be in control, but he still has a strong hold over her even as a prisoner, and when it comes to her personal life, he has the biggest piece of her heart—regardless if it’s in a good or bad way.  Their storylines are so intertwined that I don’t think Gabi even knows who she is without Sir around, which isn’t ideal for healing any of the trauma or moving forward. 

The person making the most strides? Margaret! And man, I just really want to give her the biggest hug.

She continued her therapy, trying to break through the guilt that she felt for Jamie’s disappearance, and the scene where she tried to let go of him at the bus station was so deeply heartbreaking. I do hope that there will be a breakthrough in the case—even if it isn’t what she’s hoping for—so that she can get some closure, and I’m naively holding out hope that they will find Jamie alive and well in the future. 

Margaret’s storyline has been front and center for a few episodes, so I’m also eager to get a little more insight into the rest of the team, including Lacey and Zeke’s romantic connection. 

What did you think about the Found fall season finale? There will be two more episodes airing in 2024 to finish out the season. What do you hope they accomplish? Is there something you’d like to see more of?

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