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Fuller House Fifth and Final Season trailer is filled with nostalgia Fuller House Fifth and Final Season trailer is filled with nostalgia

Fuller House

Fuller House Final Season Review: It Really Is Time to Say Goodbye

Credit: Fuller House Netflix



As we dive into the final nine episodes of Fuller House season 5, there isn’t much that’s going to surprise you. 
The final season doesn’t reinvent the wheel nor does it divert from the cheesy and cheeky formula that’s worked for over 30 years because there’s no reason to — why mess with perfection?
Instead, the show continues to revel in the corny jokes, the predictable laughs, and overdone gags. You may learn a lesson or two, but it most certainly doesn’t resonate the way it used to when you were a child unless, you are, of course, a child while watching in 2020.
And with the series barreling towards the end, the issues they bring up seem slightly more lighthearted than in seasons prior. Think along the lines of sending the kids off to college and staying true to yourself. 
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with knowing exactly what you’re getting into before you even hit ‘play,’ however. Nostalgia pulls you in and drives you to binge-watch episode after episode as you get lost in all that familiar Tanner chaos.
It’s like coming home for the holidays, you’re always welcomed with open arms. But while it’s comforting, the feeling also serves as a reminder that it’s time to leave and fly the coop. 
The season doesn’t tiptoe around the fact that it’s nearing an end and thus, many of the storylines propel the characters towards the inevitable outcome, which we know is going to be the triple wedding for childhood besties DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy. 
The goal of offering longtime fans a satisfying ending means that the series never overstays it’s welcome with the perfectly paced nine episodes.
We live in a world where marrying your highschool sweetheart or next-door neighbor’s brother can be seen as settling, but Fuller House has somehow managed to make it ideal and desirable. Much of the season’s storyline is laser-focused on DJ gearing up to marry the self-proclaimed sandwich lover (though, Ramona does come for his title in the season), Steve, Stephanie shacking up with a Gibbler, not Kimmy but Jimmy, and Kimmy re-marrying Fernando. Honestly, we’ve lost count how many times that’s happened by this point. 
The kiddos get a few storylines here and there, but it’s clear that their purpose is to prop up the three leading ladies. Still, I’d argue that the true stars of the series have never been DJ, Stephanie, or Kimmy — it’s Fernando, Max, and Ramona with their witty-one liners and hilarious reactions to living inside the organized chaos that is the Fuller-Tanner-Gibbler home. Whereas Steph and DJ’s characters (and acting) may feel forced at times, Fernando, Max, and Ramona steal every scene they’re in without much effort. 
Five seasons later and the audience still gobbles up and erupts in over cheered shrieks and shouts as the characters shuffle in one-by-one into the Tanner living room. Expectedly, Danny Tanner (Bob Saget), Uncle Jesse (John Stamos), and Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier) still elicit the biggest fan reactions. 
But being the reboot’s biggest draw hasn’t convinced the writers and producers to include them more or give them better storylines. And I’m sure that has to do with contracts, time, and money, but clearly, the audience wants more of what made the original series so groundbreaking and loveable!
The episodes take us from engagement party to wedding planning to a wedding expo to a bachelor party and finally, to the long-awaited wedding day. And as expected, the Tanner-Fuller-Gibbler clan gets into the typical mayhem everywhere they go; they just can’t fly under the radar. Sometimes their sticky situations evoke a deep belly laugh, but most of the time, you find yourself thinking about how unrealistic and cringeworthy the scenarios are. 
The realities that we live by don’t exist in the world of Fuller House. Yes, the fundamentals are there, and this is San Francisco, but Fuller House’s reality is rainbows, kittens, and Kimmy’s bacon and egg scarf — it’s warped in a way that forces joy onto you at all costs. Thankfully, it also comes at a time where our actual reality could use a little forced happiness, so despite it not being completely believable, it’s hard to object or reject their rosy reality.
The nostalgia-filled journey brings plenty of familiar faces and guest stars, a quick reference to Aunt Becky’s whereabouts, multiple reminders that Candace Cameron Bure is Hallmark’s Queen of Christmas, and one final shade thrown at the Olsen twins for not joining the cast. They deserve it. 
There’s also no such thing as a season of Fuller House (or Full House for that matter) without the mention of the New Kids on the Block, so expect a lot of Joey McIntyre-crushing She-Wolf howls. The series may be the only thing keeping this 80s boy band relevant.
Every season of Fuller House paid homage to Full House — likely because the series realizes it doesn’t stand a chance of surviving in this cutthroat TV and streaming climate without it — and that’s escalated in the final season with references to the original episodes and reenactments of classic scenes in hopes of recapturing a bit of that late 80s/early 90s magic. 
In fact, a few episodes seem to be direct (and modern) retellings of old plots, so if you’re a day-one fan, keep your eyes peeled. 
Looking back to the past doesn’t mean that Fuller House can’t keep up with the times because they absolutely do their best, They make plenty of pop culture reference sliding in the millennial phrase “leggo” and a reference to The CW’s Riverdale, but it’s the awkward equivalent of your mom struggling to understand a meme or worse, TikTok. It’s surprising the Fuller-Tanner-Gibbler ladies aren’t on TikTok with their love of dance numbers, which are scarce this season. 
The very reality is that there’s nothing cool about Fuller House. The series knows it, owns it, and pokes fun at its own hokiness.
Overall, compared to the other seasons of Fuller House, which, at one point, found Stephanie playing at Coachella while face-timing Max, the final installment is the most grounded. 
A few episodes fall flat, even by Fuller House standards, but the season is a joyous wrap up on 30-years of family and friendship.
The final season smothers you with all the Tannerito love it possibly can in hopes that it’ll last you another handful of years until some other future streaming service, possibly one with VR, reboots the series again to focus on the kids’ kids’ kids. 
I won’t even lie, I’d probably still watch it. 
Fuller House Season 5B premieres on June 2 on Netflix

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Fuller House

‘Fuller House’ Season 6: Is the Door Open For Another Reboot?



Fuller House review season 5 episode 13

Fuller House came to an end after five seasons earlier this month, but the cliffhanger felt as if the series intentionally left the door open for another reboot. 

Even DJ emphasized: the door is always open. 

But was that intentional? While it doesn’t seem like Netflix has any interest in keeping the show around, the cast and showrunner are remaining optimistic. 

In the final moments of the series, Kimmy and Steph said their goodbyes before moving families out of the Fuller-Tanner house for good. 

Following their exit, DJ becomes emotional as the usually full, loud, and alive house falls eerily quiet. Someone knocks on the door and it turns out to be her sister and childhood bestie informing her that they don’t want to leave.

Stephanie then drops another surprise that could carry the show for a few more seasons — she’s pregnant. (Read our reviews/recaps of the final season of Fuller House here)

For an audience who grew up with these characters, it’s hard to say goodbye and come to terms with the idea of not being there for their next steps. 

But while it’s one thing for the audience to want to continue the series, it’s another when the actors are fully on-board. 

Both Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler) and Candace Cameron Bure (DJ Fuller) told TV Insider that they are keeping their fingers crossed for another reboot in the future. 

“We talk about that all the time and put it out there so much. Who knows what will happen in 10 or 15 years. Never say never,” Bure said. “If there is another opportunity, I know all of us would reprise these characters again.”

Barber added that wrapping up season 5 did not feel final. “I really want to play this character and see where she is and see her grow,” Barber said. “We’ve seen Kimmy, DJ, and Stephanie since they were 5 and 10. Let’s continue it into our 60s. Let’s see them as the Golden Girls of the new generation. I’m ready.”

In fact, Cameron-Bure told E! News that she would play DJ forever if she could. 

 “I would play DJ Tanner for the rest of my life,” she said in 2018. “If the audience wanted it and the networks wanted it, I would do it forever.”

So, yeah, there’s a huge chance the cult-sitcom could see a reboot somewhere down the line that would find the She-Wolf pack dealing with grandchildren.

Not many shows get the luxury of catching up with their fans every so often, but in this case, even with declining ratings, there’s a ton of love for the 90s sitcom. 

Of course, by that point, we hope Stephanie and Kimmy and their families actually moved out of DJ’s home. 

The San Francisco house is big, but it’s not that big. 

Would you want the show to return in the next decade? Or is Fuller House milking it?

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Fuller House

Fuller House Series Finale Recap – It’s Always Open (5×18)



Fuller House Series Finale Recap Season 5 Episode 18

The series finale of Fuller House kicks off with the family returning from a successful rehearsal dinner.

Everything seems to be on track for the wedding until Jimmy launches a curse by seeing his bride, Stephanie, after midnight. 

Thankfully, the Tanner family isn’t superstitious and eventually, DJ takes it as more of a blessing than a curse.

When their wedding venue gets shut down, DJ believes it’s a sign and suggests that they have the wedding in the backyard, which, I thought was the plan all along. All of the Tanner’s biggest life moments have happened in the backyard, so I can’t imagine the wedding happening anywhere else. 

And I have to agree with Uncle Joey here — why did DJ spend months planning the wedding when it took her less than a few hours the day of the wedding to turn the backyard into a romantic dream? I mean, sure, Kimmy Gibbler does party planning, but that was impressive, nonetheless. 

Also, it had to have stretched into the neighbor’s yard, right? Little things, little things, I know. 

The episode proved that you can meticulously plan every single aspect of the big day and still find yourself dealing with unforeseen circumstances that force you to fly binder-less at the last minute. 

Thankfully, with the help of their family, DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy pulled off the wedding of their dreams. 

Fernando stepped in to style the brides’ hair while Danny and Uncle Joey began the search for a new minister. 

Read the Fuller House final season review now!

The series didn’t disappoint with a slew of nostalgic guest stars including Harry, who appeared in a few episodes on season 2 and 3 and developed a crush on DJ. When he revealed he wanted to break up the wedding, Danny hit him with a hard “pass!”

There was also Michelle Tanner’s friend “Yankee Doodle” Derek, Gia, Steph’s bestie and Matt’s new girlfriend, and Matt and his puppet (Uncle Joey was proud of that one). And we can’t forget Kimmy’s ex-boyfriend, Duane, who chimed in during the wedding with a signature “whatever.”

Eventually, Danny found the perfect person — Joey McIntyre. It’s only fitting that a New Kid on the Block would officiate the wedding of the three biggest NKTOB fans. Plus, the band has made plenty of appearances on the series throughout the years. NKOTB + Full House go hand-in-hand at this point.

I expected a triple wedding of three vastly different women to be the epitome of cheesy, especially on this series, but it was surprisingly sentimental and sweet.

After all the deliberations, the ladies decided on white wedding dresses that represented their unique styles while the guys settled on variations of the navy blue suit. 

Uncle Joey walked Kimmy down the aisle, Uncle Jesse walked Stephanie, and Danny walked DJ.

The vows were moving as Fernando thanked Kimmy for giving him a daughter more beautiful than he is, Jimmy told Steph that he knew the last place she expected to find love was with a Gibbler, and Steve commented on his long history with DJ and the fact that getting married to her was a boy’s dream come to life. 

Prior to the beginning of the wedding, Danny, Joey, and Jesse patted each other on the backs for doing a great job raising these girls, and it’s true, they’ve evolved into three amazing and independent women who are in great hands now with Steve, Fernando, and Jimmy. 

They’re beginning their next chapter, but sadly, we, the audience (and the extended family, as I like to call us), won’t be around to see it. I already told my husband I’ll be watching the next reboot in 20 years. 

The rest of the party went off without a hitch — there was dancing, eating, toasting, and all that you’d expect from a wedding. 

Aunt Becky was noticeably absent, and we’re just assuming she was still in Nebraska taking care of her mother. Vicky, Danny’s ex-girlfriend was there, and it’s still a shame things never worked out between them. 

And once the party was done, instead of finding their husband’s, the ladies all gorged on cake together as the bubble of denial popped — this was their last night together in the Fuller house. 

Goodbyes are never easy, especially for the second time around. Netflix gave the cast of Full House an incredible chance; not many shows get to create a legacy twice. 

While many outlets have ridiculed the series as a way for millennials to cling onto their infancy, the series has represented growth and maturity through the lens of the characters.

Nostalgia doesn’t mean we aren’t ready to let go of the past, but it’s nice to think back fondly on memories while also embracing that things are changing. 

Many of us grew up with Stephanie, DJ, and Kimmy, and like them, we’re starting our own lives, having homes, getting married, having children, and figuring out this thing called life. It’s fun to watch that reflected in the characters we idolized and looked up to when we were younger. 

A new generation can also tap into the wonders of the Tanner-Fuller-Gibbler families while learning the wholesome family lessons we once did. As adults watching the series, we may shrug and smile while watching these scenes, but think back to when you were a kid and how much the teen romances of Steph and DJ influenced you. 

That’s why many episodes also focused on the growing pains of Jackson, Max, and Ramona, who, in the finale, learned a valuable lesson about dealing with an ex.

Jackson’s ex, Lola, and Ramona’s ex, Popko, came back for the wedding, and they didn’t introduce their new significant other’s, Ethan and Roxy, properly. On his wedding day, Steve even delivered some sound advice — run-ins have no strength against the powers of a real relationship! 

Jackson and Rocky even exchanged “I love you’s.” They grow up so fast. 

Once the wedding was over, reality set in, and it was officially time to say goodbye.

DJ thanked everyone for being there for her five-years-ago when she needed everyone the most following her husband’s death.

In a way, she was talking to all of us for being part of this family, for showing support, and embracing the journey. 

She felt comfortable setting all of us “free” because we all have our “own lives” with “our own families.” But we’ll always be part of the She-Wolf pack. 

It almost didn’t feel natural to see the living room so empty and the front door locked! After all, the door is always open. 

So, when Kimmy and Stephanie waltzed back in to ask if they could stay, permanently, there was no hesitation on DJ’s part. 

As Kimmy pointed out: it’s lonely out there, and she’s right. Life is lonely without friends and family you love and can count on. 

And before the hugs, kisses, and tears — which were all very real from the emotional cast — Stephanie announced that she was expecting a second child. 

The Fuller-Tanner-Gibbler family is growing, and sadly, we won’t be there to witness it. But at least we have 30 years of memories to look back on. 

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Fuller House

Fuller House Recap – Bachelor Party & Something Borrowed (5×17)



Fuller House Season 5 Episode 17 recap

We’re less than one week away from the Fuller-Tanner-Gibbler wedding on Fuller House Season 5 Episode 17, which means that we’re one from the series finale of the series. 

All of this, in turn, means that we’re cranking up the nostalgia factor all the way up and beginning to say goodbye to the cast that we’ve called family for over 30 years. 

The episode kicks off with “hard news donuts” from Fernando and Kimmy, who inform DJ that Fernando will be managing Uncle Monty’s second location, and thus, after the wedding, they plan on moving to Palo Alto. 

Stephanie and Jimmy bring “soften the blow” pie to inform DJ that they, too, will be moving after the wedding so that Jimmy can be closer to the staple Uncle Monty’s location. 

Neither “hard news donuts” nor “soften the blow” do much to cheer DJ and Steve up.  

However, like most sane people, DJ chooses to ignore the heartbreaking news choosing to deal with it once the wedding is over. Instead, she focuses on the few things left on the wedding list — the bachelor party and finding something borrowed. 

The bachelor party took the episode in a pretty unexpected direction as the guys spent the evening ax-throwing. Steve was surprisingly good at it, which didn’t sit well with the big, scary resident ax champion.

Read the Fuller House final season review now!

While the man initially planned on picking a fight with poor Steve, hilariously dubbed Paul Bunyon — the perfect lumberjack and podiatry joke — he was instead moved by guys’ love and devotion to their friend as they were all willing to get beat up to protect one of their own.

And that’s how the “Booyah Boys” were born. Booyah. 

Fernando didn’t join in on the fun until later because he was busy taking part in a fencing duel against Max, who wasn’t thrilled with his victory because he was so upset that Fernando was moving away. It was a sweet moment between two of the show’s strongest and funniest characters. 

The brides-to-be spent some time reminiscing in the attic while looking for their something borrowed. The series used this to explore DJ and Stephanie’s late mother, which has never been a focal point of the series. She’s been mentioned, especially when the girls were growing up and needed a mother, but in their adult years, she hasn’t influenced the storyline much aside from being the inspiration for the name of Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky’s adopted daughter.

With so little known about Pamela since she passed when the girls were so young, it was fitting that Stephanie struggled with recalling a memory of her mother. 

Many girls dream of wearing their mother’s veil for their wedding, but Steph didn’t feel like doing it because she couldn’t remember her mom.

DJ decided to help jog Steph’s memory by taking her to the diner where their mother always brought her after dance class, and the milkshake order jogged Steph’s memory.

DJ announced that she’d be wearing her mother’s broach, while Kimmy, with both Steph and DJ’s blessing, revealed she would wear Pamela’s necklace to honor the woman that created her best friend’s.

The ending was the cherry on top as the whole Fuller-Tanner-Gibbler household came to the diner to hang out together one last time before everyone set out on their own journey. It’s heartwarming to see how far everyone has come and the family that these three ladies built, but it’s made sweeter by acknowledging those who helped them along the way.  

The episode also found Jackson faking the flu so that his understudy, Ramona, would get a chance to shine in the play. In earlier seasons of Fuller House, Ramona and Jackson despised each other, but they’ve come so far. They’ve relied on each other and formed a sibling bond learning that despite all the fights, life is better with each other in it.

Jackson may have lied about being sick, but he was coming from a good place and wanted Ramona to shine, and she, in turn, sacrificed her dream knowing that he deserved this shot. 

It’s been a minute since the series made a dig at the Olsen twins for refusing to revive their character, Michelle Tanner, but Kimmy threw some wonderful shade here when she deadpanned the camera and insisted that if Michelle hadn’t come back by now, “she’s not coming.”

It’s still funny to see the cast tease the twins, but at the same time, the audience hasn’t missed them. The series didn’t skip a beat without them, and everyone has been doing such a good job that they’re easily forgotten. 

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