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Ghost Season 2 Premiere Review Episode 1 Spies Ghost Season 2 Premiere Review Episode 1 Spies


Ghosts Season 2 Premiere Review – Spies

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It was dark and gloomy without weekly new episodes of Ghosts, but the season 2 premiere made sure to remedy all of that and make up for lost time. 

Though many months have passed since the Ghosts Season 1 season finale in our world, no time passed on the series, which picked up with the first B&B guests arriving just as the foyer floor gave way under Sam and Jay and they crashed through the floor.

For a moment, it seemed as though Jay’s fall allowed him to see the ghosts as well, but the dream was short-lived. He didn’t see Pete; he saw the delivery guy. I’m kind of happy about it, as having both Sam and Jay see the ghosts would have likely made the show less interesting, but I’m also slightly bummed because it would be nice to see the ghosts interact with someone other than Sam.

Nevertheless, there was no time to mope around as the next set of guests—the unofficial first ones to stay at Woodstone Manor—arrived. 

Debbie and Tom seemed nice enough, but Pete, a former travel agent, knew this trick all too well. He pointed out that they barely touched their welcome drinks, a sure sign that they weren’t as impressed as they were letting on. And once the doubts were planted in Sam’s mind, she kept second-guessing herself at every turn. 

Jay wanted to let it play out, but since they couldn’t risk another bad Yelp review, Sam gave the ghosts the green light to spy on their guests behind Jay’s back. 

It started innocently enough as they reported back their findings so that Sam could make adjustments in real time, but it quickly spiraled out of control when it turned out that Tom and Debbie were the absolute worst human beings on the planet who hated and criticized everything, including the paper-thin sheets, Jay’s cookies, the butter dish, and even Sam’s complexion. Picky is an understatement. It didn’t take long for Sam and Jay to see the dark side of owning a rental property.

Sam attempted to fix everything, but it became too much to handle, and the final straw for Jay was when they criticized the smell of her perfume.

Jay bolted out there and defended his wife, aka the “best person he’s ever met,” with a passionate speech that moved all of the ghosts, even Pete, who noted that it likely wouldn’t make for a positive Yelp review.

Tom and Debbie were floored by the outburst, and when they questioned whether Jay and Sam were eavesdropping on them this whole time, the latter admitted that they simply wanted to impress them so that they could get a good review and start their business on a positive note. After all, online reviews can make or break you. 

And that’s when the hilarity ensued. I’m not one to call anyone out for generational flaws or differences, but their assumption that the Yelp reviews were anonymous was peak boomer behavior, right along with the belief that if they unplug their laptop, the reviews will be deleted. This may have been the funniest moment of the episode because it wasn’t that farfetched. 

While the scenario with the first B&B guests didn’t pan out perfectly, Tom and Debbie felt so guilty about all the businesses they publicly bad-mouthed and tore apart thinking that they were anonymous that they were thankful to Jay and Sam for making them aware and gave Woodstone Manor 5 stars, along with a questionable review that mentioned their account was hacked. Sure, Jan. 

At least now they’ll know to keep their opinions to themselves and stop criticizing every little thing. Who even wants to go on a vacation to hate-talk the whole time while being polite and kind to their hosts’ faces? It seems tiring to be that fake. 

Jay and Sam now know what to expect when they welcome their next guests, and while Sam assured Jay she would never allow the ghosts to spy again, she made sure to provide an asterisk to the rule if it was an important situation.

My two cents—who cares? The guests won’t know, and the ghosts need some form of entertainment. The TV is exciting, but sometimes, they need some human interaction. Why punish them when they’re confined to the house for eternity?

The teaser for the upcoming episode shows that season 2 will dive into each ghost’s backstory a bit more, and it’s exciting because it means we’ll finally see the ghosts while they were alive. I can live with Jay not being able to see the ghosts if we can see them interacting with others through flashbacks. 

Season 1 did a good job at introducing the ghosts and setting the scene as to how they died at the Manor, and while I feel I have a good grasp of who they were, there’s so much potential there when it comes to storytelling. They all lived rich lives with many experiences throughout different generations, so it’s necessary to tap into that more.

And with the B&B officially open for business, they’re bound to cross more interesting house guests. I fully expect this season to get absolutely wild. 

Elsewhere, Isaac navigated his relationship with Nigel, who didn’t seem all too comfortable watching TV at the mansion. TV is the greatest invention known to man, so it was a bit peculiar, and though Isaac was dreading the conversation, it was better than Hetty’s suggestion to let the resentment fester and numb the pain with morphine. See what I mean—Hetty’s backstory is a trip crazier than Flower’s. 

Nigel eventually revealed that Thorfinn was a bit too much for him, which prompted Isaac to ask his Viking buddy to tone it down a bit when his boyfriend was around.  Of course, Thorfinn didn’t take kindly to the criticism given his flair for the dramatics, and he promised to disappear forever. And by that, he meant that he was going to sulk in the basement with the plague ghosts, who actually complained that he was bumming them out.

It took a Spice Girls special about the 90s (truly the greatest decade) and friendship to convince Isaac to apologize to Thorfinn. He brought Nigel along as he didn’t realize how much the Viking meant to him until he was no longer in his life. That’s when Nigel realized just how special their bond was, he apologized to Thorfinn, who admitted he was a bit of an acquired taste. 

And then, in yet another bizarre twist, Nigel and Thorfinn bonded over their love of watching ants. These ghosts are truly something. 

It’ll be fun to see Nigel find his place amongst the ghosts as he and Isaac navigate the early stages of their relationship. I’m rooting for them!

What did you think of the premiere episode? Did you miss all the shenanigans? 

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Ghosts Recap – Dumb Deaths (207)



Ghosts Recap Dumb Deaths Season 2 Episode 7

Ghosts continued exploring more of the ghost deaths by revisiting the separate moments when Flower and Pete met their demise on Ghosts Season 2 Episode 7. 

Both of their deaths were considered “dumb deaths” by a docu-series producer who approached Jay and Sam about shooting at the Woodstone Manor for their upcoming episode. 

I admire how much Sam respects the ghosts and their feelings. When Paula offered them $10,000 to shoot on their property, she didn’t just jump at the opportunity, instead delaying her answer as long as possible until she got the go-ahead from Flower.

Initially, Flower wasn’t on board with being the subject of a documentary because she didn’t want to be made fun of or look dumb. The truth is, she likely wouldn’t remember any of this happening anyway, but her feelings were still valid. Pete, however, urged Flower to see it as a unique opportunity to help Jay and Sam financially.

Of course, it was easy for Pete to look the other way when the focus wasn’t on his death, but when he suddenly became the subject of the docu-series, he was singing a completely different tune. He tried to be okay with it because this was his chance at giving back to Jay and Sam, but reliving the moment and seeing people make fun of such a crucial moment in his life was traumatizing and upsetting. One bad decision cost him everything yet it was nothing more than a joke to everyone working on the production. 

I believe Pete was also triggered because it was one of the first times he was forced to confront his premature death. Prior to this moment, he never really thought about it or overanalyzed it, which allowed him to remain his chipper and optimistic self. But when it was shoved in his face, he began doubting the person he always believed himself to be. 

A huge downside of being a ghost is that they also hear everything, including people making rude comments at their expense, like Daniel the insufferable actor playing Pete who took himself, and the role, too seriously. As he contemplated what state of mind Pete was in at the time of his death, he suggested that maybe the man he was portraying was a drunk.

At this point, it was an assassination of character as the production wasn’t even dedicated to getting the facts right. Sam couldn’t let this happen, so she brainstormed a way to help Pete out, which included bringing one of his original troops to the Manor so that she could debunk any fictitious stories.

Jennifer was eager to help Pete in any way she could—a clear sign that she respected him as a teacher—and though she informed everyone that he wasn’t drunk at the time of his death, she couldn’t deny that he did something dumb: he handed out the bows and arrows before the safety demonstration because he was too distracted by donut holes. 

At this point, Pete remembered for the first time in decades that he took his eye off the prize that morning because he was so upset about a petty and inconsequential disagreement with his wife, Carol, earlier that morning. To be fair, I agree with Pete that a donut hole and a donut are the exact same thing. They’re made of the same properties! Anyway, this is a reminder not to have stupid arguments because you might die and that’s all you’ll remember for the rest of your existence.

When Pete finally acknowledged what led to his death, he was really hard on himself, even going as far as to say that he was a terrible Girl Scout leader. It was devastating to see Pete so hurt by all that unraveled from this production, but by the end of the episode, he was validated in the fact that he was a good leader all along just as he believed. Jennifer knew exactly what to do—word for word—when Jay was accidentally shot with an arrow while trying to get some free food from the catering truck. 

Ghosts Recap Dumb Deaths Season 2 Episode 7

Ghosts Recap Dumb Deaths Season 2 Episode 7

For a moment, I truly thought that he would lose consciousness, hit his head and finally be able to see ghosts, but that didn’t happen. It just goes to show you how eager I am for him to be part of the action… officially. The fact that he can’t see them is the running joke, but it would truly switch up the dynamic if he could interact with them.

I’m also going to say that bows and arrows definitely need to be banned from the Woodstone property; They’re simply too dangerous. I know this was technically the work of the ghosts since they saw how hurt Pete was so Thor used his ghost powers to break the camera and force-stop the production. It kind of worked as the team eventually pivoted back to their original idea of telling the story of Flower’s final moments before she got mauled by a bear while trying to hug it under the influence of drugs.

And the best part was that Sam was cast in the role, so she was able to do her justice. Not to mention that Sam knows her personally so she nailed the mannerisms. Flower was all about spreading love and positivity… even to a bear. She was too kind for this world. 

I love that we get to see some of the ghosts see their friends’ deaths happen, like Thor, Alberta and Sass standing by and watching Flower’s bad decisions end her life. From the moment she crossed over, didn’t recognize her own dead body as a ghost, and didn’t even realize that she was dead, simply asking the trio if they were at the music festival, they knew the afterlife with her was going to be a trip.

While much of the focus was on Flower and Pete in this episode, Nigel and Isaac had their first lovers’ quarrel following a disagreement about the events of the American Revolution. Considering they are on two opposite teams, it’s probably for the best if they simply never touch upon this topic with each other as they’ll never see eye-to-eye. They both have vastly different memories of how it went down, and that’s fine, but it’s also not worth ruining a present-day relationship over something that is very much in the past. 

After Sam informed Isaac that the UK and the US are currently allies and have a “special friendship,” she basically gave them the go-ahead to continue on with their romance as “special friends.”

It’s interesting to see Isaac navigate a relationship with someone so fundamentally different than himself, but it’s also nice to see him make compromises and rethink how he approaches situations now that he cares about someone else in the afterlife. 

Other Hilarious Moments

  • I genuinely love Isaac’s hatred of Hamilton. This time, he said they wouldn’t let him sign the Declaration of Independence adding “they knew where those fingers have been.” I want to be the first to read his sassy memoir.
  • “Epcot, baby, that’s the whole world all at once.” Truer words were never spoken. 
  • Hetty following and channeling Paula the producer was grade-A comedy. She thrives on power. 
  • Thor saying he’s traumatized by Pete’s death and “not sleeping man moons.”
  • Flower overhearing that Pete’s “impotent” and somehow understanding that this is likely the reason he didn’t want to be the “third” in her relationship with Thor. 

All in all, a blind pursuit of pastries cost Pete his life, while Flower died doing the most Flower thing she could’ve. 

And neither of those deaths is dumb! 

What did you think of the episode?

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Ghosts Recap – The Baby Bjorn (206)



Ghosts Recap Season 2 Episode 6 The Baby Bjorn

Ghosts Season 2 Episode 6 tugged on our heartstrings with the introduction of baby Bjorn, Thor’s son. 

The sitcom has cleverly found a way to bring new ghosts into the fold, which has allowed the episodes to dig deeper into the lives of each ghost.

I never expected Thor to have a son, let alone one that we could meet, but when Sam spotted a Viking while checking out the Farnsby’s annual yard sale, she knew she had to get the scoop. And she was just as shocked about the “he’s my father” development as we were. 

When she informed Thor about Bjorn’s existence, he was touched that his son traveled halfway across the world to find him. But it was also a little bittersweet that they were technically neighbors for thousands of years and never knew about it. 

As Jay got wind of Bjorn’s existence, he informed Sam that after they cut down Sass’ tree, you could see two houses down, which meant that Thor and Bjorn could meet and speak—see: yell—to each other. 

Thor’s excitement dwindled, however, when he learned that his son married a Dane, the enemy of the Norveg people. Thor wasn’t touched by any of the things that normal people would like to know about their children’s lives, including all the information about Bjorn’s family, but instead, he was ready to disown his son for the ultimate betrayal. He initially refused to meet with Bjorn, but thanks to a little push from Isaac and Flower, he agreed to walk up to the window and tell his son that he was essentially dead to him.

However, when he heard his little boy call him “father” for the first time, which is what he longed to hear many moons ago when he was leaving behind an infant, that tough Viking exterior melted. 

Eventually, Thor realized that children aren’t born with hate in their hearts, they must be taught it, and since he wasn’t around, he was “catching up” by informing his son all about why Danes are terrible people. 

While helping Sam get into the Farnsby’s house so that she could help reunite Thor and Bjorn, Jay unintentionally attended a swinger’s party. In a previous season, many fans noticed that the Farnsby’s had upside-down pineapples in their house, and when Jay expressed interest in a pair of upside-down pineapples during the yard sale, the neighbors’ interest was piqued.

Naturally, the ghost of mama Farnsby was not impressed by her son’s decisions, questioning many times throughout the episode where she failed him and why he was such a pervert. Unfortunately, Jay couldn’t hear any of it because he didn’t see ghosts, but he missed some truly comical moments. The poor dude misses so much. 

At the manor, Trevor gave us a little lesson about Wall Street. Fed up with Hetty’s monopoly over the ghosts’ currency, back rubs, he came up with a new financial instrument to leverage: TV time. Just think of it as the ghosts cryptocurrency. He then went and bought up everyone’s TV time and tried to sell it back to them at a higher price so he could have the leverage. It was about to work when Hetty rallied the rest of the ghosts to give up TV so that they could devalue Trevor’s new currency. There’s a reason Hetty was rich! 

When Hetty realized Trevor was miserable watching the same movie over and over by himself, she gave him a pretty insightful chat about money being less important than friendship. Being at the top was lonely. Eventually, Trevor gave everyone back their TV time but quickly learned that it was a power move on Hetty’s part to once again have the upper hand. She’s good, you have to give it to her. She outsmarted Wall Street, but it’s also proof that there is a deeper and more serious side to Trevor that deserves to be explored. 

While much of Isaac and Flower’s time was spent helping Thor realize the value of the opportunity of reconnecting with his son, Flower also put way too much stock into questioning why ghosts can walk sit on objects and walk through walls but they can’t actually pick up objects. The question is valid and fair considering many fans wondered how she was able to close the vault door in the previous episode of Ghosts where she locked Sam in and almost killed her. The series didn’t address this plot hole, but my guess is that the door must have been made from steel or iron, some kind of material that a ghost could touch. Maybe the writers will bring it up eventually and clear up any confusion, but based on Flower’s desperate attempt to understand the rules, we’re not alone when we question why some things work and others don’t. 

Overall, it was an enjoyable episode that showed us the softer and paternal side of Thor, though, there hasn’t been an episode better than the laundry machine one this season. 

Other Moments

  • Hetty and the ghosts rejoiced at getting the “shaft” when they got to sit in the chair and get the good light. I’m immature, and the dirty jokes are hilarious. 
  • Sam says that she tunes out a lot of ghost things to which Jay replies, “you don’t deserve this power.” I know Jay not being able to interact is the gag, but he deserves the power! 
  • Trevor stated that people don’t understand how nice it is to sit in a warm chair when you don’t have pants on… he has a point. 
  • All Thor cared about was how many severed Dane heads Bjorn had at home. Hysterical.
  • Pete’s joke about watching Jason Momoa in “slow momoa” was delightful. 
  • I can’t wait for Tara Reid to guest star and see ’90s Trevor freak out! 

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Ghosts Halloween Episode Recap – The Ghost of Hetty’s Past (205)



There’s no better holiday for Ghosts than Halloween.

On Ghosts Season 2 Episode 5, the ghost of Hetty’s past returned for one evening after Sam and some of the livings conducted a seance. Everyone knows that the veil between the two worlds thins on All Hallows’ Eve, so while the seance was uneventful for all the mortals, it was pure chaos on the other side. 

And honestly, good on Sam for keeping such a straight poker face when a portal opened up, the ghosts screamed in sheer terror, and Hetty’s archnemesis, Molly (Hannah May Rose), the main/adulterer who slept with her husband, arrived. 

“Halloween 2: The Ghost of Hetty’s Past” – A séance at Sam and Jay’s last-minute Halloween party conjures up a spirit from Hetty’s past. Also, Isaac worries Nigel will be turned off by his ghost power, on the CBS Original series GHOSTS, Thursday, Oct. 27 (8:31-9:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+. Pictured (L-R): Sheila Carrasco as Flower, Devan Chandler Long as Thorfinn, Rebecca Wisocky as Hetty, Rose McIver as Samantha, Danielle Pinnock as Alberta, Richie Moriarty as Pete, Asher Grodman as Trevor and Roman Zaragoza as Sasappis. Photo: CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 

The Hetty-centric episode wasn’t as serious or important as the one about Alberta—which remains the best and most important installment of the series—but there were some important matters about feminism lodged between some grade-A jokes and laughable moments. 

It all started when Jay decided to throw a last-minute Halloween party to impress June and Ally. They were going to Liam Neeson’s party but figured they could clear the slate from the whole tree debacle. 

Trevor and the other ghosts warned Sam that an impromptu Halloween party was a recipe for disaster as the holiday was super competitive, but Jay thought the idea of a party in a spooky mansion was awesome. 

Unfortunately, he was dead wrong. 

Despite Jay and Sam’s Stepbrothers-inspired costume, the party was a total bust, so they decided to conduct a seance, which was anti-climactic in the mortal realm but a real hoot in the ghost one.

Hetty despised Molly with the fire of a thousand burning sons, and she couldn’t believe that an adulterer made it to heaven (she couldn’t divulge more information about the perfect afterlife or she’d melt) while she was stuck in purgatory, but Hetty was truly dismissing all of her problematic characteristics, including being a cruel and vindictive boss to Molly, which Hetty naturally took as flattery.

Flower had a brilliant idea from her days in the cult—get the two women locked inside a room so that they could talk it out. But how do you keep two ghosts in a room when they can walk through any wall? The vault, duh.

It was actually a bit of a twisted idea to lock Hetty into the same vault where her husband perished with his mistress, the one Hetty said brought shame to the family.

“Halloween 2: The Ghost of Hetty’s Past” – A séance at Sam and Jay’s last-minute Halloween party conjures up a spirit from Hetty’s past. Also, Isaac worries Nigel will be turned off by his ghost power, on the CBS Original series GHOSTS, Thursday, Oct. 27 (8:31-9:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+. Pictured (L-R): John Hartman and Nigel Chessum, Brandon Scott Jones as Isaac and Richie Moriarty as Pete. Photo: Bertrand Calmeau/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Since we are talking about Flower, the minute she pitched her good idea, Sam should’ve made sure to send a text to Jay to let him know the plan. As the only living in the mansion, so many things could go wrong… like getting locked in said vault. She really needs to be more careful. 

Flower’s drugged-up brain totally forgot that Sam was inside when she slammed the door shut, so no one living knew where Sam was, including Jay, who ran to Liam Neeson’s party with pickle Randy to get the ancient feather duster he loaned June and Ally as it was a key piece necessary to reverse the seance and send Molly back home before the clock struck midnight. She’s like Cinderella. 

Somehow, Sam was still able to focus on helping Hetty make amends with Molly, even while internally freaking out that she’d meet the same fate as Elias while locked in the vault. Hetty’s hatred for Molly was unwarranted; she was blaming the wrong person all these years. 

Molly admitted that she never wanted to sleep with Hetty’s husband, but she didn’t have a choice because he was a man in a position of power and she needed the job because she had a child to raise and her husband died in the mill… Hetty and Elias’ mill.

Sam informed the ladies that they were both Elias’ victims, stuck in a patriarchal world that pitted women against each other. And while Hetty can’t stand feminism, she couldn’t deny that Sam was right. Elias knew he could get away with it, so he did it, while Hetty needed to stay with him and marry him for a land deal. Hetty was mad at the wrong woman, and before you knew it, the two of them bonded over their mutual hate for the man. 

Meanwhile, the ghosts went above and beyond to communicate with Jay and send him a message so that he could save Sam. I love that while Sam was hyperventilating at the thought of death, Hetty informed her that it wouldn’t be the worst thing to be stuck in eternity together. And it’s not like much would change since she already sees the ghosts!

Thorfinn was able to flicker the lights and get Jay to the powder room, who then realized he needed to fog up the mirror so that Trevor could send him a message. Trevor’s message was a bit misleading, unfortunately, as he wrote “Sam Safe.”

That’s when Isaac stepped in and took one for the team, allowing Jay to walk through him and exposing that he’s the “Stinky Pete” instead of Pete, who he has been blaming the rancid smell on in hopes that Nigel wouldn’t be disgusted by him and break up with him. Pete is such a trooper for covering for his friend. 

Jay waltzed back into the powder room and saw the altered message—”Sam in Safe”—and bolted to her rescue.

Their reunion was sweet as they both attributed the situation to “ghost things,” and this was far better than the Halloween party they threw to impress the living people. It’s just unfortunate that Jay still can’t see the ghosts because honestly, it would be so much fun. 

“Halloween 2: The Ghost of Hetty’s Past” – A séance at Sam and Jay’s last-minute Halloween party conjures up a spirit from Hetty’s past. Also, Isaac worries Nigel will be turned off by his ghost power, on the CBS Original series GHOSTS, Thursday, Oct. 27 (8:31-9:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+. Pictured (L-R): Punkie Johnson as Ally, Carolyn Taylor as June, Utkarsh Ambudkar as Jay and Rose McIver as Samantha. Photo: Bertrand Calmeau/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Nigel was a little disappointed that Isaac didn’t think he could trust him with a personal situation, which was a relief to Isaac, who then made Nigel feel self-conscious when he revealed he has webbed feet. The reason Isaac was so worried that Nigel would break up with him is that if the roles were reversed, Issac would probably allow this to sabotage his relationship.

Once Sam was safely out of the vault—and when I saw Jay walk in there and the two of them embrace, I kept screaming “get out” at the TV. I hate when scenes give me that much anxiety. Anyway, Sam and Jay conducted another seance to revere the effects of the first one, this time with the feather duster in hand, and Molly was on her way back to heaven. Hetty jumped onto her skirt and hung on for dear life, hoping that Molly would let her “ride” while she got “sucked off,” the running terminology joke for transitioning into the afterlife. She then called her closest ghost friends “peasants,” which proves she hasn’t really changed at all. 

Other noteworthy moments:

  • Molly laughing that she gave Elias syphilis after Hetty proudly reveals she sent him to hell.
  • Ruth Maid-er Ginsberg was a solid costume, even if Trevor claims feminism ruined the holiday. 
  • The outdoor decor at the mansion was incredible!

What did you think of the Halloween episode? Did you enjoy the spooky vibe?

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