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Ghosts Review – The Perfect Assistant (2×11)

“The Perfect Assistant” – Sam and Jay are thrilled when they find a highly qualified assistant for the B&B – however, their new employee comes with some surprising baggage. Also, Thorfinn tries to help his son, Bjorn, deal with a bully, on the CBS Original series GHOSTS, Thursday, Jan. 5 (8:31-9:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+. Pictured (L-R): Roman Zaragoza as Sasappis, Danielle Pinnock as Alberta, Rebecca Wisocky as Hetty, Brandon Scott Jones as Isaac and Nichole Sakura as Jessica. Photo: Bertrand Calmeau/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.



Ghosts kicked off the new year with a stellar new episode. 

With the Woodstone Manor in full swing as a B&B, Sam and Jay decided they were in need of some help managing things.

But their attempt to hire the perfect assistant didn’t go as planned mainly because of the ghosts, whose meddling, now that I think about it, tends to do more harm than good. 

On paper, and in person, Freddie seemed like an ideal candidate, with Flower even commenting that Sam and Jay found “their third.” But all of that changed when the ghosts unearthed his dark secret from the car ghost (the dead ghost living inside his car)—he was a murderer!

The series continues to find interesting ways to introduce new ghosts: Judy and Bjorn, Thor’s son, the ghosts in the Farnsby house, and now, Jessica, Freddie’s car ghost, whose arrival immediately stirred up a world of drama. 

I love that all of the ghosts—and Jay—were tickled and shocked by the possibility of a car ghost whose perimeter spans five feet away from the car. 

And it’s actually shocking that they haven’t encountered a car ghost yet considering how common car deaths are. The fact that they are so common is why having car ghosts as a thing just makes sense. 

In a way, they are the lucky ones because they aren’t confined to one space, per se. Yes, they’re stuck in a moving vehicle and bound to wherever it goes, but they can see the world, which is exactly why Jessica made up the rumor about Freddie in the first place. 

Freddie was a lot of things, but he wasn’t a murderer. And he didn’t kill her during a hit-and-run and then bury her body in the woods as she claimed.

For a moment, as we all believed it, it was a juicy twist. I kind of wish they rolled with it. And since we didn’t know much about Freddie, it seemed like a legitimate story at first, especially as Sam and Jay didn’t seem to run any background checks on him. However, the story began to fall apart when they realized that Jessica had the key to the car the whole time. 

If this was Freddie’s car and he was the killer, why would she have the key? Turns out, she made up the story to get Freddie fired so that he would continue being a delivery boy and she could live it up on the “open road” and take advantage of the free smells.

Honestly, you can’t blame a girl for trying. She doesn’t have much going for her—and being in a permanently buzzed state means she likely has the munchies all the time. I also liked that the series tried to underscore the dangers of drinking and driving with Jessica’s death. 

The ghosts could’ve, and should’ve, immediately told Sam that Freddie wasn’t a murderer. They had enough time to turn it all around, but they chose to be selfish and sealed Freddie’s fate along the way. Alberta and Hetty felt neglected by Sam, who was largely ignoring them now that Freddie was around so that she wouldn’t come off as deranged. The ghosts didn’t like that and figured that if Sam and Jay let Freddie go, they’d have their “Sam time” back. Of course, they failed to realize that by getting an assistant, Sam was hoping to have more time for everything—the ghosts included. 

With that realization, and the guilt from seeing Sam and Jay busier than ever, they came clean about the whole Freddie misunderstanding. And the moment his name was cleared, Sam and Jay went the extra mile to get him back. It’s hilarious that sometimes Sam forgets that Jay can’t hear the ghosts, but it also really sucks for him cause he’s always in the dark. His life is such a rollercoaster. 

Freddie agreed to take his job back, which was not only great for Sam and Jay but also a blessing for Sass, who has a huge crush on Jessica. 

It’ll be interesting to see this potential relationship pan out as all we’ve ever seen romantically from the ghosts has been Nigel and Issac. Sass never got to have a real relationship while he was alive, but now he has a chance since Jessica will be there most days. They just have to make sure that Freddie never sells the car or finds a new job. I could totally see Sam offering to buy the car off of Freddie just so Sass and Jessica could stay together. Either way, this opens up a world of possibilities. And it’s honestly so surprising that Trevor wasn’t into her.

There’s also the fact that Freddie mentioned he wants to open up his own B&B in the future. Let’s hope he doesn’t turn into competition.

With Freddie around, there will be a new dynamic no doubt, so while I’m not as concerned as the ghosts that we’ll lose Sam, she’ll have to be more careful with the shenanigans. Though, I guess the same could be said for all the guests around. 

There was a secondary plot including Thor’s son, Bjorn, who confessed to his father that he was being bullied by the other house ghost, Judy. I know they have no other means of communication, but every single time they yell to each other, it cracks me up.

Thor’s solution was to fight a bully with violence, but it was actually Pete who was able to shine in this storyline as someone who was once bullied and understood the proper way to deal with one. 

When Thor felt insulted that Pete was trying to take his place as a father, Pete, who is truly like the sweet uncle, admitted that he had a tough dad who pushed him to solve his problems through aggression and it didn’t work cause all little Pete wanted was someone to understand him and accept him for who he was. It seemed to resonate with Thor, even though he acted as though he came up with the idea, and in a not-so-shocking twist, Bjorn found out that the only reason the ’50s housewife was bullying him was because she had a crush on him. 

The episode ended with Thor giving his adult ghost baby son, who already has kids of his own, “the talk.”

In the words of Flower, let him have this moment. 

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Ghosts Review – Ghost Hunter (213)



Ghosts Recap Ghost Hunter Season 2 Episode 13

Who ya gonna call?

Ghosts Season 2 Episode 13 delivered an exceptional episode yet again, this time bringing Sam, Jay, and the ghosts even closer together. 

While Freddie initially seemed like a great addition to the B&B, it’s been a bit of a rough road for the three of them, and when he brought in a ghost trap inside the manor, it was the final straw. 

Freddie took action after noticing some weird things around the manor, including the video of the keys pressing in all on their own. He knew the place was haunted, but Sam and Jay simply laughed off his concerns and made him feel crazy. As Trevor explained, it was the only way. 

Sam and Jay didn’t want to lose Freddie as he was a huge help around the B&B, but after he almost killed three of the ghosts—I guess they are already dead so he would’ve just eviscerated them which is somehow worse—the ghosts couldn’t allow him to stick around since he was a liability. 

And honestly, I don’t blame them. 

Freddie brought a handful of gadgets into the manor with the sole intention of getting rid of them! He wasn’t open-minded about the possibility of there being cool ghosts in the house, nope, he went all Ghostbusters on them. Freddie was enemy number one, especially when the Latvian Ghost Trap 2000 worked. 

No one actually expected any of the tools to work since the first two were total busts and didn’t even detect the ghosts sitting right next to Freddie. Oh, if he only knew. 

Freddie wasn’t just passively hunting the ghosts—he was diabolical in his plan, placing a cookie on the trap as bait, which kind of worked. He may not know a whole lot about ghosts, but he sure knew that no one could resist a cookie, even if they were just coming for the smells.

The ghosts were aware that this could be their demise, so they decided to test if the machine was dangerous. Pete was too afraid to touch the ghost trap despite being the chosen one (the first time, it wasn’t fair, but the second time, the dice rolled on him so it was kind of his duty!), and when he challenged Thor’s manhood, the Viking took the chance… and got sucked right in. It’s better than being sucked off, right?

Naturally, all the ghosts went into panic mode, and the creative forces behind the episode really nailed the juxtaposition between the ghost world and Jay just grabbing the cookie and eating it peacefully without a care in the world because he can’t see them. 

The moment Sam was alerted to what happened, she looped Jay in, and they began to brainstorm a plan of action. 

With Thor’s life hanging in the balance, Sam had no choice but to turn to Freddie and find out how they would, hypothetically, get a ghost out of the trap. 

Things then intensified when Flower forgot what happened, touched the ghost trap, and got sucked in shortly after forgetting what happened. 

The whole episode was an absolute hoot, but Flower managed to steal the show by consistently forgetting what was going on and shockingly exclaiming: “Thor is stuck in a ghost trap.” Poor Flower. It’s so funny to us, but it must be such a trip to die while you’re tripping to spend eternity on a loop.

During her moments of lucidity, the ghost trap was a vessel to propel Flower and Thor’s relationship forward. When they thought they were going to die, Thor and Flower decided to seize the moment, which was then interrupted by their “third,” Pete. It always boils down to a third, it seems. 

Pete was given a shot at redeeming himself after wimping out earlier. He spent all of his living life running away, but now, when it mattered, he did the right thing and finally faced his fears, volunteering as tribute when they realized that the “2 and under” inscription on the ghost trap wasn’t a warning for kids but rather a disclaimer that the trap could only hold two ghost energies at a time. Once they overloaded it with ghosts, the hope was that they would all be set free, which is where Pete’s sacrifice came into play. 

When Pete faced his fears, he inspired Flower to face hers, and she agreed to go on a one-on-one date with Thor. I’m really just so excited about this pairing! 

Thankfully, no ghosts were hurt in the making of this episode, and they were all back to watching TV and roaming around in no time. 

Jay was able to get in on the action, but it wasn’t without a fight. When Sam explained that the “ghost stuff” was kind of her thing, it was a little disheartening considering how invested Jay has always been despite not being able to see the ghosts. And he is the guy in the Atari shirt, after all—he knows a thing or two and should be considered when there’s a whole “save Thor and Flower” plan in motion. He may not have a physical relationship with the ghosts, but he still loves them and would never let any harm come their way, and he made that very clear. I genuinely love how supportive Jay is throughout all of this. 

Freddie decided to quit because he didn’t feel comfortable working somewhere with ghosts, and Alberta’s final humming set him over the edge. I know that ghosts are always portrayed as evil and vengeful on television, but Freddie is missing out on getting to know a truly eclectic and fun bunch. But when the ghosts decide you’re no longer a good fit, there’s not much else that can be done. 

Sass managed to stay away from all the house shenanigans as he spent time with Jessica, the car ghost, who was now permanently living outside of the Woodstone Manor after Sam forced Jay to purchase the car after Freddie sold it. We all saw this storyline coming, but I was surprised by how quickly they wrapped it up. 

It was probably for the better that Sass and Jessica figured out that they progressed things too quickly. The relationship was doomed from the start because of its constraints. Sass had a whole life inside the manor, while Jessica thrived being out on the road. Once Jay and Sam purchased the car, she was limited in her experiences which was, well, boring. No relationship could survive that, especially since Jessica was such a free spirit. 

Hopefully, wherever her new metalhead driver takes her, she meets some fun ghosts along the way. 

The breakup was so permanent because Sass and Jessica can never see each other again, nor can they communicate. It was goodbye forever, and that’s a heavy thing to take on. At least Sass has some friends to lean on during the breakup but Jessica is all alone. And yet, something tells me she’ll be just fine. Who can even think with the music that loud?

As for the best line of the night? Aside from Flower’s shock at Thor being trapped, it definitely had to be Hetty’s comment about giving children a stuffed raven and lead-based rattle to calm them down. Man, I’m glad parenting has evolved. 

The upcoming episode of Ghosts will feature a guest appearance from Trevor’s crush, Tara Reid! 

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Ghosts Review – The Family Business (212)



Ghosts Recap Season 2 Episode 12 The Family Business

Sam and Jay’s professional relationship with their new assistant Freddie got a rocky start, and it only got worse on Ghosts Season 2 Episode 12. 

The poor guy must really love his job if he’s willing to come back after being fired…twice. 

But no one said this was going to be easy, especially with a flock of very opinionated—and bored—ghosts whispering into Sam’s ear at every turn. 

It all started when Hetty attempted to remind Sam that she should never “compliment the help,” which eventually escalated into distaste for Sam taking an interest in Freddie’s personal life. I know Hetty was a boss babe in her time, but she hasn’t actually kept up with the times, and thus, she doesn’t really understand the modern-day work dynamic. Her methods were likely frowned upon in her timeline as well, but there weren’t labor laws. No one wants to work with an uptight boss, however, and Sam was right to ignore Hetty’s “advice.” There’s nothing wrong with an employer buddying up to their employee.

Unfortunately, it kind of backfired on Sam when the advice she gave Freddie about having a voice in his relationship—which was actually solid—led to a breakup. Freddie was a mess, as you’d expect from someone who was just dumped by the love of his life. Jay and Sam were super understanding, which again, didn’t sit well with Hetty as she saw his emotional display as a sign of weakness. 

When she realized Samantha wasn’t going to listen to her suggestion about tough love, she decided to take matters into her own hands. By now, we’ve learned that the ghosts tend to make a bad situation even worse—like, they are really skilled at creating problems from the “beyond.”

Hetty roped Trevor into her master plan, sabotaging both Freddie and Sam and Jay’s business in the process. She claimed it was to teach Sam a lesson and push her to act like the kind of boss that she envisioned, but eventually when they had a heart-to-heart about everything, Hetty realized her motivations were a bit more personal. Hetty explained that she was a pretty absent mother, and upon her death, she was forced to watch her children—and the generations to come—make decisions while she stood by helplessly, unable to give any advice. But now that Sam can actually see and hear her, Hetty took it as her second chance and went a little overboard. 

It’s hilarious that they were able to figure out that Trevor made the system update solely based on the fact that he changed the occupancy to “69.” Classic Trevor. But who can blame him? This is the only entertainment he gets. And there aren’t any real consequences for his actions. 

The good news is that there weren’t dire consequences for the Woodstone Manor either as Sam and Jay were able to convince Freddie to take his job back… again. I’m kind of bummed we didn’t get to see them resolve the problem with the double booking though. It felt like a missed opportunity for the writers. 

With Freddie comes Jessica, the “landship ghost” who is tethered to Freddie’s car, and who just embraced a relationship with Sass. Our boy is all grown up and in his first real relationship! And not only have they had their first kiss, but they’ve also had their first fight. Jealousy is a normal feeling, even for ghosts. Poor Sass painted this picture in his mind after Alberta detailed all her relationships while living life on the road, which caused him to act out of character. Thankfully, after they were honest with each other, Jessica made sure to quell Sass’ worries by confirming that she was only seeing him. 

That means we now have two ghost couples—Jessica and Sass and Nigel and Isaac. 

And then there’s the unexpected dalliance between Hetty and Trevor. Never in a million years did I see that coming, and I figured it was just an “in the spirit of the holidays,” caught-up-in-the-moment kind of situation, but there seems to be some serious sexual tension between the two of them. Trevor doesn’t seem like the kind of guy Hetty would ever go for—and vice versa—but in some weird way, it makes sense. And I don’t hate it. Plus, it’s not like they have a huge dating pool to choose from. We can’t all be Jessica who has not one but two ripped ghosts in the vicinity.

Though, can you imagine if all the other ghosts found out? They’d never let them live it down.

Freddie’s inclusion in the series opens up so many possibilities, specifically the installation of the security camera, which definitely revealed that the Woodstone Manor is haunted. I’m not sure what Freddie is going to do with the footage, or if he’ll ask Sam about it, but this is fun little development. Nothing has managed to scare Freddie off just yet, but will a group of ghosts be a dealbreaker?

What did you think of the episode? 

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Ghosts Holiday Episode Review – The Christmas Spirit (209 and 210)



Ghosts Two Part Holiday Episode 2022 Photos

Ghosts is the gift that keeps on giving. This holiday season, it gave fans two gifts—back-to-back episodes that were better than any Christmas movie out there.

Ghosts Season 2 Episode 9 and Ghosts Season 2 Episode 10 somehow managed to grasp the Christmas spirit all while staying true to the nature of the series. Not only was it a sweet episode that embraced the familial bond between the ghosts and Sam, and indirectly, Jay, but there were plenty of shenanigans to go around, including another possession. 

The first half kicked off with Jay and Sam hosting Christmas at the mansion and welcoming Bela and her good friend Eric. Ghosts fans will remember that Bela made an appearance in the first season of the series and developed quite a connection with Trevor. And she was looking to capitalize on that connection, especially when Trevor mustered up all the power that he had to text her about his epic plan that would involve possessing Eric’s body so that they could finally spend some time together. 

Truthfully, I was as surprised as I was impressed that the plan actually came from Sass, but it tracks considering he’s the smartest and best character in the series. Flower and Alberta were accomplices, and it’s clear that the ghosts are so bored that they’ll do anything to shake things up. 

While Bela agreed to the plan, it was two-fold and required Eric’s permission. I love that this storyline underscored the importance of consent. It would have been so much easier to pull off if she just asked Eric to screw in the light for her, but that wouldn’t be fair to Eric. Instead, she laid it all out for him, and while she definitely sounded slightly unhinged telling him about her romance with a ghost, Eric loved her so much, he decided to go through with the plan for her. 

That is until it was thwarted by Sam, who came downstairs to leave some milk and cookies for Santa. Her love for Christmas is admirable, though, I could do without the crazy eyes when she concocted a Hallmark-esque plan to make Bela and Eric fall in love. She really needs to stop meddling in other people’s lives. 

Bela, Eric and the ghosts were caught red-handed, and while I think Sam would’ve probably looked the other way, Jay shamed Bela and put an end to it. The next morning, Eric skipped town leaving Bela pretty devastated. 

Jay questioned if he was a little too harsh on his sister, and Sam offered a resounding, “yes,” however, it wasn’t Sam at all. For some reason, Sam thought it would be a good idea to screw in the light that Bela and Eric left, which electrocuted her and threw her right into Thor. 

And honestly, there’s no better Christmas gift than seeing Sam possessed by Thor—she absolutely nailed his mannerisms and her impression of him. It was almost eerie watching her embody him, and I found myself wondering how they all keep a straight face while filming. There’s no way Sam didn’t burst out laughing while delivering Thor-like lines to Hetty and Sass. And there’s absolutely no way that Jay didn’t break into laughter as he was putting up the Christmas tree while Thor berated him and screamed about the small man desecrating his culture into his ear. 

Anyway, Sam and Thor battled it out for her body, with the latter eventually taking dominance with some advice from Hetty, who learned a thing or two when she possessed Jay. And Thor, who despised the Christmas holiday, ended up having the best Christmas of all as he indulged in sticks of butter and way too much fish. 

Eventually, his cover was blown when he had to jump in and resuscitate Eric, who came back to the mansion after a little heart-to-heart from Jay, who apologized in what looked like a scene straight from a holiday rom-com. 

Eric then agreed to give Bela the gift of Trevor, braving the electrocution, which unfortunately resulted in his death. Eric crossed over to the other side, and I was certain that it was going to stick. And it would have if not for Thor. 

Honestly, why did anyone think it was a good idea to tempt fate?

The best part is that Eric had tangible proof that Bela wasn’t crazy and that Trevor existed—it was a little hard to believe that a dude would just accept what she was saying at face value, but since he saw them with his own eyes and almost joined their little clique, it was hard to deny it. I’m just surprised that once Eric was brought back to life, he couldn’t see them again. Sam “nearly died” and can see ghosts, so Eric should’ve inherited those same powers considering he did die on the premises. And honestly, I think that would’ve been a fun route to explore as then Bela would be able to connect with Trevor through someone other than Sam. 

“The Christmas Spirit: Part Two” – In part two of a special one-hour #Ghostsmas episode, Sam and Thorfinn get caught in the crossfire as the scheme Jay’s sister, Bela (Punam Patel), and the ghosts have conjured up goes awry. Also, Isaac’s marriage to Beatrice sheds light on how apprehensive he has been in communicating his feelings to Nigel, on the CBS Original series GHOSTS, Thursday, Dec. 15 (8:30-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+. Pictured (L-R): Utkarsh Ambudkar as Jay and Rose McIver as Samantha. Photo: Bertrand Calmeau/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Regardless, there’s no future for Trevor and Bela, who is finally seeing Eric in a new light. It’s what he deserves—the man risked it all for her.

Though I do feel bad for Trevor… all he wanted was some lovin’ on Hanukkah!

Meanwhile, Jay caught onto the fact that Sam was actually Thor, and when she was able to break through again, she convinced Jay to drive her through the ghost barrier so that she could inhabit her own body again. Thor may have loved the body swap, but Sam likely never wants to do that again. And I don’t think anyone blames her. 

Despite everything, it ended up being the best Christmas ever as the ghosts surprised her the following day with a perfectly harmonized rendition of “White Christmas.”  Thor was even in on it as he finally got to experience the true meaning of Christmas—being with his family. 

It continues to be a bummer that Jay can’t have any interaction with the ghosts. Sam was sweet enough to get them all gifts because they mean so much to her, and while she always includes him, he’s unable to experience all the joys for himself. It would be nice if he could considering they’ve all built up such a genuine camaraderie. Though I’m just glad that everyone that attended Christmas at Woodstone Manor was aware that the ghosts exist so that they could be a part of the celebration. 

I also thoroughly enjoyed that the ghost storylines diverged from each other—they were all doing their own thing, which almost made it feel like there were more characters. 

Thor’s whole Freaky Friday storyline with Sam was as enjoyable as Trevor, Sass, Alberta, and Flower’s scheming. Meanwhile, Hetty spent most of the hour watching TikTok, which may be the most believable storyline, to begin with, whereas Isaac was making strides in his relationship with Nigel. 

Despite dating for several months, the duo has yet to share a kiss, and when Isaac tried to go for it, he ended up face-palming his lover. I bet he won’t be throwing Pete’s face-palm incident with Alberta in his face anytime soon. 

He was frustrated by his inability to move the relationship forward, but it turns out, all he needed was a little closure to help him let go of the guilt of being a “bad husband.” Isaac thought he let his wife, Beatrice, down because he wasn’t totally honest with her, but Sass recalled that she was the one who brought him a change of clothes and was there with him in his final moments, which meant that she knew the truth and forgave him. With peace of mind, Isaac was able to go and be with the man he loved on his 280th Christmas… and his best one yet. 

The writers have put forth so much care into crafting Isaac and Nigel’s relationship, and I love exploring Isaac’s past to see how it informs his present day. It’s also proof that even though they are ghosts with eternity ahead of them, their worries, anxieties and concerns still matter. They may not have bodies, but it makes them as human as anyone else. 

Ghosts will return on Thursday, Jan. 5, and the promo teases a new ghost visiting the Manor who died in a car and now goes everywhere it goes. It puts a new perspective on the idea of ghosts—the ones we know are stuck in the house, and while this ghost can travel near and far, she’s stuck in a cramped car for the rest of eternity likely with whoever purchases the vehicle. It’s also a fun way to incorporate new ghosts outside of their ghost-group.

What did you think of the holiday special double episode? 

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