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Ghosts Recap Season 2 Episode 4 The Tree Ghosts Recap Season 2 Episode 4 The Tree


Ghosts Recap – Friend Zone (204)

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The tree zone was actually the friend zone on Ghosts Season 2 Episode 4. 

What started as a terrible PR move for Woodstone Manor ended up being an emotional and culturally important episode for Sass. 

Upon finding out that the plan by the neighbors was to cut down the tree on the old property that has been around for centuries, Jay, Sam, and the ghosts rallied to save it.

Everyone had some significant and special memories under the tree, including Hetty, who was pro-saving it before remembering that she was married under that tree and urging them to cut it down.

When Jay and Sam weren’t successful in persuading June and Ally to preserve it, Sass informed Sam that it was an important part of the Lenape culture, even pointing out the 13 markings that represented the 13 dialects of the Lenape language. 

When that still didn’t work, Sam decided to pull a Hamilton (sorry, Isaac) and wrote an op-ed to inspire people in the area to demand a change. Soon enough, her article was trending and people were protesting around the tree, including Flower, who was reminded of the old days when she took acid and protested to save the snow leopards (you’re welcome). Her life truly was extraordinary. 

Unfortunately, Sam quickly went from being a hero to a Karen when Bob, who was Lenape, came and informed her that at no point in the history of the culture were there 13 dialects. Sam stood her ground, with a little too much confidence for a non-Lenape woman, until Sass came clean that he made the whole thing up. And then, she looked brazenly ignorant about a group of people that were not her own. 

Sam was embarrassed, the protest moved to the Woodstone Manor, and people were canceling their reservations left and right. It’s what some might call a PR crisis. And it’s a little disappointing that Sam just wrote the article without doing any additional research or trying to cite living sources. I get that she thought she had it on good authority, but the ghosts are really only good for sparking the ideas, there’s still some heavy lifting that needs to happen on her part to uphold some journalistic integrity. 

When she confronted Sass and asked him why he lied, he had a good explanation—they were historical and made by a Lenape, him, to commemorate all the encounters he had with Shiki. And while everyone assumed that meant sex or even kissing, Sass explained that it was the times that Shiki said “hi” to him. Yes, “hi.” Jay and Trevor’s confusion over the fact that Sass went to such great lengths to take note of the fact that someone greeted him was hilarious. They even questioned if saying hello was more sexual back in the day. Oh, Sass, he has such a pure heart. And a huge crush! Too bad he can’t see Shiki since she’s stuck in the afterlife at Sam’s workplace.

After the tree was cut down, Sass was pretty upset as he realized the tree was his last connection to the Lenape people. He watched them get pushed out of the area, and now, everything that was there when he was alive was officially gone. Times were changing.

Sam saw how affected Sass was, so she reached out to Bob to help them with a land acknowledgment. They got seeds from the cut-down tree to plant in the area and honor Sass and the Lenape people. You could tell Sass was truly touched by it and grateful to Sam for realizing how important it was to him to have a piece of his culture around. 

And then Trevor made sure to insert some humor by calling the area the friend zone with Pete underscoring that the “friend zone” is the best place to be. The name stuck, as it should have—it was a brilliant name. 

While a huge focus of the episode was Sass and the tree, there was also a side plot involving Thor and his determination to get Flower to like him. Some might say that he is also in the friend zone, and Trevor wanted to help him get to the other side. Admittedly, Trevor’s little trick about memorizing nail polish colors so that he could spark a convo at the bar was pretty clever—he had game back in the day—but when he suggested that Thor becomes passionate about the things that Flower cares about, Thor ended up becoming a tree hugger… which is pretty fitting if you think about it. 

There’s nothing subtle about Thor—he goes to extremes for what he believes in, so he became obsessed with punishing everyone for destroying the environment. He unplugged the TV because it was wasting electricity, and he even yelled at Hetty for the industrial revolution, and she hilariously acknowledged just how much people in her era loved coal. 

These characters are so well developed, some of them don’t even really need to have full lines and it’s still downright comical. 

Flower noticed that Thor was being a bit intense with his activism, so she tried to explain that he needs to inspire people rather than tearing them down, which actually worked when he helped Sam create the friend zone. 

His activism was short-lived, however, as Sam pointed out that global warming didn’t really affect the ghosts but it was a huge deal for humans. Thor realized that the faster the “livings” die out, the quicker a new era would begin, and he suddenly became the biggest proponent of climate change.

There were some downright hilarious jokes that continue to propel Ghosts as TV’s funniest comedy: Trevor acknowledging that he often says smart things but people can’t get past the fact that he’s not wearing pants, Alberta crushing on Ted the tree guy who was pushing for the removal, Flower informing Thor that the “nail color” she was wearing was actually blood from trying to fend off the bear, Hetty assuming Trevor and Thor were deviants for using the “lap computer” and then later watching videos of stable boys, and the list goes on and on. 

The only thing that’s starting to get stale is Jay not being able to see the ghosts. He’s a complete outcast. While Sam might look crazy talking to thin air, Jay actually is talking to nothing because he can’t interact with them. It would be nice to see something happen that changes it so he becomes part of the group. 

What did you think of the episode? Let us know, Cravers! 

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Ghosts Season 3 Episode 4 Review – We Finally Know What Happened to Flower



Ghosts Season 3 Episode 4 Review - Halloween 3: The Guest Who Wouldn't Leave

As far as Halloween episodes go, this one was hands-down the winner. Ghosts tapped into all of the elements that bring the spooky fun, even smack-dab in the middle of March. 

One of the more enticing, and likely long-term developments, was that Flower didn’t actually get sucked off, which is why they couldn’t bring her back in the seance, no matter how hard they tried. Thor was determined to reunite with Flower so he could finally tell her that he loved her, but despite their best efforts—using both weed belonging to Flower that her brother sent over and her ring that Jay dug up from the spot where she was brutally attacked by a bear—they weren’t successful. 

No one seemed to understand why they couldn’t summon Flower, but, as audiences soon learned, it’s because she never moved on at all. Instead, she fell down a well, where she’s been trapped this whole time. Who knew that Ghosts could get trapped? Though, I guess if it is within the property line, it’s fair game.

This also confirms many fans’ theories that she’s not really gone while also explaining why there was never really a reason given for her crossing over to the other side. But it does beg the question, who was sucked off? We all saw that bright light. 

And how long will Flower remain in this well until it’s found? Is it someplace that no one visits? And how will they eventually manage to get her out? They can’t exactly throw a rope down there for her to climb up. 

Another key development in the episode was Carol’s death ahead of the Halloween party. The poor lady choked on a donut hole in the same place where her husband met his demise. The worst part is that Sam and Jay were so preoccupied with being good hosts to the party, all the while impressing their friends, and helping the ghosts with the seance, that no one even realized Carol had perished. 

The ghosts were the first to figure it out when Carol began to compliment them on their accurate costumes, but when they tried to warn Sam, she brushed off their “advice” and wouldn’t listen to it as she figured it made her look crazy. What she didn’t know is she was doing a fine job of that on her own, without any help from the ghosts, as she kept talking to Carol in front of her friends, who were concerned and creeped out that Sam was just talking to herself. 

The ghosts decided to keep quiet rather than pester Sam and make her aware—and honestly, I don’t blame them. They were coming from a place of hurt where all of their efforts were dismissed by someone that they trusted. Sam made her bed, and they were letting her sleep in it.

Sasha and Nico eventually find Carol’s body in the kitchen and conjure up a theory that Sam and Jay “took care of her” aka killed her to impress them. Their theory is all but confirmed when Jay walks into the kitchen with a shovel. 

But nothing was better than the moment Sam herself realized that Carol was dead—as terror spread through Sasha and Nico’s face as they tried to make a break for it.

Pete and Carol were finally able to see each other, confirming that there was a new spirit in the house. And while Pete’s a pretty easygoing dude, this is the last person he wants to be around for eternity considering she cheated on him with his best friend. Almost immediately, the two start bickering, which will make for some exciting times in the mansion. It’s unclear how long Carol will stick around, but I’m guessing that once Pete forgives her for her adulteress ways, she’s going to get sucked off. I don’t see her sticking around for the long run—just long enough to shake things up—despite my deep affection for Caroline Aaron. 

This part of Pete’s very painful life needs to be put to rest eventually, though I hope that doesn’t mean he’s going to move on. 

Quite frankly, I think the ghosts are so connected as a group that none of them are going to move on without each other—they’re all in this together and their existence depends on one another.

Plenty of plot twists born from Halloween, but we’d expect nothing less from the inhabitants of the Woodstone Manor. And hopefully, a dead body on the spookiest day of the year only ups their credibility and online ratings. Sasha and Nico had an immersive experience unlike any other. 

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Ghosts Season 3 Premiere Review – [SPOILER] Got Sucked Off



Ghosts Season 3 Premiere Review - The Owl

Ghosts returned after a lengthy hiatus and immediately tackled the burning question of which ghost got “sucked off.”

As you’ll remember, in the final moments of season 2, Jay and Sam saw a white light emitting from the house, indicating that one of the ghosts crossed over. 

Of course, it could’ve just been “one of the basement ghosts,” but the sitcom solidified that it was going to be one of the core ghosts—and after a brief head count, it was revealed that Flower passed on. 

Flower’s “death,” so to speak, had repercussions for the whole house as they’ve all grown rather close over the decades, but it was especially hard on Thor, who developed a romantic relationship with Flower. One might say, the love and care he showed her is what helped her move on, but there’s really nothing anyone can say to help ease Thor’s grief after losing his girlfriend and not getting a chance at saying goodbye. 

Jay, who made it very clear that he still can’t see the ghosts but has a connection with them, tried to comfort Thor with the possibility of reincarnation, but that came back around to bite him rather quickly. He’s truly at a disadvantage since he doesn’t fully grasp the personality of each ghost, so he has to be very careful with what he says. 

When the construction worker ran into a problem at the barn, which Jay is planning to turn into his dream restaurant, it initially seemed like an easy fix—that is until Thor decided that the owl occupying the space must be Flower as they both bonded over owls initially. “Flowl” as they called the bird, became a hot topic in the household, as Jay wanted her removed, while Thor threatened to burn the barn to the ground if they touched his girl.

When “Flowl” began causing problems for the business, Sam and Jay figured it was time to help Thor deal with his grief, and honestly, Jay’s speech about Flower being a free spirit who wouldn’t want to live out her days in a cage was very touching and fitting to who she was as a person.

But Jay also learned the hard way that meddling comes with a price, and letting an owl into freedom means there’s a chance it will come back and claw your eye out. The poor guy suffered so many injuries trying to navigate this tricky situation with the ghosts. 

While all of this was happening, Pete felt bad that the basement ghosts were mad at him, so he invited them all upstairs, which made the whole space feel all too cramped. They stuck around for Flower’s memorial (and it was surprisingly wholesome as they reflected on Flower being one of the only people who was friendly to them), which paid tribute to the loving and non-judgemental woman that she was, but the moment it was over, Cholera Ghost Nancy enacted a plan to get everyone back downstairs once again. 

The house feels so empty without Flower, and while I get the decision behind choosing one of the main 8 for impact, there was never a clear reason why it was her time to move on. I wish there would be a bit more focus behind it (unless the lack of is indicating that she isn’t actually gone). As I mentioned previously, it could be because of the love she experienced with Thor (finally opening herself up to a person after the loss of her former boyfriend that she grieved for so long), but he couldn’t recall saying anything pivotal to her, so it remains unclear.

I will remind you all of one of the golden TV rules—if you don’t see a body, don’t believe the murder happened. In this case, we didn’t see Flower get “sucked off,” so there’s always a slight chance she’s still around, napping somewhere, or lost on the property, which wouldn’t be surprising in the slightest. I was fully expecting her to waltz in during the memorial, quite honestly. If Flower really is gone—and it’s a bummer because she was one of the only ghosts in a relationship and one that had major character development last season— it’s a huge loss, but with Ghosts, anything is possible, so maybe they’ll be able to summon her in the future to get some closure. 

What did you think of the Ghosts Season 3 premiere episode? Are you bummed that Flower was “killed off”?

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Ghosts Season Finale Recap – [Spoiler] Gets Engaged (222)



Ghosts Season 2 Finale Recap The Heir

We were on the brink of an emotionally touching season 2 finale of Ghosts when all of a sudden—bam—a cliffhanger no one saw coming, though, a moment we’ve been dreading since bonding with the ghosts.

On Ghosts Season 2 Episode 22, Sam and Jay fought to keep the Woodstone Mansion after a woman named Kelsey arrived claiming to be the daughter of David Woodstone and therefore, the rightful heir to the fortune. 

In one moment, Sam’s whole life came tumbling down as she faced the possibility of losing the ghosts forever. 

A DNA test later confirmed that Kelsey was telling the truth, which meant that they would be forced to move out of the B&B and give it all up to her. 

And that’s when being able to see ghosts actually came in handy. When Jay mentioned that David knocked up Kelsey’s mom, an exotic dancer, at Scores, Trevor immediately shut down the possibility by explaining that his buddy was banned from the establishment. 

With reasonable doubt at play, Sam and Jay decided to get the truth directly from the source: David himself. It was a long shot, sure, but when they rolled up to the gentleman’s club where he died (he had an aneurysm with his head stuck between two boobs in case you’re curious!), they found him still stuck between worlds… though he was certain that spending eternity at a strip club was pure heaven so there’s that. 

David then confirmed that there was no way Kelsey was his daughter because he was sterile, or, as he so classy explained it, “shooting blanks.” 

Armed with the truth, Sam and Jay confronted Kelsey, who ended up cracking and revealing that the Woodstone estate attorney was the mastermind of the plan. With his gambling debts looming large and a massive offer from the Four Seasons to buy the mansion, he decided to trick Sam and Jay into essentially giving up the house. What a sneaky snake. 

If it wasn’t for the ghosts, Trevor in particular, they would’ve never even known that they were being played. 

Nearly losing something—or someone—you love always puts things into perspective, so Sam was feeling a bit sentimental and reminisced on how much the ghosts meant to her. They were her family who have seen her go through the good times and the bad. Even Jay has bonded with them in some way, though it’s unfortunate that he misses so much of the action because he can’t see them. 

And at that moment, the cliffhanger of all cliffhanger’s happened as one of the ghosts got sucked off! The look of sheer horror on Sam’s face seems to be cause for concern, but the truth is, there are so many ghosts living inside that mansion that it doesn’t have to be any of the core ghosts. 

I can’t imagine that the creative forces would want to eliminate one of the ghosts just as the series is finding its groove and entering its prime. 

Then again, they have all been growing and becoming better humans, and that means that eternity isn’t exactly forever.

Alberta finally forgave Hetty for keeping the identity of her killer secret. Hetty thought she was doing the right thing by protecting her son, but she now saw the error of her ways and realized she did her friend a huge disservice. Alberta wanted “blood,” but when the Ghost Court ruled to banish Hetty to the forest, she couldn’t imagine a life without her. Maybe that was the outstanding issue keeping Albert and Hetty tied to the mortal coil. 

There’s also Isaac, who finally took the next big step in his relationship with Nigel by proposing to him! While this is obviously cause for celebration, it might also be what sets Isaac free as he’s struggled with accepting his sexuality through much of his post-death life. Or it could be Nigel, which would be a bummer for Isaac as he finally opened up to someone and entrusted them with his heart. 

At any rate, it could be any of the ghosts, but I don’t want to panic prematurely. This could all be a false alarm! 

Other Thoughts

  • Now that Isaac is $10k richer, he can definitely afford the King-sized bed!
  • Thor’s comment hoping that David didn’t get “sucked off” at the Gentleman’s Club is one of the reasons Ghosts is the best comedy on television.
  • Why would Jay think eating strip club sushi was a good idea? And why didn’t the ghost who died after eating it warn Sam?
  •  Jay saying he hopes Trevor was the ghost that got sucked off is just cruel. 

Ghosts has one of the greatest ensemble casts with every single actor really coming into their character this season. I can’t wait to see what the third season has in store for us! 

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