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Ghosts Season 1 Episode 8 Review D&D Ghosts Season 1 Episode 8 Review D&D


Ghosts Recap – The British Are Coming… Out (1×08)

Ghosts Season 1 Episode 8 Review D&D



Ghosts has nailed every single episode in its freshman season. 

We’ve seen the origin stories of Thor, Pete, Flower, and now, Isaac gets his glory moment. 

And his glory moment involves an awesome coming out story as both a gay man and…. a murderer. 

The latter, admittedly, was much more shocking. 

In a “life’s funny that way” kind of twist, the man Isaac has been crushing on since the 1700s was also the man he accidentally killed with the “Eyesaac,” a musket with a spy glass — an invention of his own making. 

Isaac took the accidental shot while spying on — ok, fine, more like oogling — Nigel, the sworn enemy of the British army. 

When Sam stumbled upon the three British soldiers living in the shed while trying to demolish it, she unintentionally opened the door for a meet-cute. 

The chemistry between Nigel and Isaac was palpable, and the ghosts ensured her that they’ve been flirting like this for hundreds of year with neither making a move. 

That obviously isn’t surprising because being part of the LGBTQ community in those days wasn’t as accepted as it is now. 

But Sam, who we know is more than thrilled to play matchmaker between the ghosts, encouraged Isaac to finally get the secret off of his chest. 

Unfortunately, she thought the big secret was his feelings for Nigel, but instead, Isaac came clean about the cold blooded murder, which Nigel didn’t take all that well. 

While the crime — of passion — happened hundreds of years ago, I guess the bitterness of death and knowing who led to your demise never really wears of. 

Mostly, Nigel was upset that Isaac kept it a secret. 

As punishment, he declared a war over the living quarters, but Isaac and the rest of the ghosts weren’t going down without a fight. 

After all, this is American land, a point that Trevor was all too eager to make as he chanted “USA” like a frat bro. 

The “war” was reminiscent of a “Mean Girls” catfight, so Sam suggested another way to settle the score — a game of D&D. 

While Nigel and Isaac decided to put themselves out of their misery and bury the hatchet before the game was over, it was also the right time for their relationship to blossom. 

Sure, they’re taking things slow, but a walk around the grounds is a good first step. 

Meanwhile, D&D, a staple ’80s game, bonded Jay with the ghosts. The poor guy is stuck in this big house and all he has is Sam, while she has a plethora of personalities consuming her attention at all hours of the day. 

It’s understandable that Jay would feel left out and lonely, especially as his other friends turned on him because of his poor internet connection. How terrible were they?

I’m glad that Sam eventually saw the lights and understood the importance of letting him feel like he was part of the ghost gang. Jay deserves friends too! 

Also, it was hilarious to see the ghosts trying to communicate with Jay while he was showering. It took everything out of Trevor to get a simple message across, but you have to admit that “Make Pizza” is one important request. 

What did you think of Ghosts Season 1 Episode 8?



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    Ghosts Recap – Pete’s Wife (1×06)



    Ghosts Review Pete's Wife Season 1 Episode 6

    It’s a good thing Sam didn’t listen to Jay when he discouraged her from inviting Pete’s wife over to the mansion. 

    Ghosts Season 1 Episode 6 gave us backstory into how Pete died, and well, it was kind of like we imagined: he was teaching his Girl Scout troop archery when he was accidentally shot with an arrow. 

    It seemed like a rather painful death, but leave it to Pete to make the best of it. 

    As his Death Day was approaching, Pete was all up in his feels. 

    That’s when Sam decided to track down Pete’s wife via Facebook — and was forced to explain the internet to the ghosts yet again. 

    While Jay figured it’s not a good idea to mess with the spirit world and invite Pete’s wife over, Sam couldn’t resist giving him a chance to see his wife one more time. 

    Especially after Pete emphasized that Carol (guest-starring Caroline Aaron) was 70 so he likely wouldn’t get this chance ever again. 

    Pete’s excitement was contagious — his peppiness was next level. 

    Caroline Aaron Interview: When Will Filming ‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Season 4 Begin and How She’s Preparing for the Virtual Emmys

    However, it quickly came crashing down when he realized Carol remarried. And the husband was none other than Pete’s best friend Jerry. 

    While Pete was taken aback initially, he quickly got over it and figured that the two probably bonded over their grief. 

    He soon forgot all about it when Carol unveiled that they brought Pete’s favorite bench in hopes of honoring him with a ceremony. 

    Of course, things took a bit of a sour turn when Carol confessed that she and Jerry were having an affair while Pete was still alive. 

    Oh, I wish she didn’t get that off of her chest. If only Sam could forewarn her that Pete’s spirit was still stuck in the mansion. 

    Pete was visibly angry, and well, it’s nice to see that he at least has a range of emotions that include sadness and anger. 

    As Alberta pointed out, no one can be that happy all the time. 

    Pete felt betrayed by his one and only, and Jay was all like “I told you so.”

    His little pep talk inspired Sam to patch things up, so she referenced a passage about forgiveness in Pete’s manual, which reminded him that forgiveness is essential in any relationship. 

    The good thing is that it seemed as though Carol was genuinely sorry about her affair; her infidelity has been weighing on her all these years. 

    As she apologized into the abyss, Pete stood by and accepted it. 

    And then, the cutest scene unfolded across the screen — Pete’s daughter, Laura, surprised her mother at the mansion along with her son, little Pete, dressed in a Boy Scouts uniform just like his grandfather. 

    That right there is why Sam’s meddling was worth it. 

    She gave Pete a day he’d never forget. She gave him closure. And she gave him a chance to spend another day with his family. 

    While Pete was having an epic reunion, Thorfinn and Sass discovered the innocent joys of reality TV. 

    The duo spend countless hours watching something called “It’s Getting Hot in Here” and calling it “stupid” when anyone asked. 

    However, they soon learned what all of us mere mortals know to be true — half of the fun of binge-watching is doing it with your loved one. 

    When Thorfinn watched a few episodes alone, Sass was visibly upset because he couldn’t catch up and if Thor rewatched them then he wouldn’t be surprised. 

    It’s quite a common conundrum in this day-and-age. 

    Thor also refused to apologizes because apologies were reserved for “babies and Danes,” but when a particular scene about friendship struck him, he told Sass he was sorry. 

    And honestly, there’s nothing funnier or more pure than Thor discovering the art of the apology. 

    All good, indeed. 

    Trevor briefly thought he was a “DILF” when Sam looked up one of the bottle girls he hooked up with and saw that she had a daughter whose father went to Penn State and died. 

    All signs pointed to Trevor, which almost made him a changed man. 

    He even apologized for all his raunchy and misogynistic comments. 

    However, a further investigation revealed that it was actually some other guy who went to Penn and died. 

    See, you can even have a paternity scare from beyond the grave!

    Ghosts is a nuanced and brilliantly crafted comedy with so much heart and emotion. It’s not a surprise it’s the #1 comedy of the fall season. 

    What did you think of the episode? Do you hope to get backstories for every single ghosts?

    Let us know in the comments below! 

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    Ghosts Review – Halloween (1×05)



    Ghosts Review Halloween Season 1 Episode 5

    There’s nothing more on-brand for a show titled Ghosts than a Halloween episode. 

    But in a surprising twist, the ghosts haunting the Woodstone Manison were less than thrilled by the spooky holiday. 

    In their own words, they find the whole thing rather offensive. 

    And I guess from that perspective, I get it. Anyone who dresses up as a ghost is essentially mocking them. 

    However, celebrating All Hallow’s Eve allowed for some innocent shenanigans and punny jocks at their expense. 

    When a group of Stranger Things-esque kids stopped by to egg the house — an annual tradition — Sam and Jay were prepared to take them on. 

    First, they attempted to reason with words. Poor Jay thought that he could get through to a bunch of teens by being “cool.”

    When that didn’t work, he suggested letting it go, but Samantha was all about holding them accountable and teaching them consequences, an approach that was egged on by the ghosts. 

    While I don’t necessarily think “calling their mommies” was the right way to go, Sam and Jay definitely should’ve had a better plan. 

    They were forewarned about these kids — they had time to come up with something that taught a lesson.

    You would think Jay of all people would be a little more creative. 

    However, Sam won this battle, so Zack and his mother were called to the house.

    Since he made a threatening gesture before he walked off, it was easier for the ghosts to convince Sam and Jay that the kids burned down the gazebo when it was definitely their fault. 

    Thornfill didn’t mean to — he simply wanted to turn off the gazebo lights so that it wasn’t the kids’ next target. 

    However, his powers got the best of him. 

    And the worst thing about being a ghost is that they weren’t able to put out the fire after starting it. They were helpless. 

    When the opportunity to lie and blame it on the kids presented itself, it was Hetty and Isaac that really jumped on board. 

    I don’t think they actually thought through the consequences of their white lie, which definitely wasn’t innocent. 

    Arson is a huge deal — much bigger than T-peeing or egging a house. 

    Once they realized, they still decided to let the kids take the fall until Alberta figured it out and Trevor gave a movie-like speech about being better than the villains they are portrayed to be. 

    Isaac eventually came clean, which put Sam in a tight spot since the cops were already on the premises investigating. 

    At that point, it just made them look like arsonists, and that’s never a good look when you’re new to the area. 

    Sam decided to embrace the lesson the ghosts brought up in the begging about being held accountable for their actions. 

    While you can’t do any bodily harm to a ghost, you can take away their TV privileges… and that’s the worst kind of punishment for those who can’t do have any other form of entertainment. 

    Jay kept calling this the lamest Halloween ever because he wasn’t partying on some rooftop like his friends, but honestly, that’s overrated. 

    I’m glad he finally came to the realization that living in a haunted mansion with ghosts who burn down your gazebo on Halloween is the best way to celebrate. 

    Also, why couldn’t they just throw a mansion party and invite their friends?

    There were some hilarious moments throughout the episosde, but here were some of the best:

    • Hetty has the best-offhand comments. Calling the mother a wench that works at Applebee’s was the best line of the episode. A close second was saying that children should be at home or at the factory. 
    • The ghosts watching Ghostbusters from a “new perspective” and calling it a crime was a vibe. 
    •  Sasa defending the fact that he had sex and Thorfin assuring him that he believes him because he watched him many itmes. 
    • The decorations at the mansion were incredible. When does Sam have the time?

    What did you think of the Halloween-themed episode? Let us know in the comments!

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    Ghosts Recap – Undead Dinner Party (1×04)



    Ghosts Recap Dinner Party Season 1 Episode 4

    Dinner parties tend to be awkward, but it helps to have the undead as “uninvited” guests to move things along. 

    On Ghosts Season 1 Episode 4, Sam learned just how fortunate she is to have a group of ghosts having her back. 

    Sam and Jay hosted a dinner party in order to warm up to their neighbors, the Farnsby’s, a wealthy married couple that was adamantly against signing off on a permit allowing the couple to turn their inherited mansion into a B&B. 

    They took issue with the fact that Sam and Jay were “young” and assumed that they would turn the place into a “rock n’ roll hotel,” which wasn’t the plan in the slightest. 

    Now, it’s not hard to see why Sam dind’t want the ghosts in attendance. They’re a rowdy and opinionated bunch, so naturally, it’s hard to focus on the task at hand.

    It didn’t help that Pete aka “Arrow Guy” got up in Sam’s face and kept saying her name until she responded. 

    All their snide-side comments kept getting a rise out of Sam, but she played them all off pretty incredibly.

     The Farnsby’s likely thought she was a little eccentric, sure, but it’s better than admitting that she can see several ghosts that inhabited the house over hundreds of years. 

    Sam eventually lost her cool and banished all the ghosts to their quarters by pointing out that she was alive and they weren’t. 

    There’s nothing that’ll bring a ghost’s spirits down like reminding them that they aren’t alive. 

    The A word — as we all learned — is not allowed in the house. 

    While Sam may have been initially creeped out and irritated by the idea that her life will now be plagued by visions of the undead, she soon learned that she cared for them. 

    Sam had a fair point about not wanting to be bothered, but the ghosts were also just trying to live vicariously through her. 

    Being cooped up in the house over centuries is likely really boring, and the first dinner party in over a decade made them feel more alive than ever. 

    The guilt definitely got to her, and she eventually apologized and asked for an assist from Pete, as she needed his vast knowledge of the 80s series, Newhart

    When she brought up the show, it’s as if she struck gold with the Farnsby’s, who were impressed with her vast knowledge of the series and the fact that she’s a young person with exquisite taste in art.

    Watching her channel the ghosts and repeating verbatim what they were saying was downright hilarious. 

    They make a great team!

    However, that didn’t seal the deal as the Farnsby’s then revealed that this was always meant to be a shakedown to inform Sam and Jay that they could get a permit only after they’ve given a “small” $20k donation to their charity. 

    The duo was understandably stunned, and when they left the room, the Farnsby’s slipped up about how they demolished their own carriage house in order to put up a pickleball court. 

    Just as the Farnsby’s thought they were going to leave victorious, Isaac bestowed the information about the illegal remodel onto Sam, who knew exactly how to play her cards. 

    The Farnsby’s left defeated, and likely unsure as to how Sam and Jay knew about their pickleball court. Blame the chardonnay!

    As for Sam and Jay, not only did they get the permit for their B&B, but Sam got a newfound appreciation for the ghosts. 

    This arrangement might not be so bad after all. 

    It almost makes you feel bad for Jay that he can’t actually see the ghosts because they’re a world of fun. 

    Every single one of them, yes, even Trevor the “Leo” of the group. 

    The win over the Farnsby’s was also a big win for Hetty as their families have had a century’s-long feud. 

    Other Ghostly Musings

    • I love how the ghosts tattle on Jay whenever he overindulges in sweets. Sam has her very own army of spies that are incognito!
    • Hetty claiming that cocaine is a relief for allergies! 

    What did you think of the episode? The ghosts are taking on a persona all their own and the dynamic between all of them and Sam is riveting to watch! 

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