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Ghosts Review Possession Season 1 Episode 10 Ghosts Review Possession Season 1 Episode 10


Ghosts Review – Possession (1×10)

Credit: Ghosts/ CBS



What’s weirder than living in a house haunted by ghosts?

Accidentally becoming possessed by one of those ghosts. 

But the silver lining is that Jay finally got to get in on the action. 

Jay is in this unique position where he’s always privy to what’s going on in the mansion, but he can’t actually see the ghosts. 

It has to be quite a bummer. However, on Ghosts Season 1 Episode 10 that all changed when he accidentally became possessed by Hetty. 

The outcome was a hilarious episode that really showed off Utkarsh Ambudkar’s acting chops. 

I mean, he nailed Hetty’s mannerisms and way of speaking. And he absolutely sold the whole internal battle that was happening every time Hetty battled to come out to the surface. 

Truthfully, I don’t think there’s a greater scene on television than watching Jay — as Hetty — stuff himself with a bowl of Cheetos. 

Good on Hetty for finally tasting food for the first time in 130 years. 

You can’t blame her for getting carried away. This is a freedom she hasn’t experienced in a very long time. 

But it wasn’t an opportune time as Michael Davenport, a top-notch wedding planner, was coming to size up the mansion for a potential wedding. 

Ghosts Review Possession Season 1 Episode 10

Credit: Ghosts/ CBS

Jay and Sam’s future as a B&B and event space was riding on this considering the couple had a lot of ritzy friends that could spread the word. 

As Davenport was getting quite impatient with Jay’s dual personality, Flower revealed one of her powers — she can make people high simply by walking through them. 

Talk about flower power! 

In between wrestling with his inner-Hetty, Jay attempted to cook a “squad” aka the pigeon from their attic to impress Davenport. 

All I’m going to say is gross. 

Though, I think I’d be tempted if someone served me a dish sprinkled with Cheeto dust. Hetty. Did. That. 

It did feel like a missed opportunity for Jay not to be able to see the ghosts. Unless he has a near-death experience, he’s never going to be able to see them, so it would’ve been nice for him to put names to faces and get that experience for once. 

At least he was able to get a glimpse at how feisty and direct Hetty is. 

And she got to really live for a day, even though her plan of escaping to Paris was thwarted. 

Again, can you blame her? She always put herself second in life and this was her chance to do it all over again. 

We’d all take it. 

And lastly, a reminder to always look your best in case you die and get stuck in a worldly purgatory in the clothes you were wearing at that very moment. You never think about your afterlife look, but maybe you should?

Ghosts has become one of the best sitcoms of the season! What did you think of the episode? 



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    Ghosts Review Season Finale – Farnsby & B (1×18)



    Ghosts Season 1 Finale Review Farnsby & B Episode 18

    It’s been a long road — with a Norse curse along the way — but the Woodstone B&B is finally open for business. 

    It might not get glowing reviews because of that hole in the floor, but at least the venture is getting off the ground and the first guests arrived! 

    The season finale of Ghosts wrapped up an incredible season-run by delivering an outstanding episode that was the sum of all its parts. 

    Many of the storylines that were introduced throughout the 18 episodes were touched upon in somewhat of a full-circle moment. 

    And it was effortless. Sometimes, a half-hour comedy just gets it — from the jokes to the storyline to the characters, none of it ever felt forced. 

    Ghosts has one of the best ensemble casts on television right now. Each non-living resident of the Manor brings a different energy and vibe to the series. 

    They started off as a group of strangers, but became inseparable. A found family, if you will. 

    And they all mesh so well, including Jay, who unfortunately remains just a backseat passenger living and experiencing the ghosts vicariously through Sam. 

    It was evident in the scene where Sam almost created an anecdote for the Norse curse using a pound of sugar and some cinnamon procured from faraway lands. It’s those kind of jokes that stick the landing and make this a must-watch series. 

    Each ghost went around the room to thank Samantha and say goodbye to her before it was too late. 

    And there were so many sweet references. Isaac suggested that she finishes his biography, Hetty said she was like a daughter with harlot hair, Flower thanked shrooms for killing her and bringing Sam into her life, Alberta asked that she solved her murder, and Trevor said he’d wait for her until she died and got stuck in purgatory because “he knew she’d keep everything tight.”

    Such simple moments are proof that the series has masterfully developed each character’s personality in a relatively short time. 

    But the adventures weren’t over yet. Sam obviously didn’t attempt to break the curse out of the fear that she would lose contact with all of them. 

    And what fun would that be?

    Sam and Jay also faced-off with the Farnsby’s, who opened a rival B&B, with the fitting name Farnsby & B, in order to steal their business and force them to shut down. 

    Of course, the ghosts believed that it was because of the Norse curse, but Sam took charge of her own destiny by challenging the couple to a game of pickle ball. If the Farnby’s won, they would be allowed to buy Sam and Jay’s house. 

    Thankfully, that never happened as Sam and Jay won by default when Henry threw out his back. And thank god for that because Jay failed to inform Sam prior to agreeing to the bet that he only played a pickle ball video game this whole time.

    It’s really not the same. He could’ve cost them everything.

    But he didn’t — and that’s all that matters. 

    Ghosts Season 1 Finale Review Farnsby & B Episode 18

    Credit: Ghosts/ CBS

    There were some appearances from the cholera ghosts, which is always a welcome surprise. Nancy is literally one of a kind. 

    Upon visiting the Farnsby’s, Sam also met their resident ghost, and it was just a reminder that she can see dead people everywhere, not just in the manor. 

    At some point, it would be fun to explore the ghosts that surround the property. You know, the neighboring ghosts. It opens up so much potential. 

    And there was also the resolution of Nigel and Isaac’s “entanglement.”

    Isaac finally realized that he wasn’t going to let fear control him anymore, but when he made his way to find Nigel, who he believed was ghosting him — no pun intended, Jenkins informed him that Nigel was sucked off. 

    It was a heartbreaking moment, naturally, but I found myself hoping that maybe there was a misunderstanding. 

    So, when Nigel waltzed into the house and confronted Isaac over his affair with the bearded floozy —  Thor — I was amused and beyond thrilled. 

    It turns out that was an intentional miscommunication on Jenkins’ part because he was still in love with Nigel and wanted to keep them apart. 

    Isaac almost chickened out again, but when Nigel turned to depart, he mustered up the courage to admit that he had feelings for him.

    Everyone else watched on with google eyes before expressing sheer shock at the fact that Isaac is a gay man. Of course, no one was actually shocked, but they didn’t want to make Hetty feel bad. 

    I’m thrilled that Nigel and Isaac’s romance is finally out in the open because we can pursue that storyline in depth come season 2. 

    It’ll also be nice to see Jay and Sam actually host some B&B guests, as it will allow for some hilarious antics with the ghosts! 

    The episode was already so perfect, but it wad then topped off with Sam and Jay literally going down as they fell through the floor that gave out due to the termites. 

    And the cherry on top of it all was Hetty and the rest of the ghosts fan-girling over Hamilton the musical, calling it a triumph and a masterpiece, quoting lines and songs from it while Isaac simply noted that it was “fine.”

    Also, did anyone notice the upside-down pineapple in the Farnbys’s home? It was likely a subtle hint that they are swingers, and I’m wondering if that’ll be a storyline next season!

    What did you think of the episode? How would you grade the season?

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    Ghosts Review – Ghost Prom (1×17)



    Ghosts Review Attic Girl Season 1 Episode 17

    It smells like teen spirit!

    You know the show is legit whenever an episode pays homage to She’s All That.

    Ghosts Season 1 Episode 17 introduced a new ghost living in the mansion, and if you’re wondering why we’ve never seen Stephanie before, well, there’s a good reason: she’s a teen ghosts who spends most of the time catching up on sleep. 

    It really brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

    A show about a bunch of ghosts who died on the property over the course of a hundred or so years would make a great backdrop for a thriller. At the very least, they now know that they can get away with a few suspenseful moments to mess with the audience. 

    And while the episode stuck mostly to the comedic tone that it has developed throughout the course of the season, the beginning where we first met Stephanie had an aura of spookiness.  

    In the ’80s, Stephanie and her boyfriend Tad were making out in a car on prom night when a chainsaw killer who escaped from a nearby asylum set his sights on them. 

    It seems as though Tad survived the attack, but the same couldn’t be said for Stephanie, who was forced to live out all of eternity in her Madonna-esque outfit and big hair. 

    But Stephanie isn’t like the other ghosts. She’s a mean girl who sees Samantha as a threat and a rival. 

    When she decides to throw a ghost prom to honor the prom she never got to attend, she establishes that it’s a non-living’s party. 

    This doesn’t sit well with Sam, who has a bit of prom PTSD from her teenage years. Apparently, she thought she had a French pen pal that was going to fly to America to take her to prom, but on prom night, it was revealed that her dreamy man was actually one of the mean girl’s at school playing a prank on her. 

    Pete overheard the story and confided in Stephanie hoping that she would invite Sam to the ghost prom. However, Stephanie took advantage of the situation by convincing the other ghosts to help prank Samantha by ordering a dozen baguettes, a nod to the bread that was thrown at Sam back in high school. 

    The whole thing was just in poor taste; Sam didn’t deserve any of it. 

    Stephanie tried to justify her actions by saying that Samantha was too controlling of the ghosts and had too many demands, but Alberta defended their living connection. 

    After being the only one who could communicate successfully with the Alexa — a feat considering sometimes it’s hard to get Alexa to listen to a living —  she understood just how annoying all of the ghost’s request truly were.

    Also, how much did Alexa pay for this 30-minute sponsorship? Props to the writers for weaseling it in so that it meshed with the plot and didn’t sound like one big ad even though it totally was. 

    When the ghosts finally apologized to Sam for their actions, she proved that she’s once again the bigger person. Instead of punishing Stephanie and forcing her to spend yet another prom alone, Sam and the ghosts surprised her with an epic party instead. 

    Sam is such a sweetheart!

    And since she always puts everyone first,  Jay thought about her for once. He rang the doorbell, gave her a supermarket corsage, and allowed her to have the big prom moment that she’s always wanted complete with “Kiss Me” playing in the background. 

    Ghost parties are really next level, aren’t they?

    The penultimate episode was stellar as it proved that the mansion is big enough to house many secret ghosts, it set the grounds for the first guests who booked the B&B, and it allowed us to learn more about Sam’s past. 

    But the cherry on top was definitely womanizer and finance bro Trevor dodging all of Stephanie’s advances. Their banter was so hilarious.

    Alberta and Pete grooving was also really adorable, as was Thor asking Flower to dance. 

    What did you think of the episode? Do you think the manor is going to become a huge destination for travelers?

    What do you anticipate from the upcoming season finale? And do you think Stephanie will return in the next season? I hope so! The ghost group is already full of character, but her energy brought a different dynamic. 

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    Ghosts Review – Trevor’s Pants (1×16)



    Ghosts Review Trevor's Pants Season 1 Episode 16

    The mystery of what happened to Trevor’s pants on Ghosts has been revealed, and it wasn’t at all what I expected. 

    The first story fin-bro Trevor told about taking a bunch of drugs and dying of a heart attack right after hooking up with the limo driver was very on brand, but it also made me go “that’s it?”

    There has to be more to Trevor than meets the eye, and thankfully, there was. 

    The exciting thing about Trevor’s backstory is that all of the other ghosts were already inhabitants of the manor at the time, so therefore, they already knew this story. 

    It was only Sam who didn’t, and her explanation for not inquiring sooner was that she didn’t know what the death etiquette was, which is fair. 

    When Ari arrived at the manor to buy the watch, Trevor was elated that one of his bro’s came to visit, but his excitement quickly turned to anger and heartbreak. 

    While all the ghosts remember Trevor dying after his drug concoction from pill roulette (yellow and blue make green), Sass never joined the “welcome committee” and stuck around to see all the finance bros freak out over Trevor’s dead body, which is how he knew exactly what present-day Ari meant when he called his bros and asked if one of them “snitched.”

    After Trevor collapsed, the dudes were only worried about how his accidental death would reflect on them. They couldn’t go to jail — heck, one of them couldn’t even stay at a Sheraton, so they did what any logical and grown 30-year-old man would do… they called their rich daddies. 

    And, naturally, they landed on the idea of covering up the murder. And not just lying to the police that they didn’t know what happened, nope, they went full-on weigh his body down and drop it in the lake and pretend this never happened. 

    Upon finding out the horrific details, Trevor chalked it up to them “being scared,” but Sass knew even more about that night, and he knew that Trevor would never and could never do that to his buddies.

    Why? Because he didn’t die pants-less after have good sex in a limo — he died because he took his pants and boxers off and gave them to Pinkus, the intern who was being hazed prior to being offered a full-time position. Trevor didn’t want him to have to go through with the run without cash and butt naked. 

    And this… this explanation simply made so much more sense. Yes, Trevor is a bro through-and-through, but he’s a bro with heart. 

    When the ghosts suggested ruining Ari’s life for breaking the bro code, Trevor took the high road once again by explaining that it wouldn’t make him feel better because his death was now a reminder that his whole life was a lie and that he didn’t have any bro’s. 

    However, that’s where he was wrong. His death underscored that while humans are self-centered and selfish people, ghosts are the most supportive. 

    They are bonded in a way that no living human, except Sam, of course, couldn’t imagine. 

    Instead of leveraging the truth to blackmail Ari, they pulled a “douchey” move. Ari’s drug addiction was so predictable that they knew if he spent any time alone in the living room, he would be tempted to hit up the drug drawer. Once he did, he found a note that read “I know what you did” that was signed by T-Money. And to make things even more legit, they threw in a Chekov Chill for good measure. How did they get one? No one knows, but it was the cherry on top to a perfect prank. 

    Trevor was overcome with emotion thanks to the ghosts, and he was finally able to tell Ari that he had been “chilled.” 

    Who knew such a bro-ey gesture could mean so much?

    Poor Jay was really confused by the whole situation as he hesitantly joined in on the “chug” chant, but he was pretty pleased with the fact that he was able to negotiate an even higher price for Hetty’s late husband’s antique watch. 

    The sweet revenge only got sweeter as Ari had to dole out double the asking price to keep Sam quiet. 

    There was so much hype building up to the reveal of what happened to Trevor’s pants, and the episode delivered completely. I’d even say it was one of the best episodes of the season. 

    Thor and Flower spent some time away from the group as Thor’s therapy encouraged him to be open about his feelings, including the feelings he had for Flower.

    While she loved Thor back, she also wasn’t comfortable with a monogamous relationship as in her previous relationships, there was always a third. 

    They set out on a hunt for a third, but the chosen one, Pete, wasn’t really into it. 

    Eventually, Thor came clean about not feeling comfortable with the whole thing and told Flower he would wait until she came around because she’s worth the wait. 

    Ghost love, I’m dead. 

    Also, we found out that Crash, the headless ghost, is still around so that’s comforting. I’ve been wondering what happened to him since the series premiere. 

    What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments below! 

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