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Ghost Series Premiere Review Pilot Season 1 Episode 1 Ghost Series Premiere Review Pilot Season 1 Episode 1


Ghosts Series Premiere Review – She Can See Us (1×01)

Credit: CBS



The fall season ushered in a handful of new pilots including CBS’s Ghosts, an adaptation of the British comedy of the same name.

The premise is fresh and intriguing, so it’s not entirely shocking that CBS wanted to embrace it as an American comedy, but you have to wonder why they chose to blatantly copy the original instead of letting it serve as inspiration. 

I haven’t watched the BBC One sitcom, but based on the trailer, it’s evident that CBS opted for “copy and paste” rather than “making it your own.”

It’s a strange choice considering the original got such astounding reviews. Why mess with perfection? Why remake something that already exists?

Admittedly, however, the Rose McIver-led drama fills a void left behind by The Good Place, yet another brilliant 20-minute existential comedy).

And if there’s anyone who can sell us on the belief that she can see dead people, it’s the woman who ate brains in order to solve crimes on iZombie.

A more perfect role doesn’t exist for McIver, who flawlessly takes on the character of Sam, a young woman who inherits the Woodstone Mansion after the Great Aunt passes away. 

Sam’s impulsive nature tells her to give the rundown home a little TLC and turn it into a bed and breakfast, which doesn’t exactly sit well with her boyfriend Jay. 

He approaches the idea with an open mind, but he’s a bit more realistic in terms of how much TLC this place actually needs.

Old homes mean more repairs, which, in turn, means more money. 

However, his perspective changes when Sam trips over a vase and tumbles down two flights of stairs. 

While she’s in a coma for two weeks, Jay begins to see potential in the old mansion. He consults with a contractor before depleting all of their funds into the property in hopes of eventually turning a profit.

Millennials, that’s what they get for watching so much HGTV, am I right?

Of course, the plan hits an unexpected snag — ghosts. 

When I tell you I’ve never met a more eclectic group, I truly mean it. The ghostly ensemble consists of former residents who have died on the property over the course of several decades.

Issac, the leader of the pack, is a gay colonial soldier. Thor is a bloodthirsty and primitive Viking, while Trevor is a pantsless yuppie. He’s also the most recently dead, so none of the other dated ghosts ever know what he’s referring to when he mentions the internet or Tara Reid. 

It’s a miserable existence that they all brush off with plenty of sarcasm and shenanigans, usually at the expense of what they call “the livings.”

Most of them have an affinity for Sam and Jay, the lovebirds… that is until they hear her idea to turn the place into a hotel.

 Horrified that their home might soon be overrun by people that will cramp their space and worse, walk through them, they decide to “haunt” Sam and Jay. After all, that’s what ghosts do!

Except these ghosts aren’t all that great at haunting, which ultimately leads to Sam’s accident. 

Sam is out of commission for two weeks, which is when we learn that she died for 3 minutes before being resuscitated. 

Her brief brush with death provides her with new and unwanted powers — she’s the first living person that can see the ghosts. 

Sam is basically straddling the line between the living and the dead, which naturally freaks her out.

Screaming at the top of your lungs seems to be the only appropriate reaction to seeing ghosts walk through a wall. 

The accident provides the plot with a lot of potential. 

Obviously, Jay is likely going to think this is a side effect of Sam hitting her head. He might also consider that it’s some kind of mental break. 

Meanwhile, Sam has several options — she can befriend the ghosts, she can try to help them pass on,  or she can decide to sell the property (though it’s unclear if she can see ghosts everywhere or just in the mansion). The possibilities are endless. 

The ghosts are intriguing in their own right because you want to know more about them.

Hetty, for example, is a distinguished woman and Sam’s distant family, but we don’t know what her “powers” are nor do we know how she passed. 

The aforementioned Issac died of dysentery, so his secret weapon is producing foul-smelling gas. Anyone else now wondering if you’ve ever walked through a ghost fart? Same.

Since Thor was struck by lightning, he can manipulate electricity. Meanwhile, Alberta, a Prohibition-era singer in her past life, can project humming into the living world. 

Both Pete and Flower —  the cheerful boy scout killed by a rogue bow-and-arrow (had to hurt!) and the 60s hippie who was mauled by a bear when she wandered onto the property during a bad drug trip —  seem like they’re going to be a handful.

There’s also a headless man, but we don’t really get too much info about him as he loses his head early on and isn’t seen again.

As I said, it’s an eclectic bunch, which will likely be overwhelming for Sam when she realizes she’s the only one that can handle them. 

And while the ghost’s biggest fear was having their space overrun by people, a new fear possibly materializes when they realize Sam can see and hear them.

How will this impact them? Will they be thrilled to have a connection to the living? Or will they use this to their advantage and kick her out?

The pilot is straightforward, cheeky, and balances the right amount of levity against a more serious tone.

Just when you think the whole episode will consist of jokes about seeing dead people, you suddenly find yourself thinking about how short our time on Earth is and the possibility of life after death.

Were you sold on the pilot? Will you be adding Ghosts to your weekly must-watch list?

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Ghosts Recap – Undead Dinner Party (1×04)



Ghosts Recap Dinner Party Season 1 Episode 4

Dinner parties tend to be awkward, but it helps to have the undead as “uninvited” guests to move things along. 

On Ghosts Season 1 Episode 4, Sam learned just how fortunate she is to have a group of ghosts having her back. 

Sam and Jay hosted a dinner party in order to warm up to their neighbors, the Farnsby’s, a wealthy married couple that was adamantly against signing off on a permit allowing the couple to turn their inherited mansion into a B&B. 

They took issue with the fact that Sam and Jay were “young” and assumed that they would turn the place into a “rock n’ roll hotel,” which wasn’t the plan in the slightest. 

Now, it’s not hard to see why Sam dind’t want the ghosts in attendance. They’re a rowdy and opinionated bunch, so naturally, it’s hard to focus on the task at hand.

It didn’t help that Pete aka “Arrow Guy” got up in Sam’s face and kept saying her name until she responded. 

All their snide-side comments kept getting a rise out of Sam, but she played them all off pretty incredibly.

 The Farnsby’s likely thought she was a little eccentric, sure, but it’s better than admitting that she can see several ghosts that inhabited the house over hundreds of years. 

Sam eventually lost her cool and banished all the ghosts to their quarters by pointing out that she was alive and they weren’t. 

There’s nothing that’ll bring a ghost’s spirits down like reminding them that they aren’t alive. 

The A word — as we all learned — is not allowed in the house. 

While Sam may have been initially creeped out and irritated by the idea that her life will now be plagued by visions of the undead, she soon learned that she cared for them. 

Sam had a fair point about not wanting to be bothered, but the ghosts were also just trying to live vicariously through her. 

Being cooped up in the house over centuries is likely really boring, and the first dinner party in over a decade made them feel more alive than ever. 

The guilt definitely got to her, and she eventually apologized and asked for an assist from Pete, as she needed his vast knowledge of the 80s series, Newhart

When she brought up the show, it’s as if she struck gold with the Farnsby’s, who were impressed with her vast knowledge of the series and the fact that she’s a young person with exquisite taste in art.

Watching her channel the ghosts and repeating verbatim what they were saying was downright hilarious. 

They make a great team!

However, that didn’t seal the deal as the Farnsby’s then revealed that this was always meant to be a shakedown to inform Sam and Jay that they could get a permit only after they’ve given a “small” $20k donation to their charity. 

The duo was understandably stunned, and when they left the room, the Farnsby’s slipped up about how they demolished their own carriage house in order to put up a pickleball court. 

Just as the Farnsby’s thought they were going to leave victorious, Isaac bestowed the information about the illegal remodel onto Sam, who knew exactly how to play her cards. 

The Farnsby’s left defeated, and likely unsure as to how Sam and Jay knew about their pickleball court. Blame the chardonnay!

As for Sam and Jay, not only did they get the permit for their B&B, but Sam got a newfound appreciation for the ghosts. 

This arrangement might not be so bad after all. 

It almost makes you feel bad for Jay that he can’t actually see the ghosts because they’re a world of fun. 

Every single one of them, yes, even Trevor the “Leo” of the group. 

The win over the Farnsby’s was also a big win for Hetty as their families have had a century’s-long feud. 

Other Ghostly Musings

  • I love how the ghosts tattle on Jay whenever he overindulges in sweets. Sam has her very own army of spies that are incognito!
  • Hetty claiming that cocaine is a relief for allergies! 

What did you think of the episode? The ghosts are taking on a persona all their own and the dynamic between all of them and Sam is riveting to watch! 

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Ghosts Review – Viking Funeral (1×03)



Ghosts Review Viking Funeral Season 1 Episode 3

Ghosts continued exploring the relations between the dead (the ghosts) and the living (Sam) on Ghosts Season 1 Episode 3. 

One could only imagine that an episode titled “Viking Funeral” would say goodbye to the beloved Thor.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case, but he was finally able to get the “proper” sendoff he never received. 

Efforts to reconstruct the fountain outside of the property unearthed human remains belonging to the Viking 

When the construction worker explained that he would have to report the finding to the county, he made it very clear that the process would not only be costly but also very time-consuming.

That’s when Sam suggested that they simply get rid of the bones and fulfill Thor’s request of setting them on fire on the pond. 

No bones = no investigation. Everyone wins. 

That is until the construction worker told Jay that if they were authentic Viking bones, they could be worth a large sum of money. 

Jay suggested that they double back and sell the bones to the museum that expressed interest. 

With debts piling up due to renovations, Sam couldn’t resist. 

Naturally, that didn’t sit well with the big guy, which allowed us to dig further into his backstory.

Thor told Sam that all he ever wanted was a “Viking funeral,” which he didn’t get because he was abandoned by his Viking brothers.

Upon learning that he was betrayed by those he trusted and left behind only to get electrocuted due to his metal helmet was heartbreaking. 

And it was further heartbreaking that he now felt that Sam and Jay were abandoning him as well.

I don’t care how much money that museum is offering, but friends don’t let friends down. 

Sma was torn between getting a lot of money and doing right by Thor; I don’t blame Sam for eventually caving in to his demands. 

Not only did she attempt to avoid a Nordic curse placed upon her firstborn, but by giving him a funeral, it was possible that he could finally find peace. 

Or, as the ghosts like to say, he might finally get sucked off. 

I can’t tell you the last time I laughed so hard at such an immature joke, but how could you not? Especially the way Hetty kept saying that they “all dreamed of getting sucked off.”

Sam wanted to explain that they’ve been using it wrong, but she didn’t want to suck away any joy that the yuppie had left in life. 

So, they proceeded with the Viking funeral, which must have been a trippy experience for Jay. He’s part of all the action, but he doesn’t get to see the ghosts.

He’s just out there talking to the abyss and hoping that he’s being heard. What a trooper. 

The funeral was a sweet touch, and for a moment, I really thought Thor was going to get sucked off. 

But instead of the heavens opening up, the glowing light came from a security vehicle that told them to extinguish the open fire on the pond. Fair enough. 

Selfishly, I’m glad Thor stuck around because he’s a great addition to the group. 

The ghosts also held an election to nominate a representative that would discuss ghostly requests with Sam on a weekly basis as to not overwhelm her.

You have to admit that a ghostly project manager is a pretty brilliant idea.

Isaac was very passionate about the election and almost ran unopposed until Alberta stepped up to spite him. 

It was a fun scene that underscored that the ghosts all come from different time periods and thus, have different outlooks on certain subject matters.

Alberta encouraged Hetty to exercise her right to vote as women literally fought for it, but Hetty came from an era where they were not allowed to overtax the female brain.  

Alberta was successful in getting through to Hetty, but she still stood by the belief that women shouldn’t go to college. Baby steps, you know?

Isaac played dirty with an underhanded attempt to rally the basement ghosts to vote, but he was quickly reminded that politics is a dirty, dirty (and smelly) game when the basement ghosts voted for their own representative. 

Democracy truly is a flawed system. 

Sam tried to honor the election and make it work with Creepy Dirk, but she simply couldn’t bring herself to go through with it. 

Who can blame her? Even the upstairs ghosts were having a hard time stomaching it. 

Other Notable Moments

  • Is anyone else shipping Flower and Thor? They got so caught up in the moment when they thought he was dying. 
  • Who is going to break it to Trevor that his stock investment in Circuit City and Blockbuster likely tanked?
  • Sassapis is doing all the work and getting justice for the natives. We owe them everything, including many thanks for inventing popcorn!

What did you think about the episode? Is Ghosts growing on you? Or are you still not sold on the Rose McIver-led single-cam sitcom? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Ghosts Review – It’s In Your Head (1×02)



Ghosts Review Hello! Season 2 Episode 1

Will Sam and the ghosts get along after all?

Sam went on quite an emotional rollercoaster on Ghosts Season 1 Episode 2. 

Who knew that inheriting your Great Aunt’s rundown mansion could come with so much supernatural baggage. 

Let that be a lesson — even when something is free, it always comes with a price… occasionally, even a ghostly one.

Sam started the episode freaking out over the fact that she could see dead people. When she told Jay about it, he suggested that she was suffering from residual effects of the concussion.

The “all in your head” explanation was honestly much more logical than what was really happening, so I’m not surprised Sam took his advice and ignored the ghosts hoping they would go away.

However, Sam’s dismissal gave the ghosts a brilliant idea — pester her until she cracks. 

They weren’t good at “haunting,” as evidenced in the first episode, but they were incredibly good at ambushing her at every waking moment.

It wasn’t long before she began toying with the idea that maybe she was having a psychotic break. 

Though extreme, this line of thinking made so much more sense than what was actually happening. 

Sam decided to pay her doctor a visit, which was a sound decision. However, upon giving him a breakdown of all of her symptoms — ie. “I see dead people” — he informed her that he’d seen a similar roughly 83 years ago.

As it turns out, Sam’s ghostly connection extends to the real world beyond the walls of the mansion. 

It was a fun twist, which cemented the reality that simply selling off the home wouldn’t eliminate her problem.

Sam didn’t find the living doctor’s diagnosis of delusions all that helpful, but the dead doctor did give her some peace of mind. 

An answer, even the one she feared most, meant that she could accept what was happening to her and find peace. 

Upon returning to the home, Sam took charge and laid some ground rules to “co-exist” with the ghosts. 

I actually enjoy the idea of Sam befriending the ghosts and striking up a friendship with them. 

It’s possible that she might even help them with any unfinished business. First up, Isaac’s biography detailing his accomplishments that he hoped would (but we know never could) rival that of enemy Alexander Hamilton. 

The jabs at Hamilton were hilarious, as was Isaac’s pure shock that he got a whole musical while Isaac was merely a footnote in history. 

Maybe next Sam can help figure out if Alberta died of natural causes or foul play — though my guess it’s likely the former. 

Some requests were manageable like keeping the TV on for Thor or putting the music on in the afternoon Sasassapis, others were a bit more complex. I’m looking at you Flower and you’re desire for world peace. 

As Sam helps each of them fulfill their request, maybe it will help them find peace and move on to the afterlife?

While I can see it becoming overbearing, you have to admit that the ghosts make things just a tad bit more interesting. 

And the house is big enough for all of them! 

Sam was even able to prove to Jay that her visions weren’t a figment of her imagination thanks to the ghosts in the basement (who are not zombies!).

What a nice nod to Rose McIver’s iZombie role!

What did you think of the second episode? Will you be tuning in for more?

Let us know in the comments!

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