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God Friended Me The Fugitive Review God Friended Me The Fugitive Review

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God Friended Me Review – Is Corey Smith Behind the God Account (2×19)

"The Fugitive" -- Miles, Cara and Rakesh try to stay a step ahead of a bounty hunter, Bonnie (Erica Tazel), who's searching for Miles' new friend suggestion, a petty criminal-turned-fugitive for evading court. Also, when Miles loses interest in who's behind the God Account, Rakesh intensifies the search by planning to hack a powerful government super computer that can break through the Account's firewall, on GOD FRIENDED ME, Sunday, April 12 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured L to R: Violett Beane as Cara Bloom, Brandon Micheal Hall as Miles Finer, and Suraj Sharma as Rakesh Singh. Photo: Peter Kramer/CBS©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved



Sometimes, you just need a feel-good episode of television and on Easter Sunday, God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 19 delivered just that.

The episode was more than just a feel-good, it was an outstanding piece of television that indulged in a little bit of God Account sleuthing, some primetime action, a realization (albeit too late) from the protagonist, and an emotional Friend Suggestion.

What an hour!

The episode stands as proof that it’s okay, and even slightly encouraged, to move the focus away from the mystery of the God Account for a bit because it allows us to tap into the humanity of the series.

Miles and Cara confronted Corey Smith about whether or not he was behind the God Account, but their hopes were dashed when Corey revealed he wasn’t.

However, he could bring them one step closer to the person behind the God Account because he designed the predictive analytics algorithm being used to fuel the Friend Suggestions.

Therefore, Corey may not be “it,” but they are a lot further along than they’ve ever been if they can pinpoint the person that stole the code from Corey.

Unfortunately, being close enough was not good enough for Miles. Not this time.

With his whole life uprooted and his sister sick, Miles demanded answers.

It makes me think that, at this point, Miles doesn’t care about finding out who is behind the account. It could be anyone.

All he wants is someone to yell at, to blame, and to ask why he gave up everything and they’re still not helping his sister Ali, whose hair began to fall out after the chemo treatments.

With the chemo taking its toll, Ali made the brave decision to shave her head in a beautiful moment that showed just how strong she is.

She’s a fighter, so with or without the God Account, she’s not going to let cancer take anything away from her.

It’s unclear why Miles thinks the God Account can or will help Ali in her cancer battle. It almost seems like he believes that he’s owed some kind of favor in return for all the good he’s put out in the world, but that’s just not how it works.

We don’t do good things and expect something in return, and so, Miles shouldn’t expect to be rewarded for all he’s done. The act of helping someone is the true reward.

The realization that the God Account wasn’t going to help Ali upset Miles for a multitude of reasons.

Miles is now standing by helplessly as Ali suffers, but he also realized that he may have given up his relationship with Cara for absolutely no reason.

Ding ding. Miles, welcome. We’ve been saying this all along.

For the umpteenth time, I must point out that the God Account never asked Miles to give up love in exchange for helping Ali. This is a belief that Miles had simply because of what Gideon said.

Of course, by the time Miles made the realization, it was too late as Cara moved on.

She finally told Miles she was dating Adam, and it was kind of a slap in the face.

He was understanding because he knew it would eventually happen, but I don’t think he thought it would happen so soon.

It took Miles by surprise because nothing has changed between them in terms of how they interact when helping the God Account. Sometimes, it still feels like they’re together or about to get back together.

When Miles finally mustered up the courage to tell Cara how he feels after Ali’s “life’s too short” advice, Rakesh warned against it because Cara was truly happy.

Yes, you should be honest, but only if that honesty contributes something to someone else’s life. In this case, it would only complicate things for Cara.

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The Bold Type

The Bold Type Review- Big Wins For All (5×05)



Jacqueline and Jane on The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 5

The penultimate episode of The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 5 left big wins for all, some personal and some professional. Yet successful all the same.

Jane’s left to run Scarlett by herself as Jacqueline enjoys the vacation time she most certainly deserves. She’s put her entire life into building up an incredibly successful company and now she gets to watch her star employee take control.

Although a difficult decision, Jacqueline’s ready to begin writing the next chapter in her life: retirement. No matter how unrealistic Jane’s promotion to editor-in-chief after only four years at the company is, it’s also empowering.

The show’s focus on female leadership is a breath of fresh air and important in mainstream media to portray women at the top. Especially in media, where it’s totally overrun by men, young women need to see themselves represented on screen.

Jacqueline and Jane on The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 5

Jacqueline and Jane on The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 5. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

Of course, with its flaws. Jane’s rudely awoken to the reality of the number of meetings the editor-in-chief is required to sit through. But, she’s aspired to uphold Jacqueline’s legacy for so long, so she welcomes the challenge with open arms.

Meanwhile, Sutton started therapy and admits that the reason she drinks is to numb the pain.

Just as she’s making a breakthrough, the one and only Richard calls asking to meet to sign the divorce papers.

First of all, a fancy meal to sign divorce papers? Ouch.

Initially, seeing Richard made me angry for Sutton. All the pain he’s put her through, and then he has the audacity to casually sit across her smiling like nothing’s hurting him.

Richard on The Bold Type

Richard on the phone on The Bold Type. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

But, once he opens up about his choice to adopt as a single man, the anger went away. Just like that, Sutton’s reminded of the biggest reason they didn’t work out and it looks like she’ll be able to walk away from him knowing that she means just as much to him as he means to her.

I’m happy they finalized the divorce on paper before they enjoyed one last rendezvous together. It was good to see Richard because it would’ve been a cheap blow for them not to bring him back one last time.

While Richard and Sutton are hopefully not getting back together, Kat and Adena very much looked like they’re going to get back together!!

Yes, I squealed. But how could I not! Even Jacqueline said she was happy to see them back together. They had the proper break required for exes to forge their own path separately and to mature apart.

Kat and Adena on The Bold Type (5x05)

Kat and Adena stand together in the lobby on The Bold Type. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

The way Adena looked so longingly at Kat every time they were together was true love. And I agree Kat’s a better version of herself when she’s with Adena. She just needed some time apart to realize that.

Also, a round of applause for Kat’s new venture. She’s rehired! It wouldn’t feel right for Kat to not work her way back to Scarlet. It’s true, the trio will one day run the company.  However, for now, Kat will run her very own mini-company.

With the women set up for success, this episode set the groundwork for next week’s final episode. I’m not ready. Please don’t make me! I’ll just be crying in the corner. So, why don’t you leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Stray Musings:

  • Can I just say, the classic slow pull away that Kat and Adena exhibited really showed the chemistry between Nikohl and Aisha. That’s one thing I’d like to give props to this show for, its chemistry. The three leads have a beautiful friendship on-screen, it’d be hard to believe it wasn’t the same off-screen.
  • Jacqueline’s hair this episode–flawless, not a single strand was out of place. Whoever does her hair and costuming, please come to my house?
  • Poor Andrew, left in the dust. His jealousy of Jane is so apparent. Maybe he’ll get promoted, Jane already relies on him as much as Jacqueline does!
  • Richard’s aged beautifully, there I said it. He’s a silver fox, giving me soft Grey’s Anatomy McSteamy vibes.

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Loki Review – A Moon On The Brink (1×03)



Loki Lamentis Review

The third episode of Loki has arrived, and we’re now starting to get into the meat of the show. The last episode left us when Loki escaped through a portal with Lady Loki, now we know where they ended up. Let’s dive in!

After all his longing to be free from the TVA, Lady Loki’s portal leads them…back to the TVA. Bit of a letdown for him.

Lady Loki, who we learn goes by Sylvie, has a plan that involves finding the Time-Keepers and fighting anyone who gets in her way. This includes Loki who shows up trying to propose they form a team. I mean I don’t know if I’d want to team up with someone who keeps trying to kill me, but that’s just me.

But, of course, Judge Renslayer appears with Minutemen, and Loki uses the TemPad to open another portal, which he and Sylvie escape through.

This is where the bulk of the episode really happens, on a moon called Lamentis-1 in 2077–in the middle of its destruction.

Throughout the episode, we learn a lot of kernels of information about Sylvie and her mission against the TVA.

Like the fact, they have different powers. Loki, as we know, can change his appearance, and hide things through magic–like the TemPad that needs recharging so they can escape. Whereas Sylvie’s power is more about enchanting people’s minds to retrieve information.

I kind of feel like she has the cooler power because being able to get inside people’s minds? Very useful. I mean Loki turning into people is sweet too, but he can’t also access their memories so it’s not ideal.

Loki seems particularly interested in her power, asking for clarity about how it works multiple times in the episode. But she finally breaks it down for him, and in the process, we get some vital information!

My prediction from episode 2, about something being off at the TVA was correct. I won’t brag, don’t worry. We learn the Minuteman she enchanted, Hunter C-20, had memories of an Earth life before the TVA.

So the Time-Keepers didn’t create everyone. In fact, everyone at the TVA is a variant. The lies! And no one at the TVA even knows! Their previous memories are clouded. Which begs the question: What is going on?!

I have a feeling that Judge Renslayer knows more than others at the TVA, and I hope that gets revealed soon. I’ll give Mobius a pass because he seems like a true naive believer, and everyone else seems equally indoctrinated.

Sylvie kinda supports this theory by referring to the TVA as “oppressive time police”. Oppressive as in they intentionally keep the timeline the same? The “Sacred Timeline” has always felt a bit grand and cheesy. Maybe it can be changed. Maybe. We’ll find out.

But besides the vital information Sylvie is pumping out, this episode heavily develops the relationship of the two Loki’s.

Of course, they start by fighting each other, but by the end of the episode, they’re fighting side by side trying to get off Lamentis-1.

This journey totally gets them on the same page as they try to recharge the TemPad. Nothing like impending death to make everyone get along.

But my gosh they have the worst luck. Every single plan keeps unraveling!

Need a power source? Use the ship leaving. Can’t get on the train to the ship? Use your powers. Thrown off the train for being drunk and blowing your cover and in the process break the TemPad? Try and hi-jack the ship. But of course! The moon is being bombarded by flaming rocks! So the ship gets destroyed.

Not looking good for these two. They better hope that the TVA find where they are so they can be rescued. They’ll definitely be arrested, but hey, you’ll be alive.

We’ll have to wait until the next episode to find out, but we KNOW they’ll survive because otherwise…there’s no show.

Other key moments? Just in time for Pride Month, we finally got a major confirmation of Loki’s bisexuality. I feel like they’ve alluded to it throughout the movies, and it’s in the comic books, so it only makes sense to come all the way out with it.

Also, Sylvie and Loki are adopted, but unlike him, she doesn’t really remember her mom. So they have overlapping life events but not everything is exactly the same. So what makes a Loki a “Loki”? If she’s not a God, then what makes them the same? Besides an affinity for green?

They definitely share a passion for trickery (although she seems to lean into violence easier) as she tried to get the TemPad from Loki multiple times. So can she be trusted? I feel like her mission’s driven by a deeply personal reason, so if it’s in danger of failing, she may betray Loki.

And he may betray her.

It’s hard to know because Tom Hiddleston does a good job of layering on the charm this episode. We get an overall more fun Loki instead of a tortured and broody one. Instead, Sylvie is the serious one dedicated to her mission. But this episode does a good job of pushing and pulling them together and apart. Who knows where they’ll end up in their–relationship? Friendship? Partnership?

Hopefully off this crumbling moon.

I personally can’t wait for next week’s episode, because I need answers! What do you think will happen with these two?

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Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois Review – Fire and Ice (1×11)



Superman & Lois Review A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events Season 1 Episode 11

John’s prophecy is coming true after all. 

Episodes focused on origin stories are typically boring (especially since we know how they pan out), but there was nothing wasted about this one.

Not only was Clark and Lois’s meet-cute interesting in itself, but it also tied into the broader storyline involving Superman’s brother, Morgan Edge, and his desire for world domination. 

On Superman & Lois Season 1 Episode 11, Edge followed a weekend Superman to the Fortress of Solitude where he tapped into his memories in hopes of understanding why he would turn his back on a Kryptonian brother. 

What he found was that Superman had a family of his own… a human family. 

And well, Edge wasn’t too fond of that. 

In my previous Superman & Lois reviews, I stated that I didn’t think that this world’s Superman would ever turn into the Dark Superman that John warned about, but that was clearly before Edge threatened Clark’s family and to expose his secret to the world. 

Superman & Lois Review A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events Season 1 Episode 11

Superman & Lois — “A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events” — Image Number: SML111fg_0046r.jpg — Pictured: Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Clark would sacrifice himself before he’d let anything happen to his wife and children. 

And right about now, it’s really good that the DOD has weapons that can neutralize Kryptonians because if what happened on John’s planet happens on this planet, they’re going to need some serious reinforcements. 

Clark submitted to Edge and was taken to Edge’s Fortress — located in the desert rather than in the icy arctic (a clear tell of their polar opposite personalities) — where his father began the processing of breaking him down and essentially turning him into a soulless villain just like Edge.

A quick glimpse at Edge’s relationship with his father and it’s obvious he’s been conditioned to see the negative in everything since day one.

He believes that Superman had a chance to be a man of greatness and chose to be less, but his definition of less clearly differs widely from Clark’s. 

And it does seem like there’s a part of him that envies all that Superman was able to achieve on this planet. They were both given the same opportunities, and while Superman chose to make the best of his new life while carrying on the legacy of Krypton to do good and become a champion of the humans, while Edge grew up and chose violence.

I would hope that Superman won’t be as easily broken as Edge and his father believe — after all, he has a link to his humanity in the twins and Lois, so I can see him clinging to that. 

The DOD and John are going to play a huge role in stopping Dark Superman and Edge, but I also think this is where Jordan’s powers are going to come into play. 

He’s going to need to step up and be the hero his family needs while his father is gone. Unfortunately, that means he’s going to have to hone in on his powers all on his own now that Edge destroyed the Fortress and Jor-El’s hologram. 

All of this comes at a time when Smallville needs Superman more than ever as the locals are reeling from Edge’s attack.

If Kyle is any indication, the others who were “body-snatched” are likely very disoriented by recent events. And he actually knows the full extent of what happened. 

This incident has rehabilitated Kyle’s character as he apologized to Lois for pushing her aside and deeming her the villain while putting Edge on a pedestal.

Kyle may be a solid guy after all. 

Will he and Lana return the favor and help the Kent family in their time of need?

Also, how will everything affect Jordan and Sarah’s relationship? They finally made it official — Sarah made the first move! — but it came after she thanked the twins for being honest with her no matter what. 

While Jonathan was honest with her about what was going on with her father, Jordan is still keeping his alien abilities a secret. 

Will she find out about them with the emergence of Dark Superman?

What did you think of the episode? Are you excited to see what happens when Superman turns into the enemy? Will Clark be able to fight it?

Share your thoughts in the comments below! We’ll see you back here on July 13! 

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