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God Friended Me BFF Review God Friended Me BFF Review

God Friended Me

God Friended Me Review – Trish and Arthur Tie the Knot (2×12)

"BFF" -- Miles is surprised when the God Account sends him the name of Trish's daughter on the eve of Arthur and Trish's wedding. Also, the wedding gives Miles the opportunity to chase down a new lead on the God Account, and Ali receives important news, on GOD FRIENDED ME, Sunday, Jan. 12 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured (L-R): Erica Gimpel as Trish, Joe Morton as Arthur Finer, and Gaius Charles as Rev. Carver Photo: David Giesbrecht / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.



There was an exceptionally large amount of drama on what was supposed to be the happiest episode of God Friended Me to date.

Arthur and Trish tied the knot (at last!), but they were blissfully unaware of the problems their children were facing in their personal lives.

Trish was looped in midway through God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 12 that her daughter, Julie, whom we just found out about, was not only pregnant but also getting divorced.

That’s a handful to find out any day let alone on your wedding day.

But let me back it up just a little bit – Trish has a daughter?!

Miles echoed those sentiments when he questioned why they’ve never met her before, but more importantly, why wasn’t she ever mentioned? Or maybe she was and I simply don’t recall this brief moment. Let me know if that’s the case!

Julie came into town and her problems immediately took over the episode as she became Miles’ next friend suggestion from The God Account, whom Miles assumed was Alphonse, the owner of New York and Son’s and also, his dad’s friend coming to the wedding.

In addition to wanting to confront Alphonse about his God Account assumptions and helping Julie with her pregnancy/divorce, Miles was also dealing with Ali’s cancer diagnosis.

Oh, and he was Arthur’s best man. Yeah, Miles’ plate was full.

It was almost too full. At times, it felt like the series was trying too hard to hone in on a point, any point, that would make the audience feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The show excels when heartwarming moments happen naturally like on God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 11 after Abe was reunited with his sister thanks to Miles and Joy.

Abe’s desire to find his sister remained the focal point of the story and had an ending that proved exactly why Miles needs to continue his role within the God Account. It was a winning formula for the series.

During that episode, there were other minor storylines floating around but they weren’t fighting over our attention as was the case with the wedding.

We weren’t able to enjoy Trish and Arthur’s big moment because it was constantly being overshadowed by storylines that could’ve waited until a later time.

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God Friended Me

God Friended Me Review – Do You Want to Play a Game? (2×14)



God Friended Me Raspberry Pie Review

Miles briefly reprised his search for the God Account on God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 14 before he was distracted and thrown off by his latest friend suggestion: himself.

The series could’ve utilized Miles being his own friend suggestion as a way to address his problems.

There’s plenty of routes it could’ve taken with Miles’ breakup with Cara, his incessant need to search for the truth about who is behind the account, or even Ali’s illness.

Unfortunately, it never went that deep. Instead, Miles’s friend suggestion was a 16-year-old coding prodigy interning at the Department of Defense who cloned Miles’s account to steal money from people and find answers about what happened to his late mother.

The storyline wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t nearly as compelling as God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 13, which hit all the marks and made for a truly great hour of television.

Focusing on keeping Zach Waller out of trouble, however, helped keep Miles busy and spending all his time looking into Zee, the poker hacker that they believe is involved in, or behind, the God Account somehow.

Zach was digging a hole for himself, and if Miles, Rakesh, and Cara hadn’t interfered, he would’ve landed himself in jail for a really long time.

He may have been an exceptional coder, but he was no match for the DOD. He was bound to get caught had Rakesh not intercepted his hack. And even then, they were still alerted to the hacking attempt.

You never want to mess with government agencies!

But you couldn’t help feel for the kid who just wanted to know the truth about what happened to his mom and went to extremes to get those answers.

He always looked at his mother as a hero, so his refusal to believe that she went AWOL was understandable.

It wasn’t worth blowing up his whole life and future over, but it was touching that he didn’t stop and accept the cover story either.

Thankfully, there was a better way of getting the answers then hacking classified intel.

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God Friended Me

God Friended Me Review – Rakesh Finds His Soulmate and It Isn’t Jaya (2×13)



God Friended Me The Princess and the Hacker Review

What a great episode not only to bring us back into the God Friended Me orbit after such a lengthy hiatus, but also to celebrate Valentine’s Day and love.

Much of Miles’ mission to find out who is behind the God Account was put on the backburner on God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 13, and the episode was better and stronger because of it.

Without that added concern, Miles, Cara, and Rakesh were able to focus on their friend suggestion, spend time together, and most importantly, enjoy doing the work of the God Account.

My biggest gripe with God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 12 was that the episode tried to pack in so much into one hour that each storyline suffered and viewers were left overwhelmed.

But this episode had just the right balance of everything allowing for one of the most enjoyable hours.

Rakesh’s soulmate app provided the perfect entry point to an intriguing and enlightening friend suggestion.

Rakesh’s first encounter with Lulu happened when she popped up as his soulmate on his app. It was quite the shock for him as he developed the app solely to prove to Jaya that they were a match made in algorithm heaven.

But despite his hesitation and insistence that Lulu wasn’t the one, he and Lulu hit it off right away when they ended up grabbing lunch at the same food truck. And, by absolutely no coincidence at all, she was also Miles’ friend suggestion.

Rakesh’s quickly formed bond with Lulu allowed him to steer the ship and guide the friend suggestion for once, which was a refreshing change of pace.

Despite Lulu being a real-life princess from the country of Longo, these two had so much in common that Miles said she was the female version of Rakesh.

Yeah, Rakesh matched with a princess — how impressive is that?

I loved how natural their vibe was and how the conversation flowed without any awkwardness at all. It seemed like they were longtime friends rather than two people who had just met.

Lulu didn’t give off the impression that she needed help from the God Account at first, but that changed when she found out her father wasn’t planning on giving her the keys to the kingdom and making her the first female leader.

Instead, he was going to give the honor to his son and her brother, Zane.

Things grew even more complicated when they realized Zane was the one who betrayed and sabotaged Lulu and then lied to her face about it.

The rift between the siblings opened up a very important conversation about female leadership, speaking your mind, fighting for equality, and embracing progress.

Lulu didn’t want to keep things the same, she wanted to challenge the status quo and fight for women’s equality, which was deemed too risky by her father.

The episode seemed to hone in on the idea that there is no reward without a little risk.

It’s a motto that we all need to adopt and infuse into our daily lives.

Lulu learned that her father chose her brother over her because her views were too liberal, and he was scared that the country wasn’t ready.

He feared that she would get death threats just like her late mother.

His concerns were valid as a father, however, as a King, his concerns were holding back a country from evolving and progressing.

Lulu argued that the country was ready and they would get there step-by-step, but he needed to take the risk and give her a chance if he wanted positive change

Similarly, Ali’s decision to put off treatment for her cancer was a risk, but the reward presented her with the possibility of becoming a mother one-day.

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Coffee Table News

God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 13 Sneak Peek: How Will Arthur React to Ali’s Cancer Diagnosis?



God Friended Me Ali tells Arthur about her cancer diagnosis

There’s been a God Friended Me-sized void in our lives these past few Sundays as the uplifting and inspiring series was sidelined for flashy primetime events such as the Grammys, the Super Bowl, and the Oscars.

But now that all those events are out of the way, we’re finally being reunited with Miles and friends, and based on TV Fanatic’s exclusive sneak peek, we’re picking up right where we left off.

Let’s give you a refresher since it’s been a month since the last episode.

On God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 12, Arthur and Trish tied the knot on, Miles and Rakesh learned that the person behind the God Account may be the hacker they briefly visited when inquiring about Alphonse and New York and Sons, and Ali got her results back from the doctor and confirmed that she has cancer.

The clip from Sunday’s episode picks up a few weeks after the wedding.

Trish and Arthur have returned from their honeymoon and by the looks of their photos, they had a blast on their tropical getaway where they climbed mountains and took in the beautiful scenery.

Unfortunately, Ali’s news is taking away some of that newlywed bliss.

Ali kept the diagnosis a secret from Arthur because she didn’t want to ruin his wedding. She knew if she told him and Trish, they would have canceled their honeymoon to be with her, and she didn’t want that.

But revealing her diagnosis to her father and Trish makes it real.

See the exclusive God Friended Me sneak peek at TV Fanatic right here! 

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