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God Friended Me The Lady Review God Friended Me The Lady Review

God Friended Me

God Friended Me – The Lady (2×02)

"The Lady -- As Miles wonders what the God Account has in store for him, he and Rakesh help Joy (Jessica Lu) with her new friend suggestion, Teddy (Bryan Greenberg), an aspiring self-help guru. Also, Cara follows a God Account-related lead in Paris, and Ali reveals to Arthur that she's left Harlem Episcopal for a progressive LGBTQ-friendly congregation, on GOD FRIENDED ME, Sunday, Oct. 6 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Scenes from the episode were filmed on location in Paris. Pictured L to R: Brandon Micheal Hall as Miles Finer and Suraj Sharma as Rakesh Singh. Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved



The God Account was working overtime in two different countries, which means so are Miles, Rakesh, Joy, and Cara.

On God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 2, Miles and Joy were helping their latest friend suggestion in New York, while Cara embarked on her own journey with Simon and Annie in Paris.

In addition to helping Joy with her friend suggestion, Miles was also trying to figure out his new role within the God Account.

He assumed the mysterious message left by the account on his Facebook wall — “follow the lady, follow your path” — meant that he should assist Joy with her upcoming friend suggestion but after successfully helping, he was still no closer to finding out what the message meant.

Despite being on two different continents, Cara and Miles needed each other to solve this riddle.

Miles was led to the Statue of Liberty and was sure that this was where the God Account wanted him to be.

And he wasn’t entirely wrong — Cara’s day in Paris also led her to the Statue of Liberty albeit a different one. Who knew they had a replica in the City of Lights?

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God Friended Me

God Friended Me – From Paris With Love (2×03)



God Friended Me From Paris With Love Review

We’ll always have Paris.

Cara and Miles were reunited in the “City of Love” on God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 3, and it was magical.

It felt like something was missing in the first two episodes while Cara was in Paris.

She may have been working on clues about the God Account in Paris, but we’ve missed her working alongside Rakesh and Miles.

When she decided it was time to go back home to New York, I was overjoyed.

The best part about ending the Paris storyline is that it finally gave Annie and Simon purpose.

While the two of them were sweet and likable, and they did their best to help out with Cara’s God Account shenanigans, it never felt organic.

As heartwarming as it was to see so many people unite to do the God Account’s work, it wasn’t necessary.

Simon and Annie’s assistance felt forced up until the part where Cara suggested Annie finish telling the once-in-a-lifetime story.

That’s when it all came together.

There couldn’t have been a more perfect ending for Annie and Simon.

Everyone deserves a second chance and these two just got one.

There’s no better place to reunite than in Paris.

Which brings me to Cara and Miles’ relationship.

They’re the cutest, and this episode really brought out the romance between them!

Some guys would just get upset if their significant other told them she was “running away” and wasn’t ready to say ‘I love you’ back.

But Miles took a moment to hear her out and told her she could take all the time she needed.

Cara has been keeping that bottled up inside for most of the summer because she was too scared to tell Miles, but his accepting reaction proves that he’s a guy deserving of her love.

Unlike her mother, who left right after they exchanged “I love you’s, Miles isn’t going anywhere.

In addition to visiting Cara and finally telling her how he feels, Miles was looking for his next big adventure since putting his God Account duties to rest.

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God Friended Me

God Friended Me Season 2 Premiere – Joy (2×01)



God Friended Me Joy Review

The most uplifting show of Sunday night is back and ready to dish out more miracles and feel-good moments via the God Account.

At first, it seemed like everything was going well for all of our favorites on God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 1.

We had a good break; they had a good break.

Miles guest-starred on a podcast to promote his podcast, the Millennial Prophet, and was gushing how great life was going for him, Rakesh, Cara, and even Joy.

But, in reality, everything was a complete disaster.

Miles hadn’t seen Joy since their first encounter when Miles became her first friend suggestion from the God Account.

And without Joy or any other friend suggestions, he had no material for his podcast’s second season, a podcast he gave up his job to pursue.

But alas, Miles and Joy were reunited mere minutes into the episode.

The way Miles found Joy mimicked God Friended Me Season 1.

It was the scene where Miles saved John from committing suicide — before John even became his friend suggestion.

This time around, Miles missed his train because he was giving a soldier direction.

That soldier ended up being Joy’s second friend suggestion, a man named Lt. James Fremont.

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God Friended Me

INTERVIEW: God Friended Me’s Suraj Sharma Teases Season 2



Suraj Sharma Interview God Friended Me Season 2

As the fall television lineup oils its gears and powers back up, God Friended Me is preparing for its second season.

The CBS show made waves last season as a feel-good addition to Sunday nights with its positive message, remarkable cast, and uplifting storylines.

TV Fanatic had a chance to catch up with Suraj Sharma, the man behind Rakesh, Miles’ right-hand man, brilliant coder, and occasional comic relief, to find out just what we can expect from the second season.

God Friended Me Post Mortem: Show Creators Unpack God Account Cliffhanger, Cara’s Move to Paris and More

Sharma gave us a few spoilers — we love those — and dished about the God Friended Me Season 1 cliffhanger, the introduction of a new character named Joy, Rakesh’s new job, his relationship with Jaya, and even explained that Paris will play as big of a role in solving the mystery of the God account as New York has.

We haven’t seen too many spoilers for God Friended Me Season 2. What can you tell us about the upcoming season?

Um, what can I say about the upcoming season? Uh, we have a couple of really good episodes so far. I feel like the stakes are rising. We are doing some special things. We’ve gotten a really couple of really, really special episodes, we’ve only shot like six or seven so far.

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