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Good Girls

Good Girls – Everything Must Go (2×05)



Beth has got it bad for Rio.

The fact that she’s pleasuring herself while imaging him smashing things the way he did at the dealership on the previous Good Girls has me a little worried.

Is she addicted to the toxicity? Is she addicted to the thrills?

Even when he demands $200 thousand to help them out of a bind, she doesn’t blink an eye because that’s just the game he plays.

Annie immediately picked up on the fact that she hooked up with Rio, and unlike Ruby, she’s not really impressed.

I guess the fact that Beth found out her husband didn’t just cheat on her with Amber, he cheated on her with four other women had something to do with her change of heart.

In fact, Beth needed Amber to score some of the cars so she could wash enough cash to pay Rio off since Stan revealed that the FBI was closing in on a body dumped in the wasteland.

I’m honestly shocked that Mary Pat threw them all under the bus and told Agent Turner that they were the ones who ran over and chopped up Boomer.

I didn’t think she had it in her, but I guess when fight or flight kicks in, you do what’s necessary.

Agent Turn should have picked up on Mary Pat’s fidgety body language though because she was clearly nervous that she’d get caught in a lie.

And when Rio moved the body, Turner began to think Mary Pat was lying so she threw Ruby and Stan under the bus.

I swear Mary Pat has no redeeming qualities left. This is why I said they should have never helped her out and become accomplices.

Once Rio “took care” of the body, Beth decided it was time to start fresh.

And boy, Dean was in for a surprise.

Starting fresh in her mind meant that he became the housewife and she took over the business.

After all, she did have a vision in mind for rebranding with a female empowerment angle.

Maybe then Dean would realize that having a few kids in a short period of time and taking care of them gave her the right to not want to have sex every night.

Can you believe this dude tried to explain his cheating tendencies on the fact that she was hormonal and depressed?

I still don’t know why she hasn’t kicked him to the curb.

My only concern with Beth taking over the dealership is that she’s going to go on a power trip.

That’s what Annie mentioned when she found out Beth was sleeping with Rio and I could see it being the case.

It’s why she’s so addicted to this lifestyle — because for once, someone is giving her the time of day and she can make the shots.

She feels important and invisible even though she’s almost gotten caught multiple times per episode.

Eventually, her luck is going to run out. Agent Turner is clearly watching her and following her every move. It’s only a matter of time before he finds something that will stick and my guess is that Beth believes Rio is going to come to aide when in reality, he’ll be washing himself of business with her.

He made it clear when he picked up the body for her. He’s not protecting her, he’s holding it as collateral for himself!

Wake up before it’s too late, Beth!

Annie and Sadie are on the outs after Annie told her that she was the “big dick” who slept with Gregg while Nancy was pregnant.

It’s big of Sadie to side with Nancy in all of this considering most children would be happy to have their parents back together.

I think Sadie just knows that Nancy is a good person who got screwed up in all of this because her mom is careless and only thinks of herself.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

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Good Girls

Good Girls – Hunting Season (2×11)



GOOD GIRLS -- "Hunting Season" Review

I keep watching Good Girls and waiting for a day where I won’t have crippling anxiety after every choice they make.

At this point, I doubt it’s going to happen.

These ladies are in way too deep with Rio and his gang. And every time they’re almost above the surface, one of them drags them right back down.

Beth was sucked back into the lifestyle because of Ruby and Annie’s unsuccessful trip to Canada.

Obviously, they were going to have to pay off their debt at some point.

And it was Beth who kept receiving packages filled with body parts that undoubtedly broke her garbage disposal.


The fact that she didn’t scream upon receiving the first package in front of her children in impressive.

The body parts continued coming daily until she finally reached out to Rio to see what he wanted from her.

“I thought you’d never ask,” he gleefully said. Was that a confirmation that he’s been ripping apart Boomer’s corpse to hang over them?

Come on, Rio. I thought we were all friends here.

The ladies began their attempt at washing the cash, but all of their options have been exhausted at this point.

They can’t go to big box stores because they’ve been blacklisted and the car dealership isn’t an option anymore following the police raid.

When washing all the cash became impossible, they opted for plan B: finding Boomer’s body so that Rio wouldn’t have anything to hold over them.

That in itself was quite a challenge since it wasn’t like he was going to just give up Boomer’s location and they had limited information about Rio to begin with.

But that finally gave Beth a reason to sniff around Rio’s life.

I’ve been wanting to know about the gang leader since season one.

Who is he? What does he do? What makes him tick? Where did he come from?

If he can manipulate Beth and her friends and know everything about them, they should be armed with intel about him too.

Beth’s attempts weren’t successful since io knew she was following him, but they did give us two very interesting pieces of information about Rio that makes me love him even more.

For starters, his real name is Christopher. Not as intimidating, right?

Secondly, he has mild OCD when it comes to his closet. Did you see how neatly folded his t-shirts were?

Seriously, that’s impressive.

Seeing that immediately turned, a clean-freak herself, on and essentially explained some of the attraction to her.

Although his lifestyle is vastly different, they’re similar on some level.

The scene 21 questions scene between them was so hot. The writers have written the two of them with the slowest burn in the history of television.

Their chemistry is unmatched that even when it’s wrong, you want it to be so right.

And Rio is a complete tease. He knows just what to say to make Beth explode.

They weren’t even talking about the body when Rio pushed himself against her and asked: “you want it.”

Also, is he doing everything possible just to keep Beth around?

Eventually, Annie got Tyler to tell her all about the meat locker, which was operated by Boomer before his “left.”

Shady dudes would bring their “meat” to him and he’s store it without questions.

She took one for the team and looked through each and every single cooler until she found what she assumed was Boomer.

Yes, I said what she assumed.

The ladies stole the body back and buried him in Beth’s vegetable garden, which honestly, isn’t the best idea because of what happened near the end of the episode.

The neighbor’s dog ran into the garden and began digging up the body.

Beth was able to stop it in time, but what she found made her sick to her stomach.

The hair sticking out of the body bag was long and black and definitely not Boomer’s.

But if it isn’t Boomer, who is it?

In trying to clear themselves of one problem, they got messed up in something even more dark and twisted. It just never ends!

And they still have a debt to pay in Rio’s eyes.

On top of that, Dean figured out that Beth was back in business. She tried to explain that it would take her a bit to clean her hands of it, but for the first time ever, Dean was smart enough to know that wasn’t true.

And Beth knew it too. The days of lying to him were over.

Honesty would make this divorce a lot easier.

The writers of Good Girls always impress me with their blunt writing and having Beth tell Dean that she “just likes to have sex” with Rio was the best line ever.

Yes, Dean finally got a straightforward answer from her as to why she’s so addicted to Rio, but it’s also nice to hear her acknowledge that she does have some kind of feelings for the dude who has ruined her life.

And her reason for not wanting to leave this life was equally as raw: it felt good to be good at something.

It’s a basic human desire, which is what makes this so twisted and understandable at the same time.

In addition to all those problems, we still have the little issue we call Noah.

Annie’s biggest fears were proven true when she spied on Noah and saw him meet up with Turner at the park.

He’s part of the FBI and she just told the damn FBI essentially everything that they’ve done!

Noah inquired about why she has been avoiding him and she played it off as though she just wasn’t ready for a relationship, but that makes it seem like she knows who he is.

Beth may be right that getting back together with Noah and feeding him information could be useful.

On the other hand, Noah snooping around and having access to Annie’s life might help him with his case.

It’s unclear what she’s going to do, but Beth usually gets her way.

It’s especially dangerous now that Turner and Noah were able to decode Beth’s ledger and know that they’ve been counterfeiting.

Turner’s need to put Beth away is understandable.

She would likely get “Martha Stewart time” if they got her for this and there’s a chance she’ll get deeper involved as time goes on.

He also believes she’s a terrible person because she’s been doing bad things and thinking she’ll get away with it because she’s a “suburban mom.”

There’s some truth to that, but as we all know, Beth isn’t necessarily a bad person. They all got into this mess because they were desperate and saw no way out. They wanted to help themselves and their families.

Once again, we circle back to the question of what makes a good person.

But I like Stan and Ruby’s explanation best: if they didn’t do something bad, something worse would have happened.

That applies to all the ladies including Stan.

Ruby even took the fake cash Rio gave them and spent it on a top-notch lawyer, who seemed rather shady in my opinion, thus digging them into a bigger hole with Rio.

Other Favorite Moments

  • Annie sulking in her despair and listening to Train was hilarious.
  • Ruby and Annie have a sweet friendship. How cute was it that she apologized to her in every language?
  • Will we ever find out anything about Rio’s ex-wife/baby momma or his lawyer connect?

What did you think of tonight’s episode?


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Good Girls

Good Girls – This Land is Your Land (2×10)



GOOD GIRLS This Land Is Your Land Review

Beth has officially hit rock bottom.

When the episode kicked off, I wasn’t sure if Beth was turning herself in or seeing a therapist, but I did not expect her to be at an addiction meeting.

Looking back at all the things that have transpired since she’s gotten involved with Rio, well, it makes sense.

Beth is addicted to the thrill; to living life dangerously.

Establishing her as an ‘addict’ who needs seemingly warrants her as innocent though, doesn’t it?

We feel bad for addicts, we forgive them for all that they’ve done wrong, and we encourage them to find their way back.

Unless a drunk driver kills someone, we don’t usually punish the alcoholic for having an addiction that’s beyond their control.

But Beth has done a lot of questionable things — things she lists off herself during the meeting.

She’s taken her kids to crack houses, she’s stolen, she’s lied, and she’s been held at gunpoint so much she’s no longer phased.

Shouldn’t she pay for that?

The series also tackles “relapse” in an interesting way.

Beth didn’t fall off the wagon, per se, but she thought about it.

She missed her old life immensely the more she had to deal with PTA mothers who put too much stock in picking out napkins and balloons for some pointless themed party.

And while these PTA-tye things used to spark joy in Beth, she’s lived on the wild side far too much to go back and enjoy them again.

For a woman like Beth, it’s mundane.

When Beth decided not to go back to the addiction meeting, one of the attendees was speaking out about he sometimes wants to remain an addict because that’s when he knows exactly who he is.

Beth’s path to redemption was about ‘finding out’ who she is, but now that she knows who she is and what she likes, it’s not a lifestyle she’s going to be able to walk away from permanently even if the consequences are grave and could cost her her family and children.

Then there’s the question of wanting to be a good person.

What makes a person inherently good.

We deem the “goodness” of someone based on our collective experiences with “good,” but technically a person can still be “good” while doing bad things for the right reasons.

All three ladies are walking a very thin line here, but as viewers, we almost find ourselves justifying their actions.

They lied because it was necessary; they stole because they needed to.

Only when Ruby’s daughter Sara questions how ‘good’ they are as people does it become evident to Ruby that they maybe they aren’t actually good people.

As she watches her daughter, she’s inspired to be better and do better.

However, Sara is too young to understand the situation at hand.

It’s easy to place blame and judgment on your parents for breaking the law, but that roof over her head and the clothes on her back are things she doesn’t have to think about.

And she doesn’t know life without them.

Would she change her mind if she knew the reason behind the ‘bad decisions’ their parents made?

In less abstract terms, Turner and the FBI closed in on Boland Motors because Noah, Annie’s new squeeze, tipped them off.

Rio tipped off Beth in the knick of time, and she managed to destroy the “book club” books as the FBI arrived.

While I found the scene completely terrifying, Beth found evading the FBI to be “fun” which really does paint a full picture of her persona. 

Though it seems that Beth did a good job covering her tracks, Turner seemingly found something hidden in the ceiling tile.

Is it the drugs? Is it money? Is it books?

Based on how difficult it has been for him to land Beth, I don’t think it’s going to be the gold he’s looking for. 

Then again, Beth has to fall from grace at some point.

Annie’s eventually going to have to come clean to Beth and Ruby abut the fact that she told Noah everything about what they’ve done.

I love Annie, but she can be so naive. 

You could see the regret spread across her face the moment she put two and two together.

How else would the FBI know exactly where the drugs where? Why would he call in sick the moment of the raid?

As an astute FBI agent though, Noah should have realized that Annie would figure it out considering they hit Beth’s workplace just a few days after she’d told him about it.

Unless he assumes she’s a complete moron, which seems unlikely because he’s definitely developed feelings. 

He’s struggling to go through with pinning Annie because he feels for her.

And once again, we go back to the idea that Annie is a good person.

She’s lost and she’s desperate, but she’s a good person at her core.

She wants to provide for her child, which is something Noah used against her by encouraging to “make money” through her extracurriculars just so they could catch her in the act. 

Thankfully, Ruby grew a conscience and couldn’t go through with smuggling the drugs in the school bus.

Annie may have been upset because she missed a payday, but in the long run, I think she’ll thank Ruby.

Technically, Noah may be playing Annie, but the ball is in her court now.

Beth is going to know exactly what to do to get back at Noah, and she can steer him in any direction she wants.

It’s a little mind-boggling that Turner has been so hellbent on bringing down Beth, he doesn’t even care about Rio.

Rio is essentially the mastermind behind everything; he’s more valuable than Beth.

Rio was Turner’s target before, but now he’s focusing all of his efforts on Beth as if that’s going to stop Rio somehow.

We also need to find out more about Rio’s personal life.

All we ever do is see he come and chat with the ladies on their park bench.

Where does he go all day? Where does he live? What’s up with his kid?

Who was that lady he played tennis with a few episodes prior? Is she how he finds out about all the happenings on the inside?

Who was that girl he kissed in the parking lot?

Rio is just as essential to the storyline as Beth. Let’s hope we find out more about him as soon as possible.

Park Bench Thoughts

  • Where is the world is Mary Pat?
  • Ruby promises to get Stan a good lawyer to get ‘out of this’ because she feels guilty. But how is she going to get the money?
  • Why isn’t Annie hiding her relationship with Noah? Isn’t it frowned upon to sleep with the boss?
  • I’m still shipping Beth and Rio. The fact that he came to warn her about the FBI closing in even though she’s “out” of the game proved that he truly cares about her.

What did you think of the penultimate episode?

I’m not ready for the season to end! Much like Beth, I think I’m addicted to living dangerously through these women!

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Good Girls

Good Girls – One Last Time (2×09)



Good Girls One Last Time Review

She had no choice.

I’m talking about Ruby’s decision to rob a Quicken Loans with Beth and Annie in tow.

Agent Turner wasn’t joking around when he said he was going to arrest Stan if she didn’t give up Beth.

After she led him to a bust involving the two dudes who robbed Dean, he was furious and showed up at her door to take Stan away in front of her children.

Stan’s arrest forced the ladies to commit yet another crime that contributed even more to the anxiety this show gives me.

How is it that we’re so far into season 2 and they continuously manage to find ways to up the ante and the risks?

Robbing a Quicken Loans is bad, but it isn’t nearly as bad as kidnapping the teller because the safe wouldn’t open.

I mean, how did Annie and Beth think that was a good idea? I really question their logic sometimes.

Kidnapping also required them to babysit the guy overnight, change his Spotify playlist, and feed him burritos.

Eventually, Ruby got her money, but she gave up her identity by attempting to steal all the folders containing the identities of the people who have come to get loans.

It wasn’t her best decision, and she would have probably just been better swallowing her pride and going about with her day.

Thankfully, the teller wasn’t phased by the kidnapping because it seems he knew it was her from the get-go.

In exchange for her silence, he demanded she give him her home address so he can use it to send his nephew to a good school.

It’s not the same as robbing a Quicken Loans, but it bridges the gap between what Ruby is doing and how far others are willing to go for their loved ones.

The reason this show resonates, despite how ridiculously ludacris some of their ideas are, is because the concept of wanting to provide for your family and protect them is one we understand universally.

We’d do anything for our loved ones, including using a fake address to get into a better school or, in extreme cases, rob a bank.

We don’t have to worry about Stan’s reaction because after spending some time in jail and seeing corruption firsthand, he realized that maybe committing crimes isn’t all that bad.

He was so calm when Ruby told him she robbed a Quicken Loans and simply responded with, “don’t get caught.”

The reason for his change of heart? Agent Turner.

Stan always held police work in high regard, but Turner threatened to book him for something he had no evidence of him doing and made sure he understood that he’d find someone to corroborate his story.

Turner is just as bad as Ruby; what he’s doing is illegal, he just hasn’t gotten caught.

And again, it all goes back to our most basic instinct: survival.

What will you do to survive?

Turner’s job depends on catching the bad guys. He needs to get his hands on Beth, and he’ll do anything and hurt anyone to get her.

Beth, Ruby and Annie are like cats with nine lives.

They’ve gotten away with so much even when it should have been their final shot.

But their luck may be running out, and it’s all thanks to Annie’s big mouth.

Her new squeeze and boss, Noah, was revealed to be an undercover FBI agent working alongside Turner.

Annie welcomed him into her life fairly quickly and after just a few short weeks of knowing each other, he was chilling at her house when she wasn’t home and bonding with Sadie.

Of course, Sadie caught him snooping around the apartment but didn’t think to tell her mom about it because Noah is such a smooth talker.

The only person who has caught onto Noah’s shadiness is Gregg.

Annie initially tried to blow off Gregg’s warning that Noah is a douchebag but realized that things may be moving too quickly.

What did she really know about Noah?

Sadly, Noah is trained at getting people to talk and outsmarting them so when he felt Annie pushing away, he fed her some bullshit story about being on probation for stealing a bunch of stuff.

And, of course, Annie fell right for it and told him everything.

My only hope is that Noah begins to feel some type of way for Annie and doesn’t throw her, or her friends, under the bus.

That may be wishful thinking, however.

As for Dean, Beth promised him that she was done with her life of crime and her affair with “the dude with the tats.”

Did Beth mean it? Only because she wanted her kids back and realized that she can’t have both.

If she didn’t pull the plug on her shady dealings, Dean would take the kids from her permanently.

She also realized that despite everything he’s done, Dean is a decent father, and she wanted to give him another chance.

But not before seducing Rio into one final hook up.

Beth’s decision was partly because she’s into Rio, and partly because she wanted to gain her power back.

Rio has had the upper hand since the last time they hooked up in a bathroom.

First, he seduced her and then entered into a partnership with her.

This time, Beth played him at his own game by seducing him and then telling him she’s done with everything.

You could tell Rio felt used and betrayed — a feeling he’s probably not used to especially from a woman.

And I don’t think he’ll let her off that easily.

Once you’re in, you’re in.

She can’t just decide when she wants out, and she sure as hell cannot just wash away all the things she’s done with a half a bottle of laundry detergent.

But aside from Rio not wanting to let her go, I don’t think she’ll be able to give it up.

Ideally, she goes back to being a housewife, but after you’ve had all that power, made all that money, and called the shots, going back to a housewife lifestyle, or to a 9-5 just won’t cut it.

Beth’s after the thrill, which was made doubly evident by her hookup with Rio in her bedroom which she shares with Dean.

She won’t be able to stay away from the game or Rio for too long.

What do you think? Will Turner finally get his hands on Beth? Will Annie figure out Noah’s an FBI agent?

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