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Good Girls Grandma Loves Grisham Season 4 Episode 6 Good Girls Grandma Loves Grisham Season 4 Episode 6

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Good Girls Review – Oops… They Did It Again (4×06)

GOOD GIRLS -- "Grandma Loves Grisham" Episode 406 -- Pictured: (l-r) Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland, Mae Whitman as Annie Marks, Retta as Ruby Hill -- (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC)



Did we just meet “the boss?”

And better yet, is she the head of a family business?

Good Girls Season 4 Episode 6 was one of the strongest installments for so many reasons. 

Beth and the ladies manipulated the FBI to give them what they wanted, we got more insight into Rio’s life, and there was even a robbery in knitted face masks. 

And though I’m not Dean’s biggest fan, I quite enjoyed seeing the joy smear across his face as he went cycling around the 3-block radius. It was like a scene out of E.T. 

The episode kicked off in a scene reminiscent of season 1: Beth, Annie, and Ruby were robbing a jewelry store where Baby Tyler currently works as a security guard.

At first, it didn’t make much sense as to why they returned to a life of petty crime when they were in so deep with Rio and with the FBI, but as the bills began to stack up, so did the money woes.

It was time to get creative.

The staged robbery got them some quality face time with Phoebe and Dave, who had no choice but to put them on the payroll while they helped them nail Rio. 

In return, Beth went to meet his “boss” all mic’d up, which is pretty brave of her considering last time he suspected her of being a mole, he made her strip down to absolutely nothing in her kitchen. 

I sure as hell wouldn’t wear such an obvious piece while going to meet someone who outranks Rio but to each their own!

And yet, the meeting wasn’t anything that Beth expected. Instead of meeting some mafia-man in a dark alleyway, Rio took her to a family barbecue where he introduced her to his grandmother and his cousin/brother (still not sure which one he is after that tense moment) among other family members. 

Good Girls Grandma Loves Grisham Season 4 Episode 6

GOOD GIRLS — “Grandma Loves Grisham” Episode 406 — Pictured: (l-r) Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland, Mae Whitman as Annie Marks, Retta as Ruby Hill — (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC)

Rio is the man who mixes business with pleasure, and now, he’s invited Beth into the family, which is a big deal. If that isn’t the biggest extension of trust, I don’t know what it.

Understandably, Beth was caught off-guard and out of her element, but who wouldn’t be? The family was prying into her life and asking her about her relationship with Rio. Though she denied there being anything romantic between them, Rio sure didn’t help by rubbing her back tenderly. 

It was all so deliciously bizarre. 

It’s so hard to get into Rio’s mind and understand what he thinks of Beth. Does he want her to be his equal? Does he have feelings for her? Does he simply enjoy the mind games? Are there more “Beth’s” in his life?

When Beth realized she was a sitting duck with the wire on, she attempted to get rid of it in the bathroom. 

Now, the logical thing would have been to flush it down the toilet, wouldn’t it? But Beth chose to hide it behind a book in grandma’s bedroom. Girl, what are you thinking?

Of course, Rio was suspicious about her bathroom break and found her snooping around. 

When she realized that she was very much in the lion’s den, she “improvised” the way Phoebe told her to and had sex with Rio. 

Hot sex, might I add. This scene was simply the writer’s way of appeasing fans who ship #Brio, but honestly, I’m not complaining. 

13 Steamiest Moments Between Rio and Beth on ‘Good Girls’

The sexual tension between these two never fizzled out, but after all that’s transpired between them, I always wondered how the series would ever put them back in this situation again. 

They found a way that worked and stayed true to the complicated nature of their relationship. 

Rio may be the guy that’s in charge and who takes charge, but Beth definitely wields some power over him. He has a soft spot for her, which is why he’s allowed her to stick around for so long and let this go on as far as it has.

After meeting the fam, I don’t think working with the FBI is in Beth’s best interest unless they plan on taking down the whole unit. 

Think about it — even if she were to get rid of Rio, the rest of the family wouldn’t hesitate to come after her. 

She’s in deeper than she’s ever been before, and unfortunately, I don’t think the FBI has what it takes to protect her. 

Beth’s so impressive that even Phoebe wants so badly to be liked by her. In her eyes, Beth’s the popular girl that she wants to be friends with. But as we saw, she can’t let her guard down because Beth is clever and won’t hesitate to do what has to be done. 

Since Dean struggled to accept his new reality under house arrest, Beth was forced to come clean about the deal she made with the FBI. At least they’re finally on the same page. Let’s just hope Dean doesn’t blab.

Ruby tried to help Stan fix the problem with his boss, but that backfired a bit as Stan was given all the purses to sell to high-end clientele. 

While the extra income can’t hurt, they’re already stretched so thin. 

However, I wouldn’t put it past Beth to somehow merge this purse business with what they’re doing for Rio!

Even Annie’s storyline was entertaining on Good Girls Season 4 Episode 6. 

Good Girls Grandma Loves Grisham Season 4 Episode 6

GOOD GIRLS — “Grandma Loves Grisham” Episode 406 — Pictured: (l-r) Mae Whitman as Annie Marks, Rob Heaps as Josh — (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC)

My biggest complaint this season was that Annie continued to make terrible life choices, which doesn’t do her character any favors, especially when we’re four seasons in. 

But this episode changed everything. 

She decided to retake the GED and passed all on her own! All she needed to do was believe in herself a little bit.

Don’t even get me started on the fact that there’s no way she wouldn’t get arrested or kicked out for trying to pay off the proctor in real life. 

Secondly, she impressed me with how she handled the Josh situation. When he came to her house drunk, Annie did the mature thing and tried to send him away knowing that he was getting married to Lyla in the morning. 

However, when he indicated that he needed to go number 2, Annie had no choice but to let him inside. The scene was probably one of the funniest in the series, as was the subsequent conversation about Lyla never pooping because of her low-waste diet. 

I love that Annie kept her boundaries and didn’t allow for anything more to happen despite really wanting it. It shows that she not only has respect for herself but also Josh.

As for Josh, I feel bad for him for being in a loveless relationship. Hopefully, he calls off the wedding and finds his true happiness whether it be with Annie or someone else that’s more his speed.

I absolutely like him for her, so I hope we see him again! 

What did you think of the episode? Did you love it as much as I did?

What was your favorite moment? Sound off in the comments now! 



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Big Brother

Big Brother Recap: Eviction Night #3 (23×10)



Big Brother Preseason

Eviction night is once again upon us, and the week has geared up to a vote that only one person didn’t see coming, and it’s the flight attendant Brent, who might be flying his way out of here.

Our radiantly dressed host Julie Chen Moonves welcomed us to the show, already fully aware that Brent is going home. We then got to see Brent talking about how he knows he has the numbers to stay, recalling to an “alliance” between the Aces and Queens team that was made last week called the Mafia. However, it wasn’t a real alliance, since everyone wanted Brent out starting from last week, and with this alliance, he will be staying and Britini goes home.

Tiffany, who’s in this fake Mafia alliance, proclaims that it’s not real, and that Brent is going home, and they’re all lying to his face.

Brent continued his paranoia run by stalking other HouseGuests and trying to talk game with them to ensure that he has their votes. It irritates the others like Derek X. and Hannah, and they hide away in the HOH room.

HOH Xavier has been lying about his real profession (he’s a lawyer), and other HouseGuests are trying to find out if he’s been lying, and Derek F. said “Xavier gives me lawyer vibes.” While Xavier tossed it aside, he knows people are onto him. Lying about professions is always a risky decision, since it’s lyig from the get-go.

With Brent’s fate all but sealed, we get to look at what the others are thinking for the following week. Since every team except for the Kings have all lost a member, people want to even out the final week of teams to possibly eliminate a Kings member. Claire and Tiffany, while being part of the the Royal Flush alliance know that working with the Kings is part of the deal, they don’t want to go much further with Christian and Alyssa’s showmance. Showmances are difficult to get rid of as the game progresses, so it might be in good interest to split them up. Derek X., being the wild card of the Royal Flush, thinks that someone outside of that alliance needs to take the shot at the showmance, that way no one in the alliance looks like the bad guy.

Other teams, such as the Kings, want to get Azah or Derek F., but Xavier wants to protect them both since they are in the Cookout.

For the pre-voting speeches, Britini almost did a rap again, but stopped and thanked the HouseGuests for keeping her around and to hope to always be the light at the end of the tunnel. Brent made some references to the Paul Rudd “look at us” meme, and other inside jokes.

And to no one’s surprise, except for maybe the man in question, Brent was evicted by a unanimous vote. Even Derek F. found himself on the positive side of the vote for the first time this season.

After a weirdly placed commercial break, Julie questioned Brent about why he was evicted now. He continued to express how physically fit he is, and how he was a threat because of that, when he doesn’t really know that he was evicted because of his brash personality. His cluelessness will continue to follow him home. All the goodbye messages to Brent were so shady about his arrogant behavior and there were lots of flight attendant jokes, and it was a great sendoff to Brent. He even said “I had a lot of things cooking in my mental.” No that’s not a typo.

With another week over, it’s time for another to begin as the Head of Household competition gets started!

This competition was a relay of sorts. They had a clock counting down from 25 seconds, and they had to complete pieces of a big puzzle. If the clock was running out, they had to switch teammates and hit a button to reset the clock. The person who finished the puzzle and hit the button is the new HOH.

This was a weirdly stressful competition, with people screaming their faces off to put certain pieces elsewhere, or to run back and hit the button. At the end, there were some technical difficulties, and when they came back, Christian put the last piece in and claimed Head of Household for the week! This gave the Kings their second week of safety in a row, so Xavier, Sarah Beth, and Alyssa get to kick back for another week.

Julie also confirmed that next week will be the first Endurance CompetitionThese are always fun because we get to watch this competition as it happens on the feeds, regardless of time zones.

Who will Christian Nominate?
Since the overall plan failed to get the Kings to lose HOH, one team will become a team of 2 by the end of next week. There have been whispers to get Whitney or Hannah out for next week, so it’ll be interesting to see if Christian follows along with that. It does seem for certain that the Royal Flush will be okay for the week. But I won’t be surprised if Britini gets put on the block for the third week in a row. This will be the first time this season where the nominations could be anywhere, since there’s no collective house target. It should make for a an interesting fourth week!

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Why Women Kill

Why Women Kill Season Finale Review – Garden Club Killer (2×10)



Why Women Kill Season Finale Review The Lady Confesses Season 2 Episode 10

You didn’t expect a calm season finale for a show titled Why Women Kill, did you?

A few more shocking deaths were par for the course. 

Since the series is considered an anthology, the season finale was also technically a series finale as it wrapped up our journey with Alma, Bertie, Rita, Dee, and the gang.  

It’s extremely rare for a series finale to get it all right and satisfy every viewer while also offering plenty of shocking twists and surprises but Why Women Kill did just that.

One of the best things about the season has been its unpredictability.

Going into this final episode, I had many theories about how it might all end. Would Alma kill Vern because he figured it out? Would Bernie die? Would Alma let him take the fall for all the murders and taint his legacy? Would Vern and Dee turn on Alma and help Rita get revenge?

The possibilities were endless, and yet, I never even considered that Alma would go off the deep end in the way that she did. 

But let’s start at the beginning.

The penultimate episode saw Catherine accidentally shooting Scooter in a fit of rage and jealousy. A second stray bullet hit Bertie, who was coming home drunk from the bar.

While all signs pointed to both of the men dying, they — surprisingly — both survived.

I was sure that Scooter wasn’t going to make it since he was shot at such close proximity, but alas, the pretty boy came out mostly unscathed. I say mostly as is his life was upended in a different way, which I’ll get to later. 

As for Bertie, his flask stopped the bullet from doing any real damage. As the doctor told Alma, this was the only time that a husband’s drinking problem came in handy! I haven’t the slightest idea why Alma didn’t appreciate the humor considering she wasn’t actually as concerned about Bertram’s shooting as she was the fact that Vern figured out her involvement in Carlo and Isobel’s death. 

Alma was hellbent on covering up her crimes through any means necessary. 

Following her chat with Vern, I was truly concerned for him and kept yelling at him to get out of her house while he still could! 

Poor Bertie barely woke from his hospital slumber before Alma ambushed him with her murderous plan to take out her son-in-law. 

I’m not surprised Bertie was fed up with his wife. It was clear that Alma had gone off the rails and was now sinking deeper and deeper into a black hole. For every new problem, her solution was to simply to murder. 

This wasn’t the woman who was so shaken by her husband’s murderous tendencies at the beginning of the season.

I, as the rest of Alma’s family, kept foolishly hanging onto that vision of her and believed that this was just a “phase” that she would snap out of if the situation became too dire, but as the episode carried on, it was clear that the timid housewife was long gone. 

When Bertram refused to help her murder Vern (as any sane person would!) and she came up with the plot to frame Scooter, I could no longer give her the benefit of the doubt.

She traded her in for a full-blown killer and didn’t regret it one bit.

I’m always down to support a #bossbabe and powerful woman, but Alma was the opposite of that. She let her insecurities run rampant, and instead of becoming the kind of woman she always envied and admired, like Rita, she became a whole serial killer.

Some might even say that she was the Evil Queen. See what I did there?

She adopted the “if you can’t make people love you, you have to make them fear you” mindset and ran wild with it. 

No one was spared from Alma’s wrath — not even her own family. 

It’s not clear if she would’ve killed Dee if it came down to it, but she sure didn’t care about hurting her emotionally. 

In order to frame Scooter and make it believable, Alma hatched a diabolical plan and told him about Dee’s pregnancy and how Vern “stole” his baby in order to provide motive. 

It was heartbreaking to see Scooter find out the truth through Alma’s manipualtions. Despite being vapid, Scooter is a decent guy with a big heart. I’m glad he found out as he deserved to know the truth and decide for himself if he wanted to be involved in the child’s life or not, but he didn’t deserve to find out the way he did. 

From there, Alma continued to spiral as she bought a gun to kill Vern, aimed to plant Scooter’s cufflink at the scene of the crime so that he would be framed as a scorned lover/baby daddy, and hoped that they would think he skipped town since he was planning to leave to New York with Rita. 

It was actually a pretty brilliant plan. Alma has always been good at plans — we saw that from the moment she had to cover up Mrs. Yost’s murder. However, it hinged on the very fact that everyone needed to act accordingly in order for itto work flawlessly.

And if this series has taught us anything, it’s that humans are unpredictable creatures.

Scooter wasn’t furious upon learning the truth as Alma thought he would be, nor was his first though to skip town with Rita. In fact, it was the opposite as he met up with Dee and expressed interest in being a dad in some capacity. We truly didn’t give that man enough credit. 

These little moments meant that Alma’s plan fell apart before it even fell together.

When Bertie got wind of the plan, he realized he needed to interfere as Alma could not be stopped.

He gave her the night off and offered to finish the job on her behalf as she got ready for her inauguration party. 

It was a little unclear whether or not Bertram was going to heed his wife’s instructions, but I hoped that he had enough clarity to realize that killing his son-in-law was a huge mistake.

And Bertram did not let us down! 

Why Women Kill Season Finale Review The Lady Confesses Season 2 Episode 10

Credit: Why Women Kill/ Paramount+

Instead of shooting Vern, he came clean about all the other murders and took the fall giving Alma a clean break. 

Unfortunately, Alma’s murderous tendencies got the best of her and she made another mess that made Bertie’s hard work null and void. Not to mention she left a trail of blood that led right to her fur white stole. 

But before that, Dee was able to piece it all together after swapping findings with Vern. 

I’m thrilled the series didn’t dumb down its characters for storytelling sake. It would have been so easy for Dee and Vern to keep “missing” each other and never figuring out the whole puzzle, but the fact that they did confide in each other meant that they were able to connect Mrs. Yost, Carlo, and Isobel’s murders to Dee’s parents!

Dee did not want to believe Vern’s theory about her parents, but seeing how her mother’s demeanor changed when she confronted her about telling Scooter about the pregnancy, she could no longer deny the facts.

The moment where she questioned why her daughter didn’t tell her she looked beautiful in her party attire was truly terrifying. 

Alma looked posessed as though she were in a trance. Alma lost it, and there was no denying it. 

It was even more terrifying that she wore a crimson red dress with a white stole as it was a carbon copy of a look Rita previously wore. (I got Jeanette wears Kate’s outfit on Cruel Summer vibes! If you know, you know.)

Things got even crazier at the Garden Club party where we got to see the highly-anticipated Rita and Alma showdown. All the cards were on the table and the gloves were off. 

I was rooting for Rita to take Alma down. It’s surprising that Rita didn’t even consider that Alma was the one that framed her for Carlo’s murder since she was the only one who benefitted from Rita’s destruction, but well, Alma never gave off killer vibes. Plus, Rita had other troubles on her mind. 

Considering how Alma hurt Grace, the one woman who was in her corner from the very beginning, I was hoping that we would see her and Rita team up to take Alma down.

Rita may have been hiding under a facade, but she was always good at being evil, so I expected that she would have a cavalry of police waiting around the corner waiting to arrest Alma after she weaseled out a confession from her. 

Wouldn’t that have made so much sense? Why did Rita go into this alone?

Rita once again underestimated how far Alma was willing to go to get what she wanted when she confronted her and she paid the ultimate price. 

Alma tried to tiptoe around the truth, but Rita knew all the right buttons to make her crack, and when she did, she figured she had no choice but to kill Rita to shut her up. 

Out of all the deaths this season, this one was definitely the most shocking. And she stabbed her twice with absolutely no remorse! 

I was hoping that Rita would survive as I wanted her to finally find peace, get a chance to reinvent herself, and find a man who genuinely loved her and wasn’t using her. 

The character development when it comes to Rita and Alma has been outstanding. While it was hard to champion Rita in the first few episodes, she became one of the most relatable characters. She was broken and had a dark past, which fueled her into becoming somebody she wasn’t.

She may have been ice cold in the beginning, but she was never capable of murder.

In Alma’s case, becoming someone she wasn’t meant that she went from being a hero to a villain very quickly.

I’d even say that villain is quite an understatement because only a sociopath could possibly kill a woman without hesitation, leave her in an alleyway to bleed out, and waltz into a room full of people to give an acceptance speech. 

When she called out Rita’s “shocking behavior and brazen deceptions” in the speech, she was actually summing up her character in one-fell swoop.

It was a brief look into the delusional mind of an unhinged woman! Alma has lied to herself so many times that she’s begun to believe her lies. What’s worse is that she constantly painted herself as a victim. 

Even when she was caught red-handed with Rita’s blood dripping off of her stole, she grabbed her things and rushed off because she was inconvenienced by a murder she committed and her big night was ruined. 

Her actions following the announcement that a woman was murdered in an alleyway were basically an admission of guilt. 

And my question — how did Alma think killing Rita and leaving her there to die was going to pan out?

Back at home, Bertram heard about Alma’s latest kill and figured that there was no going back as they would surely get “the chair.”

The decision to have a beautiful and peaceful death together was quite poetic for him, but Alma wasn’t deserving of it.

After taking so many lives with the same method, Bertram finally punished himself in the same way.

The only thing he ever wanted was peace from his inner demons, and through his actions, he was giving peace to those who needed it most.

However, Alma wasn’t ready to go down without a fight. As Bertie lay there dying, she was too preoccupied with finding yet another way to wash her hands of the crimes she committed. 

In the same way that she didn’t actually care that Bertie was shot, she barely even noticed that he died as she was so caught up with “getting away with murder.”

When Dee and Vern walked in, they found Bertie without a pulse and Alma filling out a little memento in his honor. She had become the killer her husband once was.

Talk about picking up a bad habit!

We didn’t have to wonder what would happen to Alma following that deadly night as the episode provided a follow-up for every character. 

Alma was arrested, obviously, and Scooter was one of the main witnesses in the highly-coveted Filcott Trial, which also meant that he finally got the fame he was chasing after. You know he was milking that for every penny.

I was bummed that we didn’t get to see Dee’s reaction to her mother’s arrest, but I loved that we got to see them become parents to a baby boy.

During her heart-to-heart with Scooter, Dee admitted she didn’t tell him about the baby because she didn’t want to destroy his dreams. While it’s not her choice to make, I respect that she wanted what was best for him regardless of how he treated her. 

Dee is a gem! She was always the best and realest character in the series, and I’m glad she didn’t get dragged down by her parent’s mess.

As for Alma, well, she continued to live on in her delusions. She earned the nickname the Garden Club Killer, and went down as the most famous murderous in American history. 

She finally got the attention she always wanted all along. 

It may be hard for us sane people to understand why and how Alma was capable of committing all those murders, but when you realize it was never about the Garden Club in the first place, it begins to make sense.

The Garden Club was simply an elegant place for women to become someone.

For Alma, it was always about being noticed and being a person that people paid attention to. In her mind, attention is attention, regardless if it’s good or bad.

It didn’t matter why she was noticed (for being a murderer and sociopath), it simply mattered that she was.

Even on the day of her execution, she basked in all the glory of having all eyes on her. 

As the narrator explained…. it was her version of a “happy ending.” 

Alison Tollman and Lana Parilla both delivered incredible performances and truly dedicated themselves to the characters. 

Overall, the finale delivered everything we could’ve wanted. 

I do wish that we saw Catherine again after the shooting, got some kind of closure in terms of Rita’s husband, Harry, who was still alive, and gave a little more thought to Mrs. Yost’s murder. 

I know it was the catalyst for Alma’s character to go down a dark and grisly path, but her death definitely seemed glossed over. I feel like they could’ve put the pressure on Alma and Bertie with that investigation a bit more.

Of course, in retrospect, it’s just another person to add to Alma’s body count. She went from covering up an accidental death to making calculated moves about who was going to die for threatening her happiness. 

Why do women kill, you ask? Out of jealousy, for revenge, and to keep their secrets hidden forever! 

What did you think of the season? Were you surprised how it all went down? And who would watch a spinoff focused on Dee, Vern, and the bebe?! (With a few cameos from Scooter, of course!)

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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TV Reviews

Good Trouble Review – The Sleuthing Sisters (3×13)



Good Trouble (3x13)

The Sleuthing Sisters would be a good name for a law firm right? Maybe not, but either way, Mariana and Callie found a good way to work together on Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 13.

As Mariana and Callie are trying to find comfort in their new routine at work without stepping on each other’s toes, Mariana proves herself to be an admirable detective.

The team’s hands are tied in the murder case involving Tommy. However, Mariana’s background in millennial social media usage equips her with expert knowledge in teen life. But, just as they’re about to see potential evidence on Jessica’s finsta, the account is deleted.

Now, Good Trouble isn’t necessarily a feel-good show, but it is a Freeform show, meaning things eventually end up going the right way. So, I assume next episode they’re going to figure out how to absolve Tommy of guilt for the murder.

Good Trouble Sleuthing SistersMariana and Callie on Good Trouble. (Freeform/Liliane Lathan)

This hour almost evenly split the time between multiple characters, rather than focusing on one major plotline. It kept things fresh, but also kept things a bit jumpy.

Amidst the shifts in characters, Malika and Dyonte’s relationship advanced. Despite Isaac’s abrupt exit, Malika’s determined to not let that affect her present, so she continues her polyamorous relationship with Dyonte and Tonya.

The shift between serial monogamy to polyamory seems extremely difficult, and Malika seems to agree. While she says yes to meeting with Tonya for drinks, she’s clearly jealous that Dyonte’s focus is split between the two.

My assumption is that Dyonte and Malika will be short-lived and Isaac will join the picture again.

Good Trouble (3x13)

Maia Mitchell as Callie on Good Trouble. (Freeform/Liliane Lathan)

Just as Malika’s having trouble with her additional third party, Gael and Callie are having trouble with Isabella around. They try to make the most of it, but it’s hard when Isabella’s staying in Gael’s room.

I’m not sure whether we should entirely trust Isabella, but at the same time, she doesn’t seem to be scheming against Callie, so I’ll say we can cautiously trust her. She teams up with Mariana to put together a romantic breakfast for Gael and Callie, showing a new side of herself. Rather than a total jealous two-faced friend, she’s showing genuine kindness.

Gael officially receives the results that tie him to Isabella’s baby biologically, and he needs to step up his work with Yuri so he can afford to support Isabella, let alone child support.

Let’s jump over to Davia, who’s convinced she and Dennis are just friends. The last time anybody said those words, we all know how that ended. But, it does seem like Matt and Davia might work out after all.

Kathleen on Good Trouble. (Freeform/Liliane Lathan)

Although, I still wouldn’t put money on them. I still have an inkling Davia and Dennis will work things out. There’s too much good chemistry between the two. Professionally, Davia’s making breakthroughs with Andre.

I’m happy they finally addressed the racial disparity between Davia’s mentorship as a white woman to Andre, a young black man. Clearly, she won’t understand the struggles he’s facing in his social justice fights, so it was an important decision to have him meet Malika.

This season is rounding out nicely, and the characters are well on their way to succeeding. Slowly, but surely. There are no major hurdles yet, but we know Good Trouble is good at placing them strategically to stir up some good trouble.

Until next week, we’ll see where the gang’s at on their journeys toward the good fight.

Stray Musings:
  • Mariana and Callie are calling themselves old? That’s an eye-opener and it hit hard! Just think, The Fosters came out in 2013, nearly 10 years ago. Let that sink in.
  • Kathleen is a badass, glad Mariana pointed it out!
  • Malika’s not too happy with Tonya’s new position working with her and Dyonte. I can’t wait to see how that plays out. It seems like it’s heading in the direction of Malika eventually giving Dyonte an ultimatum to choose between her and Tonya.
Rating: 4.3/5

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