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Good Girls Review Carolyn With a Y Season 4 Episode 7 Good Girls Review Carolyn With a Y Season 4 Episode 7

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Good Girls Review – You Blew It, Carolyn (4×07)

GOOD GIRLS -- "Carolyn With a Y" Episode 407 -- Pictured: (l-r) Mae Whitman as Annie Marks, Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland, Retta as Ruby Hill -- (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC)



Nothing gets past Rio. 

Beth made that very clear on Good Girls Season 4 Episode 7, so why did they not cover all their bases when introducing him to Carolyn?

With the FBI closing in on Beth and snooping around her affairs, he was bound to be on high alert. 

And while Carolyn (Phoebe) did a great job of selling her character — I thoroughly enjoyed her “mommy” training and how excited she was to be joining their crew — they were a little too pushy with trying to get Rio to talk at the diner. 

And not only were they pushy, but when he suggested they go to her house, they were all super tense and fidgety. Just give it away why don’t you!?

Rio knows when something feels off. He’s also very much aware that Beth is capable of pulling one over him. 

The FBI should’ve been several steps ahead of him and had a faux house, a pretend family, pictures, the whole shabang ready just in case.

Right now, as it stands, they don’t deserve to catch Rio; he continues to outsmart everyone and proving that he knows the game all too well. 

The season is finally back to filling audiences with the same anxiety as we felt back in season 1. 

Beth and Rio are both unpredictable, and as they’re tip-toeing around each other, it’s definitely raising my blood pressure once again (in a good way, of course). 

But now that everything’s on the table, Beth has to make a choice: does she side with the FBI or do her alliances lie with Rio?

As she explained, she’s damned either way. 

She’s gotten herself into a mess that she won’t be able to clean up so easily. 

The FBI can no longer protect her since Rio knows she was planning to turn on him. And if she sides with Rio and his family’s criminal enterprise, she continues to put herself, her friends, and her family in danger. 

Good Girls Review – Oops… They Did It Again (4×06)

And either way, she seems to lose out on the chance of starting a new life in Nevada. 

I didn’t know how much messier Beth’s life could get, but Good Girls Season 4 is proving that it’s entirely possible to continue digging a deeper hole for yourself. 

Beth also got called out for not disclosing her sexual relationship with Rio to the FBI, but it wasn’t just the FBI who was shocked by her “improvising.”

Both Annie and Ruby couldn’t believe that after everything Rio put them through, Beth went there with him again. 

And no one seemed to care that she only did it as a means of distraction and that’s likely because no one actually believes it either. 

No matter how messed up things get between Beth and Rio, the chemistry and sexual tension are still there. 

You can hate and like someone at the same time, and I think that’s the case for Beth when it comes to Rio. On some level, she has grown fond of him and respects him, and the feeling is mutual, which is what makes this partnership so intriguing and complex. 

What do you think Beth will do? And what would you do in her situation?

As it stands, I think she’s better off sticking with Rio because that’s not an enemy you want to make!

Ruby and Stan are getting into even more hot water with their designer purse business. 

I know Stan wanted to do this on his own and keep Beth out of it, but now that Gene won’t let them out of the “lucrative” business, they’re going to need all the help they can get pushing these fakes. 

If you think about it, this might be the perfect opportunity for everyone to wash the fake cash, but also to make money. And you know they all need it even Gregg and Nancy. 

13 Steamiest Moments Between Rio and Beth on ‘Good Girls’

After Gregg suggested pulling Ben out of private school under the guise that he was worried he’d become a spoiled and privileged asshole, Annie figured out that they were having money problems. 

It’s a fun twist because Gregg, and more specifically Nancy, have always acted as though they were superior to Annie and that her money problems were of her own making. 

And while that may be true to some extent, it’s also a lot harder to dig yourself out of a hole once you’re in it. 

Gregg and Nancy are going to learn that the hard way. And I don’t think they’d be above doing something shady in order to get their finances back in order. 

Personally, I’d love to see this money laundering/ fake handbag business become something that everyone becomes invested in because it proves that no one is above a get quick cash scheme. 

It would just elevate the stakes.

Not to mention Annie, Gregg, and Nancy have the perfect platform to sell these dupes at Ben’s school! Rich parents = sold handbags. 

The storyline is almost writing itself. 

What did you think about the episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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Good Trouble

Good Trouble Review Picks and Strikes – (3×14)



Good Trouble Review

Well, if you needed a sign to remember your ex or the one that got away, definitely don’t watch Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 14, “Picks and Strikes.” It will certainly give you way too many feels and make you reminisce and take five steps back. The episode really should’ve started with a trigger warning of sorts! At least flashing something along the lines of “warning, this episode may contain content that will trigger old feels, so if you’re not fully healed, refrain from watching.”

This episode was a perfect balance and blend of multiple storylines. Sometimes the show can heavily rely on one character’s plot more than others leaving the rest to grasp for enough screen time to even make sense.

Just when we thought the show had finally sorted out its love triangles, they flipped them all upside down and decided to restart because why not. What fun would it be if there wasn’t more love drama?!

Seamlessly intertwined throughout these love problems were loud social justice PSAs. Something, Good Trouble is best known for.

Good Trouble Review

Isabella on Good Trouble. (Freeform/Liliane Lathan)

Gael and Isabella discuss gendered social constructs and how they want to raise their daughter outside of the prescribed gender norms. Gael opens up about his trans sister and how that informs his thinking.

Although, Isabella’s a bit more traditional in her thinking and has a Pinterest board filled with pink and frilly decoration ideas. However, they both come to an easy agreement but realize that co-parenting might be more challenging than they first assumed. And knowing they’re officially having a girl makes things more real.

While Gael and Isabella are playing house, Callie’s big trial is starting.

First of all, we have to mention that opening montage. The vintage spy theme was beautifully crafted, filmed, and edited. There are few times Good Trouble gets to play with the formatting of its editing, and this moment was so inventive and creative.

Good Trouble Review

Gael on Good Trouble. (Freeform/Liliane Lathan)

Mariana’s acting was superb, and it looks like she’s becoming an important part of their legal office and potentially Emmett’s eye? There were definitely some flirtatious vibes between the two. Although, you can never be sure because, at this rate, Evan’s going to have to pop back in to make the situation complicated.

During their first day in court, the defense and prosecution both had to go through and select their picks and strikes for jurors. With Jamie on the prosecution’s side, there are some potential pitfalls for Callie’s defense team. On the contrary, it could level the playing field since both Callie and Jamie can read each other.

And it looks like there’s still a flame that burns between the two. Again, when we thought Callie had officially moved on and chosen Gael, they decide to bring it back to Jamie.

No matter how much Callie wants to deny her feelings and say she’s moving on and dating seriously, as an outsider, Tony can clearly see the signs and chemistry between the two.

Dennis on Good Trouble. (Freeform/Liliane Lathan)

Along the same lines, both Dennis and Davia and Alice and Sumi are apparently rekindling their old flames. Dennis and Davia are no surprise, I’m already putting my money on them, but Sumi and Alice, on the other hand, were a shock. It’s been a while since we’d seen Sumi, and the last time it seemed pretty over between the two.

Albeit, Alice and Sumi each had their fair share of lingering feelings for the other. Predictions for Alice’s love life are too hard to make, but as for Dennis and Davia, once they uttered the words “we’re just friends,” that was their fate.

It’s a bit of a waste to have Matt in the mix trying to win over Davia’s affection because he’s just going to get screwed over. Davia and Dennis almost had a repeat of their “Falling Slowly” duet moment, but the microphones didn’t allow it.

But, even though the perfect moment didn’t happen, that didn’t stop the sparks from flying. There were no overt confessions of love this time, except for subtle looks of love and desire. So, it’ll only be a matter of time before they’re official. Perhaps, by then, Davia will have helped Dennis find a different passion, rather than his impulsive dream of running a food truck.

Good Trouble Review

Dennis and Davia on Good Trouble. (Freeform/Liliane Lathan)

This hour was strong and it perfectly set up all the future drama that’s ready to unfold. What did you think of? Which love pair are you rooting for? Don’t forget to leave your comments down below!

Stray Musings:
  • The man on the back of Dennis’s new food truck totally looked like the older version of him.
  • Alice’s fight against Anti-Asian hate is so relevant, and sadly, the scenario they portrayed was extremely accurate for queer Asian women.
  • Before this episode, I never knew jury selection was such a tedious process. Was it dramatized for the episode?
  • Applause for Davia and Dennis’s duet of “Minefields,” and that it was overlayed the end montage of everyone lamenting over their past loves.
Rating 4.5/5

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Big Brother

Big Brother Recap: Bump, Set, Veto (23×12)



Big Brother Preseason

As the game enters entering its first full month, the style of gameplay is something like we haven’t seen in years. Yes, there may be big alliances, but all of them are full of conflicting personalities that they can’t even keep it together on one target. It makes for great strategy, and even better entertainment.

On Sunday, HOH Christian nominated Hannah and Whitney for eviction, the two ladies being the primary targets of the Kings team. However, not many people really know who the target is. Derek X. was confused, Hannah was confused, even Whitney was confused as to why those were Christian’s choices.

Whitney did some damage control with Christian, and he reflected to how he knows that Whitney wanted to take out someone from the Kings team, with Christian being her biggest target of all. Whitney cried it off, saying that she didn’t even say that (when she did), and that she would never target him (but she will). It wasn’t the greatest acting job done by a nominee trying to save themselves, but there have been worse.

They showed two incredibly awkward moments before anything related to the Veto competition. Christian was dared to try “backflip burpees” in the backyard, while they showed Whitney giving Xavier weird hand massages, and Azah was sitting in jealousy, since she has a little crush on Xavier. It was cringe-worthy, honestly, so see these little things happen, when there’s so much game talk that occurred during the week.

When discussing the Veto competition, both nominees want Derek X. to use the Veto on them if he’s picked. On the other hand, the Royal Flush alliance want him to keep the nominations the same to keep everything smooth for the week. It left Derek X. in a bit of a bind being stuck between his team, and his alliance.

After an idiotic segment of the players cleaning the house, players were picked for the Veto competition! Christian picked Claire, Hannah picked Derek X., and Whitney picked Azah.

Sarah Beth was noticeably upset when she wasn’t picked for the Veto, which catches the attention of Tiffany and Hannah. Tiffany starts losing it with Sarah Beth, exclaiming that she doesn’t trust her, and that she should soon be a target.

This Veto competition was one they’ve used in many previous seasons of the show. They had to roll a volleyball over and down a long ramp, and run to the other side to catch the ball. Each time they catch it, they earn a point. If the ball drops, their score goes down to zero. First person to 10 wins. The game was a definite learning curve, because if they pushed the ball too hard, then ball will drop. Derek X. was taking the slower pace, taking his time with each throw so that he could get to the other side. Christian had more stamina, and was able to go as quickly as he could.

It ended up being a two-horse between Derek X. and Christian, with Derek X. almost fully catching up, but Christian remains in power and takes the Veto for himself. That makes him and Derek X. as the only people to have won the Power of Veto so far this season.

While having a conversation on who will be on slop next week (yeah, that still happens), Derek X. implied that only him and Hannah will be on slop, and Whitney heard the whole thing. Derek X.’s slip-up went to attempted apology to Whitney, because it confirmed that she is the one that’s going home this week.

Whitney tried to take advantage of that mistake to persuade Christian to take her off the block and put up Derek X.

However, Christian stayed true to the Royal Flush, and did NOT use the Power of Veto, leaving Whitney and Hannah facing eviction tomorrow night.

I have to say, this might have been one of the worst episodes we’ve had in some time. There’s so much game talk that is happening on the live feeds, and the show’s edit chooses to air workout montages rather than the strategy discussion. I know there’s only so much to put in an hour, and maybe I’m just complaining as someone who pays attention to the feeds, but these people are here to play, and the conversations are great to hear.

Prediction for Eviction:
This vote seems pretty much locked at this point as well, and that’s Whitney. Hannah is too protected by the Cookout, as well as the people on her side from the Royal Flush, and Whitney has lost a lot of traction with people over the week. However, don’t be surprised to see Sarah Beth throw one rogue vote on Hannah, just to stir things up.

The bigger question remains of who the new Head of Household will be! The season’s first endurance competition is tomorrow right after the eviction, and it will be playing out live!

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Roswell, New Mexico Review – Give Me One Reason (3×02)



Roswell, New Mexico Give Me One Reason Review Season 3 Episode 2

Everything Guerin and Isobel thought they knew about each other, about their place in the world, and in relation to each other has been flipped upsidedown as they dive deeper into finding out who they were on their home planet (The Oasis). 

On Roswell, New Mexico, as the duo interrogates Jones (at least Isobel brought whiskey!) in hopes of finding a way to save Max, they stumble upon some bombshell reveals. 

The biggest is arguably that Guerin is the son of the Dictator, a malevolent figure that may or may not be (probably is) immortal. 

He’s shook, and it doesn’t help that he finds out that his mother and Isobel’s mother created Max by stealing Jones’s DNA. 

Does this mean that the two men we’ve come to know as brothers would have really been at odds?

This is a significant change for Michael, who spent most of his life on his own and thinking he was less than everyone else. 

It also changes the narrative in terms of Nora and Louise, who are now more the enemy than Jones, whose sole purpose was the save Max from captivity. That’s definitely going to cause some friction. 

With Max being the clone and savior and Guerin the heir, Isobels’s existence seems rather small in comparison, but I’m hoping Jones hasn’t gotten to the best part where she somehow ends up being the necessary heroine in all of this. 

He did seem coy about everyone underestimating her. 

Isobel seems to have a lot of untapped potential, and I can’t wait until she accesses it. She’ll be unstoppable. 

While this was much of the episode’s focus, there were a few other developments that were crucial. 

Maria risked her life to trigger a vision in hopes of gaining more intel about who the possible murderer is. 

Kyle wasn’t vibing with her carelessness and found an alternative that was at least slightly safer. 

I’m really digging Kyle’s vibe this season. He understands his role and the importance of getting information, but he’s not willing to get it at the expense of other people’s lives. 

By the end of the episode, Liz made her way back to Roswell in hopes of digging up some of her old research. 

Of course, the first person she bumped into was her dying ex, which isn’t good for anyone. 

These two are cosmically fated, but even the cosmos can’t make things less awkward when they both realize they’ve been hooking up with other people. 

Speaking of, Max and Anatsa had a one-night stand before they knew anything about each other, which is probably for the best because they’d never jive due to their careers. 

Roswell, New Mexico Give Me One Reason Review Season 3 Episode 2

Roswell, New Mexico — “Give Me One Reason” — Image Number: ROS302fg_0012r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Michael Trevino as Kyle Valenti, Nathan Dean as Max Evans, and Heather Hemmens as Maria DeLuca — Photo: John Golden Britt/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

I suppose she’s going to become an issue as she digs into the mysteries of Roswell that Max so badly needs to remain hidden.

She’s an intriguing addition though, so I’m excited to see how this will pan out. At the very least, she’ll cause some friction between the exes. 

One relationship that they need to squash immediately? Rosa and Wyatt. I know Wyatt has had his mind wiped and the amnesia means he’s no longer a racist ass, but we cannot forget who he truly is deep down inside. 

Rosa needs to steer clear of him at all costs. 

I mean, what happens if he does finally get his memories back? That Wyatt would never accept this relationship. And it’s too risky to let someone like him find out the truth about who she really is. 

How about we don’t pursue relationships with men who have tried to kill us once before?

Everyone is encroaching into dangerous territory, but especially Alex, who is now officially a member of Deep Sky. 

After passing the brutal psych test — Ramos adopted some A-like techniques there (Pretty Little Liars, anyone?) — Alex was assigned the mystery of an alien machine that I imagine is somehow connected to Max, Guerin, and Isobel. 

Alex was adamant about avoiding Deep Sky, so I hope that he’s doing all of this in order to gather intel for his friends. 

What did you think of the episode? Is Jones to be trusted? Is he telling the truth?

How does this reframe Max and Guerin’s relationship? Is Alex in way over his head?

Will we ever get to meet the Dictator? We just got rid of one bad dad — Manes — and are welcoming another one!

Leave your thoughts in the comments below! 

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