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Good Girls Review Dave Season 4 Episode 4 Good Girls Review Dave Season 4 Episode 4

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Good Girls Review – Dave (4×04)

GOOD GIRLS -- "Dave" Episode 404 -- Pictured: (l-r) Christina Hendrick as Beth Boland, Manny Montana as Rio -- (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC)



Beth Boland needs to learn one very important lesson: she cannot have it all.

On Good Girls Season 4 Episode 4, Beth tried to outsmart Rio at his own game, and while she may have eliminated the problem involving the hitman, I think she may have made things even worse. 

I’ll give Beth credit for acknowledging that she’s gotten herself, her friends, and her family into a big mess. And I’ll even acknowledge that she’s trying to course-correct and make things right. 

It seems that her whole goal, which she mentioned several times throughout the episode, is to become a suburban mom again. 

But can she? Can she just put all of this behind her? It seems a bit naive of her. Even Dean was being realistic when he asked her if he’s just supposed to forget everything she did and play house with her again. 

It was only a matter of time before the feds approach Beth about turning on gang friend. After all, she confessed to Phoebe who also found Beth’s note about how to wash the cash in case something happened to her. 

They have the smoking gun. And they know that more than anything, Beth wants to protect Dean and her besties. Her only option is to take their deal. 

And it’s not surprising that she would agree. Beth may have been addicted to this lifestyle, but she also realized it wasn’t feasible. When it began catching up with her, she wanted nothing more than to rid herself of Rio and go back to how things used to be. 

So, it was definitely surprising when she turned around and told Rio that the feds were onto him. It didn’t track and made Beth’s motivations confusing. Did she want to save Rio? Did she want to save Dean? Did she want to save herself?

Whose team is Beth really on? #TeamBeth seems to be the answer, but #TeamBeth goes wherever the wind blows, which isn’t exactly promising. 

Everything became much clearer when Rio ambushed the hitman thinking he was Dave from the FBI. 

At that point, audiences were clued into what Beth likely thought was a foolproof plan and would get rid of two birds with one stone. Since she couldn’t call off the hit on Rio herself, she informed Rio so that he would take care of the problem for her. After all, she needed him alive if she was going to get her freedom. 

Rio was more than happy to do it too if it meant that he’d walk away with his freedom. 

And on the plus side, by handing him “Dave,” she’d earn Rio’s trust and respect.

But like many of Beth’s previous plans, it had a major flaw: she’s too confident, which causes her to underestimate the opponent. 

Good Girls Review Dave Season 4 Episode 4

GOOD GIRLS — “Dave” Episode 404 — Pictured: (l-r) Jonathan Silverman as DL Dave, Lauren Lapkus as Phoebe, Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland — (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC)

It’s actually insulting that Beth still thinks so poorly of Rio. Why wouldn’t he grow suspicious of a man that was trying to take him out with a rifle?

That’s not exactly how the feds operate. 

Also, the hitman’s confused look when Rio called him Dave was a dead giveaway that he was not actually “the Big Kahuna.”

Rio isn’t stupid. He put the pieces together rather easily to figure out that Beth hired a hitman to kill him.

And by using the feds card, she basically clued him into learning that she’s most definitely working with the feds.

The hitman warned Rio that you never know what a woman like Beth is thinking, and I think that was yet another hint that made Rio realize Beth is trying to play both sides. 

I’d say this is probably the worst position for Beth to be in. The feds may have offered her protection, but let’s be honest, Rio is beyond capable. Remember what happened to Turner?

There’s no trust left between them, and since she can no longer wash his cash, she’s not really of any use to him. 

What’s going to happen between them?

Aside from Beth’s second-rate plan, the episode gave us some solid moments with Rio, which were reminiscent of the earlier seasons. The confrontation between Rio and the hitman was so juicy and thrilling! That’s the Rio we’ve come to see. 

I’m over seeing him on the sidelines grabbing drinks and gabbing with Beth. Rio is a man of action! 

The hitman briefly mentioned Rio having other “side dishes,” which I hope is the first step into exploring more of Rio’s world. We still don’t know too much about him, and yet, he’s such a critical piece of the puzzle. 

The mystery definitely adds to his allure, but if the feds are going to try to build a case against him, I hope it gives audiences some much-desired answers about the character’s life and backstory.

After Beth accepted the deal from the feds, Ruby began wishing for a better life in Wyoming. And who could blame her? Her life has gotten out of control. She doesn’t even know the extent of what Stan’s gotten into, but she knows it isn’t good. 

My biggest fear is that Stan is going to get killed this season, and if that happens, I will riot. Stan deserves better.

He’s in too deep with his boss, Gene, who didn’t hesitate to show him that he “owns him.” Gene made sure Stan knew that he doesn’t have a way out with his little power move. I wanted to sock that little punk in the face for treating our Stanimal that way. 

You can tell the task is weighing heavily on Stan. Maybe they can ask Rio to take care of it?!

Surprisingly, Annie had a few solid moments during the hour. First, she made amends with Ben, who spotted her sneaking out of his lacrosse game. By being there, she proved to him that she wasn’t just accepting of his new lifestyle but that she also wanted to be a part of it. They’ve always had such a special bond and sweet relationship, so it’s nice to see them slowly getting back to that. 

Her second impressive decision was pulling the plug on her therapy sessions with Josh. Though it’s clear that Annie definitely needs to continue therapy, she acknowledged that seeing him was no longer in her best interest. 

Yes, Josh helped Annie with some issues, but there were deeper feelings there and quite a bit of sexual tension. She wasn’t attending sessions because she wanted his advice, which didn’t serve either of them. 

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It was one of the most empowering decisions Annie has ever made, so I’m all for it. However, I don’t think that’s the last we’ve seen of Josh. He made it clear Annie isn’t the kind of person you forget about, and now that she’s no longer his patient, I think he’ll end his relationship to pursue his feelings for her. 

What do you think?

I’m still not sold on the season, but this episode was the most action-forward one we’ve seen in some time. 

Things between Beth and Rio are finally culimatining towards this huge, decisive moment. Everyone is risking it all, and it’s bound to crumble in some way. The question is… how?

Will Rio get revenge on Beth for her betrayal? Will the feds be able to protect her? And what happens to allt he collateral damage like Ruby, Annie, Dean, and Stan?

Share your thoughts on the episode with us in the comments below!  

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And will MG or Ethan spill the beans?

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Malivore is a Creep

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When he failed to snatch Cleo, the monster snuck into Hope and Landon’s room and stole locks of their hair. Why? Does it think that they’re the key since they’ve both escaped before?


MG and Ethan Form Their Own Super Squad

MG and Ethan are the crime-fighting superhero duo that Mystic Falls didn’t know it needed. The two have formed a budding friendship ever since MG allowed Ethan to keep his memories of the supernatural. 

Ethan’s been really dedicated to stopping any and all crime in town (Matt Donovan much?), but unlike Donovan, he thinks the supernatural is pretty darn cool. 

After he saved MG from Finch in werewolf form, the former upgraded him to “partner” instead of “sidekick.” 

My only gripe with this friendship is that I’m scared it’s replacing MG’s friendship with Caleb, who was completely missing from the episode! 


What was your favorite part of the episode? Are you over the Malivore storyline or are you interested to see how Cleo will play into it?

And what do you think is up with the artifact Alaric found that connected to several historical figures?

Let us know in the comments below! 

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Manifest Review – Wingman (3×03)



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A Peacock, peacock feathers, ancient Egyptians — what does it all have to do with Flight 828?

We’ve been asking ourselves that question for two seasons, but on Manifest Season 3 Episode 3, the mythology begins to bubble up to the surface.

This isn’t the first time we’ve stumbled upon the peacock symbol, as it’s been a recurring theme in both Manifest Season 1 and Manifest Season 2.

It’s promising a sign that we aren’t completely abandoning the symbolism because it’s part of a larger plan. 

However, we’re kind of past the point of continuously seeing the peacock without any context. Audiences want to know how it fits into the overall mystery of the plane’s return. 

We find comfort in knowing that there is a piece of the puzzle out there just waiting to be found that may provide some of the answers we’re seeking. 

The Callings tried to lead Ben to the papyrus, but sadly, Eagan decided to dispose of it while pawning off some of the other artifacts he stole from the storage unit. 

Even without the papyrus’ missing piece, we know the peacock is a symbol for two things: immortality and resurrection. 

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Younger Review – Risky Business (7×04)



Younger Review - Risky Business Season 7 Episode 4

Who knew it was possible to hate Quinn more than we already do?

For much of Younger Season 7 Episode 4, Quinn was actually quite tolerable.

Her book proposal was good, she was goofing off with the employees, and her birthday Dave and Busters outing (shameless promo!) showed off a new side to her we’ve never seen. 

However, it was all part of her big plan to schmooze up to Kelsey, Lauren, and Charles. 

And then she quite literally schmoozed Charles before establishing that she was “the boss’s girlfriend” to Liza. 

She then had the nerve to threaten her job by saying that if she didn’t get along with her, Charles would surely fire Liza. 

I’ve never thought of Charles as a fool, but he’s definitely foolish for falling for any and all of Quinn’s tricks. I mean, seriously? How does he not see through all her manipulative tactics? Men are so blind sometimes. 

It’s unclear how this will affect Charles and Liza’s working relationship moving forward, or if Charles even knows that Quinn is telling everyone she’s his new girlfriend. 

Maybe Empirical should just cool it on the office romances?

Liza spent the episode bonding with Kai Mannings, the surf legend, who scored a $400,000 publishing deal with Empirical. 

Her job was to ensure that the book would have some of Kai’s greatest stories, and I’ll be honest, all of the ideas she pitched during their meeting were pretty great. 

But Kai seemed way more interested in sleeping with her than actually working on his book, which should’ve been Liza’s tell from the start. 

Instead, she was charmed by his accent, his body, and his free spirit. And since she felt so crummy about her breakup, she decided to go for it, which she immediately regretted shortly after because it turns out, Kai was kind of a womanizer. 

Not only was he surfing all over the world, but his journals revealed he was also sleeping with a ton of women all over the world. 

Liza just added herself to the pile. 

The whole situation with Kai reminded me of Sebastian (played by Matthew Morrison), the guy who was a little too close with his sheep!

Liza and Kelsey proved, once again, that they are great at their jobs by taking Kai’s nude artwork and pitching it as a sex guide with surf terms for positions titled “The Kama Surf-tra.” Brilliant. 

If there’s one thing we know for certain it’s that nudity always sells.

With this being the final season, it’s kind of annoying that the series continues creating issues for Liza and Charles instead of just letting them be happy. 

After six seasons, I think the final outcome will just be that Liza chooses to love herself. It’s the only fitting outcome.

Josh and KT, the music assistant he met at this tattoo parlor, heated up pretty quickly. 

And Lauren and Kelsey had a front-row seat to the show. (I’ll never unsee Hilary Duff imitating turtle orgasms!)

Josh deserves love more than anyone. He’s one of the most vulnerable characters on the series, but he’s been screwed over by romantic partners more times than anyone can count. 

The bliss with KT lasted a whole half a day before she revealed that she doesn’t want any kids, which poses quite a bit of an issue for Josh and Gemma.

This relationship is bound to fizzle out before it even began!

While this episode still had that Younger magic, it’s my least favorite one this season.

Everyone — Liza, Kelsey, Josh, Charles — has to figure out what they want out of life once and for all. 

The season is supposed to be the most “mature” ever, but the constant relationship drama feels like we’re just rehashing the same storylines we’ve already seen.

Are you digging this season? What did you think of the episode?

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