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Good Girls Review Dave Season 4 Episode 4 Good Girls Review Dave Season 4 Episode 4

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Good Girls Review – Dave (4×04)

GOOD GIRLS -- "Dave" Episode 404 -- Pictured: (l-r) Christina Hendrick as Beth Boland, Manny Montana as Rio -- (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC)



Beth Boland needs to learn one very important lesson: she cannot have it all.

On Good Girls Season 4 Episode 4, Beth tried to outsmart Rio at his own game, and while she may have eliminated the problem involving the hitman, I think she may have made things even worse. 

I’ll give Beth credit for acknowledging that she’s gotten herself, her friends, and her family into a big mess. And I’ll even acknowledge that she’s trying to course-correct and make things right. 

It seems that her whole goal, which she mentioned several times throughout the episode, is to become a suburban mom again. 

But can she? Can she just put all of this behind her? It seems a bit naive of her. Even Dean was being realistic when he asked her if he’s just supposed to forget everything she did and play house with her again. 

It was only a matter of time before the feds approach Beth about turning on gang friend. After all, she confessed to Phoebe who also found Beth’s note about how to wash the cash in case something happened to her. 

They have the smoking gun. And they know that more than anything, Beth wants to protect Dean and her besties. Her only option is to take their deal. 

And it’s not surprising that she would agree. Beth may have been addicted to this lifestyle, but she also realized it wasn’t feasible. When it began catching up with her, she wanted nothing more than to rid herself of Rio and go back to how things used to be. 

So, it was definitely surprising when she turned around and told Rio that the feds were onto him. It didn’t track and made Beth’s motivations confusing. Did she want to save Rio? Did she want to save Dean? Did she want to save herself?

Whose team is Beth really on? #TeamBeth seems to be the answer, but #TeamBeth goes wherever the wind blows, which isn’t exactly promising. 

Everything became much clearer when Rio ambushed the hitman thinking he was Dave from the FBI. 

At that point, audiences were clued into what Beth likely thought was a foolproof plan and would get rid of two birds with one stone. Since she couldn’t call off the hit on Rio herself, she informed Rio so that he would take care of the problem for her. After all, she needed him alive if she was going to get her freedom. 

Rio was more than happy to do it too if it meant that he’d walk away with his freedom. 

And on the plus side, by handing him “Dave,” she’d earn Rio’s trust and respect.

But like many of Beth’s previous plans, it had a major flaw: she’s too confident, which causes her to underestimate the opponent. 

Good Girls Review Dave Season 4 Episode 4

GOOD GIRLS — “Dave” Episode 404 — Pictured: (l-r) Jonathan Silverman as DL Dave, Lauren Lapkus as Phoebe, Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland — (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC)

It’s actually insulting that Beth still thinks so poorly of Rio. Why wouldn’t he grow suspicious of a man that was trying to take him out with a rifle?

That’s not exactly how the feds operate. 

Also, the hitman’s confused look when Rio called him Dave was a dead giveaway that he was not actually “the Big Kahuna.”

Rio isn’t stupid. He put the pieces together rather easily to figure out that Beth hired a hitman to kill him.

And by using the feds card, she basically clued him into learning that she’s most definitely working with the feds.

The hitman warned Rio that you never know what a woman like Beth is thinking, and I think that was yet another hint that made Rio realize Beth is trying to play both sides. 

I’d say this is probably the worst position for Beth to be in. The feds may have offered her protection, but let’s be honest, Rio is beyond capable. Remember what happened to Turner?

There’s no trust left between them, and since she can no longer wash his cash, she’s not really of any use to him. 

What’s going to happen between them?

Aside from Beth’s second-rate plan, the episode gave us some solid moments with Rio, which were reminiscent of the earlier seasons. The confrontation between Rio and the hitman was so juicy and thrilling! That’s the Rio we’ve come to see. 

I’m over seeing him on the sidelines grabbing drinks and gabbing with Beth. Rio is a man of action! 

The hitman briefly mentioned Rio having other “side dishes,” which I hope is the first step into exploring more of Rio’s world. We still don’t know too much about him, and yet, he’s such a critical piece of the puzzle. 

The mystery definitely adds to his allure, but if the feds are going to try to build a case against him, I hope it gives audiences some much-desired answers about the character’s life and backstory.

After Beth accepted the deal from the feds, Ruby began wishing for a better life in Wyoming. And who could blame her? Her life has gotten out of control. She doesn’t even know the extent of what Stan’s gotten into, but she knows it isn’t good. 

My biggest fear is that Stan is going to get killed this season, and if that happens, I will riot. Stan deserves better.

He’s in too deep with his boss, Gene, who didn’t hesitate to show him that he “owns him.” Gene made sure Stan knew that he doesn’t have a way out with his little power move. I wanted to sock that little punk in the face for treating our Stanimal that way. 

You can tell the task is weighing heavily on Stan. Maybe they can ask Rio to take care of it?!

Surprisingly, Annie had a few solid moments during the hour. First, she made amends with Ben, who spotted her sneaking out of his lacrosse game. By being there, she proved to him that she wasn’t just accepting of his new lifestyle but that she also wanted to be a part of it. They’ve always had such a special bond and sweet relationship, so it’s nice to see them slowly getting back to that. 

Her second impressive decision was pulling the plug on her therapy sessions with Josh. Though it’s clear that Annie definitely needs to continue therapy, she acknowledged that seeing him was no longer in her best interest. 

Yes, Josh helped Annie with some issues, but there were deeper feelings there and quite a bit of sexual tension. She wasn’t attending sessions because she wanted his advice, which didn’t serve either of them. 

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It was one of the most empowering decisions Annie has ever made, so I’m all for it. However, I don’t think that’s the last we’ve seen of Josh. He made it clear Annie isn’t the kind of person you forget about, and now that she’s no longer his patient, I think he’ll end his relationship to pursue his feelings for her. 

What do you think?

I’m still not sold on the season, but this episode was the most action-forward one we’ve seen in some time. 

Things between Beth and Rio are finally culimatining towards this huge, decisive moment. Everyone is risking it all, and it’s bound to crumble in some way. The question is… how?

Will Rio get revenge on Beth for her betrayal? Will the feds be able to protect her? And what happens to allt he collateral damage like Ruby, Annie, Dean, and Stan?

Share your thoughts on the episode with us in the comments below!  

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The Resident

The Resident Halloween Episode Review – Spirits or Symptoms? (5×05)



The Resident Review The Thinnest Veil Season 5 Episode 5

The Resident did it once again. 

They nailed their annual Halloween episode out of the ballpark and managed to squeeze every single emotion out of me. 

I love that the series goes all out for spooky season. As does Chastain. 

Every single corner of the hospital was decked out for the holiday. Year after year, the series excels in delivering themed storylines that tie in organically with the plot. 

The mystery of the three witches was Conrad’s first day back following his hiatus after Nic’s death. Women who believe in magic and are experiencing deep hallucinations are bound to get your mind off of the dark stuff at home. The three “witches” definitely gave off a Hocus Pocus vibe, especially when one of them freaked out about the abilities of the blood pressure cuff. 

How cool and creepy was that scene where one of them snuck off to the bathroom and saw her evil self laughing maniacally back at her only to be enveloped by ghosts?

While it eventually turned out to be an accidental poisoning through an herb in the tea and not a result of spells, magic, or alcohol, it was a teachable moment for Conrad, who realized that these three women were together to reconnect with a loved one when the veil was at its thinnest. 

It was a gentle reminder that despite being physically gone, Nic will always be there for them. 

And the fact that he came home to a delivery of Gigi’s Halloween costume proved that she’s always looking out for them. 

The case inspired Conrad to host his own pagan ritual to say a proper goodbye to Nic. 

Seeing everyone in the house, sharing a meal at the table, and reminiscing about the good times they had with Nic was the sweetest sendoff. 

And somehow, over the span of an hour, The Resident manage to freak me out before turning me into a pile of mush. 

After everyone departed, Conrad went upstairs to check on Gigi, and when he went through her bedroom door, she was suddenly a sweet 5-year-old dressed up as an astronaut. 

The Resident Review The Thinnest Veil Season 5 Episode 5

THE RESIDENT: Matt Czuchry in the “Thinnest Veil“ episode of THE RESIDENT airing Tuesday, Oct. 19 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2021 Fox Media LLC Cr: Tom Griscom/FOX

Conrad may have forgotten her first Halloween costume while being wrapped up in his grief, but it’s clear he never forgot it moving forward. He became the best version of himself for his family.

The series is jumping into the future, which honestly, is the only way they can really move on from this loss while honoring Nic’s character. 

Seeing Conrad mope around and mourn his late wife is only sustainable for a few episodes, though, having him move on too quickly is also insensitive. 

Utilizing a time jump is the only thing that makes sense at this moment, plus, it allows the series to reframe and explore new storylines. 

After all, there have been a handful of shakeups recently, including Mina’s exit that left The Raptor heartbroken, that we need to move past.

Since it’s not known how many more seasons Fox will give The Resident — this could even be the last one — the time jump allows us to go deeper with the characters and see how things turned out. 

Basing this solely off the teaser, it seems as though Conrad stepped away from medicine to be a full-time father, but leave it up to Pravesh (and his new ‘do) to convince him to come back! 

It also seems like The Raptor and Leela are hooking up… or were, though, maybe that’s just how the teaser is cut to throw us off? 

And AJ is now a published author. 

Here’s hoping the book includes his sound advice about warding off ghosts!

Leave it to AJ to be a man of both science and science fiction. In the present, he didn’t dismiss the beliefs of any of his patients. Even though he knew there was likely a scientific and medical explanation for what was happening, he indulged them in their hypothesis. This is why he’s the best character — I won’t be convinced otherwise. 

Spirits or symptoms is a sound premise for a future series! 

His ghost expertise calmed his patient down long enough so that his medical expertise could diagnose him with a life-threatening tumor. Win-win. 

Pravesh may not have been a believer, but whatever happened in room 2413 (“it’s haunted, I won’t go in there” – Nolan) convinced him to abandon the historical apartment with “character” for more modern fixing hopefully not built atop of a burial site. 

Kit channeled her inner Mary Poppins — I’ll never unsee it now — to entertain the children at the daycare, but she didn’t stop worrying about Dr. Bell, who boldly picked up a hitchhiker on the side of the road. 

We know hitchhikers tend to be bad news, so it was clear that there was going to be something up with Mike. 

Did I expect him to be a full-blown serial killer that slashed three people before hopping into Bell’s Mercedes and forcing him under the knife, so to speak, to pay for the sins of his past?

Absolutely not. But I wasn’t opposed to the storyline. 

I was genuinely concerned about Bell’s well-being once we knew there was a serial killer on the loose, Mike began inquiring if Bell ever murdered anyone, and when he asked him to drop him off in some dark street far away from the main road. 

Thankfully, Mike appreciated Bell’s honesty and the fact that he owned up to his previous mistakes, so he let him go. 

I doubt that would ever happen in a real-life brush with a serial killer wielding a knife, but I’m glad that’s how it went down for Bell’s sake. 

And it’s always nice to see the series acknowledge the massive character growth. It’s important that they didn’t forget who Bell was when all of this started. 

There were medical cases, there were fun moments where Chastain’s finest indulged in some chilling antics, and there was closure to Nic’s death topped with an emotional time jump the finish things off. 

What did you think of the annual Halloween episode? Are you excited about the time jump?

Let us know your thoughts below!

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La Brea

La Brea Review – The New Arrival (1×04)



La Brea Review Season 1 Episode 4 The New Arrival

Just when you think you’ve figured La Brea out, it introduces a compelling plot twist that changes everything. 

We’re only four episodes in, but the series has really found its groove and figured out the pacing. The episodes don’t beat around the bush. No time is wasted; when you finish an episode, you’ve gained a lot more information than you had prior to watching. 

We’re experiencing all the new findings at the same time as the survivors that are stuck in 10,000 B.C.

And despite not being having any working technology or the ability to connect with the present day, they pretty much know exactly what’s going on back at home. These communication skills are impressive. 

While it’s harder for them to connect with the people back at home, they also have an advantage with Gavin, whose visions are helping lead the way. 

Once he was able to confirm that Levi was alive and reconnected with the rest of the survivors, he spent most of the episode tracking down Dr. Nathan in hopes of setting up another rescue mission. 

Of course, the government was against it because Levi’s venture down under caused a seismic reaction that shook Los Angeles to its core. 

It’s understandable that they would want to be a bit more cautious considering the very real effects the sinkhole has on the current reality, however, giving up seems like a wasted opportunity. 

When it’s revealed that this is the fourth sinkhole of its kind, the fact that they have a prototype plane ready to go makes a lot more sense, but it also makes you wonder why they’re giving up so quickly.

Surely, there should be a plan B if plan A fails considering these time-traveling sinkholes aren’t quite the anomaly we were led to believe. 

Gavin is determined to secure another rescue mission for his family at all costs. After all, with saber tooths, bears, and other extinct animals running around, and the threat of starvation looming large, they don’t have too much time on their hands. 

While things seemed bleak for a bit when Gavin couldn’t get ahold of Dr. Nathan, thankfully, he was able to track down Dr. Rebecca Aldridge, who was featured in a photo that was conveniently left behind in the open on Dr. Nathan’s desk. 

I’ll let that one go, honestly. 

Dr. Aldridge explained that she was part of an exploratory crew that was sent down through a sinkhole in the Mojave. Unfortunately, the sinkhole closed up before they were able to come back. She was a scapegoat for the botched job and has since spent the remainder of her time secluded on a farm preparing yet another prototype in the event another sinkhole opens up. 

Rebecca’s existence raises a series of questions. 

For starters, why were Gavin and Izzy able to find her information and address so easily if she’s trying to say off the grid?

Secondly, why didn’t Nathan attempt to persuade the government to use Rebecca’s prototype instead/this time? If Rebecca is certain that her creation will be able to withstand the effect of time travel, shouldn’t they at least give it a whirl?

And thirdly, where did she get all the money for this? I’m sure she took a hefty payout to keep quiet about what happened on the mission, but even then, this is some next-level technology!

It’s likely none of those questions will be answers and we just have to suspend disbelief in order to embrace the series. 

Rebecca informs Gavin that his arrival was a “stroke of fate” because she needs a pilot to go through the light and save them all. 

“Stroke of fate” is a stretch considering Dr. Nathan could’ve just given Gavin a ring. We know he’s 100% down to pilot his way into the green light to save his family. 

And if he does, successfully, he’ll be the savior that they always wanted him to be. 

It’s obvious that Gavin was always meant to be the hero. After all, his visions cannot be for naught. 

Levi definitely seemed more heroic to Eve when she realized he risked everything — without knowing if he would be able to come back — to save her. 

Her perspective changed, however, when Levi informed her that Gavin was the reason he was down there — Gavin was the reason the whole rescue mission was happening because he proved that his visions were real. 

At this point, you could see Eve just tense up and feel guilty and shameful for assuming her husband was never there for the family. 

He was literally planning for this very moment all to be told that he wasn’t doing enough for his loved ones.

Of course, you can’t blame Eve for thinking Gavin was losing it. It’s not every day that a man’s visions of the past are actually legit.

Again, it’s messy since both men have good intentions. 

Even was definitely taken aback by Levi’s arrival, but it was obviously comforting to see a familiar face. 

The survivors saw the plane come crashing through the force field, so a group of them decided to make their way to the wreckage to see if there was anyone that might be able to save them. 

While he wasn’t able to whisk them all home, he did come prepared with provisions, information, and a vessel that allowed them to detect a nearby signal. 

Signal? Here? How? 

Those are all valid questions and the same questions the survivors have. 

At this point, they have nothing to lose. If they walk into the lion’s den, they might end up dead. If they don’t, they might also end up dead.

It’s unclear how a signal deep within the woods is possible, but it eventually led them to an area populated by huts that indicates that there are others in the area. 

Could this man-made neighborhood be Rebecca’s crew? If so, this means they might know a lot more about what’s going on down here than anyone else. 

Though, the man that tried to warn Lilly when she stumbled upon Eddie’s lifeless body doesn’t strike me as a government crew member. 

The man ooked like a native. He had a handprint on his back that matched the handprint seen at the entrance of the village. 

The whole storyline with Lily and her sister Veronica is really strange. Veronica doesn’t want Lily to speak, she’s possessive over her, she’s violent, and she keeps insisting that they aren’t here to “help these people.”

It’s almost as if she believes they’re a different breed. 

There’s definitely some resentment about their father. Veronica seems to have a lot of respect for him, while Lily doesn’t seem to be all that fond of him. 

What’s the deal here?

And will Veronica retaliate against Lily for rebelling?

Elsewhere, Sam and Riley parted ways. She almost lost her life to a giant anaconda in the river, while he was championed the remaining survivors to take turns watching the grounds for whoever (or whatever) killed Eddie. 

There was also a subplot with Scott and Lucas after the latter found out that the former found his drugs and dumped them. I know Scott was just getting rid of the heroine as a protective measure, but since it came in handy as a pain medication once, why wouldn’t they hold onto it in the event that someone else got injured?

Also, who is Lucas trying to sell all this heroine to in the past? It’s not like there are hoards of buyers lining up!

While Scott and Lucas don’t seem like main characters, they’re definitely stealing the show away from Josh and Izzy. 

Why are the children of the man with the visions and the leader of the pack the dullest?

What did you think of the episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below now! 

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Ordinary Joe

Ordinary Joe Review: Mask On Mask Off (1×05)



Ordinary Joe Review Mask On Mask Off

It’s Halloween time on Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 5, “Mask On Mask Off,” and some unsettling secrets were revealed! Initially, I thought this show was going to be a wholesome ponderance about different life choices. Little did I know we were going to get some big drama.

While the show’s narrative is mostly third person, there’s no doubt it’s focused on Joe. The challenge is balancing three storylines and furthering multiple characters while providing more than a one-dimensional cast. Ordinary Joe understands the assignment but struggles to execute it well.

Through flashbacks, Eric’s coming out story is explored. It wasn’t a terrible scene, but nothing special. The dialogue between young Joe and young Eric was a bit cheesy, with Joe responding to Eric’s news, saying, “how can I support you?” It’s a nice moment shared, but there could have been more.

Even as Eric’s identity is explored, it’s not at the center of this episode, so it instead feels like a throwaway storyline.

Ordinary Joe Review Mask On Mask Off

Joe and Amy on Ordinary Joe. (Photo by: Fernando Decillis/NBC)

Couples therapy seemed to have smoothed things over in Jenny and Joe’s marriage, and Jenny rescinded the divorce papers. We knew it was going to happen. They’re just too good together. Although, Joe’s marriage to Amy in the red storyline is struggling and hitting new lows.

Joe continued to withhold his big secret from Amy, despite being relentless in connecting with Zeke. But, as expected, Bobby was the one to tell Amy that Joe’s been seen with Jenny a few too many times. In this red storyline, I thought Bobby was safe and not so overt with his attraction to Amy. However, during the Halloween soiree for her campaign, he puts on the googly eyes, and yep, they sleep together.

It would be easy to blame Amy’s infidelity on simply trying to hurt Joe the same way he hurt her, but it goes beyond that. Not to excuse Amy, but it’s clear her marriage with Joe hasn’t been fulfilling, and she’s looking for love and support from someone, and a few drinks later, Bobby is that person.

Although, to say I’m upset about this would be a lie. As Eric noted, Jenny and Joe are not friends. They have too much history together. And according to the quote by Rumi, “lovers don’t finally meet somewhere, they’re in each other all along.”

Ordinary Joe Review Mask On Mask Off

Joe and Jenny on Ordinary Joe. (Photo by: Fernando Decillis/NBC)

Perhaps this is why the green storyline is the most wholesome and least dramatic. Amy’s happily married to Eric, and there’s no thought about infidelity. Jenny and Joe are meant to be together, so the only conflict is between them, with no outside forces. It will be interesting to see how distance affects their relationship, though.

Meanwhile, in the blue storyline, Joe and Jenny play detective and look into Bobby’s history with Carrie, his old intern. Amy’s offended at the accusation at first, but when Bobby lies to her about there being others, she knows it’s a pattern.

Bobby’s got it coming for him, so he better watch his back. I hate that he’s a snake, but there has to be a least one in a show, and unfortunately, he is the easiest candidate.

What did you think of the newest installment? Which is your favorite storyline? Please don’t forget to leave your comments down below!

Stray Musings:
  • Chris and Moh are mirror images of Joe and Eric. Also, the audition scene was incredible. No way Moh sounds that terrible. But, it’s good to see Chris at school and in an environment other than his house.
  • We didn’t know Joe had an estranged sister, Camille, right? There must be a reason they lightly touched on it.
  • Eric’s bisexual representation is certainly needed on TV right now. So, it’s good to see them highlight a bisexual, biracial man.
Rating: 3.5/5

Ordinary Joe Review: Shooting Star (1×04)

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