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Good Girls Synergy Review Good Girls Synergy Review

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Good Girls Season Finale Review – Beth Becomes a Business Owner (3×11)

GOOD GIRLS -- "Synergy" Episode 311 -- Pictured: (l-r) Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland, Manny Montana as Rio -- (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC)



Beth Boland can play the game, but with Rio constantly flipping the game, the poor girl cannot catch up.

But we knew that; it’s not a new concept that was introduced this season. And that right there is the problem with season 3 of Good Girls.

The season didn’t infuse the storylines with anything new. Instead, they relied on old storylines — Beth buying a business to wash money (a spa instead of a car dealership), Beth trying to get keys to the kingdom by killing Rio, and the feds closing in on them — as a cushion. Maybe what’s worked before works again for other shows, but the audience of Good Girls expects refreshing and thrilling; the unique-aspect of the show, the developed characters, and their relationship are the reason we fell in love with this show. 

Sadly, season 3 felt tired, uninspired, and as if it was going through the motions. 

It would be unfair to judge this episode as the season finale since it only got the title after the season was shortened by the coronavirus pandemic, but even as a standalone episode, it was less than stellar. 

The hitman storyline wasn’t resolved and will now roll into a potential next season (a season 4 renewal is still pending at NBC). James was paid a pretty good sum of money to eliminate Rio and still never completed his assignment. 

This meant that Rio continued to pose problems for Beth.

On Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10, Rio told Beth to develop a plan, so she did. She proposed that she would wash her cash through her new business venture, Dean’s pool and spa shop called Boland’s Bubbles. I’m digging the name. 

Beth thought she was so clever until Rio told her that since it was such a good idea, she would be producing and washing the cash herself from now on. He used the term business term “synergy,” and seemed really impressed with himself, but really, it meant he was washing his hands of doing any of the dirty work. 

At this point, even when Beth is winning she’s losing. 

Beth became a small business owner and promised Dean his venture would remain clean and “free” of Rio, but she already sold Rio the idea before they even acquired the property. 

Since she told Rio the business was operational when it wasn’t, she was forced to once again go to extreme lengths to keep her employer happy. 

Thankfully, they didn’t return the old school way of washing the cash via department stores, but their new plan was much riskier and dragged yet another husband into this mess.  

Ruby offered to wash the cash at Stan’s strip club and made it seem like it was fine to do because the place is full of sin. Ruby, who are you to judge!? The place of sin also allows Stan to take home a paycheck and keeps their family afloat, so I say, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. 

Their stunt could have cost Stan his job if they hadn’t done their best to protect him in the process. 

Beth got creative and used her son’s explosive science project so that the fake cash would catch fire once it was loaded onto the truck and swapped out with the real money. 

That way, no one would ever figure it out or link it back to them. However, since the feds are looking into them, specifically Ruby, anything that happens in any business that’s somehow connected to them becomes suspicious. 

How I wish I could just yell through the screen and tell them that they’re on the FBI’s radar. 

The exchange allowed Ruby to pay Stan and the tip jar, which temporarily fixed things between them. 

And it allowed Beth to get the necessary funds to acquire Four Star Pool and Spa from smug Gayle. She just loved to throw it back into Beth’s face that Dean was a cheater who has “done this before.” Gayle, girl, it’s not like this was your first rodeo either. At least Dean wants to make it work with his wife.  

Plus, Gayle really underestimates Beth. Yes, Beth wants Dean to “feel like a man again,” but she also looked him straight in the eye and lied to him about this being his non-shady business. 

And it happened after Dean was brutally honest with her about his cheating ways back in the day. Dean used to be the problem in the relationship, but he’s been doing his best to fix things. It’s Beth who is the root of all destruction now. 

How does she plan to keep Dean in the dark since Rio will most definitely be coming around? 

Beth also took a move from Rio’s playbook when she sought out Mick’s advice on how he robbed her of furniture. 

When she walked into the pool and spa shop the next day to negotiate with Gayle, all of the hot tubs were — gasp — missing! 

Beth pretended to be shocked and swooped in to buy the place and unburden Gayle from all the trouble. Admittedly, it was a boss move and proves that Beth has what it takes to get what she wants, but I wish they would’ve shown us how Beth accomplished it. 

Did Mick and Rio’s men help? And what does she plan to do? Does she want to put all the stolen product back into the spa and sell it? Wouldn’t the cops have it jotted down and question how she got it all back?

While Beth and the ladies think Boland’s Bubbles is a small step to freedom, they remain in the dark about another threat lurking right under their noses.

If they knew, Beth would not be making such bold moves. Once Phoebe, the FBI agent, finds out Beth bought a pool and spa shop, she’s going to have a lead in the case. The fact that these women who have nothing to their name, not even furniture, can somehow buy cars and businesses in straight cash is suspicious with a capital S.

Phoebe is already closing in on Ruby. She posed as a dorky customer getting a manicure, which is when she caught Ruby at her most vulnerable. When Ruby was explaining how you can tell if a bill is fake, I wanted to scream.

She also stole Ruby’s phone and while she may not have found anything substantial on the phone, there are so many pictures of Beth and Annie, that she’s bound to look into the both of them and make some kind of connection. 

Beth thinks she’s being smart about everything, but when you look at it, Rio has found a way for Beth’s name to be on everything while his name is on nothing. He’s playing her like a fiddle. 

Rio may be a business partner, but nothing ties back to him. Beth is now the owner of a business that’s washing the cash she and the ladies produce. And Rio sits back and gets a huge cut of it all. 

Beth needs to learn how to operate on his level. Since she’s clearly not planning on giving up the game, maybe she should be turning to him for pointers instead of focusing so much on trying to eliminate him. 

When she confronted him about being given the keys again, he simply told her “next time, make sure the clip is empty.” Rio is honestly getting a kick out of the fact that he’s ruining her life. 

Which brings me to the biggest disappointment of the season — Rio’s screentime getting cut. 

This is not about me having a crush on Manny Montana (admit it, we all do), it’s about the fact that Rio is one of the most interesting characters; he’s an enigma, and the audience wants to get to know more about him. 

Why would you cut his screentime and reduce it to nothing more than driving up to pick up some cash from Beth each week?

It’s not only a waste of his talents but also a waste of a promising character who is just aching to have his backstory told. 

And lastly, Annie’s story-arcs were completely untouched.

Is she still dedicated to re-taking the GED? Are things officially over with Josh Cohen or will he leave Lyla and run back to Annie?

He was seemingly introduced for Annie to grow as a person, but it’s tiresome to always see her get used by a guy and then left alone to pick up the pieces. Is it so hard to write her a decent man?

This season wasn’t my cup of tea. That isn’t to say I didn’t go into every week eager to see what shenanigans the ladies would be up to this week, but I can’t say I left feeling blown away either. It was mediocre. But I strongly believe the series has so much more potential, and I’d love to see the writers redeem themselves in season 4.

So, to wrap it up, please #RenewGoodGirls because we need to find out how all of this ends, how close Beth is to getting arrested, and why Rio plays tennis! 

Till next season, Cravers! Leave your comments — if you agree with me or if you don’t — in the comments section below! 



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Big Brother All-Stars Review: Chess, Not Checkers (22×32)



Big Brother All-Stars Episode 32 Review

There’s only 2 full weeks left in the 3-month long season that is Big Brother All-Stars. Memphis was just evicted on a unanimous vote, leaving Cody, Enzo, Christmas, and Nicole to fight it out to claim $500,000. The entire season hasn’t really been all-star worthy, and it’s clear this week that this streak could continue.

After Memphis’ eviction, the final 4 turned their sights on the next Head of Household competition. Kaysar returned to the house to tease the competition, Knight Moves, a competition he played on BB6. Only Christmas, Enzo, and Cody could play, as Nicole was the previous HOH. The rules for the game required the players to move on a giant chess board like a knight does in chess: in an “L” shape. The square they land on then gets flipped over and cannot be landed on again. One by one they take turns until they can’t make anymore moves, and the last one left gets Head of Household. Enzo was in a tough situation going into the competition: he’s aligned with Cody and Nicole, and was also in an alliance with Christmas and Memphis before he left. He wanted to play the competition so that he’s not showing a bias to either side, so he made moves away from Cody and Christmas, which caught both of their attention. It was clear to both of them that he was only playing the competition for himself, rather than for their alliances. With Enzo making so many deals, he wouldn’t be able to make large moves without upsetting someone, which he didn’t want to do. Cody wanted to work with Enzo to box out Christmas, and vice versa with Christmas and Enzo. Since Enzo was doing the opposite, Cody had to sacrifice himself to give Christmas less moves to make, and soon after, Christmas followed suit, giving Enzo a one-way ticket to the final 3.

After the competition, Christmas was nervous that Cody was targeting her in the game, since she doesn’t really know why, when in reality, she’s the last person Cody’s not working with. Enzo strutted his stuff around the house, winning his second HOH of the season, and Cody and Nicole conspired behind his back. Cody wasn’t sure if Enzo didn’t understand the game, or if he was showing his true colors, but was giving him the benefit of the doubt. Nicole was the other way: she believes that Enzo was showing his true colors and only cares about himself in the game. And to that I say…it’s an individual game. One person wins at the end, not two, not three. At the end of the day, they have to look out for themselves. It’s ridiculous.

Christmas confronted Cody about why he was going after her in the competition, and Cody really beat around the bush with the answer, while also answering at the same time. He was saying that he was just playing the competition and was going for moves that he saw to eliminate someone. Christmas couldn’t really tell what he was saying, but accepted the answer none the less.

After reading a letter from his brother in the HOH room, Enzo and Cody met together to discuss the nominations, the HOH competition, and what to do moving forward. Cody outright tells Enzo he was terrible at the competition, even though Enzo thinks otherwise. Regarding the nominations, Enzo wants to go after Nicole, because she has a larger chance of getting to the end and winning for the second time. Cody doesn’t want to do that, and wants to go after Christmas, since she wants him out, and with only one person voting this week, Christmas could win the Veto and send Cody out. In the Diary Room, Enzo said that he regrets not sending Nicole out during the Triple Eviction (something that the entire fan base agrees with), but hopes to steer Cody into wanting to go after Nicole, rather than Christmas.

Okay, Big Brother, I get it. There’s 4 people left. I know they aren’t always talking about the game. But showing segments of Christmas trying to remember a high school talent show dance with Cody sitting uncomfortably, Nicole sneezing obnoxiously, Cody talking about his insecurity of his nose, and Nicole throwing old bananas at Cody was just really hard to look at. It was the part of the episode that I opened Twitter and scrolled around on that for a few minutes.

FINALLY, Christmas goes to Enzo about what he wants to about nominations. Enzo wants the final 3 to be himself, Cody, and Christmas, but knows that it’ll be difficult to get Cody to either switch his mind, or leave him on the block. Both of them know that they have to win the Power of Veto to get Cody on the block in some way in order to get him or Nicole out of the house.

After a boring episode, Enzo nominates Nicole and Christmas for eviction. I bet he hopes to possibly get into a situation for Christmas to win the Veto, so that she is the sole vote to evict on eviction night. The real power belongs to the Veto competition, which takes place on Wednesday.

Mediocre Player of the Episode: 
Cody. I say mediocre because he didn’t do anything spectacular during this dull episode, and compared to everyone else, he did better this time around. At this rate, the check should just be written for Cody, and save us all the trouble.

Worst Players of the Episode: 
Everyone else. Nicole has floated her way to the end like she’s done in the past, and could be seated at the final 2 once again for that reason. Christmas is trying, but she still thinks the Wise Guys alliance is still a thing, when it’s been destroyed when Enzo revealed it to Cody. Enzo is playing for third place…again. If Cody and Nicole are in the final 3 with him, and he doesn’t win the final HOH, he will be sent out and be the final member of the jury. Not taking Nicole out when he had the chance will haunt him forever.

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Everything We Already Know About ‘YOU’ Season 3 on Netflix Including New Cast Members



Everything We Know About You Season 3

Hello, you.

Joe Goldberg, Will Bettelheim, or whatever we’re calling him these days, is only just getting started with you. 

WARNING: stop reading if you don’t want spoilers for YOU Season 1 and Season 2! 

The second season of the Lifetime-turned-Netflix series left on a pretty major cliffhanger: Joe is expecting a child with Love. Oh, and despite being confronted by someone equally as insane that made him realize his behavior and actions are completely unacceptable, he cannot help himself when he notices his new neighbor and his stalker-senses start tingling again.

Given all of that, it’s no surprise that the upcoming third season (which was renewed in early January) is highly-anticipated. It’s shaping up to be even more intense than the first two seasons combined.

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The stakes are much higher now that a child is involved, Joe is being held accountable for his actions by Love, and much to his dismay, he’s stuck in a relationship with someone he’s not even in love with.

So, here’s what we know about the third season of YOU.

  • You’re going to binge-watch it – HA, okay, that was just a joke to see if you were paying attention. Of course, you’re going to binge-watch it.
  • It will premiere in 2021 – Netflix has confirmed that. In other words, you have about a year to recover from the insanity that was season 2.
  • Production has already kicked off – Showrunner Sera Gamble took to Twitter to share that “We’ve started work on season 3. Just thought you’d want to know.” And yes, we did want to know, so thank you, Sera.

  • It will be 10 episodes – Both seasons have consisted of 10 episodes so why fix something that isn’t broken, am I right?

View this post on Instagram

i’m addicted to you don’t you know that you’re toxic

A post shared by YOU (@younetflix) on

  • You’ll see some familiar faces – Badgley will obviously reprise his character as stalker Joe, while Victoria Pedretti will return as his psycho baby momma Love Quinn.
  • Who are the new cast members? – Shalita Grant joins as Sherry, a “Mom-fluencer” who appears down to earth but is really a mean girl pretending to invite Love into her circle. Travis Van Winkle will play Cary, a wealthy guy who invites Joe into his circle. Sounds ominous. And if we know anything about Joe and Love, this isn’t going to end well for either Sherry or Travis.
  • Will Ellie be back? It’s not confirmed, but I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll also see Jenna Ortega return because we need a wellness check on that girl!

View this post on Instagram

do-do you have a first aid kit handy??

A post shared by YOU (@younetflix) on

  • The dream team is returning – Not Joe and Love… never Joe and Love. We’re talking about Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti who delivered some twisted television magic.
  • Can I crush on Joe? – Seriously, no. He’s a narcissistic murder no matter how great his jawline is. You all saw what happened to Delilah.
  • The neighbor will be explored – Not much is known about the plot of season 3, but I reckon the object of Joe’s attention in those final moments is going to play a vital role. Even the season 3 announcement teased “see you soon, neighbor.” There are plenty of theories about who the mystery woman could be (Badgley debunked that it’s his mother, but do we believe him?), but I really want it to be Candace again. She can be like “hey, I’m still not dead.” Or maybe it’s Beck’s sister? Whoever it is, I don’t think it’s going to be anyone random.

  • Is it based on a book? Maybe. The first two seasons were based on novels by Caroline Kepnes, although, the plot did stray from the book ever so slightly. Kepnes is currently writing her third book and close to being finished, but there’s no word if it will inspire the third season.
  • Will Joe finally get what’s coming to him? I mean, I hope so. Whatever happened to the pee cup? How can no one tie any of these murders to him? Why does he keep getting away?

As you wait for the new season, you can binge-watch season 1 and 2 on Netflix.

And don’t forget to check out the funniest memes inspired by our dear Joe and his murderous tendencies.

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Big Brother All-Stars Review: The Twelfth Eviction (22×31)



Big Brother All-Stars Episode 31 Review

Nicole holds all the power for the week, and the final 5 become the final 4. 72 days into this so-called “All-Stars” season, and this eviction is one of the most crucial ones yet. Memphis and Christmas face eviction, but with Cody and Enzo as the only two votes, things can change in an instant.

After Nicole declined to use the Power of Veto, everyone feels different ways regarding the eviction. Memphis feels confident that his Wise Guys alliance will save him, while Christmas believes that Nicole will persuade the two voters to keep her. Memphis put himself into a situation where he can play his way off the block, when he knows that he is in danger. He tells Cody about Christmas’ plan to backdoor Cody if Nicole used the Veto, which Cody knows is a lie, because Memphis tried the exact same plan, and Nicole leaked it to Cody. The only person who is really in a decent spot right now is Enzo, having not seen the block, and has great relationships with everyone. Memphis plants the seed in Enzo’s mind that if Nicole makes it to the end, she will probably win, since she has won before, and it’s impressive for a winner to make it there twice (no one has ever won Big Brother twice).

Enzo and Cody try to discuss the vote in the kitchen: Enzo wanting to evict Christmas, and Cody wanting to evict Memphis, all for different reasons. The second Memphis walked into the kitchen they changed the subject to bread crumbs, which was hilarious to see them change the conversation so rapidly, even if it was a dumb conversation.

For once, smart gameplay was talked about! Cody and Enzo discussed the idea of splitting the vote, making Nicole to be the one to make the deciding vote. This could make Nicole look bad to the evicted person, as well as gain a jury vote for either Cody or Enzo. It’s a smart move, especially when they’re this far in the game with a former winner.

Julie then gave us an update on the jury house, which showed last weeks evictee Tyler join the fray. After showing the other jury members the path to his eviction, the jury members analyze how Cody is running the house, and making deals with everyone to make it to the end. Da’Vonne then confronted Tyler about how he used the Black Lives Matter movement when he wanted to self-evict, and save Da’Vonne and Bayleigh from eviction. Tyler ensured that it was never strategic, and how he felt genuinely bad about the position that Da’Vonne and Bayleigh were in during that week. Too little, too late in my opinion, but I’m glad they buried the hatchet on that. The jurors even got a special segment where they got special messages from home. This usually doesn’t happen, so it was great to see the jurors get a little bit of love from the real world.

Back inside the house, Memphis and Christmas gave the usual pre-vote speech. Christmas joked saying that she’s run out of speeches, and knows that she can benefit everyone. Memphis said that he’s been playing straightforward, and that he needs to stay before Cody starts another grease fire. Whether an actual grease fire happened on the feeds, or it was a game speech, it seemed pretty threatening.

Cody and Enzo entered the Diary Room to cast their votes, and just as I had predicted yesterday, the only votes were all bark and no bite. Memphis was evicted on a 2-0 vote, and it looked like Enzo decided while he was in the Diary Room to send Memphis packing. I’m supremely happy about this: he played a little too dirty and bullied a few people in there, and it was satisfying to see him go. He also kept adjusting his mask under his nose while talking to Julie, and that itself made me angry. Memphis admitted to Julie that he was blindsided by this vote, but acknowledges that the game is the game. He didn’t even want to see his goodbye messages, but they show them anyway, and Cody revealed his relationship with Enzo, and had to get him out for it.

While the Head of Household competition wasn’t shown, they gave the final 4 a little teaser. Kaysar returned to the house and teased that the competition will be one that he played on his first season that he competed on, Big Brother 6 called Knight Moves. It looks like a game where they have to make moves and turn over tiles until they can’t move anymore. This competition will be shown on Monday’s episode, and the final Power of Veto competition will be played next Wednesday! It’ll be a crazy path to the finale.

Who Will Be Nominated? 
As usual, it all depends on the HOH, and of course, the Veto is even more crucial. If Cody wins, he’ll send up Christmas and Nicole, same goes for Enzo. If Christmas wins, I think she will for sure target Cody, but there is no telling what could happen from now until next Thursday.

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