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Good Girls Taking Care of Business Good Girls Taking Care of Business

Good Girls

Good Girls – Taking Care of Business (1×05)



They are just normal women shopping… with fake money.

That’s the caveat on this week’s Good Girls as Beth, Annie and Ruby make good on their business proposal to Rio.

What seemed like a pretty grand idea last week, and I say that loosely because it never seemed like a good idea to me, is a nightmare now that they realize the FBI is onto them.

Beth gets a visit from Agent Turner, the man that’s been getting intel from Boomer. He doesn’t really reveal a reason for the visit just asks if there’s anything “weird” happening in the hood.

Dean is too clueless to really grasp the seriousness of the situation but Beth picked up on the fact that Turner kept eyeing her.

She tells the girls they should simply back out now but time and time again, they find themselves at the same crossroads — they need the money.

They’re smart women so I’m not sure why they don’t realize the takeaway isn’t more illegal money = more problems.

Since they’ve started on this “bad lifestyle,” nothing has gotten easier. In turn, they’ve just dug bigger holes for themselves, put their families in danger with some ugly people and have the FBI tailing them.

They try to return the fake 100k that Rio gave them, which he expects returned in real money, but he puts his foot down — this isn’t Girl Scout cookies, you can’t give the cookies back. They are now on the hook for distribution.

So, they get to business mapping out stores all over the city with the biggest ticket items. Seeing how organized Beth is and how she had a method to her madness, I can see why Rio believed they’d be a good fit for his, uh, business model.

My point, and I think it’s fair, is that most people don’t make large purchases with cash. Who buys a five-thousand dollar TV with cash? Why would you have that much money with you? It automatically raises a red flag!

Still, each of them is able to purchase their products without any hassle.Well, almost.

Annie takes them on an unnecessary segway after she takes the cashier up on his “hook-up” offer and then realizes he stole her receipt.

Without a receipt, she isn’t able to give back the product, which means they are out a ton of money.

Personally, I’d be more concerned that the dude would try to steal my money. After all, it isn’t every day that a woman walks in with a wad of several thousand dollars. My first instinct was that he saw a rich girl and wanted to capitalize.

Also, if you’re buying that many TVs and spending that much money at one time, wouldn’t the dude become suspicious that you lived in a little dingy apartment?

Doesn’t even matter because the dude was a complete tool who only stole the receipt so she wouldn’t call him again because he was married with children.

Annie wanted to bust his ass right then and there for being a cheating scumbag, but Beth didn’t allow it, which led to quite an interesting altercation while they were digging through the trash. Again, these problems DID NOT exist before they made deals with very bad people.

Beth, someone who has been cheated on herself, made it very clear to Annie that she didn’t need to embarrass the woman or tell her something she was already very aware of. The look on her face made it clear she knew her marriage was a sham and her man was stepping out on her.

We see Beth as this strong character; a leader of the pack. It’s easy to forget that she’s in this place to get her family out of a dark time.

The second time Agent Turner rolls around, it’s a bit more serious — he has a picture of Rio leaving her house. When Beth denies every seeing the gang banger, he suggests he’ll just go ask her husband.

Obviously, Dean would recognize him from the time Rio rolled up to a children’s party and had an argument with his wife in the bedroom.

“Don’t do that,” she retorts, using the “I can’t talk about this in front of the kids” excuse.

In a panic, she calls Rio to get some advice but he doesn’t seem too worried. He brought her on because she’s cunning so she’ll likely have no problem talking herself out of this one. He even recommends saying that they were sleeping together, which gets Beth all flustered.

Clearly, Beth is sexually attracted to this guy, she just doesn’t want to admit it. Even the girls realized it when they couldn’t remember his name and she said it proudly like she was talking about some celebrity crush.

In fact, when she went to Turner’s office and told him she had a one-night stand with Rio, his follow up questions could have easily put a dent in her story. But as we know, Beth is an impeccable storyteller and she hit him with a fully-detailed play-by-play of her night with Rio. And yes, she was definitely hot and bothered by it and it’ll likely lead her to make some kind of move on him.

And while I’m in full support of her embracing this side of herself, sleeping with a con who is hunted by the FBI may have some long-term implications.

As will Dean lying about cancer to her face. Can you believe he’s such a scum that he’s lying about something so serious to get his wife back after he CHEATED on her?

And all the money they made from their agreement with Rio went to Ruby, who is using it to pay for her daughter’s medical treatment. It was heartbreaking to see Sara refuse to take her meds because she knew her parents couldn’t afford it.

You always want to be strong for your kids, but your kids can also see when you are struggling and want to help. In this case, it came with a hefty price of her health.

Ruby and Stan are incredible parents though and played it off so well. I was in awe of the united and strong front they put up so their baby girl wouldn’t worry. Hopefully, when he finds out she lost her job, he doesn’t lash out too much.

Also, Beth needs to renegotiate the cut they are getting because in passing 25K seems like a lot, but when you have to do so much illegal stuff and it’s split three ways, it isn’t much at all.

The stakes are being raised — will they continue down this path or sell Rio out to the FBI?

Thoughts on this week’s Good Girls?

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Good Girls

Good Girls – You Have Reached the Voicemail Of Leslie Peterson (2×03)



Good Girls You Have Reached The Voicemail of Leslie Peterson

I shouldn’t be this happy about Boomer’s death, but I’m totally celebrating Boomer’s death.

But best of all, I’m celebrating that it was Mary Pat who killed him.

There’s something so satisfying in knowing that after he mentally abused her, treated her kids like crap, and forced himself onto her, that justice was served.

It’s always the ones you least expect that are capable of snapping.

But seeing her so scared and hurt after Boomer had come onto her was painful to watch.

He deserved what was coming though she would have been able to use the self-defense card had she not moved his body and chopped it up into itty bitty pieces.

The way Mary Pat described how she used a meat carver from Thanksgiving to make his body fit into the meat locker was horrid and hilarious at the same time.

Oh, Mary Pat.

The scene was only made better by Ruby, Beth and Annie’s reactions that went from understanding to downright shocked.

Personally, I would have washed my hands of this completely and let Mary Pat deal with it.

She took care of their problem, but they didn’t have to make his chopped up body their problem. They didn’t have to become accomplices.

But you know they did!

Ruby got the idea of disposing him at a wasteland from her daughter’s school project.

Watching them struggle to carry his dead body to a dumpster gave me so much anxiety.

I almost joined in Ruby’s prayer because man, this is downright the worst thing they’ve ever done.

How do they even sleep at night?

And why weren’t they at least wearing gloves? Their fingerprints are all over that body bag.

Of course the moment they finally moved the body, they’d realize his cellphone was inside.

I don’t even want to imagine what digging through that body bag must have looked like, and I’m glad the writers spared us the imagery.

While most of us would agree that the world is better off without Boomer, it was heartbreaking to listen to Marion call and leave worrisome voicemails.

There’s at least one person that will miss him.

Seeing Annie break down after hearing the voicemails also assures us that despite doing all these terrible things, they still have a conscience.

Beth earned her “boss bitch” status after handling Boomer. After he failed to show up for his deposition, he left her a letter addressed to the “boss bitch” with a key inside.

What do you think is inside the storage locker?

Does this mean Beth passed the test and is officially part of his gang?

Is Rio even the leader of the gang or is he working for someone?

Just like when we saw him with a kid, it was striking to see him out of his element playing tennis at a ritzy place with what seemed to be his lawyer.

His lawyer connection explains how he’s been getting all the intel on the “inside.”

But who is this lawyer? Why does she want Beth involved?

She wanted to know how everything was going which made me feel like she’s the one calling the shots.

What did you think of the episode?

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Good Girls

Good Girls – Slow Down, Children at Play (2×02)



GOOD GIRLS Slow Down, Children At Play

So, by “take care of him,” Rio obviously meant kill Boomer.

This is how far the ladies have come — they’re swinging a gun with a silencer at a donut shop like it’s no big deal while Annie asks “how’s Tuesday” like they are planning a wine night.

The girls have been put at an unbelievable crossroads. If they kill Boomer, well, they’ll have murdered a person, but Boomer isn’t just a pain in the ass, he’s also a rapist.

And Boomer, man, he’s just asking for it.

For a moment, the girls considered killing Boomer. It seemed like the easy way out. However, we know that every action has a worse reaction. This series is proof of that.

Beth is hardcore, I won’t take that from her, but she’s too analytical to ever murder someone.

Annie should have been the one they trusted if they really wanted to get it done. She doesn’t think or consider consequences, she does first and worries later.

Instead of killing him, the girls tried to pay him off which dug them into another unbelievable financial hole.

See what I mean by every action has a worse reaction?

In order to scramble enough money, Beth sold the family’s fridge and dishwasher (who needs those anyway), Ruby took out yet another loan, and Annie stole a Tesla.

You see what I mean by Annie gets things done?

But stealing a Tesla also shows how in over their heads they really are. Annie would have been better off stealing things like diamonds, wallets, purses, heck, even shoes.

A Tesla is an electric car operated by computers. It’s the most traceable thing at the party which makes it the dumbest choice.

Also, as Dean pointed out since it’s an electric car it cannot be sold for parts.

The girls have been doing a good job staying afloat, but another example of how in over their heads they happened when Beth gave Rio back the gun.

She described in detail how she killed Boomer, but whoops, forgot to take out the bullet loaded inside.

You can’t kill someone without a bullet.

Their determination and saaviness is why Rio keeps them around. They aren’t “proffesional gangsters” yet by any means, but they have the makings.

I’ve mentioned how obsessed I am with Rio and Beth’s attraction to each other.

He’s the most dangerous man she’s ever encountered yet, for some reason, she trusts him and feels safe around him.

The ending scene was proof of that. She wasn’t scared that he’d kill her, she wasn’t scared that he was watching her put up a stop sign, she just confided in him.

And, in turn, he said he was going to “teach her,” which is proof he sees her potential.

Oh, and don’t get me started on how he so gentle and sexily brushed the hair away from her face.

The Boomer problem isn’t going away either. He took the money, got himself beat up, and told Agent Turner the gang came for him so he’d put him in protective custody.

This dude is unbelievable.

Annie’s affair with her ex Gregg came to light in the most unfortunate way.

For the first time ever, Annie and Nancy were actually getting along. Annie wasn’t completely disgusted by Nancy, who leaned on her and opened up to her after Gregg, who was unexcited about the baby, confessed that there was someone else.

It was only a matter of time before Gregg came knocking on Annie’s door just as Nancy was there pouring her heart out.

Ugly, right?

The worst part is that Gregg didn’t even seem phased by breaking up with his pregnant wife. I was rooting for Annie and Gregg but with the baby news, he should have stuck it out with Nancy.

Dean tried going back to work to help provide for the family and ended up doing more harm.

Dude needs to realize he got shot and needs to take it easy for a bit.

Ruby wins for best moment in the episode after finally standing up to Stan and owning what she did.

Beth was right — when Dean cheated and lied, he did it for Dean. When Ruby did it, she did it for the family.

She saved her daughter, got her a kidney, and honestly, would do it all over again.

It wasn’t God or the church or those thoughts and prayers. And while Stan’s anger is understandable, he should at least be a little grateful that he has such a hardcore lady by his side that would rob a grocery store for her family.

She’s that bitch.

Seriously, give this woman an Oscar for that whole scene!

Alright, Cravers. I’m turning it over to you! What did you think of the episode? Should Beth have shot Boomer?

Will he testify against them?

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Good Girls

Good Girls – I’d Rather Be Crafting (2×01)



Good Girls I'd Rather Be Crafting

They’re back… and in way more trouble than ever.

The ‘Good Girls’ thought they put a gang away, but of course, they made bail and Rio, was not happy.

Before I get into everything else, I have to point out that the opening scene is brilliant.

Christina Hendricks is so good pretending like nothing has happened. She’s cleaning up the bloody mess, sipping her coffee like it’s just another day.

The cup which reads ‘I’d rather be crafting” highlights how very different their lives are from the regular housewife. She even moves the cup to a coaster cause god forbid it would stain her dining room table as she’s wiping up her husband’s blood off the floor.

Simply brilliant.

As predicted, Beth didn’t have it in her to shoot Rio. Some may say it’s because she’s a good person and not a killer, however, I’m leaning towards the idea that she has some twisted feelings for the dude.

And who could blame her? There’s something so attractive about him even though we know he’s a terrible human being.

Related: Good Girls – Summer of the Shark (1×09)

I guess that has to say a lot about our psychology. We love the ‘bad boys’ even if it’s bad for us. The show has promoted it’s whole second series around the fact that good girls like bad boys, and furthermore, that Beth has the hots for Rio.

Though it may be stereotypical, it’s also an interesting concept. A housewife falls for a criminal drug lord. It’s something you’d never see coming which is why, even though Agent Turner is onto her, he can’t nail her for anything.

Beth and I both know Rio is dangerous and capable of hurting everyone we love, but we can’t walk away. It’s Beth interest in him and his lifestyle that’s kept her involved in this mess when there have been ample opportunities to wash her hands of it.

Predictably, Rio shoots Dean and Beth panics. But the most interesting thing is that right before Dean gets shot, he realizes that his fear of his wife falling for someone else have come true. At this moment, it seems like everyone knows about Beth’s feelings for Rio except Beth herself.

Following the shooting, Beth is a complete mess. I don’t blame her either — if he didn’t survive surgery, it would be her fault.

But what fun would it be if Dean, who is now equally as jammed up in this mess as Beth, died?

Beth does her best to make it up to Dean, but he’s not having any of it. Will he become a problem for her in the future?

Speaking of husbands, Stan is still upset with Ruby’s decisions despite doing them for “the family.”

His anger is understandable as well, however, he’s seeing things very linear.

At one point, he tells to come clean to the police and explain what she did and who she did it with.

Incriminating her friends is drastic and unlike Ruby, but she does consider it to make good with her family.

However, at the end of the day, she knows there has to be another way.

Her line about “they’re children have birthday’s to” when Stan gives her flack for possibly not being there for the children when they grow up is profound.

Admittedly, I did laugh out loud when Stan called Ruby out for her “shady lyin’ ass.” Their love is so real and pure.

These ladies did something bad for a good reason and they’re sticking by each other no matter the consequences.

What would Ruby look like if she sold out her friends?

It seems Stan realizes how unfair he was to Ruby because he fetches the pen cap, the only piece of evidence tying Beth to the grocery robbery.

Stan is the man. The ladies tried and failed to retrieve that pen cap, so thankfully Stan was able to do it since it’s crucial to Turner’s case against them.

Without it, all he has are allegations with merit.

I was cracking up when she was stalling in the Starbucks line. Do you know how many angry customers there would be if this happened? I mean, lattes would be thrown, is all I’m saying.

However, Stan is now a co-conspirator alongside Dean, Beth, Ruby and Annie.

GOOD GIRLS -- "I'd Rather Be Crafting

GOOD GIRLS — “I’d Rather Be Crafting” Episode 201 — Pictured: (l-r) James Lesure as Jim Turner, Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)


The only person not involved in this mess is Gregg, but he has his own mess to deal with.

I was really excited that Gregg and Annie were hooking up again. They belong together and Nancy is the worst.

However, everything changed when Sadie revealed that Nancy is finally pregnant.

The look on Annie’s face broke me. Her world and her hopes for the future just came crashing down!

Will Gregg still leave Nancy to be with Annie? Will she want to be with him now that he has a child on the way?

Did Gregg know about this child and still slept with Annie?

Lies perpetrate lies.

Beth, Annie, and Ruby lied about robbing a grocery store and getting involved with a gang, however, lying comes naturally to them.

Annie is lying about her relationship, Beth is lying about her feelings, Ruby continues to lie about what she does to Stan, and they’re all lying to their children about Dean’s shooting and about his robbery.

The tangled web is spinning out and sucking everyone in.

Turner may have lost his evidence against Beth, however, he still has a key witness in Boomer, and Rio wants the ladies to take care of him.

Honestly, with all the things Boomer has done to them, especially trying to rape Annie, he’s the one person who deserves whatever is coming his way.

But how are the girls going to get to him if he’s so buddy-buddy with the FBI?

I’m guessing Mary Pat will play a huge role in it now that she’s engaged to Boomer.

Oh, Mary Pat. Getting involved with Boomer was her biggest mistake. I mean seriously, he manipulated her into getting engaged by leveraging her doings with the ladies and telling her a husband cannot testify against his wife.

Could Boomer sink lower?

Of course, Turner also suspects the ladies because Beth half confessed to robbing the grocery store by trying to have Turner throw the case!

Beth is a smart lady, but that was pretty dumb of her.

Maybe Turner will eventually be the one to help Beth, Ruby and Annie out of this mess?

Or he’ll end up dead at the hands of Rio. You know what happens to people that gangs consider a “problem.”

The biggest game changer came with the revelation that Rio has a son!

‘HE HAS A SON?” I yelled at the TV! Of course, he has a son!

Why else would he be involved with housewives and these neighborhood moms? Why else would he be at games, birthday parties, and swim meets?

We didn’t know much about Rio before, and we still don’t know much about him now, but the idea that he has a home life and a child kind of normalizes him.

We see him in a new light; we think that maybe redemption is possible.

I’m surprised he wanted Ruby, Beth and Annie to see him as a father because they could use that against him.

Or, it may inspire them to see him as less of a threat? Or even to see him as one of them?

At the end of the day, gang leaders are people too. He definitely understands what being a parent is which is why he’s been able to manipulate Beth and her friends so well.

All in all, this changes everything, ups the stakes and makes Rio a much more exciting adversary!

Okay, now can Beth and Rio please hook up? They need to finally air out all of that sexual tension!

I’m turning it over to you, Cravers! How did you like the Good Girls Season 2 premiere?

What are you hoping for this season?

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