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Good Girls The Dubby review Good Girls The Dubby review

Good Girls

Good Girls – The Dubby (2×07)

GOOD GIRLS -- "The Dubby" Episode 207 -- Pictured: (l-r) Manny Montana as Rio, Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland -- (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC)



Beth, what are we going to do with you, honey?

Being a drug dealer is taking a toll on our leading character, and despite clearing tons of cash, she’s been neglecting her family.

At some point, she has to sit down and ask herself is all of this even worth it? Is missing her daughter’s recital because she’s paying more attention to Rio worth it?

How heartbreaking was it to see little Jane so disappointed by her mother?

The intensity and responsibility of it may be no different than working a 9-5, but it’s also a lot more dangerous.

A danger she experienced first hand when she assumed her daughter had been kidnapped by the buyers.

It was the first time she truly felt the consequences of her actions.

Rio has warned her that if she slips up she’ll either end up in jail or dead and that’s because he understands the severity of his line of work.

At the end of the day, she’s a drug dealer who is willingly putting herself, her friends, and her family in the thralls of danger.

Beth proved her disregard for keeping both her friends and her kids safe on “The Dubby.”

Not only did she bring her kids to a drop, but she somehow thought dragging her besties to the buyer’s house to grab her daughter’s blanket was a good idea.

All this does is prove that she’s in over her head regardless if she knows how to diffuse a situation and can put up a brave front to get them out of it.

There was a moment of hope where it seemed like maybe Beth had learned her lesson and realized she couldn’t keep living like this, but all of that went down the drain when they buyer’s sent back her dubby.

When that happened, Beth reverted back to feeling invincible which brings us back to square one.

Beth’s behavior has gotten so out of hand even Dean has considered hiring a hitman to take out Rio.

I hate to break it to him, but Rio isn’t the root of the problem anymore.

Sure, Beth has a crush on Rio and thus, wants to remain in business with him to keep up appearances, but she’s also addicted to the power and allusion of being a boss babe that brings home the dough.

She’s the caretaker who believes the family will fall apart if she doesn’t “handle it.”

Something tells me that even without Rio, she would be going down this dangerous path.

Let’s hope for the children’s sake, Dean heeds his trainer’s warning and looks for a more sound solution when it comes to restoring order within his family. He’s not the brightest crayon in the box, but I think he realizes how dangerous Beth’s game is and won’t do anything to jeopardize his children.

Stan wasn’t too interested in partnering up with Dean to “take care of the situation,” but eventually, I think this moment will hold more weight than it did during the episode.

The husbands are now looped in and affected by their wives’ gang-troubles.

It’ll be interesting to see them figure out a solution.

For now, I don’t blame Stan for keeping a lid on what he knows and lying low. Internal Affairs is investigating dirty cops and thus, closing in on him.

Turner is hellbent on getting his hands on Beth whichever way he can. By requiring a lie detector test to find out who stole the missing cap he’s simply motivating Ruby to his dirty work for him or he’ll bring her and her husband down.

Ruby is in a very precarious position. She wants to protect her family but will she do it at the cost of her closest friends?

It sure seems like it.

Ruby initially tried to give Turner the bare minimum, but obviously, that isn’t going to cut

Seeing the FBI close in on Dan motivated her to dig through all of Beth’s things for her calendar of drops.

It’s painful to watch Ruby decide to turn in her best friend, but she doesn’t have much of a choice. It’s a ‘eat or be eaten’ situation.

And realistically, Beth is openly working alongside a drug dealer and dragging them further and further into this mess.

The only one with enough power to stop her is one of her closest friends.

I wonder if Annie will side with Ruby or attempt to protect Beth when she finally figures it out.

Annie’s relationship with her new manager is flourishing.

In fact, things are moving a little too quickly.

There was obvious chemistry between the two of them the moment they met at the company party, but I didn’t expect them to sleep together so soon.

Boomer would be furious if he saw how easy it was for the new boss to woo Annie.

While the new manager seems to be a genuinely good guy who sees Annie’s worth, I’m a little disappointed that this means Annie’s fling with Greg is going to fizzle out.

Why did she have to ruin his relationship with Nancy for absolutely no reason?

Will this cause Greg to spiral in jealousy?

What is going on with Greg anyways? Is he still living in a hotel?

Is Sadie treating him with the same amount of disrespect as she’s treating Annie?

Sadie’s anger is understandable, but if she resents her mother for breaking up Greg and Nancy’s marriage, she should similarly resent Greg for hurting Nancy.

It takes two to tango; Annie wasn’t the only one hurting Nancy.

The focus has been predominantly on Beth’s business dealings with Rio, but what’s going on between them personally?

From a business standpoint, they are both making each other a lot of money, but they’ve kind go put their chemistry on the backburner.

The series was once a fun evening spent with three desperate, independent, and mischevious woman, but it hasn’t been the case for quite some time.

The thrills of “doing something bad” have long since faded for us and for Annie and Ruby. Now, we’re all just putting up with Beth’s uninformed and naive decisions until they catch up with her.


Other Thoughts

  • Beth losing her cool over a yarn color was hilarious. But she was right — Kevin, the cat, wouldn’t care about the sweater color because cats don’t wear scarves. The woman was ridiculous comparing her cat to a child who lost their dubby, and I’m a dog mom.
  • What happened to Mary Pat? Did Turner pin her for Boomer’s murder?
  • Is Annie still visiting Marian? Is she being evicted?
  • Can we have more Rio, please? One scene with him simply isn’t enough for me to get my weekly fix!



  1. Sarah

    April 15, 2019 at 11:56 am

    It wasn’t the buyers who returned the yarn it was Rio. I don’t think we are back to square one she definitely learned her lesson. I do think this will cause her to fall more for Rio though.

  2. Lizzy Buczak

    April 15, 2019 at 9:42 pm

    You’re right! I just rewatched the scene and it was labeled Elizabeth. She’s def going to fall harder for him! He’s so caring sometimes it almost makes up for how often he puts a gun to her head… almost.

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Good Girls Review – The Truth About What Happened to Lucy (3×06)



Good Girls Frere Jacques Review

We knew that was bound to happen, right?

Beth has been like Icarus on this season of Good Girls — she’s flying way too close to the sun.

In Greek mythology, Icarus ignored his father’s instructions and flew so close to the sun that his wings melted and he tumbled to the sea where he drowned.

Beth’s been flying too close for some time now with both Rio and now Max.

Her self-confidence while trying to clean up Rio’s mess, which essentially, is a mess she created because she roped poor Lucy into it in the first place, allowed her to look innocent, but she made plenty of missteps as all roads now lead back to her in the case Lucy’s disappearance.

There are two things Beth should have done immediately following Lucy’s brutal execution: gotten rid of her phone and gotten rid of the damn bird.

Seeing Beth hang onto the phone and worse, try to craft a goodbye message for Max as Lucy, was a facepalm moment. Beth should have known that the first thing anyone would do to find their loved one is t trace their phone. It’s crime 101.

The cops may have not taken the missing person’s report seriously, but Max did, and he traced the phone back right to Beth’s house.

Beth had a sound solution, however, as she confronted Max head-on and explained that Lucy left shortly after sending him the message. When he tracked her phone again, he learned she was in Arizona, which is where the donation facility that Beth, Annie, and Ruby shipped her phone was located.

It seemed like Beth figured a way out of it and she even told Rio they could kick off their operation. Rio was impressed with her “where there’s a will, there’s a way” attitude, and she proved for a moment that she is useful.

But as Beth avoided one problem, she was presented with another — Dorito, formerly known as Lucy’s beloved bird, Au Jus.

Beth should have never brought the bird into her house, but she formed an attachment to it because of her guilt. She couldn’t save Lucy, but she was going to save the bird even if it killed her; it’s one of the only things she can control.

I thought Max would see the bird while at Beth’s house, which would be better because at least she could’ve explained that Lucy left her the bird.

However, Max encountered Dean (a proud bird dad who just found out his pet isn’t dying of cancer but is pregnant instead) at the vet while donating the bird food and immediately recognized his bird.

Of course, Beth can still explain this as Lucy leaving the bird behind for her family, but it’s a lot more suspicious now.

And I doubt Max’s going to buy it. He seemed to accept that Lucy left him, but the bird might cause him to investigate further.

Lucy loved that bird, she’d never just leave it behind. Similarly, she doesn’t strike me as a person who would just run away from a relationship in such a cold-hearted manner. Max’s going to realize that things aren’t adding up.

Beth may be confident that she’s got this handled, but something tells me that she’s going to need Rio’s help shutting Max up.

We may have all been shook by Rio’s decision to kill Lucy, but I think Beth will begin to understand it, especially as she’s threatened by a loose end now.

You get into a “me or them” mentality.

Rio felt absolutely no remorse for killing Lucy, which was to be expected. “It’s just business, darling” was his excuse, and we can’t argue with it. It is business for Rio, which is also a necessary reminder that Beth cannot get caught up in the emotional aspects of it with Rio again.

Rio Did Something Bad on ‘Good Girls’ and We Have to Stop Shipping Him

She keeps having the same convo with Rio over and over again. She keeps being shocked by his ruthless approach and he keeps explaining that this is how the business works.

She’s looking for some shred of humanity, but Rio isn’t going to give it to her. Especially not after she attempted to murder him. If Beth wants to be not that level with him, she has to prove herself.

Many of us had our doubts about whether or not Lucy was really dead. While we never saw the body — which by TV standards means we should remain skeptical — the fact that the ladies dug up her body to open her phone using face recognition and it worked likely confirms her death. Annie also confirmed it by saying she watched the whole thing go down.

Not only was Lucy’s death gruesome and chilling, but the fact that they dug her up simply to unlock her phone was so disturbing. Annie, Beth, and Ruby are crazy, y’all.

Watching them talk about something so nonchalant and normal as Stan’s court outfit while digging up the corpse of a girl they watched get murdered because of them as if it’s their “new normal” proves how far-gone they all are. Nothing about their predicament is ordinary.

And honestly, would the phone even unlock as the body likely began decomposing? I shuddered just writing that sentence.

Stan had a hearing to see if they’d allow him to become a cop again. Ruby vouched for her man with an impassioned speech that said Stan is a cop with or without the badge. She’s so supportive or her man, but a lot of it stemmed from her guilt that she’s the one that cost him his dream job in the first place.

While Stan got the green-light to return to the force, he refused because he said it didn’t feel right anymore. And he’s not wrong. He can’t enforce the law when he breaks it himself. And he can’t be an authoritative figure if his wife is running around robbing banks, printing fake cash, and what else. Eventually, he would have to come after her and it muddles the waters of their professional and personal life.

And then there’s Beth, who is in way over her head by making deals with Rio’s side boy, Mick. There’s no good outcome here. She’s either going to get him killed or herself killed as she continues to prove to Rio that she cannot be trusted by any means.

She’s also now indebted to two gang bangers, which seems like more trouble rather than a way out, plus she’s got Dean involved.

Some may say Dean has been involved for a minute, but he’s never actively played a role until now when he was forced to sell Mick a hot tub.

Everything Beth has been doing this season can simply be described as sloppy.

There’s also her decision to keep half of the money for herself because the “ink got too expensive.”

On one hand, she’s taking her power back and ensuring that she ends up with something once this is all over, but, on the other hand, she’s poking the bear. Rio won’t be pleased when he realizes what she’s up to.

And he will. He’s already skeptical, and he’s been keeping Beth on a short leash because

he doesn’t trust her. He made that very clear when he said she doesn’t get a say after shooting him three times.

How will this pan out as Beth continues to do things that make him question her loyalty?

Other Thoughts

  • Beth saying, “I have herpes,” when she thought Mick wanted to sleep with her was hilarious.
  • Annie’s experience with several other therapists was weird. Is it really that hard to find someone who will just listen to you?
  • I keep getting scared that Annie will say too much and incriminate herself and the ladies.
  • Josh Cohen took Annie back as a patient, but is it because he sees a woman who needs help or does he want something more?

What do you think Rio’s plan for Beth is?

Will she cause a rift between Rio and Mick?

And what does she plan to do with the money she kept? Is she going to wash it herself?

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QUIZ: Which ‘Good Girls’ Guy is Your Soulmate?



QUIZ: Which Good Girls Guy is Your Soulmate?

Want to find out which guy from Good Girls would be your soulmate?

Would it be a passionate man like Stan? Dangerous Rio? or family-man Dean?

Or… is it Boomer?

Take our quiz to find out! Loved this quiz? Find more right here!

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Rio Did Something Bad on ‘Good Girls’ and We Have to Stop Shipping Him



We Need to Stop Shipping Rio on Good Girls

The writers of Good Girls are fed up.

Rio’s latest kill on “Au Jus” proves just how sick they’ve gotten of the constant Rio shipping that’s become all too common for the series.

Regardless of what Rio does or whom he hurts or betrays, the fandom is there rooting for him every step of the way because he’s attractive.

Rio has shot Dean, tortured Beth (part of that is her own fault but still) to no end, and killed Turner, and yet we all justified his actions as “necessary” and “part of the lifestyle.” We’ve excused his toxic and deadly behavior to fit our wants and needs so that we can continue being #TeamRio.

And it’s not surprising that the character has soared to new heights on the NBC series and become a fan favorite — he’s intoxicating.

Related: All the Thirstiest Tweets and Memes About Rio on ‘Good Girls’

Manny Montana is a godsend. His portrayal of Rio is nuanced and electric, his husky voice puts audiences in a trance, and he’s the bad boy we all collectively want a piece of.

He also has intense chemistry with Beth, and their sexual tension is delicious as it unravels on the small screen.

And maybe that’s the problem. Maybe Montana has done “too good” of a job with Rio.

Ask yourself this… if Rio wasn’t cute, sexy, and hard to get, would you still root for him? Chances are you wouldn’t. Rio’s attractiveness is masking who he truly is and we’re all falling for it.

But it stops now.

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It was fun while it lasted, girls. #GoodGirls

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After “Au Jus,” the writers needed him to cross a line that he couldn’t bounce back from. They effectively reminded audiences that there is no reason to root and champion for this specific bad guy.

After he gave the “okay” to pull the trigger on Lucy (granted he actually killed her since the camera panned away from the scene), he proved that he has absolutely no soul and no redeeming qualities. There’s no coming back from that kill.

He gave Lucy false hope, promised he wouldn’t kill her, and used the fact that she was trustworthy against her, but she never stood a chance.

Lucy, with her childlike innocence, was simply collateral in a toxic pull-and-tug between Rio and Beth. And she was disposed of when she served her purpose.

He didn’t shoot Lucy because he was scared she’d rat him out — he knew she wouldn’t —  he shot her to prove that he’s in charge; he was sick of Beth constantly undermining him.

Rio’s act was a stark reminder of just how dangerous and unpredictable he is. He doesn’t follow any rules, he doesn’t have any regard for human life, and he enjoys playing the game. He’s a cold-blooded killer who kills because he can.

Thirsty Tweets about Rio from the Good Girls Played by Manny Montana

Credit: Good Girls/ NBC

He’s not the kind of man who can or should be redeemed. He’s not the man that should be championed or shipped. He’s not the guy that Beth should want to pursue, and he’s definitely not a man we should all be thirsting for regardless of how cute his smile is.

Whenever we root for bad guys on television, there’s usually an ounce of humanity that we can hold onto, but not with Rio.

Those minor moments when he shows emotion towards his kid or family used to make us think he had something redeemable quality, but that shouldn’t be mistaken for kindness anymore. Beth has fallen into that mindset and now, she’s deeper with him then she’s ever been.

He doesn’t care about the lives of others and he doesn’t care about Beth — the only person Rio cares about is Rio. He’ll do whatever to get what he wants, and if you thought otherwise, let this serve as a reminder.

When Rio killed Lucy, the writers of Good Girls killed Rio… and it seems like that was their intent all along.

And now, we need to do our job too. We need to stop shipping Rio.

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