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Good Girls You Have Reached The Voicemail of Leslie Peterson Good Girls You Have Reached The Voicemail of Leslie Peterson

Good Girls

Good Girls – You Have Reached the Voicemail Of Leslie Peterson (2×03)



I shouldn’t be this happy about Boomer’s death, but I’m totally celebrating Boomer’s death.

But best of all, I’m celebrating that it was Mary Pat who killed him.

There’s something so satisfying in knowing that after he mentally abused her, treated her kids like crap, and forced himself onto her, that justice was served.

It’s always the ones you least expect that are capable of snapping.

But seeing her so scared and hurt after Boomer had come onto her was painful to watch.

He deserved what was coming though she would have been able to use the self-defense card had she not moved his body and chopped it up into itty bitty pieces.

The way Mary Pat described how she used a meat carver from Thanksgiving to make his body fit into the meat locker was horrid and hilarious at the same time.

Oh, Mary Pat.

The scene was only made better by Ruby, Beth and Annie’s reactions that went from understanding to downright shocked.

Personally, I would have washed my hands of this completely and let Mary Pat deal with it.

She took care of their problem, but they didn’t have to make his chopped up body their problem. They didn’t have to become accomplices.

But you know they did!

Ruby got the idea of disposing him at a wasteland from her daughter’s school project.

Watching them struggle to carry his dead body to a dumpster gave me so much anxiety.

I almost joined in Ruby’s prayer because man, this is downright the worst thing they’ve ever done.

How do they even sleep at night?

And why weren’t they at least wearing gloves? Their fingerprints are all over that body bag.

Of course the moment they finally moved the body, they’d realize his cellphone was inside.

I don’t even want to imagine what digging through that body bag must have looked like, and I’m glad the writers spared us the imagery.

While most of us would agree that the world is better off without Boomer, it was heartbreaking to listen to Marion call and leave worrisome voicemails.

There’s at least one person that will miss him.

Seeing Annie break down after hearing the voicemails also assures us that despite doing all these terrible things, they still have a conscience.

Beth earned her “boss bitch” status after handling Boomer. After he failed to show up for his deposition, he left her a letter addressed to the “boss bitch” with a key inside.

What do you think is inside the storage locker?

Does this mean Beth passed the test and is officially part of his gang?

Is Rio even the leader of the gang or is he working for someone?

Just like when we saw him with a kid, it was striking to see him out of his element playing tennis at a ritzy place with what seemed to be his lawyer.

His lawyer connection explains how he’s been getting all the intel on the “inside.”

But who is this lawyer? Why does she want Beth involved?

She wanted to know how everything was going which made me feel like she’s the one calling the shots.

What did you think of the episode?

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Good Girls

Good Girls – Thelma & Louise (2×08)



Good Girls Thelma and Louise Review

Ruby and Beth have known each other for a long time.

The series tried to drive that sentiment home and hone in on Ruby’s betrayal by showing them growing up together.

Their first meeting — Beth drove illegal and crashed into a pile of dumpsters in order to get to the grocery store — shows that these ladies have always had a rebellious streak.

Beth especially.

In fact, it makes it easier to accept the recklessness of her current situation.

The flashbacks of Ruby and Beth meeting for the first time, being there for each other through the worst times (Ruby’s father’s funeral), and growing into best friends helps us understand all the sacrifices Ruby has made for Beth and why she couldn’t sell Beth out even when her husband and her children’s lives were in danger.

Some lines you simply do not cross.

It also made Beth and Ruby’s fight hurt that much more.

Ruby’s betrayal, or simply the thought of betraying Beth, was enough to drive a wedge between them.

Ruby felt horrible about almost selling out her best friend, but that wasn’t enough for Beth who felt like she couldn’t trust Ruby anymore.

Truthfully, I’m surprised Ruby didn’t turn her best friend over to the cops. Stan is known for being a bad liar so there’s no way he’d ever pass the lie detector test.

At times, I even wanted Ruby to turn Beth in because maybe it would ground her a little bit.

She’s been walking on water thinking she’s untouchable for far too long.

And while her anger at Ruby made sense, it also underlined how selfish she is about the whole situation.

She didn’t once ask Ruby how Stan is doing nor did she consider that Ruby actually loved her husband as opposed to Beth’s marriage to Dean.

Heck, she really couldn’t even grasp that Ruby was trying to protect her family in all of this.

Instead of realizing that the FBI is closing in and pursuing all angles, she chose to remain blissfully ignorant and blame Ruby for her life falling apart.

Honey, Ruby is the last of your worries right now.

Dean, special Dean, tried to dig them out of a mess, but instead, dug them into a deeper one.

The guys that his fighting coach recommended were some two “kids” who took him for everything he had and stole all of Beth’s hard earned money.

Beth tried to make a deal with them thinking kids would be kids, but it was yet another display of her in over her head she really was.

Despite looking dumber than a bag of rocks, the guys actually caught Dean on tape asking to them to kill Rio.

They knew they had the upper hand because not only was the money they stole illegal, they also had her husband by the balls.

Beth’s plan to give them a car, fill it with stolen goods, and frame them using Ruby’s connection to Turner was pretty brilliant, but not brilliant enough it seems.

As I said, Turner won’t stop until he gets Beth. He wanted to believe Ruby would turn on her bestie, but he didn’t put all of his eggs in one basket.

The biggest shocker of the night came when it was revealed that Annie’s new boss was an undercover FBI agent.

Realistically, I should have known, but I wanted to believe that it was possible that someone normal and promising could take on a store manager position.

Now that I know the truth, I’m livid for Annie.

She’s getting used emotionally by this shmuck who thinks he can trade sex for answers.

Hopefully, she doesn’t tell him anything important. My guess is that he’s going to develop real feelings for her because let’s face it, she’s awesome, and it will compromise his assignment.

Better yet — stick to Gregg! She clearly isn’t over her ex and it’s weighing on her.

Everything about this episode was spectacular, from Beth and Ruby discussing Bey an Jay to Ruby insisting Beth was that kids mom to Rio laughing about Dean’s mishap while plotting to kill him. That last part was probably my favorite.

I can’t figure Rio out to be quite honest. Sometimes he uses tough love on Beth and other times, he’s more than willing to help her clean up a mess.

However, the best part of the episode was hands down Annie jumping into the tub with Nancy to help her give birth.

Despite their differences, Nancy had absolutely no support and Annie couldn’t stand by and let her give birth alone.

She encouraged Nancy berating her because it was helping her dilate — hilarious.

And when Nancy started giving up from all the pain, she hopped into the pool with all those vaginas juices and just held her.

The moment was so pure.

There may be resentment between these women, but there’s also genuine love.

It speaks volumes when a woman would rather have ‘the other woman’ with her during birth than the baby’s actual father.

In a surprising twist, Annie and Nancy’s friendship is the one we never saw coming and never knew we needed.

I don’t know what this means for them going forward or what their situation will be with Gregg but it’s a promising start.

After the birth of her baby brother, Sadie also informed her mom that she was a boy.

While we never expected to be anything less than accepting, it was still beautiful to witness Annie embrace her son for the first time.

And it was even more special because Sadie’s revelation broke the tension that’s been culminating since he found out that her mother is the other woman responsible for her dad and Nancy’s split.

Which brings us to the final moment of the episode and quite frankly, Dean’s smartest move to date.

Dean packed up the children and heave-hoed out of there while Beth was trying to get all of her money back from the two gangsters he hired.

Seriously, can men even clean up their own mistakes?

I only condone this decision because maybe this is the wake-up call that Beth needs to realize that her line of work is hurting plenty of people she cares about.

She almost broke up Ruby’s family and now she lost her husband and her kids. How much more does she have to give up for this life of crime?

It’s not like she can even call the cops and report Dean because she’s part of the FBI’s most wanted.

Agent Turner would probably prefer that Dean had the kids anyways.

Knowing Beth and how dedicated she is to whatever she sets her mind to, she’s going to throw herself into more work.

The only positive of Dean leaving — which I’m not sure why she’s so sad about because it’s not like she loved him — is that she can now pursue something with Rio.

They have chemistry, there’s no denying that, but is it possible to have a relationship that’s based on more than just sex with someone like him?

What did you think of ‘Thelma and Louise?’

Did seeing the younger Ruby and Beth make you understand their friendship better? Is losing her husband and kids the reality check Beth needs?

How will Ruby help Stan get his job back and stay out of prison?

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Good Girls

Good Girls – The Dubby (2×07)



Good Girls The Dubby review

Beth, what are we going to do with you, honey?

Being a drug dealer is taking a toll on our leading character, and despite clearing tons of cash, she’s been neglecting her family.

At some point, she has to sit down and ask herself is all of this even worth it? Is missing her daughter’s recital because she’s paying more attention to Rio worth it?

How heartbreaking was it to see little Jane so disappointed by her mother?

The intensity and responsibility of it may be no different than working a 9-5, but it’s also a lot more dangerous.

A danger she experienced first hand when she assumed her daughter had been kidnapped by the buyers.

It was the first time she truly felt the consequences of her actions.

Rio has warned her that if she slips up she’ll either end up in jail or dead and that’s because he understands the severity of his line of work.

At the end of the day, she’s a drug dealer who is willingly putting herself, her friends, and her family in the thralls of danger.

Beth proved her disregard for keeping both her friends and her kids safe on “The Dubby.”

Not only did she bring her kids to a drop, but she somehow thought dragging her besties to the buyer’s house to grab her daughter’s blanket was a good idea.

All this does is prove that she’s in over her head regardless if she knows how to diffuse a situation and can put up a brave front to get them out of it.

There was a moment of hope where it seemed like maybe Beth had learned her lesson and realized she couldn’t keep living like this, but all of that went down the drain when they buyer’s sent back her dubby.

When that happened, Beth reverted back to feeling invincible which brings us back to square one.

Beth’s behavior has gotten so out of hand even Dean has considered hiring a hitman to take out Rio.

I hate to break it to him, but Rio isn’t the root of the problem anymore.

Sure, Beth has a crush on Rio and thus, wants to remain in business with him to keep up appearances, but she’s also addicted to the power and allusion of being a boss babe that brings home the dough.

She’s the caretaker who believes the family will fall apart if she doesn’t “handle it.”

Something tells me that even without Rio, she would be going down this dangerous path.

Let’s hope for the children’s sake, Dean heeds his trainer’s warning and looks for a more sound solution when it comes to restoring order within his family. He’s not the brightest crayon in the box, but I think he realizes how dangerous Beth’s game is and won’t do anything to jeopardize his children.

Stan wasn’t too interested in partnering up with Dean to “take care of the situation,” but eventually, I think this moment will hold more weight than it did during the episode.

The husbands are now looped in and affected by their wives’ gang-troubles.

It’ll be interesting to see them figure out a solution.

For now, I don’t blame Stan for keeping a lid on what he knows and lying low. Internal Affairs is investigating dirty cops and thus, closing in on him.

Turner is hellbent on getting his hands on Beth whichever way he can. By requiring a lie detector test to find out who stole the missing cap he’s simply motivating Ruby to his dirty work for him or he’ll bring her and her husband down.

Ruby is in a very precarious position. She wants to protect her family but will she do it at the cost of her closest friends?

It sure seems like it.

Ruby initially tried to give Turner the bare minimum, but obviously, that isn’t going to cut

Seeing the FBI close in on Dan motivated her to dig through all of Beth’s things for her calendar of drops.

It’s painful to watch Ruby decide to turn in her best friend, but she doesn’t have much of a choice. It’s a ‘eat or be eaten’ situation.

And realistically, Beth is openly working alongside a drug dealer and dragging them further and further into this mess.

The only one with enough power to stop her is one of her closest friends.

I wonder if Annie will side with Ruby or attempt to protect Beth when she finally figures it out.

Annie’s relationship with her new manager is flourishing.

In fact, things are moving a little too quickly.

There was obvious chemistry between the two of them the moment they met at the company party, but I didn’t expect them to sleep together so soon.

Boomer would be furious if he saw how easy it was for the new boss to woo Annie.

While the new manager seems to be a genuinely good guy who sees Annie’s worth, I’m a little disappointed that this means Annie’s fling with Greg is going to fizzle out.

Why did she have to ruin his relationship with Nancy for absolutely no reason?

Will this cause Greg to spiral in jealousy?

What is going on with Greg anyways? Is he still living in a hotel?

Is Sadie treating him with the same amount of disrespect as she’s treating Annie?

Sadie’s anger is understandable, but if she resents her mother for breaking up Greg and Nancy’s marriage, she should similarly resent Greg for hurting Nancy.

It takes two to tango; Annie wasn’t the only one hurting Nancy.

The focus has been predominantly on Beth’s business dealings with Rio, but what’s going on between them personally?

From a business standpoint, they are both making each other a lot of money, but they’ve kind go put their chemistry on the backburner.

The series was once a fun evening spent with three desperate, independent, and mischevious woman, but it hasn’t been the case for quite some time.

The thrills of “doing something bad” have long since faded for us and for Annie and Ruby. Now, we’re all just putting up with Beth’s uninformed and naive decisions until they catch up with her.


Other Thoughts

  • Beth losing her cool over a yarn color was hilarious. But she was right — Kevin, the cat, wouldn’t care about the sweater color because cats don’t wear scarves. The woman was ridiculous comparing her cat to a child who lost their dubby, and I’m a dog mom.
  • What happened to Mary Pat? Did Turner pin her for Boomer’s murder?
  • Is Annie still visiting Marian? Is she being evicted?
  • Can we have more Rio, please? One scene with him simply isn’t enough for me to get my weekly fix!

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Good Girls

Good Girls – Take Off Your Pants (2×06)



Good Girls Take Off Your Pants Review

Do you remember when I said Beth has it bad for Rio?

I mean, she REALLY has it bad for Rio.

Gone is the housewife who committed one crime and felt terrible about it. She’s a full-on badass bitch making deals with him as if this were her gang and a business she’s all too familiar with.

It’s almost as if she’s completely oblivious to the fact that the feds are closing in on her. That, or she’s playing the ignorance is bliss card.

Either way, she’s about to be taken down by Agent Turner who is possibly getting help from Ruby.

What I dislike most about this new Beth is that she’s no longer a mom doing it for her kids and for her family. She’s doing it for herself. She’s addicted to the thrills and loves that she’s got all this power.

Sure, having Dean take care of the kids for a few weeks to teach him a lesson and show him that running a household is exhausting is one thing, but she basically gave up all her motherly duties because she was “over it.”

Half the time, I don’t think she even sees her kids anymore.

Beth basically forced her way into this new business venture with Rio, but I’m still confused as to what they’re slinging. Are they really just selling everyday medications on the street?

What’s the point of that?

It seems like Beth doesn’t even care what she gets involved with anymore as long as it keeps her looped in with Rio.

And Rio, well, he seems to love messing with her and using his sex appeal to keep her right where he needs her.

I’m beginning to think he has a master plan for her. Maybe he’s setting her up to take the fall for him?

It seems she’s not the only woman he’s playing in this way!

And the fact that Beth got jealous when she saw him getting cozy with another woman (Manny Montana’s in-real-life wife) just goes to show you that she’s really too into him.

And then, of course, there’s the final sex scene with Dean where Beth begs Dean to do exactly what Rio did to her in the bathroom.

At that point, Dean realized that Beth had done this before with someone else.

Then he realized it wasn’t just someone else, it was Rio, the man who shot him and whom he despises.

Now, it’s never a good feeling to realize your significant other has been unfaithful, but in Dean’s case, karma’s a bitch.

Dean couldn’t handle what he once dished out, so he tried to hire his son’s coach as a hitman.

Good luck trying to pull one over on Rio. Dean may have survived the first time Rio shot him, but he definitely wouldn’t survive the next time.

Not to mention, hiring a hitman comes with jail time. These poor kids are going to be left without parents soon enough.

Beth’s approach to having sex with her husband and probably picturing someone else was upsetting because that means this is the kind of love she believes she deserves.

I wouldn’t call it a self-esteem issue because that isn’t Beth’s problem, but she’s been neglected by her husband, cheated on, and now, the only love she thinks she deserves is a quicky reminiscent of a hook-up in a bathroom stall with some dude who doesn’t really care about it.

Poor girl.

Ruby was always going to be the easiest one to crack because she has the most to lose.

Beth is too far gone and Annie, well, she doesn’t have much to offer.

But Ruby? She has two wonderful children and a loving husband who would do anything for her.

So when stupid Mary Pat told Agent Turner that Ruby’s husband was a cop, he found a new angle to come at her with.

Side note: wouldn’t Agent Turner already know about Stan’s profession. As an FBI agent, I would think he’d have full profiles on everyone he was looking into.

Regardless, Turner weaseled his way into dinner at Ruby’s house where he basically told her that if she didn’t come clean, Stan would go down for being involved.

The most surprising thing is that Turner doesn’t want to punish Ruby or Annie for their robbery a grocery store, disposing of Boomer’s body, working with a gang, washing cash and all the other crazy stuff they engaged in.

Nope, all Agent Turner wants is a way to take down Beth.

While one can say she’s the mastermind behind all of this, Ruby and Annie were just as involved.

If Beth goes down, all of them should go down.

How is Ruby going to play this one? She obviously wants to keep her family safe, but I don’t think she’ll be down for ratting out her besties.

Though, what choice does she have?

Sadie and Annie’s relationship has been troubled ever since Sadie found out her mother slept with her father thus breaking up his relationship with Nancy.

And truthfully, Sadie is a good person who’s standing up for the person she believes was mistreated.

But her behavior — telling her mom to get lost, making decisions, and questioning where she got the money — is out of line no matter how easygoing their relationship has been.

Finally, Annie saw how Cooper, her co-worker, turned out with his “cool” relationship with his parents and she put her foot down.

This is the Annie I’ve been missing. She’s always wanted to be the cool mom and Sadie’s best friend, but really, Sadie needs a parent, she needs some stability, and she definitely does not need to know where the money came from.

Your turn, Cravers! Let me know what you thought of tonight’s Good Girls!

Is Beth in way over her head? Will Ruby turn on Beth and Annie? Will Dean actually hire someone to kill Rio?

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