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Gossip Girl- The Return of the Ring



“What did I say about the chips falling where they may? See you next fall.”

Last night’s season finale of Gossip Girl was rather unpredictable and definitely not expected. The characters went through major transformations, which made the time span of the episode feel like it was a whole month rather than 45 minutes. Nonetheless, I will say this was one of the weakest season finales thus far. 

Lets start off by reactions to the return of Bart Bass. Chuck went through so much pain, turmoil and depression when he lost his father in earlier seasons. Once he found out his father was really alive he did everything in his power to help him and make them a family again.  He envisioned a partnership with his father, as he felt he did a good job keeping Bass Industries afloat while Bart was away. As much as we wanted to believe that Bart had changed, we were all in for a horrible surprise.  As he took back the company as a sole owner, he threw Chuck to the curb claiming that Chuck was not yet a man and was blindly led down a destructive rode by the one and only Blair Waldorf, whom conveniently decided that she was going to pick Chuck to be the love of her life. At first it seemed that Bart was trying to make amends with Lily and wanted his son to finally fight for the woman of his dreams. That was not the case at all and in fact,  Lily was also deceived by Bart, whom promised he changed and wanted to make things better. As he manipulated her, she annulled her marriage to Rufus. That might have been the biggest shocker of the finale! Of all the couples, Rufus and Lily really seemed to be the perfect couple. But you know those Van der woodsen girls, a whiff of money and their gone. 

After Dan Humphrey got caught in a feud between S and B that resulted in him getting stood up and ditched for Chuck by Blair and seduced for vengeance by his ex Serena, he finally made the realization that the Upper East Side is not for him. In an interesting turn of events Dan decided to team up with the oh-so-evil Georgina and fly to Italy to find inspiration for his new novel; a story about the UPE, the way it should have been told before he got sucked into everything. Maybe a new (errr return) to a relationship??? After all, they did have a baby together briefly. 

Serena is down a disastrous path as she lost the power she held in the UPE and retorted back to her previous bad habits. The writers did a lot of reigning back to the first season in this finale. First, the sex scene with Humphrey (a la Nate Archibald wedding style). Second, they sent Serena back to her easy and crack-whore days. Things are not looking to good for Ms. Van der Woodsen. She lost all friends, family and boys. While everyone was off trying to create a future for themselves, she got so caught up in the game that she ultimately lost herself. Thats why I respect Blair so much, as much as she plays the game, she always ends up on top. 

It seems that Nate is finally going to get a decent story line. As he is settling down with the sane part of Serena’s family, Lola, he is also digging deeper into the actual identity of Gossip Girl. From the video he received from Diana Payne it seems that Gossip Girl might not be a girl at all. But it seems thats to be the suspense to keep us anticipating the next season. Speaking of Lola, although she is totally sane she does seem to have that mischievous, conniving bone in her body. After finding out that Lily was in fact behind the lawyers for her mother, she gave up all her money to the “fake” Charlie Rhodes so that she could finally bring Lily down. Family money spent to ruin the family. At least Lola is saving herself from the corrupt lifestyle and sending in someone who already had a taste of that lifestyle. 

As always, the most unnerving and pretty annoying part of the finale definitely was focused on the Blair and Chuck relationship. Although it was exciting to find out who Blair would pick it was so aggravating that once again, the minute she let him know how she felt, he wanted no part of the relationship. Can’t hide my excitement though, Dan and Blair were suffocating me. Having her finally be true to her feelings and fight for the man she loves is refreshing. They really do need to get on the same cycle already. Maybe a summer in a foreign city while Chuck schemes with Jack and Blair builds her company carrying on the Waldorf family fashion line will finally make them realize that they could have the perfect life if they only wanted too. Till next fall ladies and gents!

Memorable Quotes

  • Gossip Girl: Good morning Upper East Side, how do you look today? You know image is everything. But under those perfect clothes and perfect smiles, everyone has their not so perfect secrets. Lucky for me nothing can stay hidden forever whether the truths a diary or the daily news. Once its out it’ll change everything. 
  • Dorota: Every damning thing since grade school is a lot of damning. 
  • GG: Guess we just answered whose in Blairs heart. Question is, is here room for two?
  • GG: Thats the problem with hired help, they’ll work for anyone.
  • Blair: You said I always bet against you but this time I’m all in. 

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‘Gossip Girls’ Lily and Rufus Actually Dating?



Before I get into this new dating scoop, I’m going to tell all of my Gossip Girl fanatics and Upper East Sider’s to take a deep breathe. You ready? Okay.

Lily and Rufus may be dating in real life!!!

They might not have ended up together in the show, but they seem to be getting another chance.

It’s rumored the actors that portrayed Serena and Dan’s parents–Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle– are an item.

The hashtag “Lily and Rufus” became a trending topic on Twitter last night.

So, what sparked these rumors? Instagram. Turns out, these two are pretty fond of each other… and their both single.

And if that isn’t enough…. Settle posted a pic of him and Rutherford with the caption, “Happy Valentines,” with the hashtag ‘Settleford.’

And most recently, Feb 20th to be exact, he added a picture of a chess board, tagging Rutherford and adding the caption, “Things are never black and white.”

So, are they or aren’t they?

I say yes. And that may be the best news I’ve heard all day!


 Photo Credit: Matthew Settle Instagram/The CW- Gossip Girl

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Breaking: Blake Lively Pregnant!



Her lovely baby bumps.

Blake Lively is pregnant everyone!

The Gossip Girl star is expecting her first child with husband, Ryan Reynolds.

She announced the exciting news on her lifestyle website Preserve, while launching “Preserve Celebration of Family.” She posted pictures of happily pregnant women, congratulating them, before throwing in one last picture– of her and her growing baby bump.


Photo Credit: Preserve/ Eric Lively

The picture is a gorgeous reveal, taken by her brother Eric Lively. She’s beaming down and cradling her tummy, surrounded by the sunset.

Lively has been very vocal about  wanting a big family, ever since marrying Reynolds in 2012. “I gotta get started,” she told Marie Claire in its September 2014 issue. “If I could spit out a litter of kids, I would.”

She’s also gushed about what a great father Reynolds would be, adding, “The fact that he lived so much before we got together, he’s the exact realized person that he should be. And so I get to share my life with the person he’s become, and we get to grow from there.”

Lively and Reynolds met in 2010 on the set of The Green Lantern and married in 2011. Reynolds was previously married to actress Scarlett Johannson, who welcomed her first child, Rose, with her fiance earlier this year.

Check out more pictures of the baby bump

Lively seems genuinely happy and committed to this relationship, so no doubt, she will be the cutest pregnant woman. And her child, will be gorgeous!  Gossip Girl will really have something to write about now– Serena’s little baby bump. Xo Xo.

What do you think? Boy or Girl? It’s never too early to start placing bets!



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Blake Lively Takes Over Vogue’s Twitter- Reflects on GG



Gossip Girl here!

Blake Lively took over Vogue’s twitter on Monday Aug 4 and gave fans the answers to all their questions! It seems that ever since GG, Lively hasn’t been able to stay away from blogging and tweeting. 
One thing Lively admitted was that she would love the share the screen with hubby Ryan Reynolds again. The duo famously fell in love after co-starring in 2011’s The Green Lantern. 

When a fan asked if she would do another movie with her husband of nearly two years, Lively responded, “”In the olden days, a couple could be in every movie together, but it’s just not like that anymore. We both wish we could go back to then, because that would be a lot of fun.”

There were also questions about Gossip Girl… obviously. One fan asked if she missed her role as NY socialite Serena van der Woodsen. Lively tweeted back saying, “”I miss the people that I worked with, our cast and our crew. But I don’t miss the 16-hour days.”

One of Lively’s favorite seasons to shoot was the first one. Think 2007. “It was the 1st year I lived in New York City and what a way to live in NY,” she explained. “It was very special and surreal.”

Lively also took the time to explain her participation in the Beyonce and Jay-Z “On the Run” tour promotion video. “It was the first moment in my life where I truly felt cool,” she tweeted. “It gave me a high sense of self-esteem for a good 10 min.”

Lively is currently working on her lifestyle website Preserve. But we’re secretly hoping she gets back to the big– or small– screen very soon. And we wouldn’t mind if it was with her dashing husband. 

 Photo Credit: Gossip Girl/The CW

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