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Gotham: The Fearsome Dr. Crane (1X14)



This episode begins with an unknown man hoisting his victim high above the streets of Gotham before fitting him with a noose. Having sufficiently scared the man out of his wits, the gentleman checks the rapid heartbeat of the man before tipping him over the side.

The next morning Bullock, Essen, and Nygma examine the crime scene and find that the killer has hauled his victim back up to the rooftop by his noose after he died in order to do his own post-mortem examination.  While Essen warns Nygma about messing with the medical examiner’s bodies, the more important warning here is aimed at Bullock.  He’s standing a bit too close to the rooftop’s ledge for Essen’s comfort, especially considering the recently arrested Detective Flass still has a lot of friends in the department who might be holding more than a grudge. Man, can anyone at GCPD ever drop stuff or better yet open their eyes to the truth? Oh wait, it’s Gotham of course you can’t.

Cat, who recently flew Bruce’s coop, is still squatting at Barbara’s apartment, but is soon caught when Gordon stops by to drop off his keys.  Gordon plans to find another place for Cat to stay, but she sticks to her story about not having seen the Waynes’ killer, then flees out the window in her typical fashion.

Gordon pays another visit to Bruce after the visit from Selina to ask him about her change of heart.  Bruce manages to call Gordon out on his failures, but does it in a way that is both practical and professional.  Gordon hasn’t exactly made any progress, so Bruce and Alfred have chosen to figure things out for themselves.

Back at the morgue, Nygma is defying Essen’s orders and is digging around in the corpse’s abdominal cavity.  He’s literally caught red-handed.  She suspends him indefinitely but that wasn’t gonna last long as Nygma found some disturbing secrets from the current M.E. and gets himself fired and gets back to work.

Bullock and Gordon walk through a dark, dusty, dilapidated warehouse and take the opportunity to talk about their various states of romance.  A scream gets their attention, and a man wearing a pig mask and wielding a bloody knife holds it, at least until they shoot him dead. The man Bullock and Gordon rescued is currently at Gotham General getting treatment, and they’ve connected him to the same phobia group as the previous victim.  Gordon attempts to ask Nygma about the post-mortem abdominal wound, but Essen breaks the bad news about Nygma’s suspension.


Back at GCPD, Scottie Mullen drops by to visit Bullock. She happened to be a sponsor for the late Adam Jodowsky , the recently hanged man.  What support group, you ask?  Don’t laugh, but it’s for folks who suffer from phobias. Bullock, after creepily asking if Mullen is Irish, makes a dinner date with her, to follow after the group’s next meeting.  Bullock’s still smitten when Gordon shows up with a thin lead, one that ties the chair the dead man was hanged in to an out-of-business furniture company in the Narrows.

Right on cue, the well-dressed man kidnaps an older gentleman with the help of a towering henchman, a stun gun, and a panel van.  You, too, can be a criminal in Gotham with a similar starter pack!

Gordon meets Dr. Thompkins for dinner but makes an annoying habit of bringing work on the date. I mean really Gordon? She offers to help him with it his case anyways until A phone call interrupts their date, telling Gordon that the second victim has woken up, and that there’s still a second kidnapper running loose.  At the phobia group’s meeting, Bullock unknowingly bumps into the killer himself.  Confessing his crippling fear of failure, and the greater fear that he’s passing that phobia on to his son.  He runs out of the meeting, to kidnap Miss Mullen.

and Gordon track the killer to a specific pool where Mullen nearly drowned as a child.  The killer plans to drown Mullen but is briefly interrupted by his son before tossing the bound body of Miss Mullen into the pool to drown.  When Gordon and Bullock arrive Gordon runs down the killer in a boiler room while Bullock rescues the girl.  Mullen lives, but the killer is still at large.

Meanwhile on the other side of the spectrum, Maroni and Penguin celebrate Fish Mooney’s departure from Gotham.  Too bad Mooney herself calls Maroni in the middle of dinner to reveal to him that Penguin has actually been with Falcone all along.  Maroni’s just unsure enough to invite Penguin along on a road trip to sort him out.

At a countryside cabin, Penguin and Maroni share a conversation testing out the holes in Penguin’s various stories, such as why their fellow gangster got stabbed ten times in the middle of a gun battle.  While Maroni is certainly putting out a threatening vibe, he hasn’t made his move just yet.

While Maroni is gathering firewood, Penguin arms up by lifting the gangster’s gun from his bag.  The two swap secrets till Maroni shows his hand, Penguin shows his gun, and points it at the mob boss.  He expected this from him and leaves nothing in the gun.  It was later that night when Maroni puts Penguin in a car set to be crushed. Penguin’s got just enough time to make a call to Maroni, claiming that he wasn’t lying about Falcone’s plan to control Indian Hill and Arkham Asylum. But he isn’t buying it.  So Penguin makes one more call to the guy operating the crusher. He convinces him that he works for Falcone and that he would come after him if he didn’t stop. Low and behold the plan worked and he makes it out alive. The next day he was found on the side of the road by a church group.  They bring him along on their bus bound for Gotham. How convenient…

As of the last episode we know that Fish is fleeing Gotham for her own safety. For most of the episode we find her on that very ship. That is until it was attacked and overtaken by pirates? Well now, there’s more to come in the second part of this episode.


Photo Credit: FOX/Gotham

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Gotham: Rise of the Villains-Damned if You Do (2X01)



Welcome back Gothamites!!! If you thought last season really got us going wait till you see this. We begin where we last left Bruce and Alfred exploring the underground level of Wayne Manor. I know what you’re thinking…Bat Cave right? Well, we’ll find out later.

The story takes place a month after the events of the Finale. Jim now lives with Dr. Leslie Thompkins, Harvey Bullock now decommissioned is working at a bar, Oswald Cobblepot is now the city’s biggest crime lord in charge, Nygma still going crazy after his first man he killed, and Barbara is just entering Arkham Asylum, the same prison where the Jerome is. We cut to the streets where Gordon is doing traffic patrol when a lunatic with swords starts making a fuss. When all was said and done he took care of the portraiture Zardon. That is until Commissioner Loeb starts questioning his actions after the incident. Immediately he was let go by poor judgement from Loeb.

Back at Arkham, Jerome starts making conversations with Barbara…about their connections. Barbara seemed uninterested that is until Jerome lets her in on someone willing to help her. Whatever it is, probably not good. Back to Gordon, he makes the unwise decision of turning back to Oswald for help getting his job back. But of course there is a small fee in which Gordon must help Oswald take care of a little business transaction. By then Jim declines.

He meets with Harvey and starts drinking his troubles away as they catch up. Gordon then walks all the way to Wayne Manor to give Bruce and Alfred the bad news of his termination. This leads to Bruce almost having a moment of anger against Jim but he backed down and let him off. He then opens the vault back to the underground level to try the combination again but fails and destroys the keypad. After consideration Jim takes on Oswald’s proposal and goes after his partner for the money.

The job pays off as he not only got e money but he got his job back after Oswald invade’s Comissioner Loeb’s house and bribes him to get Gordon back to the game. He does and Loeb is fired but not before a prison break at Arkham has everyone on high alert. Finally back at Wayne Manor, Bruce and Alfred decide they are going to bomb the door leading to his dad’s secret room. Inside he finds all of his dad’s belongings and a letter from him that the time will come when he too will have to help the city. What does this mean for Bruce and what does the future hold for  the GCPD now that Gordon is back on the force? More to come this season on Gotham!


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Gotham: All Families Are Happy (1X22)



So remember when Penguin said in the Pilot that there is a war coming? Well, he was right about it as the gang war in Gotham intensifies. The episode begins with  Cat is warming her hands over a trash can fire with some others when she sees a boat approaching the shore with Fish Mooney standing at the bow. She comes ashore and warms her hands tells her of a new day dawning. This convinces her to join her bandit team to take down Falcone.

We jump to two weeks later with Bruce still reveling about the mysterious goings on inside Wayne Enterprises and his father keeping secrets. Alfred says if his dad had a secret life then he would know about it. He says he worked hard right in this room. Bruce says he remembers he wasn’t allowed to come in, and the door was always locked. Bruce asks why. He starts getting agitated and he says he knows his father’s secret is in his office.

Meanwhile, Falcone shows up to the docks in a limo. He opens a nearby chicken cage and takes out the chicken, and he greets Fish and says he likes her style. A motorcycle roars up and a man with a shoulder RPG blows up Falcone’s limo. Word of this gets around back at GCPD as the jail cells are filling up. Jim goes to see Lee and Barbara in the morgue as she is recovering from her traumatic moments in last week’s episode. Lee says Barbara needs to do trauma counseling. Barbara wants Lee to do it since she likes her and can talk to her. After some reluctance Lee agrees. This makes Jim uncomfortable as it should be considering past colliding with present girlfriend.

Across town, Falcone wakes up in the hospital cuffed to his bed. Penguin and Butch arrive with flowers and a machine gun. He tells Falcone that Maroni’s men will be there soon and he comes to kill him before they get to him. He admits it was him that started the war and that he wants complete control. He pulls out a scalpel and prepares to slice him but not before Gordon shows up and arrest both Penguin and Butch.

Penguin asks to be released and to be on the winning side. Falcone says if he dies now, Gotham will fall apart. Jim asks if he can pull Gotham back together. Falcone says he can, he just needs to two days in his safe house. Jim calls Harvey and floats the plan of getting Falcone out of there and asks for help. Harvey says he’s not thinking straight because of Barbara. Jim says he’s done in this town anyway so what does he have to lose. A big thug arrives and wonders why Jim is there since he thought the fix was in with the cops. Jim tells Falcone he’s doing this for the city and if he didn’t think he’s going to take back control he’d let him die. Falcone understands. Penguin reminds Jim he owes him a favor. Seriously…drop it Penguin!!!!

Commissioner Loeb comes to the hospital as he tells Jim to disarm himself. Jim tells Loeb he is a disgrace and he hopes to see him behind bars or dead soon. Loeb gives his men the order to kill him and Falcone. That’s when ths shooting starts and the escape begins for them. They arrive at Falcone’s warehouse, when Cat and Fish and her army show up. She has no intention of helping them  now that she struck a deal with Maroni stating that she could have all her territories back if she gave him the head of Falcone. Yeah good luck with that…Maroni is hell bent on taking out his rival.

While we see that the gang is almost strung up Maroni lets go of everyone but Falcone in a testament to his rivalry with him. It wasn’t till later that Maroni is shot to death and Jim, Falcone, and Harvey  make a break for it and head for 7th Ave. Although they were previous in agreement that he was the best worst option, Falcone now says he wants to leave the business and has a place down south where he can hide. He apologizes to a once again incredulous Jim. He says he knows he is letting Jim and the city down but he’s got to go. They make a run for it and get themselves inside a truck. Harvey asks if Falcone has any work for some beat up old cops at his beach house. Falcone says he does.

While all of that was going on, Barbara meets with Lee for their session as she talks about the Ogre. She talks about him and her parents as well as many other issues. It leads to a disturbing revelation for Barbara as she thinks she killer her parents. That’s when she pulls a knife on Lee who takes off running. She locks herself in the bathroom and tries to call Jim as Barbara bust through the door like Jack Nicholson in the Shining. Lee breaks the mirror to have a weapon with a glass shard. This doesn’t work and they have a crazy, amazing, hilarious fight that ends with Barbara choking and banging her head against the floor until she’s dead just as Jim, Harvey, and Falcone walk in. Awkward…and kinda terrifying.

Meanwhile, on the roof of Falcone’s warehouse, Penguin goes after Fish and they get into their own battle. That’s when Butch shows up but he doesn’t know who to shoot and they both ask him to shoot the other. He shoots them both. Butch immediately apologizes to Fish but Penguin rises up and throws Fish over the side of the building in to the water as Butch looks on. Penguin looks at the city lights and begins shouting “I’m the king of Gotham!!”

Jim chats with Falcone and says he will miss Gotham. Jim asks if he will change his mind since Gotham needs him. Falcone says no, what Gotham needs is a powerful lawman who will grab the city by the neck and shake it and he knows in his bones that that man is Jim. He pulls out his switchblade and tells him that his father gave it to him. Jim is surprised they were that close. Falcone says, at one time. He says Jim’s father was the most honest man he ever met, but he carried a knife.

Back in the library Bruce and Alfred have found nothing. Alfred says his father was a good man and he had no secret life. Alfred quotes Marcus Aurelius and Bruce realizes that’s it, Aurelius was a stoic which is what Lucious called his dad. He grabs a copy of a book about Marcus Aurelius and finds a little device with a button on it. Alfred tells him not to press the button. Bruce does. At first they think it’s just the stereo turning on his dad’s beloved classical music. But then suddenly the fireplace moves backward from the wall. Bruce and Alfred peer at the opening and see a stairway built into the wall leading down. Batcave anyone? Or at least the start of something? We’ll have to wait till next season to find out.

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Gotham: The Road to the Finale 



In recent weeks Gotham has grown darker with every historic villain taking over the city. With Oswald “Penguin” Cobblepot wanting Maroni dead and the Maroni Gang at a shoot out war with Falcone. Now it’s become a turf war between two factions wanting complete control.

Also for Bruce the horrible realization that his father and grandfather were about to expose the companies wrong doings and were killed for what they know. Alfred also hearing that Selina Kyle was the one who killed his old friend Reggie Payne after working with Mr. Bunderslaw and god knows who else in a chances to stop Bruce from exposing the truth.

Finally for Jim, Harvey and the entire GCPD after killing the Ogre now their job is to stop the shootings in their city and stop the two crime families.

Tonight one person will fall at the end of this and what will become of Gotham at the end of all of this? What will become of our characters once this night is out? Don’t miss the season finale tonight and my finale recap later this week.

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