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Grand Hotel – Groom Service (1×09)

GRAND HOTEL - "Groom Service" - Danny struggles to keep his relationship with Alicia from her family. Gigi discovers the secrets that Santiago has been keeping from her, while Felix continues to try and make his way back into Gigi's life on a new episode of "Grand Hotel," airing MONDAY, AUG. 12 (10:01-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Richard Cartwright) SHALIM ORTIZ, KATEY SAGAL



Everyone’s hiding something at the Riviera Grand.

It won’t be long before those secrets and lies start catching up with them like they’ve already begun to on Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 9.

Santiago is hiding his involvement with Mateo’s “boss,” Mateo is hiding the shame of unintentionally killing his own child, the twins are quite literally hiding their fugitive father, Felix, and Alicia and Danny are hiding their relationship.

Though Alicia considered going public about her relationship with Danny, he immediately shot the idea down because of the other thing he’s hiding: the real reason he’s working as a waiter in the first place.

Danny’s walking a thin line here; he’s trying to be himself and pursue a relationship with a woman he really likes all while not revealing anything real about himself and staying focused on his original mission to find out what happened to his sister.

I’m a huge Danny and Alicia shipper as their relationship — the blend of forbidden love and pulsating chemistry — is intoxicating.

I believe he does have real feelings for her, which complicates everything as he’s forced to be closed-off with her.

There’s a lot wrong with their relationship no matter how steamy.

A huge concern is Alicia’s reaction to Danny saying he’s not comfortable to date publicly.

She never stopped the consider how it would affect his position or what the optics would be after spearheading a “no workplace dating” memo.

Who cares when all they have to do is sign a waiver, right?

When Danny finally made the decision to pursue a public relationship with her, he told Jason that “for the first time he feels like he caught a break.”

He spoke too soon, because guess who was checking into the hotel just mere seconds later?

Heather, the scorned ex-girlfriend.

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11 Best TV Shows to Stream With Your Tweens and Teens!



TV shows to watch for teens and tweens

Finding the right show for pre-teens (tweens) and teens isn’t always easy. 

There’s a lot of content on network television and streaming services, but a lot of it doesn’t always fit the bill. Young adults also fall into this specific age range where they’re too mature for kid shows, but they aren’t ready to take on the more mature, adult shows being offered.

Instead, they’re wedged right into the middle craving shows that not only teach a lesson or send a positive message, but also explore the dynamics of relationships — both romantic and platonic — while remaining entertaining. 

It’s a tall order, but don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of shows that fit the bill and give teens a good dip before taking the full plunge into adult content when the time is right.

Not only will the young adults in your family love these shows, but as an adult, you’ll like them too. Fun for the whole family is what it’s all about!


Baby-Sitters Club – Netflix (7+)

Netflix revived an oldie and a goodie — a book series you likely grew up reading and a movie you likely watched way too many times. You know and trust the series, which makes it the perfect starting point for our list. The series has kept up with the times by updating parts of the series that were outdated to young adults growing up in 2020. Throughout season 1, there’s great character development as each Baby-Sitter learns to find her voice, and the lessons on friendship and work ethic carry remain a welcoming constant. 


The Expanding Ashley Garcia – Netflix (12+)

The Netflix series is about a 15-year-old Latina robotics engineer with a Ph.D. who scores a job at NASA and moves into her uncle. Ashley Garcia can build a robot in her sleep, but she struggles with navigating the teenage experience and turns to a group of friends for help. The groundbreaking series embraces diversity and Paulina Chavez’s character is a prime role model for young women everywhere. 


Fuller House – Netflix (11+)

There’s a reason Netflix tapped into a Full House spinoff, and its because they don’t make wholesome family television the way they did back in the 90s. While Fuller House is a bit edgier than Full House ever was — a sign of keeping up with the times — but the series never strays from the cheesiness or the familial themes. This is a show that lays it on heavy when it comes to the life lessons, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 


Locke & Key – Netflix (it depends but between 13+ or 15+)

With some horror-scenes, violence, and cursing, the supernatural series is definitely better suited for a more mature audience of 13+. The show is best for those looking for a thrill and an adventure, as the series is about three siblings who move into an abandoned house following their father’s murder and find a series of magic keys that unlock different possibilities and dimensions. There are themes of loss, fear, and bullying, plus, they’ve got to ward off the evil that lurks nearby.  



The Healing Powers of Dude – Netflix (7+)

The series, which focuses on an 11-year-old boy with an anxiety disorder, does a great job at tackling mental health from an early age. As Noah starts middle school, he gains strength and confidence with his best furry friend, Dude, who seems to be able to read his mind and knows exactly what his human needs at any given moment. It’s an uplifting show that touches upon empathy, kindness, and inclusion. 


Alexa and Katie – Netflix (8+)

Alexa deals with issues that many kids her age don’t — cancer. The story follows her adjustments to high school while undergoing cancer treatment. She’s able to have a positive outlook on life and remain enthusiastic thanks to her best friend, Katie, who is always by her side. If you’re looking for a show about true friendship and the power of being there for those you love, this is it. 


Raising Dion – Netflix (10+)

Dion is a second-grader who discovers he has superhero powers. His single mother tries to help him navigate the powers while shielding him from those who want to exploit them. As she learns about her husband’s death, she begins to investigate the origins of the powers. It’s a superhero show, so you’re in for some CGI fight scenes, but there’s no gore or blood! If you and your kid appreciate sci-fi, give this a whirl. 


Diary of a Future President – Disney+ (11+)

Female empowerment is at the core of this series as it teaches young girls they can be anything they want to be — even the future President — with a little perseverance and dedication. The focus is on 12-year-old Elena, a Cuban-American, who experiences the ups and downs of middle school, which is the start of her journey to presidency.


Carmen Sandiego – Netflix (5+)

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? If you remember playing this game back when you were in middle school then you already know it follows the global escapades of the superthief. In this version, she encompasses a more Robin Hood-esque, heroic persona as she steals and returns objects to their rightful owners. Her adventures are exhilarating and there’s a geography lesson packed into every episode! 


Family Reunion –Netflix (9+)

Moving to a new city is hard, and this series tackles that right from the getgo as the family moves from Seattle and settles into life in Georgia. From there it deals with themes of culture shock and Black experience in the past and present from the civil rights movement to Black Lives Matter. 


HSM The Musical Series – Disney+ (11+)

Yes, the series is loosely based on High School Musical, but it gives off Glee vibes as the series focuses on members of the drama club who are preparing for the school’s first production. There are definitely more mature themes including romantic drama and classmate rivalry, but that’s high school for you!  

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What to Watch in August 2020 Including ‘Lucifer,’ ‘Big Brother,’ and ‘Chemical Hearts’



What to Watch and Stream August 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted our lives in numerous ways including shutting down and postponing TV show and film productions, which has led to a content drought even with so many streaming services. 

Of course, if you’ve been putting together a list of TV shows that you’ve been wanting to binge for years, this is the time to do it and you absolutely won’t run out of content, but if you’re looking for new programming or new seasons of shows, you’ll likely feel like your options are a bit limited. 

As I was browsing for new shows to watch in the month of August, I figured I’d throw together a list of my findings to help you keep up with all the new offerings.

We have to help each other get through these tough times — we’re all in this together (go ahead, sing it!). 

Below, you’ll find some of the new shows, films and documentaries premiering this month! 


Big Brother – CBS (August 5)

There’s a lot of buzz around Season 22 of Big Brother. Coming off the heels of a pandemic delay, the long-running summer series is changing things up by announcing the cast live during the premiere as opposed to the traditional reveal of houseguests days in advance. It’s unclear who and how many houseguests will be living in the house, but it is the second all-stars edition, so be ready for some familiar faces! 


The Muppets – Disney Plus (July 31)

The old gang of fuzzy friends is back together again! Muppets Now is described as an “unscripted series featuring three different segments of a game show, a cooking show, and a talk show.” It premiered on July 31 with new episodes debuting weekly through the month of August. New-age kids will love it, and there’s a whole nostalgia factor for adults that makes this fun for the whole family! 


Lucifer – Netflix (August 21)

Lucifer fans, it’s happening — it’s almost here. Fans couldn’t be more grateful that Netflix saved the series, but the end is near as the sixth season was announced as the last. But let’s not think about that now because for now, the fifth season is due towards the end of August, and fans are eager to dig more into Lucifer’s backstory.


Lovecraft Country – HBO (August 16)

One of the most exciting offerings of the month is the the drama horror series based on the 2016 acclaimed novel of the same name. It finds Atticus Black, a young Black man living in a Jim Crow America in the 1950s, who embarks on a cross-country road trip to find his missing father with his friend Letitia and his Uncle George. 


Selling Sunset –  Netflix (August 7)

Your reality TV guilty pleasure is back for a season 3 just three months after season 2 dropped. The realtors at The Oppenheim Group are ready to sell more homes, make more money, and stir up more drama. 


Cobra Kai – Netflix (August 28)

From Youtube to Netflix, here’s your chance to catch up on the first two seasons of the Karate Kid spinoff before season 3 drops later this year. If you haven’t seen the original Karate Kid films, you may want to check them out first as the series picks up where the first three films left off. 


The Umbrella Academy – (July 31)

Technically, season 2 of the series dropped July, but unless you took the whole day off, you didn’t get the binge-watch all 10-episodes before the clock struck August. The Hargreeves siblings find themselves displaced in the 1960s with the apocalypse they were trying to thwart following closely behind. 


90s Black Sitcoms

There’s been a lack of Black sitcoms on streaming services, but Netflix is course-correcting by adding your favorites throughout the next few months. Moesha will be available starting August 1.  The first three seasons of  The Game will be added on August 15.  Sister, Sister are coming at you on September 1, The Parkers on October 1, and Half & Half and One on One will be available on October 15. Mark your calendars!



Project Power – Netflix (August 14)

Summer action flicks are no longer debuting in theaters — they’re available from the comfort of your couch. Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are fighting dealers responsible for selling a drug that gives people temporary superpowers. What could go wrong? 


Chemical Hearts – Amazon Prime (August 21)

If you’ve been missing Lili Reinhart while Riverdale is on hiatus, you have to check out this teen romance drama about the trials and tribulations of young love. Henry Page, a hopeless romantic who has never fallen in love, aims to become the editor of a high school paper until Grace Town, a transfer student, becomes his new partner. 


Dora the Explorer – Netflix (August 3)

Get exploring with Dora and friends! The live-action Nickelodeon adaptation arrives at Netflix to explore a lost city in South America as Dora aims to save her parents. It’s like Tomb Raider for youngin’s, and audiences loved it based on the reviews! If you’re looking for a family-friendly film to watch under the stars in your backyard, this is it!


Work It – Netflix (August 7)

Dance movies are an acquired taste with many not reaching the heights of Step Up (the original, come on guys). Alicia Keys aims to change that in her new Sabrina Carpenter-led flick, described as a coming-of-age comedy about Quinn Ackerman, an overly ambitious senior who attempts to join a dance team to get her way into her dream college. But when the team rejects her, she creates her own team, and they need all the coaching they can get! 



World’s Most Wanted – Netflix (August 5)

Netflix is big on documentaries for one reason — Netflix audiences eat them up. Coming in August, World’s Most Wanted focuses on, you guessed it, some of the world’s most wanted criminals who have avoided capture “despite massive rewards and global investigations.”


Black Is King – Disney+ (July 31)

Again, the visual album premiered at the end of July, but you’re either going to watch it in August or you’ll be rewatching the stunning cinematography several times in the upcoming month. Beyonce’s work of art has gotten much praise from critics and fans alike as it explores a the journey of a young African king cast from his family with motifs of “betrayal, love and self-identity” told through powerful Black voices. It’s a visual component to the Beyonce-curated 2019 Lion King album. 

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Best Tweets About Beyonce’s Visual Album ‘Black Is King’ on Disney+



The Best Tweets About Beyonce's Visual Album Black Is King

Beyonce’s highly-anticipated visual album Black Is King is available to stream on Disney+.

Much of the BeyHive stayed up way into the night to watch yet another stunning piece of artwork from the queen of pop that continuously reinvents herself. 

The overall consensus? Black Is King is saving 2020. 

How to Watch Beyonce’s ‘Black Is King’ on Disney+

Check out some of the best tweets about the documentary, that Disney+ describes as a “celebratory memoir for the world on the black experience.”

Twitter is even celebrating because every time you like a tweet with the hashtag #BlackIsKing, two little lions will pop up. That alone is worth going and liking every tweet you see! 


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