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Grey’s Anatomy 10×3 PROMO



Who’s ready for next weeks episode?! Looks like Mer&Der and getting a taste of parenthood, Alex & Jo can’t find time to be intimate, and Own & Christina are still confused about the status of their relationship.


Grey’s is back Thursday on ABC at 8 PM.


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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Review – Where is Alex? (16×15)



Grey's Anatomy Snowblind Review 16x15

The snowstorm hit hard, and the snow was sticking, but the storylines sure weren’t on this installment of Grey’s Anatomy Snowblind. The entire hour felt a bit brushed over, and there were hurried storylines and not enough focus.

Nonetheless, the ending picked up speed and left some fantastic cliffhangers.

Let’s first talk about Teddy and Koracick?! There’s not much to say other than what? Am I the only one who audibly squealed when Teddy showed up at his door, walked in, and kissed him? I never thought the writers would do this. I thought Owen and Teddy were finally endgame, but it appears that is far from reality.

I’ve secretly been a Koracick shipper ever since hearing his backstory and seeing the way Teddy brought happiness to his life again. So come at me, all you Owen shippers!

If I were to predict the endgame lineup, I would say Link and Jo, Owen and Amelia, and Teddy and Koracick.

Teddy’s been missing on the screen the past few episodes, and she’s finally back with her eye on Koracick. I’m interested to see how the writers chose to pursue that storyline. At this point, things are already so messy. I have no expectations.

Meanwhile, Bailey bonded with her foster boy patient. These doctors, they invest so much in their patients. They should be winning new types of awards! She had him shadow her attempting to inspire him to look further beyond a burger joint waiter. And by the end, she was asking him if he would want to come live with her. She had been nesting for a newborn, and instead, she received a grown boy.

McWidow and Meredith continued their slow progression toward something a little more than acquaintances. He boldly asked what her relationship was with DeLuca, and they bonded over the stages of after grief and chatted about their first “I love you’s” and their first kisses since their former spouses had passed. It was a heartwarming moment watching as they both received widow support. Perhaps, Cristina didn’t necessarily send him over as a romantic gift, but more as an emotional support pillar.

Considering DeLuca was left fighting a nasty case of frostbitten hands that could cost him his career, and he isn’t giving in to Meredith’s genuine concerns, maybe their relationship is dunzo. Which, I wouldn’t be mad about!

Now, let’s talk about the surprise guest star of the hour! Hello, Beanie Feldstein, on Grey’s Anatomy! She was a very convincing intern, and her genuine talk with Weber struck a chord. I do question Weber’s capabilities if he thought this patient was an intern that he could bring into the ER to help him operate. He connected with her so quickly, and it’s the first time in a while that he’s had an emotional moment with someone. He passed his torch onto her, in the form of his stethoscope. What does this mean for Weber and his career? He’s been there since day one as well! We can’t take another loss of the OG cast!

I’ve been a bit upset by how the writers had been dealing with Alex’s storyline, or lack thereof. They’ve been insinuating a lot, but the time has finally come. Next week we will finally be given answers about what happened to Alex!

I’m still in the process of accepting that he’s gone for sure, but this final farewell will feel much better knowing that his loose ends are finally going to be tied. He’s been there since through the years, and his absence has been jarring. And now they’re finally giving him the proper send-off he deserves.

Additional Side Notes:

  • Hearing the stories of the good ole days through McWidow’s retelling of his stories with Cristina brought so many good memories. Evil Spawn and Twisted Sister. Oh, how I’ve missed those nicknames. It’s been a while since Grey’s Anatomy has given out nicknames! 007, Dr. Model, McSteamy, and McDreamy.
  • “Tank you,” McWidow’s Irish accent is so thick. I nearly forget each time!
  • Meredith ran away to San Diego? I don’t even remember that! There have been so many jumbled storylines. I’m bound to forget a few.
  • Jo was on the onslaught during this episode, not letting anyone off easy. She’s almost become unbearable without Alex. I can’t imagine Jo staying on the show too long without Alex, seeing as her character’s so attached to his.
  • When McWidow talked about our country’s terrible healthcare system, I wanted to shout at the screen! The news is constantly bombarded with the 2020 election and each nominee’s plan to reform the entire program. Hopefully, there’s a bright horizon in the future.

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Grey's Anatomy

These Are the 5 Best Grey’s Anatomy Episodes



Grey's Anatomy cast photo

There’s no doubt that Grey’s Anatomy is the number 1 medical drama of all time. It’s received numerous accolades, an unending list of seasons, and yet, it continues to resonate with viewers throughout the years and generational shifts. It’s hard to choose just one of our favorite episodes when there are literally hundreds to choose from, so don’t make us. But, what we can do is compile a list of some of the standouts. So here are our choices of episodes that made the A-list. *Ordered by season, not by preference*

It’s the End of the World (Season 2 Episode 16)

A bomb inside a body cavity. Need we say more? The show was great at diversifying the stories and including extremely unique cases. We use “was” because at a certain point they had to start recycling old ideas. In this episode, Meredith makes the absurd decision to stick her hand inside a body to keep the bomb from exploding. Code black was first introduced to us and we watched as the time ticked down waiting for the grand explosion. To our joy, Meredith survived and kept all her limbs intact. This marked the first major moment Meredith put her life at risk and was questioned about her sanity and the reasons she put herself in harm’s way deliberately. A highly stressful hour that made you feel like you were playing the child’s game “Perfection” racing to place all the shapes before the top blew. (Calling all you 90’s babies.)

Stairway to Heaven (Season 5 Episode 13) 

The singular moment of the hour that put this episode on the list was the clever way Denny kept reiterating his “I am here for you” phrase. Once Izzy finally deciphered the hidden meaning behind Denny’s cryptic message, paired with the little boy Jackson’s steep decline from liver failure, emotions were running rampant. It put us on a true emotional roller coaster. Though, they only let us drop a few seconds before announcing there was a liver available for Jackson. Thankfully there were no deaths in the filming of this episode. Unless you count the inmate on death row’s final few seconds. If you identify as an Izzy fan, this episode was certainly a standout for her character.

Death and All His Friends (Season 6 Episode 24)

This was the first major season finale that made you stop and rethink Grey’s Anatomy’s intentions entirely. Thankfully no major characters were killed off, but they didn’t hesitate to write off a couple of interns. An episode that came a bit early for the times, it showcased a major shooting and the aftermath of such a gruesome event. It properly embedded a few laughable scenes, to break up the tension fueling the episode. It was a grand enough production that required a part 1 and part 2. The layers kept piling on, between a miscarriage, a love confession, and a faked death. If you’re looking to rerun the best of the best, make sure this is included.

Song Beneath the Song (Season 7 Episode 18)

Any TV drama that has the ability to throw in a musical episode is completely flexing their total reign over the airwaves. During its peak, which we’d contribute to its mid-range seasons, Grey’s Anatomy featured Sara Ramirez’s incredible vocals. Just when you thought there was no way a sad song could make a scene any sadder, the entire cast comes in and changes your mind. During Callie’s lifesaving surgery the cast broke out into “How to Save A Life,” and this was the pinnacle moment. Whether or not The Frey can take credit, the scene was still a beautiful recital of each actor’s musical abilities. Definitely an episode you need to rewatch for the maximum showcase of each actor’s skill set.

Flight (Season 8 Episode 24)

Following the trend of making its season finales strong and leaving viewers on an impossible cliffhanger, Season 8 was the finale of all finales. The plane crash that involved almost the entirety of the main characters kept us questioning everything. We had already witnessed the death of Lexi and wondered who the writers could take away next. Watching them try and fend for their lives in the wilderness was like a second dimension sequence. You’d assume surgeons would be the best candidates to survive a plane crash simply because they have the knowledge needed to try and stop bleedings and complete any major life-saving techniques. Though, as they only had basic medical kits they were left helpless waiting for others to find them. If you’re in need of an episode with the old cast, check out the full Season 8.

We’d love it if you commented a few of your favorite episodes from the 16 years Grey’s Anatomy has dominated television!

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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Review – A Diagnosis (16×14)



Grey's Anatomy Review A Diagnosis 16x14

In the face of pain, we default to a hurried “I’m fine,” unless you’re literally attacked by a bear resulting in a torn ear and nose, then maybe you’ll admit to more than the shortened phrase. A continuation from the prior Station 19 episode,  the doctors worked quickly to preserve two hikers who had been mauled by a bear.

Meredith enlightened us with her voiceover explaining society’s need for showing emotional fortitude because showing pain is impolite.

Everyone except the bear-attacked man put up an emotional facade for those around them, everyone had their secrets.  Namely, DeLuca, Amelia, and Richard.

We finally received the answer to one dangling question! DeLuca finally found the diagnosis of Suzanne’s unusual and deadly symptoms. Just as Bailey had given Meredith the okay to shut down DeLuca’s experimental methods, DeLuca ran in to deliver the antidote to Still’s disease.

His entire work on the case had left him sleepless and unrelenting to find a cure. I’m not sure about you, but that’s the kind of doctor I’d prefer if I was lying around on a hospital deathbed.

However, if you remember the backstory of DeLuca’s father Vincenzo, he suffered from a manic state in which he operated on several patients lacking any nourishment or rest, and ended up killing four of them.

Followed by a discussion with Carina, Meredith concluded that DeLuca wasn’t acting like himself and perhaps was presenting signs of Mania. Carina had flown out specifically because she was worried about DeLuca.

I’m not sure he is suffering from mania, but just like Ross seasons ago after nights of little sleep paired with amounting stress, it can lead to moments of irritability along with an extensive list of side effects.

Whether or not DeLuca is truly presenting with Mania or he desperately needed a good full week of sleep, the truth will soon unfold. Although, for now, it looks like MerLuca is once again on pause.

Next, Amelia’s drama with Link heightened. She took the day off work to hibernate and decompress, and Maggie decided to pay it forward and stay with her even through her times of denial.

Just as Richard forced himself onto Maggie, she pulled the “I’m an only child” card and fed Amelia bread and offered her a shoulder to lean on, alongside the support she had been lacking from Link.

In the wake of the baby daddy drama, Link hadn’t thought of the toll it was taking on Amelia and her pregnancy hormones. What she really needed as she expressed, was somebody who would offer her stability in her time of need to raise the baby no matter what.

I share Amelia’s same sentiments, however just as Maggie sympathized with Link, I understand his need for knowledge. As humans, we have an innate need for knowledge. Knowledge is power. In nature, male species only want to tend to their own young, and this innate need for Link to know if the baby is his or not seems to follow this.

When Link visited Amelia to make sure she wasn’t ghosting him, Amelia told him they were done for good. Poor Link didn’t deserve that. His love for Amelia is so strong, and he had only taken a few days to process his feelings. He deserved those few days!

Owen confirmed that in Jo’s “asking for a friend” hypothetical, he would not let a positive blood test affect his relationship with Teddy. They’ve both gone through enough ups and downs for several years and now is finally their time to be happy in love.

As Owen and Teddy continue their love bubble, Richard’s has completely disintegrated. Bailey tried to provide him support as he has done so many times for her, but following the “I’m fine” paradigm he brushed his depression under the rug and continued to go about life.

One important lesson learned was that loss doesn’t always find solace in replacements. After the woman’s husband unsuspectingly died from his bear attack wounds, she ordered her paramour to leave the room.

Similarly, after watching DeLuca storm off and publicly end things with Meredith, McWidow’s support was outright rejected by Meredith.

Love triangles will always lead to, at the very least, one broken heart if you’re lucky. Basically, love triangles will never end happily.

The episode didn’t present too many exciting storylines, instead, it frayed loose ends allowing for interesting plots to come to fruition.

Will DeLuca continue his manic state? Was it really Amelia’s hormones talking when she broke things off with Link? What were your thoughts on the episode? We’d love to read your comments and thoughts down below!

Additional Side Note:

  • McWidow speaks Italian?! McWidow speaks Italian well?! There’s no reason Meredith can’t just fall into his arms. He has all the good traits and Cristina’s stamp of approval.
  • The worst thing you could say to someone is “you sound like your mother/father.”
  • I hope Nico’s closeted status doesn’t break up their relationship. Schmidt has to understand that Nico’s Korean heritage yields a heavily conservative background and his family could very well disown him.
  • It’s good to see all of the doctors back under the same roof. We knew it wouldn’t take long.
  • Meredith, Amelia, and Maggie are all emotional bowling pins. They sometimes fall in unison, and sometimes fall solo, until eventually, they help each other back up to the standing position.

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