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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy – And Dream of Sheep (15×17)



Thank God, the baby in the bag experiment has left the hospital and the continent. It was a shortlived idea and one that hopefully will never return. It certainly was interesting, but also a little freaky seeing a developing lamb fetus in a gestational bag. I’m not one to get squirmy or uncomfortable about the idea of “unnatural”, but there’s something about this experiment that doesn’t seem quite right, and apparently, Miranda and Alex agreed.

The baby lamb seems to be thriving initially until its sad death leaves Daddy DeLuca fighting for more test subjects. His crazy eyes come out along with his thirst for eventual success. I’m relieved Andrew recognizes the ethical problems his father is imposing with his experiment and finally confronts him about his bipolar disorder. He reminds him of the grave mistake he made years ago and his father has no recollection of past events, which is even scarier.

Bailey kicks some sense into Karev more than once this episode. She’ll never stop being his teacher and mentor. She puts him in his place when he talks flippantly about mental illness and reminds him of the reason he is even acting as interim chief in the first place.

Owen and Teddy are finally back into a “friend” relationship. I see you Shonda, lining up other parties so they aren’t left in the dust. Aka, Link and Amelia, two doctors who haven’t gotten together until this episode. They’re continuing the petri dish of romance.

Just as Koracick was finding someone who brought out his sweet side and showed him that love and happiness weren’t completely lost, he might have to fight for it all over again. I’m sorry, but I will still root for Owen and Teddy, no matter how shitty of a situation they’ve continued putting themselves in. They’re like two ships in the night.

Grey’s continues delving into genetics and the foundational elements of human beings. Jo’s curiosity could not be contained and she goes to the mastermind of the interwebs to find her mom. Casey digs through Facebook, Instagram, and Google to figure out who Jo’s mother is and where she resides. It’s a wake-up call to us all that the internet is a scary well of information.

Link’s research on opioids opens a door for conversation and he brings some strong arguments. Amelia isn’t having it, especially with her personal past with addiction. I’m grateful they continued this topic after they opened it with Betty and never really closed with a conclusion. He makes the argument that opioids are initially there for good, but it’s the system that’s broken and fails people.

In a way, this argument mirrors the gun control conversation. Is it the object itself, or people who act as vehicles for wrongful use of these objects? Perhaps there’s no one right or wrong answer. I digress.

So many questions still yet to be answered by the end of this season, most of which have to do with everyone’s personal lives. Which question are you most desperate to have answered? Honestly, I’m the most invested in Owen and Teddy’s storyline, so I’m on the edge of my seat watching to see if my predictions from seasons ago will come into fruition or disipate into oblivion.

Additional Sidenotes:

  • “Do I look like a thoughtful son?” The asshole Alex from seasons ago still pops out occasionally.
  • When Amelia teased Link she teased us all. I was about to flip some tables if she hadn’t kissed Link by the end of the episode. She should already know casual is not part of the Grey’s Anatomy vocabulary.

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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy – Add It Up (15×18)



Many lessons were learned today, but that’s no surprise because what’s a Grey’s Anatomy episode without a life-altering lesson?DeLuca learning that he can’t let his anger with his father affect his relationship and career, Richard learned about gender non-binary, and Maggie learned about Amelia and Link.

DeLuca’s blow out with his father is easily noticeable considering it’s taking a negative toll on his career and relationship. Meredith feels iced out and Karev eventually kicks him off the case after initially bringing him on to distract him.

Meredith has no time for silly boy problems, she’s been there done that and is ready for adult relations, and she tells it to him straight. You go, girl!

The patient of the week is a young math whiz, Nora. Nora surpasses all of the doctors with her speedy math skills and even has Bailey stumped and frustrated.

Nora’s finally ready to undergo surgery for her chronic pancreatitis that she’s had since she was 5 but after a sneaky stunt ingesting juice to mess with vitals she almost doesn’t receive the surgery.

After she tells her mom and the doctors that she’s scared of bullies at school and would rather stay at the hospital, DeLuca loses it and yells at the mother. We understand that he’s having a sensitive time with parents, but geez no need to go bat shit crazy on the mom. She’s trying her best!

In the aftermath of this behavior, Alex kicks him off the case. DeLuca understands what he did was unacceptable, so in order to try and make up for it, he convinces Nora to go through with the surgery. Alex is still unimpressed. He knows there’s much more behind DeLuca’s behavior that’s going to have to change, and he’s not happy with how DeLuca’s treating Meredith so he secretly plays the BFF loyalty card.

Meanwhile, Teddy is in her own dizzying world of pain thanks to the little bean inside her. Owen and Koracick seem to be bonding or attempting to bond until Teddy pages Owen and he blatantly leaves Koracick out of the knowing.

Koracick puts Owen back into his place after he gives him real talk and reminds him of how much he’s hurt Teddy and that if Owen really wants Teddy to be happy as he continuously claims, then he needs to let her go.

I’m truly impressed by how much Koracick has grown in his relationship with Teddy. And seeing Owen walk away was a huge move for him as well. But if we know Owen, he won’t let Teddy go that easily.

Richard, Helm, and Jackson are working on a case together treating a gender queer patient. It’s unsurprising that Richard’s old school ways give him a hard time understanding they/them pronouns. But Helm and Jackson teach him and update his old ways of thinking.

It’s great that Shonda touched on this social issue. Is this the first time ever?! It was perfect that Helm was included in the discussion as she identifies among the LGBTQ community.

The sexual tension between Link and Amelia are honestly through the roof. Amelia compares her feelings for him in the easiest way she knows how, through addiction.

Maggie’s in the midst of studying the effects of blue light and plants on blood pressure levels after feeling extra inspired by Jackson’s successful merman when she notices Amelia is on a dopamine high and not as a result from her blue lightroom.

Maggie narrows it down to a boy, and, of course, perfect timing is not a joke at Grey Sloan, because Link shows up just in time to reveal that he too was at the same exact convention as Amelia.

Amelia says adrenaline is the only high she allows herself anymore, and that Link was a one time dose. Obviously, that’s a complete lie. Her thirsty eyes give everything away! By the end she allows herself to give in to desire and experience a natural love high.

I’m excited to see this plotline between Amelia and Link unfold, especially because it allows for Owen to truly invest in Teddy and as you all know I’m team Teddy and Owen all the way. Sorry Koracick, but you really don’t know their history.

Additional Sidenotes:

  • We’re left with a mini-cliffhanger with Jo crying in bed. I wonder what happened in Pittsburg! Whatever happened though, Alex is ready to comfort and protect her in any capacity.
  • Did anybody else have to do a double take with Owen’s baby talk? I feel like that was one of the first times I can remember Owen ever being goofy? I liked it, but also it threw me off, just as it did Teddy.
  • Why did Mer’s hairstyle throw me? She’s either in a ponytail or all down! I dig the half up half down look though! It vaguely reminded me of the time she styled a high pony when Derek’s mom came into town. Does that ring a bell?
  • I think it’s so endearing how Teddy calls her baby soldier. I hope it continues after pregnancy!
  • Loved the slow walk through the hospital doors by the team of math whizzes! They truly deserved that, nerds unite!

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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy – Blood and Water (15×16)



Troubled relationships with parents and unknown biological parents happen to be the apparent storyline between most of the doctors, and the Grey’s family defies the concept that family is defined by blood.

Within this episode, the entire story arc is focused on the definition of family. Alex’s mother is putting a huge emphasis on the future baby Alex and Jo are apparently having,

It’s a moment of truth time seeing Amelia put her foot down with the end of her and Owen’s relationship. I’m happy that instead of getting back together after a miraculous occurrence, she sticks to her word. They seem officially over for good? This opens the door for Teddy, who I still can’t stop believing loves him too. What do you think is the future for Owen, Teddy, and Amelia?

I’m happy to see Owen finally receiving the happy ending he’s craved season after season, or at least a partial happy ending. He’s finally a legal father to Leo.

Andrew and Meredith’s relationship is quickly budding and now that his father is in town, pitching insanely incredible ideas that have already come to fruition [A BABY IN A BAG!], Andrew’s on his way to being a part of groundbreaking research. He wants to see the best in his father and despite Karina’s worries about their father’s mental health, he wants to believe his father is of sound mind.

The two cases focused on this episode are both strange. A 17-year-old boy who has a tumor in his femur undergoes some crazy surgery to transform his ankle into his knee joint. While a man coughs up a lung, or what looks like a bronchial tree. Both patients provide the furtherance of the episode’s main theme.

The boy hid his three months of chemo from his mom, so as to not freak her out, and she responds angrily wondering how she could not have known her own blood was fighting cancer!

While the father who hacks a lung finds out he’s the biological father of his and his husband’s daughter. I love how they show the daughter’s love for her fathers and that just because she’s not biologically related to both men, they are both still her fathers. They provide Schmitt an ideal picture of what life has in store for him, hopefully with Nico.

Maggie goes public with her unique story of being the secret love-child between Richard and Ellis during a podcast interview causing a bit of strife with her and Richard. All is well though, they were soon able to resolve the issue because Richard realizes although it was a mistake, it produced a beautiful outcome.

Parents aren’t necessarily the person who birthed you or who you share your genetics with, it’s the people who raised you and loved you. This is the lesson Maggie’s learned over recent years, although she is lucky enough to now have a relationship with Richard.

Meredith is visited in a dream by her mother, sparking the idea of creating a pill that can detect and diagnose diseases in the body. Another nomination in her future for a Harper Avery?

This episode didn’t include anything major or exciting, but of course, Shonda still managed to make it heartwarming and entertaining. What was your favorite storyline? Do you think this is a foreshadowing for Jo and Alex having a child?

Additional Sidenotes:

  • Hello Ellis, old friend! It’s been a while, but thanks to Grey’s just because a character dies does not mean we have no hopes of seeing them again, even for a brief scene. I thought we were throwing it back to seasons ago when they showed what life would be like if things had been completely different — Meredith dating Alex, etc.
  • Maggie is really bad at keeping things on the DL. Remember a few seasons ago when she spilled all the beans about Alex taking a new job? Why do I sadly relate to this…secrets are hard!
  • Go, Jo! You go, girl! I love the shade she throws at Schmitt about “special treatment” *wink wink.
  • Schmitt’s little speech to Nico was so cheesy and sweet. And he dropped the L-word already?! I’m impressed, to say the least.

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Grey's Anatomy

Greys Anatomy – We Didn’t Start the Fire (15×15)



What a way to celebrate the legendary 322nd episode of Grey’s Anatomy! Only in true Shonda Rhimes fashion with a house fire, unexpected familial visits, and, of course, a little frisky business!

Just as we, the entire Grey’s Anatomy family, have cause to celebrate a momentous occurrence, so do the doctors. Jackson is throwing a party for his mother and surprise, surprise nobody wants to be there.

Why is it that putting all the doctors together for a few hours into one large room leads to some major disaster?

The drama between Teddy, Amelia, Koracick, and Owen spikes up again when Amelia and Owen run into Koracick and Teddy making out in the hallway before the party.

Can I just say, I called it! Although, it was never a hard puzzle piece to find. Teddy and Owen’s “friendship” has always been a bit complicated and tainted with more than friendly feelings.

Amelia has every right to be jealous of the situation, and she argues a very valid point, that maybe Betty and Theo were the only glue holding them together.

Amelia chooses to bow out gracefully and I have to say that was quite mature. Make him fight for you, Amelia!

The aggression heats up when Owen confronts Teddy saying he doesn’t want a “dirtbag” around his daughter. And then he proceeds to throw an unknowingly low blow at Koracick by saying he will never be a father …

Meanwhile, Alex’s mother, Helen, makes a spontaneous visit to Seattle. Initially, Alex is told that “Ms. Karev is waiting for him” and he interprets this as Jo and asks for Helm to let her know to meet him at the party.

From then on he’s in for a little surprise. During the party, Helen begins smelling burning rubber, but Alex interprets this as her having a psychotic break. Until there really is a fire and Alex couldn’t be more excited. His face lights up as he gleefully tells everyone it’s a true fire and guides everyone to evacuate.

This scene is surface level silly, but looking beyond that it depicts something much deeper. Alex’s mom’s schizophrenia left him raising his siblings throughout his childhood, and finally seeing his mom lucid makes him emotional, in a good way.

He’s proud to have Helen as his mom, and he even introduces her to his best friend, Meredith. Honestly, watching them call each other best friends was too heartwarming, and then having Alex tear up, was almost too much.

While all this drama is happening, Catherine, the guest of honor, is riding around in a limo with Bailey trying her best to avoid the celebration. It’s fun seeing their little bond-drive, and Catherine showing Bailey how to enjoy the finer things in life.

DeLuca and Meredith are in their own little love bubble finally, now that their relationship is out to Alex and now apparently Weber. Watching their budding relationship is sweet, and Alex’s “best friend” approval is all anyone and Meredith could ask for. I’m glad to see Meredith finally in a good and happy place.

Another unexpected parental figure arrives and this time DeLuca is the lucky winner. I have no idea where the storyline with his father is going to go, but obviously with Grey’s any storyline can be turned dramatic.

Finally, Leo is brought back to Owen and Amelia, after Betty’s parents come to terms with Leo being Owen and Amelia’s son. They understand now that Betty is their child and they are in no position to try and raise two. Well, this makes for a complicated situation for Owen and Amelia!

I’m getting a bit tired of the back-and-forth of their relationship. I hope this doesn’t mean a quick fix of their relationship. I’d still much prefer Owen fighting for Teddy. But then again, Koracick is really a sweet guy under his masculine facade, and Teddy seems to be really good for him.

Whatever the outcome, I still can’t wait for Teddy to have her baby! Once that happens, I feel like the complications will truly be able to settle.

What do you think? Do you think Amelia and Owen will make it work again? What’s in store for MerLuca now that DeLuca’s father is in the picture?

Additional Sidenotes:

  • Amelia and Own still refer to Britney as Betty?
  • Has anyone else noticed a common theme among many TV shows and movies that when there is a scene of a crying baby they never do a great job of hiding the fact that the baby isn’t actually crying and they just have a recording of a baby crying? Exhibit A, Leo is totally fine when his grandparents are taking him away, but the recording of hysterical baby cries would suggest otherwise.
  • I continually forget Ben is a firefighter. I enjoy the little crossovers.
  • Alex in his homemade knitted scarf is way too precious. I never would’ve thought Alex Karev would’ve gotten this precious over the seasons!
  • Quick any Italian speakers?? I want to know what Karina and DeLuca were saying to each other! No subtitles provided this time, so there must have been something cryptic said!
  • Amelia aggressively shrugging off her jacket due to Owen’s lack in gentleman-like behavior is some good subtle humor.
  • I loved how there were so many different leads to who started the fire. It made for a good game of Clue! Who started the fire, in which room, and with what? Mer, in the kitchen, with the plastic tray!

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