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Grey’s Anatomy – Breathe Again (16×05)

GREY'S ANATOMY - "Breathe Again" - Meredith has a court hearing after skipping out on community service, while Bailey and Jo have a patient that Jo realizes is from the treatment facility. Richard and Gemma grab breakfast together and things go awry on "Grey's Anatomy," THURSDAY, OCT. 24 (8:00-9:01 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Kelsey McNeal) CHANDRA WILSON, CAMILLA LUDDINGTON



I’m sad to report that Grey’s Anatomy is slowly declining, especially this season. I’ve seen so many articles throwing around Grey’s Anatomy spoiled expiration date, and I used to loudly protest those. But now, it seems I’ve finally given way to those saddening opinions.

This season has gone down a rabbit hole with Meredith’s whole insurance scandal and has seemed to have lost direction.

I can’t say there was any defining moment in this episode that provided much excitement.

Zola had a mini medical scare that put Meredith in distress forcing her to miss her court appearance. Thankfully Zola ended up fine, but it doesn’t look good for Meredith, seeing as she is no longer allowed community service hours, and is being sent to jail.

I can’t imagine what this leaves for her future as a surgeon, but she continues her streak of numerously fascinating life events. If she wrote an autobiography, boy would that sell!

Jo confronted her demons, very successfully. When she found out her old therapist was in the hospital and needed to be isolated in the hyperbaric chamber she immediately ran in to help Bailey not realizing that it might bring on some post-traumatic responses.

She had a mini panic attack but Bailey shocked her with her pregnancy news and that seemed to get her attention. It then became Bailey’s turn for a panic attack, but that time Jo swooped in with her learned coping mechanisms.

I will say, I really enjoyed the way the show opened up Jo’s past in a split present and past mechanism. It was a clever way for us to learn about the unconscious therapist and her relationship with Jo. I always felt like Jo’s storyline for depression and therapy was brushed over, but this episode really took time to focus on her recovery. It was a powerful episode for Jo’s characterization and makes her that much more lovable.

Some slightly good news mixed in with some unsettling news in the Richard and Gemma installment– they didn’t sleep together! But, Gemma’s intentions were all there. She came onto Richard after he explicitly told her he loved Catherine and would never think of cheating on her.

It was certainly problematic for Gemma to have made moves on him in the first place, and then force him into kissing her. Uncalled for, and now she’s trying to make amends. Shame on her, but good on Richard for putting her in her place.

I hope Catherine and Richard make up soon enough. She can’t be mad at him forever!

There was absolutely no sign of Link, Owen, Teddy, Jackson, or the majority of the cast! What gives? Some only received a casual name drop, as much as Christina did.

Speaking of, it was the second time this season Christina has been name-dropped! I’m sure it’s me only desperately hoping for Christina to be the old cast member Shonda brings back that’s making me constantly imagine foreshadowing that isn’t really there, but one can only hope, right? Fingers, toes, and entire limbs are absolutely crossed! Christina’s only a hop, skip, and a flight away from Seattle anyway. What other important things does she have going on besides saving lives and doing important research in Switzerland?

I don’t know what to expect for the next episode. There’s going to be major drama with Meredith in her new orange jumpsuit, but that entire storyline is a bit lackadaisical. There’s been nothing more but her picking up trash on the side of a road, and talk of her license being revoked. I want more drama. Preferably more hospital drama though, rather than all these split storylines.

Oh how I miss Grey’s season 8, that’s peak Grey’s Anatomy. They desperately need some of that juice from past seasons. I’m still shocked they’ve been renewed for a season 17. How are they going to continue this long and drawn-out storyline?

Until then, I will continue sitting on my couch waiting in anticipation for each new episode. Come on Shonda, wow me again, as you did so many years ago!

Additional Side Notes:

  • Gemma’s line about millennials and their spikes of driftwood for earrings was spot on.
  • Jo literally bought a bag of dog toys just to throw at the wall. I need that energy in my life. Although, my neighbors would surely hate me.
  • Ben is the most supportive and loving husband. Bailey won bigtime with him.
  • I forgot Zola needed surgery as a baby! Wow, that takes it back.
  • It was only a quick snippet and only an imaginative scene, but we still saw Meredith in the OR again!

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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy – Papa Don’t Preach (16×07)



Family is the biggest running theme on this show. What constitutes a family? Is it based in blood or love?

The latest installment of Grey’s Anatomy definitely toyed with the ideas of these two questions at large.

None of the surgeons have loving or tight-knit family bases, except for George O’Malley. Resulting in most of them identifying Grey Sloan Memorial as their home away from home and surgery as their greatest love. They’ve also created a mini family among each other. Some rooted in blood and some in deep friendships.

In a way, the entirety of the characters creates a family.

Maggie joined a few seasons ago looking for her family and to her surprise, she not only found Richard and Meredith, but she was thrown into a multitude of extended family branches.

This was the first time she’s introduced to Richard’s side of the family. As is one of our first times. Besides the episode way back, when we met his other niece, who I believe also suffered from a heart condition. It must be a genetic thing in his family!

When Richard’s “estranged” brother and niece came to the hospital seeking help with Saby’s very large and dangerous tumor, they were greeted by a confused yet intrigued Maggie.

Our origin is something so ingrained into our minds, hence religion. With Maggie having been adopted, she had never felt the true sense of connection that is inexplicable between blood relations.

Her first interaction with Saby gave her a taste of what it was like to finally meet someone who more than slightly resembled her and shared most of the same nerdy interests.

The actresses did look very much alike! How did they find an actress who resembled Kelly McCreary so well?!

After Saby finally presented Maggie and Richard with her challenging tumor they’re both positive Maggie is the best option even with resistance from both Saby and her father, due to familial conflict of interest.

Maggie’s confidence came out a bit strong and she insisted she was the best and that she would be able to completely take care of the tumor with no worries.

Sadly, Saby ends up dying on Maggie’s operating table. What a hard loss for Maggie, especially after having so much confidence in her abilities and “bullying” Saby and her father into going along with her expertise.

It was a bit of a major loss for the characters, despite the distance between Richard and his family. They were still family.

Amelia still hadn’t told Owen about her pregnancy with Link, so she finally decided it was the best time. I honestly forgot who did and didn’t know about Amelia’s pregnancy.

Owen didn’t take the news too swiftly and took it out on a patient who came in after falling down the stairs.

The woman had apparently taken a drug to try and terminate the pregnancy, but instead got dizzy and almost terminated the pregnancy that way.

A major question and topic was brought to the surface on the show. I can’t remember the last time they mentioned abortion, but it was an interesting way to shed light on the controversy.

Owen has had his fair share with baby issues and getting involved with women who didn’t initially want children. Christina’s abortion seasons ago really affected him, and now seeing Amelia with Link ready and eager to have a baby really hit home for him.

All he has ever wanted was to create a family and his first two grand attempts failed.

I understand his issues, but it was highly inappropriate to take out his frustrations on a patient. Although his intentions were never about the actual abortion, it did bring up the debate between pro-life and pro-choice in an interesting manner.

In reality, it was his reasoning with Amelia’s choice to have a baby with Link when the reason for their first break up and divorce stemmed from her lack of desire for mothering another child.

Now that they finally came to an agreement with Amelia’s pregnancy, they’re still working on how titles are going to work in their family. Auntie Amelia and Uncle Owen? They’ve added a whole new twist on a ‘modern family’.

What are your thoughts on family? Is it blood thicker than water?

I can’t wait for next week’s court case. The last time Grey’s Anatomy nudged into Law and Order territory must have been Callie’s court case with the Olympic athlete.

Additional Side Notes:

  • The fact that Saby initially thought Jackson was gay for falling in love with a firefighter, rather than assuming that there could be a female firefighter was too ironic. I can’t decide whether her thinking was progressive or not.
  • I’m surprised they only brought up that Catherine had no idea about Maggie and Jackson’s breakup, but they never resolved it!
  • When did Alex’s hospital receive the funding to finally make it look like a full-functioning establishment?
  • Meredith’s outfit this episode gave me Susie vibes from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!


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Grey’s Anatomy – Whistlin’ Past the Graveyard (16×06)



This episode regained a lot of the excitement the past few episodes have been lacking. There were some spooks and some sweet treats sprinkled along the way as we picked up some of the pieces from dangling storylines that had been put on pause.

The biggest installment was Alex finding out his hospital was a mass grave dedicated to old patients who had been there years ago. Grey’s Anatomy turned Bones. His nurses were all spreading rumors that the place was haunted making it challenging for Alex to try and get everything under control for his investors. Unfortunately, by the end, he accidentally dropped the news bomb about the dead corpses found in the construction site and the investors looked like they had lost interest. Hopefully, Weber can work his chief magic to get them back.

Jo had the day off and was determined to scare others around Alex’s hospital to show him that her costume was in fact a bit more frightful than he had originally judged. She seems to be doing much better and back to her old playful self.

Hooray to hers and Alex’s new and official marriage! They’re so perfect for each other. Their wedding ceremony was also iconic. It will certainly go down in history as one of Grey’s Anatomy’s cutest wedding ceremonies. Maybe not as cute for Alex when his heart dropped after Jo’s pregnancy scare. Did anyone else also believe she was pregnant? I let out a premature squeal…she would’ve been the most exciting character to have gotten a pregnancy storyline. Sorry, Bailey and Amelia, you’ve both been there, done that.

I guess we’ll have to wait a few more episodes for their baby announcement.

DeLuca finally had his breakthrough with Zola. I wonder if this is going to be the biggest push for Meredith and his relationship. I’m really happy we were given a scene with Zola and her thoughts on Meredith’s relationship with DeLuca and the loss of her father. We’ve never received an insight into her perspective on the situation, and it was a sweet and long overdue reaction.

Seeing just how much DeLuca loves Meredith and really wants to create a connection with Zola and the other two is important, and something I think should be recognized. Meredith’s latest argument with DeLuca was certainly valid, but also a bit overboard. He was trying to do the best and be there for both her and the kids, but he’s never been a father, so he had no real knowledge to pull from.

I still don’t really see the chemistry between the two, but as long as he’s there treating her and the children right, I think she deserves that.

Speaking of, Meredith’s finally out of jail. I use “finally” lightly because it was only an episode she was in jail. Not that I assumed she would be there over the course of a few or more, but she was definitely not provided a challenging visit. Puzzles and nights of sleep, what more could she ask for?

The direction the show is taking with Meredith’s interest in law and the legal system with the lower class is interesting. I’m curious how Shonda plans on addressing those storylines and topics. I wonder if Meredith will go down the legal path of medicine. It would change the show a lot, but I trust Shonda’s storytelling abilities enough to pull off whatever she’s got under her sleeve, successfully.

Link and Amelia are both going to celebrate his cancer-versary with his “divorced” parents, who have rediscovered their old flame and are planning on remarrying. Link provided an interesting perspective on how hard divorce is on children. He’s such a pure soul, it’s saddening imagining baby Link going through cancer stints and the challenge of his parent’s divorce.

Then there’s Owen and Teddy’s storyline update and Teddy realizing she loves surgery and working that she can’t be the doting mother that is going to set up PTO events and sew together intricate homemade costumes.

Everyone seemed to be doing well, even the patients that were treated. They left a Happy Halloween ending with a happy children’s parade for the kids of the hospital. Schmidt’s sunflower costume deserved a first-place prize for the effort and adorableness.

I wonder what will happen next week! What was Meredith working on? I am looking forward to seeing the advancement with her storyline, even though it’s so separate from everyone else’s. That was the only real cliffhanger left for us, but it’s enough to hold me over.

Additional Side Notes:

  • I hope I find a job I love as much as Meredith loves surgery. Or at least, I hope I only have surgeons and doctors who are as passionate about their career!
  • Koracick is such a battle, you either hate him or have sporadic moments of realizing he’s a human and you love him. When he tells any story of his son, we all start sobbing like Bailey, no matter if we’re lacking the pregnancy hormones. His snide comments about “Ginger Beer” aka Owen, are too priceless, and I hope he finds another woman and receives a happy storyline full of love. That’s all he wants and needs.
  • Link’s parents are beautiful, there’s no question where he got his beauty. I would believe it if those were Chris Carmack’s biological parents.
  • Zola’s developed so much sass!
  • We thought Bailey was losing her edge and we thought wrong. She showed us when she threw out her line about Koracick being a Halloween Grinch!

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Grey’s Anatomy – It’s Raining Men (16×04)



The latest bombshell explosion at Grey Sloan was reminiscent and very truthful to one of the current issues battling our nation today. Healthcare, healthcare systems, and insurance.

During the latest Democratic Debates on Tuesday, the candidates all argued about healthcare for all and what that really meant. Sure it sounds promising, but does it actually mean healthcare for all that can afford it?

Their arguments took the stage and voiced the concerns of insurance coverage. Nothing about the actual healthcare system and pharmaceutical companies that are corrupting our nation.

That’s Grey Anatomy’s job this episode. Meredith’s ideas were published beyond her original statements and it doesn’t look good for the future of the hospital.

The downfall of the hospital seems to be coming to a quick end, but then again this was a concern during Season 9. Though, can we expect another miraculous descent from the surgeons to sweep in and fix their problems with millions of dollars and a buyout?

The sad truth is that without Meredith, Alex, and Richard more than half of the original staff, it doesn’t look good for the hospital.

Alex seems to be loving his new job as chief and has high standards and hopes for Pac North’s future. And he’s already recruited, Owen!

Soon the entire hospital staff will be merging and moving to Pac North. Until Boki’s moved, that’s when we’re all done for.

Bailey’s recent attitude and rampage have stirred up more than the hospital staff. It’s sparked anger within the entire fanbase…but now we’re finally left with some news that I’m sure it left a lot of jaws dropped. She’s pregnant.

Amelia’s recent baby announcement seemed excessive and unnecessary, but Bailey’s is too juicy. I never saw this coming!

Meredith’s article lists numerous faults and corruption within the hospital system not directed at Grey Sloan, but of course to receive higher publicity the publication threw both her and the hospital under the bus with their headline.

Koracick’s planned an entire publicity stunt to try and save the hospital but ended up using a family to do his dirty work. Avery went behind his back to reverse the damage and ended up giving a stronger name to the hospital in a truthful way. Hooray Avery!

They brought it back with a unique patient case. It’s unbelievable that there are any ideas left in the back pocket of the writers.

A human falling out of the sky and landing on someone and killing them is a new one. I never even knew that was possible, let alone the science behind a frozen body exploding on impact.

Well, they’ve lost their happy patient streak. Their first death of the season seems fitting for the downfall of the establishment. Although the patient was a doozy and came in already on the rocks.

Poor Teddy tells it like it really is, the world sucks and it sucks to bring a child into the world in this climate.

I can’t even begin to see what the outcome of this mess will be. I can’t imagine Shonda actually tearing down the hospital, but then again with the whole side story of Pac North, there’s a possibility it might happen.

Soon the lowest-rated hospital will become the top, and it will all have been due to the Grey Sloan Memorial team, proving that a hospital’s credibility isn’t a name, it’s the staff and family that work together within it. How cheesy.

Additional Side Notes:

  • Maggie was the only verbally loyal person to Meredith! Everyone turns the other way to save their own butts. Sadly even DeLuca got on her case for her choices.
  • Could they have brought in any cuter kid to play Avery’s patient?! Gosh, darn she was adorable!
  • Link and Amelia are getting cuter by the episode. I can’t believe how against their relationship I originally was, and here I am holding up a huge sign for them.
  • Christina’s text to Meredith was the best. Is Shonda hinting at Sandra Oh’s reappearance this season?!
  • Vic calling out Jackson’s cockiness! Jackson’s surely matured since his early days working with Mark Sloan.
  • There was no resolution to the cliffhanger of the previous episode. Did Richard stay faithful?!
  • Link dropped the three words! His speech with it was too precious and he’s right there really is no point in avoiding pain, because pain will always be right around the corner.

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