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Grey’s Anatomy- Everybody’s Crying Mercy (10×3)



“My Nipples Are No Good For Him”


It’s Grey’s Day! Thursdays aren’t complete without an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Like every episode, the doctors are saving lives, drowning in their own drama, I mean it wouldn’t be Grey’s without some drama!

Our favorite couple are adjusting to parenthood! Sleep deprived mer & der can’t catch a break with their fussy new born. To make matters more complicated, Callie is still living with them. Looks like she isn’t accepting Arizona’s apology. And while Callie holds a grudge (I don’t blame her) Arizona is trying extremely hard to get back on good terms with her wife. Changing up her hair, dressing up, and even attending couples therapy. But knowing Callie, once she’s hurt, she’s not going back.

In other news, there is a power struggle at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Board members Vs. Owen. It’s tricky when the doctors are the actual board members, but Owen isn’t going down without a fight. Although the hospital needs repairs after the storm, Jackson can only think about the pro bono surgery he wants to preform. I love seeing Jackson take a stand, actually I just love seeing Jackson! That doesn’t stop Owen from cutting major surgeries back, just to get the board members attention. Things are heating up at the hospital!


While Owen is running around being traffic cop, his relationship with Christina has become so awkward, its hard to watch. They don’t want to touch each other, they give awkward stares across the room. We all know they need to be together! But in an infamous elevator scene, Christina asks Owen to try and let her go, and he agrees. I hope this isn’t the end for these two! I’m still hoping that Christina realizes she really wants a baby, and they live happily ever after. (I can dream right?) April & Jackson are finally in the “friendzone!” Since April is engaged, and Jackson has his dorky intern girlfriend, they realize they just can’t be together it that way. I’m actually glad. They were my least favorite couple!


In better news, Alex and Jo are finally together. Although I still see Alex with Izzie (can you blame me?) I’m happy that Alex is finally happy. In this episode, they finally seal the deal. It took them long enough! It wasn’t even in the on-call room! I’m proud of Alex for finally being classy!

It PAINS me to see Webber in a hospital bed, so vulnerable. He isn’t doing so well, and he can’t keep food down. Shane, without Bailey’s orders, inserts a feeding tube, making it so hard to watch the chief in his most vulnerable state. In the end, Webber confesses to Meredith that he chose her as his kin because he wanted her to pull the plug. Webber doesn’t want to live anymore. I’ll let that sink in.

It was an episode full of tension, heartache, and heartbreak. Did you use up your box of tissues? I did! Grey’s is back next week for an all new episode! Get ready!

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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Review – A Diagnosis (16×14)



Grey's Anatomy Review A Diagnosis 16x14

In the face of pain, we default to a hurried “I’m fine,” unless you’re literally attacked by a bear resulting in a torn ear and nose, then maybe you’ll admit to more than the shortened phrase. A continuation from the prior Station 19 episode,  the doctors worked quickly to preserve two hikers who had been mauled by a bear.

Meredith enlightened us with her voiceover explaining society’s need for showing emotional fortitude because showing pain is impolite.

Everyone except the bear-attacked man put up an emotional facade for those around them, everyone had their secrets.  Namely, DeLuca, Amelia, and Richard.

We finally received the answer to one dangling question! DeLuca finally found the diagnosis of Suzanne’s unusual and deadly symptoms. Just as Bailey had given Meredith the okay to shut down DeLuca’s experimental methods, DeLuca ran in to deliver the antidote to Still’s disease.

His entire work on the case had left him sleepless and unrelenting to find a cure. I’m not sure about you, but that’s the kind of doctor I’d prefer if I was lying around on a hospital deathbed.

However, if you remember the backstory of DeLuca’s father Vincenzo, he suffered from a manic state in which he operated on several patients lacking any nourishment or rest, and ended up killing four of them.

Followed by a discussion with Carina, Meredith concluded that DeLuca wasn’t acting like himself and perhaps was presenting signs of Mania. Carina had flown out specifically because she was worried about DeLuca.

I’m not sure he is suffering from mania, but just like Ross seasons ago after nights of little sleep paired with amounting stress, it can lead to moments of irritability along with an extensive list of side effects.

Whether or not DeLuca is truly presenting with Mania or he desperately needed a good full week of sleep, the truth will soon unfold. Although, for now, it looks like MerLuca is once again on pause.

Next, Amelia’s drama with Link heightened. She took the day off work to hibernate and decompress, and Maggie decided to pay it forward and stay with her even through her times of denial.

Just as Richard forced himself onto Maggie, she pulled the “I’m an only child” card and fed Amelia bread and offered her a shoulder to lean on, alongside the support she had been lacking from Link.

In the wake of the baby daddy drama, Link hadn’t thought of the toll it was taking on Amelia and her pregnancy hormones. What she really needed as she expressed, was somebody who would offer her stability in her time of need to raise the baby no matter what.

I share Amelia’s same sentiments, however just as Maggie sympathized with Link, I understand his need for knowledge. As humans, we have an innate need for knowledge. Knowledge is power. In nature, male species only want to tend to their own young, and this innate need for Link to know if the baby is his or not seems to follow this.

When Link visited Amelia to make sure she wasn’t ghosting him, Amelia told him they were done for good. Poor Link didn’t deserve that. His love for Amelia is so strong, and he had only taken a few days to process his feelings. He deserved those few days!

Owen confirmed that in Jo’s “asking for a friend” hypothetical, he would not let a positive blood test affect his relationship with Teddy. They’ve both gone through enough ups and downs for several years and now is finally their time to be happy in love.

As Owen and Teddy continue their love bubble, Richard’s has completely disintegrated. Bailey tried to provide him support as he has done so many times for her, but following the “I’m fine” paradigm he brushed his depression under the rug and continued to go about life.

One important lesson learned was that loss doesn’t always find solace in replacements. After the woman’s husband unsuspectingly died from his bear attack wounds, she ordered her paramour to leave the room.

Similarly, after watching DeLuca storm off and publicly end things with Meredith, McWidow’s support was outright rejected by Meredith.

Love triangles will always lead to, at the very least, one broken heart if you’re lucky. Basically, love triangles will never end happily.

The episode didn’t present too many exciting storylines, instead, it frayed loose ends allowing for interesting plots to come to fruition.

Will DeLuca continue his manic state? Was it really Amelia’s hormones talking when she broke things off with Link? What were your thoughts on the episode? We’d love to read your comments and thoughts down below!

Additional Side Note:

  • McWidow speaks Italian?! McWidow speaks Italian well?! There’s no reason Meredith can’t just fall into his arms. He has all the good traits and Cristina’s stamp of approval.
  • The worst thing you could say to someone is “you sound like your mother/father.”
  • I hope Nico’s closeted status doesn’t break up their relationship. Schmidt has to understand that Nico’s Korean heritage yields a heavily conservative background and his family could very well disown him.
  • It’s good to see all of the doctors back under the same roof. We knew it wouldn’t take long.
  • Meredith, Amelia, and Maggie are all emotional bowling pins. They sometimes fall in unison, and sometimes fall solo, until eventually, they help each other back up to the standing position.

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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy – Save the Last Dance for Me (16×13)



Grey's Anatomy Save the Last Dance for Me Review

Heartbeats were counting down as stated in Meredith’s voiceover, or maybe that was our own as we impatiently waited to hear results that were still left unrevealed!

The board got angry with Koracick dangling their jobs like carrots in front of them, well maybe all the fans can call a board meeting for the writers because we still haven’t received any answers.

Cliffhangers emote suspense, these storylines are only emoting frustrations. There’s an overwhelming amount of vagueness and this hour left that exact taste in our mouths.

Katherine bought Pac North, that was a quick deal from her previous threats only a week ago. Now everyone is scrambling to keep their family together, as Bailey put it.

Just as the case of the foster boy who was brought in, Bailey expressed similar sentiments of her hospital family. She didn’t want them to be split up, so it looks like Pac North will fall by the wayside and the doctors will be reunited at Grey Sloan once again. Surprise, surprise. In my expert opinion, the whole Pac North storyline was a bit of a waste.

Nothing momentous happened there and it let Richard, Maggie, Alex, and Owen essentially jump ship from Grey Sloan, while Pac North acted as a lifeboat. They were pawns moved around the chessboard until things were finally figured out.

Meanwhile, Suzanne, DeLuca’s patient still had no answers for her ailments. DeLuca brought in a UCSF doctor to help with the case, a deaf doctor, a very cool addition that expanded representation.

I typically enjoy patient cases that span over a few episodes, it offers greater insight into the patient’s life. Suzanne’s speech to DeLuca and Maggie before she went under was emotional and it’s good Maggie isn’t as empathetic as Amelia. Otherwise, her emotions would’ve gotten the best of her just as they did mine. I mean c’mon, the whole revelation of her daughter being gay and her youngest daughter needing a stable home and mother after already enduring an orphanage! The show still has the ability to play on your emotions!

The doctors chose to take the ballsy route and stop all of Suzanne’s treatments in order to allow the ailment to present itself. A risky move, but Grey’s never fails from risky moves. It’s easily predictable Suzanne won’t die, but what will she not die from? That’s the real question.

We were all graced with a sad Valentine’s story just in time for February 14th. Schmidt had an emotional case working with a senior couple whose fate was nearing. I hope to pull off a last grand jester the way the husband did. It couldn’t have been said any better by Schmidt, I want a dance partner too.

Amelia still hasn’t taken the paternity test for the baby in fear of losing Link. He was right when he said Amelia had a complicated past with Owen. But even if Owen found out he had a child with Amelia, it wouldn’t change his future with Teddy. It would just add layers and they would have to pull an A Million Little Things Delilah and Eddie sequel.

I assume we’ll learn the paternity results next episode, so now’s the time to place bets. I’m putting my money on the baby being Link’s!

Meredith still seemed to be having moments with McWidow but was also sleeping with DeLuca? She called herself all grown up (-ish, thank you, Bailey, for calling it like it is), but it seems like she’s just turning a blind eye to some underlying love triangle.

Alex’s sudden leave is finally being revealed piece by piece. They keep reminding us he’s in Iowa helping his mom– like we could’ve forgotten such a terrible loss. I don’t remember the latest storyline with Jo and Alex, but Jo kept alluding to a mini fight and Alex needing space. How are they going to delve deeper into the exit of Karev with just the use of his name?

What are your predictions for the next episode? How do you think things will play out with the merging of two hospitals?

Additional Side Notes:

  • Well said, Richard. Don’t we all miss Bokhee?
  • Koracick’s undoubtedly a major jerk, but he’s a funny jerk? As Amelia put it, he’s hurting and lonely, let him work through his emotions. Owen already won the girl and the life, let Koracick sulk.
  • Jo brought the words of wisdom! “It’s not hopeless, just not easy.”

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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Review – The Last Supper (16×12)



Grey's Anatomy Review The Last Supper

The truth always comes out; that’s the lesson to be learned. No matter what secret we’re trying to hide from the world, it eventually begins to show. In the medical world that might include HIV or chickenpox, it just takes a matter of time for the symptoms to progress.

However, in this almost tiresome episode, the secret wasn’t that exciting or scandalous, although it was a huge surprise for all of those involved.

We were left last with Katherine and Richard’s marriage falling apart, and this hour was split between an awkward family-ish dinner and being gay in the Jewish culture.

Both seemingly opposite things, but at the core, very similar ideas of secrets finally surfacing.

The entire dinner shared between Richard, Katherine, Jackson, Maggie, and a few extras was so cringe-worthy. Initially, Maggie and Jackson thought they were getting together to celebrate Katherine and Richard’s anniversary, and instead, it turned out to be a divorce announcement.

To top it all off, Jackson invited Vic, who brought a plus one for Maggie. The entire situation was perfectly unperfect. A night filled with elementary jabs between the Avery’s and Richard and Maggie. I’m surprised Vic came out of the dinner safe and sound.

Meanwhile, Schmidt explored his sexuality with Nico and navigated the coming-out scene in his very Jewish family. He and Nico went to visit his uncle who was in hospice and as soon as Schmidt introduced Nico as his boyfriend he flatlined.

The perfect timing for any death is when you’re about to shake someone’s hand for the first time. Schmidt feared he had killed his uncle with his gayness but later came to find out his uncle was harboring a similar secret.

As Schmidt put it, his uncle was only given 45% niceness and he chose to spend it all on Schmidt. Come to find out the reason for this was because Schmidt shared the same gay gene as his uncle.

What a twist! Although gay marriage was legalized almost half a decade ago, homophobia is very much still relevant. And unfortunately, most of the fear is within the family.

Schmidt’s traditionally Jewish family, although accepting on the outside, really wrestled with the concept. His uncle could never come out because of his mom and this was a harsh reality for Schmidt to hear.

He decided to move out of his mom’s house and in with Nico (I’m assuming), putting their relationship onto a new level. I’m glad Grey’s Anatomy took a deeper look into this storyline.

It’s been a while since Arizona and Callie told Callie’s father about her lesbian life. Any orthodox religion has a hard time with the LGBTQ+ community, but it’s important that the show represented this.

Back to Richard and Katherine, what used to be a warm and loving marriage, with only a few bumps here and there has turned into an entire war. Katherine’s envy and anger of Richard’s newfound success at Pac-North have evolved into a desire to take him down. They haven’t even officially divorced yet!

I can’t imagine a marriage falling into pieces that badly.

Next week we’ll gain a better insight into the future of Pac-North. They’re continuing its storyline now with Maggie as a new addition to the team, but I don’t see a clear future in them splitting full-time between two hospitals. Unless Katherine buys it and then somehow combines the entire pack of surgeons.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? What are you looking forward to? They put a hold on the baby drama between Link and Amelia, but I suspect a good resolution coming to fruition soon enough!

Additional Side Notes:

  • How dare they drop Alex’s name so casually and act like he’s still working at Pac-North. I still don’t understand how they plan on using his name often and pretending he still makes an appearance at the hospital when he’s completely MIA.
  • Nico and Schmidt’s relationship is so sweet. Nico’s complete support for Schmidt is the support a significant other should offer their partner! Take lessons, Katherine.
  • Sadly, this was a low key episode with nothing too exciting. Apparently, they needed a refractory period from their top episode from last week.

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