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Grey's Anatomy Snowblind Review 16x15 Grey's Anatomy Snowblind Review 16x15

Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Review – Where is Alex? (16×15)

Grey's Anatomy Snowblind Review 16x15



The snowstorm hit hard, and the snow was sticking, but the storylines sure weren’t on this installment of Grey’s Anatomy Snowblind. The entire hour felt a bit brushed over, and there were hurried storylines and not enough focus.

Nonetheless, the ending picked up speed and left some fantastic cliffhangers.

Let’s first talk about Teddy and Koracick?! There’s not much to say other than what? Am I the only one who audibly squealed when Teddy showed up at his door, walked in, and kissed him? I never thought the writers would do this. I thought Owen and Teddy were finally endgame, but it appears that is far from reality.

I’ve secretly been a Koracick shipper ever since hearing his backstory and seeing the way Teddy brought happiness to his life again. So come at me, all you Owen shippers!

If I were to predict the endgame lineup, I would say Link and Jo, Owen and Amelia, and Teddy and Koracick.

Teddy’s been missing on the screen the past few episodes, and she’s finally back with her eye on Koracick. I’m interested to see how the writers chose to pursue that storyline. At this point, things are already so messy. I have no expectations.

Meanwhile, Bailey bonded with her foster boy patient. These doctors, they invest so much in their patients. They should be winning new types of awards! She had him shadow her attempting to inspire him to look further beyond a burger joint waiter. And by the end, she was asking him if he would want to come live with her. She had been nesting for a newborn, and instead, she received a grown boy.

McWidow and Meredith continued their slow progression toward something a little more than acquaintances. He boldly asked what her relationship was with DeLuca, and they bonded over the stages of after grief and chatted about their first “I love you’s” and their first kisses since their former spouses had passed. It was a heartwarming moment watching as they both received widow support. Perhaps, Cristina didn’t necessarily send him over as a romantic gift, but more as an emotional support pillar.

Considering DeLuca was left fighting a nasty case of frostbitten hands that could cost him his career, and he isn’t giving in to Meredith’s genuine concerns, maybe their relationship is dunzo. Which, I wouldn’t be mad about!

Now, let’s talk about the surprise guest star of the hour! Hello, Beanie Feldstein, on Grey’s Anatomy! She was a very convincing intern, and her genuine talk with Weber struck a chord. I do question Weber’s capabilities if he thought this patient was an intern that he could bring into the ER to help him operate. He connected with her so quickly, and it’s the first time in a while that he’s had an emotional moment with someone. He passed his torch onto her, in the form of his stethoscope. What does this mean for Weber and his career? He’s been there since day one as well! We can’t take another loss of the OG cast!

I’ve been a bit upset by how the writers had been dealing with Alex’s storyline, or lack thereof. They’ve been insinuating a lot, but the time has finally come. Next week we will finally be given answers about what happened to Alex!

I’m still in the process of accepting that he’s gone for sure, but this final farewell will feel much better knowing that his loose ends are finally going to be tied. He’s been there since through the years, and his absence has been jarring. And now they’re finally giving him the proper send-off he deserves.

Additional Side Notes:

  • Hearing the stories of the good ole days through McWidow’s retelling of his stories with Cristina brought so many good memories. Evil Spawn and Twisted Sister. Oh, how I’ve missed those nicknames. It’s been a while since Grey’s Anatomy has given out nicknames! 007, Dr. Model, McSteamy, and McDreamy.
  • “Tank you,” McWidow’s Irish accent is so thick. I nearly forget each time!
  • Meredith ran away to San Diego? I don’t even remember that! There have been so many jumbled storylines. I’m bound to forget a few.
  • Jo was on the onslaught during this episode, not letting anyone off easy. She’s almost become unbearable without Alex. I can’t imagine Jo staying on the show too long without Alex, seeing as her character’s so attached to his.
  • When McWidow talked about our country’s terrible healthcare system, I wanted to shout at the screen! The news is constantly bombarded with the 2020 election and each nominee’s plan to reform the entire program. Hopefully, there’s a bright horizon in the future.

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Grey’s Anatomy Review – Season Finale! (16×21)



Grey's Anatomy - Put On A Happy Face 16x21

It may not have been a hospital shooting, a major fire, or an explosion, but it was certainly a Grey’s Anatomy season finale. A bittersweet one at that! It’s finally that time of year when we are left dangling on a very high cliffhanger with almost no end in sight.

The past episodes have left Richard’s health in danger, but the doctors finally figured out the cause of his mysterious symptoms.

Initially, everyone thought it was Alzheimer’s, but DeLuca caught it just in time. In fact, Richard was suffering from Cobolt poisoning as a result of an old hip replacement.

Meanwhile, Teddy and Owen’s wedding was scheduled for the end of the night but was halted indefinitely after Teddy left Owen an unfortunate voicemail.

In an installment that was certainly the lamest finale, it still left us with some major questions.

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The entire hour was focused on Richard’s surgery and recovery from his new hip replacement after his old one failed him and essentially rotted in his body. I’m not sure how they expected us to focus on any of the other cases when all I wanted to do was focus on Richard’s status.

Oh, and also amidst the chaos, Link and Amelia welcomed their new baby boy into the world. What a day to be born little man!

Thankfully the episode ended on some happy notes for all patients involved. The little girl finally got her smile, the guy got the bat dislodged from his chest, and Richard seemed to make an easy recovery from his surgery.

However, there was certainly some strain left behind in a couple of relationships, to say the least. After Richard woke from his surgery Katherine was by his side ready to sleep next to him, but despite his previous delusions he remembered their old fights and didn’t seem to want anything to do with her.

I was hoping their relationship would be mended by this stressful time, but it was far from it. It’s understandable that Richard wouldn’t want anything to do with Katherine, but also she did run to his side during his most vulnerable time. Katherine was completely at fault for their latest blowup, but Richard knew Katherine was a hard woman. I hope they’re able to forgive each other because, at this point in life, they both deserve to have a companion by their side.

Well, Teddy majorly f-ed up. Koracick’s a good guy and deserves so much better. However, I had hoped that Teddy could have been exactly what he deserved.

I’m not sure why she kept messing around with him. She knew she didn’t want him, so how could she sleep with him and then proceed to tell him that was just her saying goodbye?

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Owen’s not a saint either, so I’m not sure what’s going to transpire after this major incident, but I have a feeling things will eventually continue toward marriage. I’m putting my prediction in writing! Owen and Teddy will have a large rough patch, but will eventually take each other’s hands in marriage, even if it’s by the end of Season 17!

I’m not sure what will happen for Koracick because Teddy seemed like the woman for him, especially after he’s gone through so much life trauma. I hope the writers wrote him a happy ending with a lovely lady. Though, I will continue to secretly cross my fingers for a Teddy and Koracick miracle!

Anybody else with me??

On a small side note that only feels right because Meredith is the main character of the show, Meredith and DeLuca seem to be doing well? They’re not officially back together, but their trajectory seemed to be heading in that direction. Meredith was last seen taking DeLuca home, which I can only assume was back to her place. He was sobbing, and I really question if he’s going through a mania of sorts because he did lash out a few times. I’m not sure if he could attribute that to the fact that nobody would believe him and he had to take extra measures to ensure he was heard? However, I am curious if this will finally be addressed in the next season.

Let me know your thoughts on the season finale down below!

I guess this is ta-ta for now, until at least mid-September.

Additional Side Notes:

  • I had the same exact questions Amelia shouted! Why do we have babies? How does humanity exist?
  • That look shared between Jo and Hayes made me question if they’re going to become something! I guess I had never thought of Hayes pairing up with anyone except for Meredith, but things have been set up nicely so that Meredith will end up with DeLuca and Hayes isn’t left alone!
  • Maybe I’m not observant enough, but it seemed like Amelia didn’t really show a baby bump until this last episode before she went into labor!
  • I will always enjoy the subtle humor thrown into the drama and I’ve noticed a common trend, Bailey. Amelia demanding Bailey stay after she stole her baby daddy from taking the grunt of her squeezes was too precious. Bailey’s been there for many births on the show, so it only seemed right she be there for Amelia.

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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Review – What’s Wrong with Richard? (16×20)



Grey's Anatomy Review - Sing It Again (16x20)

Richard’s mysterious ailment remained the greatest puzzle of the hour, alongside a more humanizing storyline for Koracick.

Apparently, dementia and Alzheimer’s are ruled out for Richard, but what else could it be? The doctors having a ticking timeline and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be an easy case to solve.

All the surgeons except for neuro were put on Richard duty and had to do some hard thinking. It has been a while since they had to sit and map out an entire diagnosis.

And of course, the patriarch of the show was not going to make it easy.

The scariest moment was when Meredith found Richard about to cut into himself. Initially, the thought of him cutting into another unsuspecting patient was terrifying, but then when it revealed the reality of the situation my blood pressure soared.

Meredith came in like a superhero and saved the day, but I honestly didn’t know which way it was going to go. They better find a cure fast, or Catherine’s going to kill them all, well before Richard goes.

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If you were on the fence between Team Koracick or Team Owen you might be no longer! I know this episode only strengthened by loyalty to Koracick.

Despite his rudeness and overall impertinence toward life in general, Koracick has suffered a loss very few understand. The loss of his son David devastated his entire life and gave him a grim outlook on the future. I’m not making excuses for his behavior, but the death of a child can certainly harden someone.

Since this event that rocked his world, Teddy seems to be the only thing that gives him true happiness, besides his large surgeon ego. When his ex-wife paid him a visit with her youngest son, Koracick was thrown for a major loop. Not only did Guthery closely resemble David, he even sounded like him. Koracick could barely handle seeing his ex-wife, let alone a look-alike of his late son.

If you didn’t feel every shade of sadness for Koracick this entire hour, do you even have a heart?!

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I just want to side comment on the beauty of his relationship with his ex-wife. It didn’t seem like there was any bad blood between the two and rather than a loss of love being the reason they could no longer stay together, it seemed like the pain of losing their son was the biggest reason.

Anyway, Teddy stayed by his side the entire time and even squeezed his hand many times.  I don’t understand how she didn’t recognize that Koracick was the man she needs to be with.

Teddy was the only person who could calm him down during Guthery’s surgery and every moment she was standing by she had a genuine look of concern and love. I am convinced she deep down loves him, but Owen’s just the easier choice.

Owen and Teddy have gone through their own share of problems and hurdles, but Owen’s just made to much of a mess and Koracick’s the less complicated past, I’d argue.

Of course, Koracick carries a lot of baggage, but Owen carries the same amount if not more. There’s been nothing recently on Owen, he’s honestly just clueless to Teddy’s indecisiveness.

The final scene between Teddy and Koracick didn’t look promising to a happy future between the two. Instead, Teddy grabbed Owen after her emotionally taxing day and pulled him into a supply closet to sex him up and tell him she wanted to get married sooner. I’m confused by her thinking.

After a day like that with Koracick, how could anyone not feel compelled to choose him? Maybe she was looking for a happier outlet and Owen was the easier choice? I’m not sure, but Teddy needs to be 120% sure with her choice. By the looks of next week’s preview, Koracick is still fighting for Teddy even on her wedding day. Will he win? Comment your thoughts down below!

Additional Side Notes:

  • The case of the singing lady heavily reminded me of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. No way musicophelia is a real phenomenon! Because mind blown.
  • “How do you fix it?” “Singing lessons.” Honestly, the best line of the night. Koracick deflects pain with humor, at least it gave us a good laugh.
  • It looks like Amelia’s baby’s coming in fast! Are we ready? Maybe more than Link appeared to be!
  • Schmidt and Jo need each other right now and it’s perfect they moved in together. Starting another chain of coworking roommates, very Grey’s Anatomy.

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