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Grey’s Anatomy- Sleeping Monster (9×21)



“I Stood By You, I Expected The Same From You” 


After weeks of waiting around for our favorite television drama, Grey’s Anatomy finally graced our television screens thursday with one of the best episodes this season. With the continuation of Bailey’s CDC investigation, we still get to see how Mer is dealing with her pregnancy, how Owen is dealing with the little boy he wants to adopt, and if Alex will finally tell Jo how he feels. Grey’s is back, and with two episodes left for the season, I’m savoring every last bit of this episode.

The episode starts off with the doctors/owners of the hospital debating on how they will proceed with the CDC investigation. Since they want to stand on Bailey’s side, Jackson makes it clear that being owners of the hospital, they should step back. I love this power struct Jackson Avery, but is it me or since he became one of the owners he has gotten a little annoying? But there isn’t time to dwell on it because the ER is packed with a family whose family reunion went bad. What’s Grey’s without surgeries?


As the surgeons operate, Bailey is in a tough spot with the CDC. Having to be interrogated and retrace her steps with the surgeries she did that killed those two patients, you can tell it is taking a toll on her. She is literally left alone, with no one on her side to defend her. I felt really bad for Bailey. I mean she is DOCTOR BAILEY AKA THE NAZI. Why isn’t anyone helping her during one of the worst moments of her career?

Mer is also dealing with her pregnancy, and trying to figure out who she wants in the delivery room. Obviously Derrick, but she wants her person Christina there also. Christina is hesitant because she doesn’t want to see Mer poop on the table. This was the comedy of the episdoe. I love Mer and Christina, their relationship, their arguments, everything. I can’t wait for the McBaby, and too see Mer deliver her baby!

Owen is also still dealing with the little boy and his family that came through the hospital a couple of episodes ago. With his father still not conscience, and his mother dying from a stroke, Owen feels responsible for the kid. Truthfully, I think he is going to adopt him. Owen wants kids, regardless of what Christina wants, I think he is really going to take this boy under his wing, and he kinda looks like Owen. Its a win win.

fdf4c8ed77442cb83501e6ee01b6da85Jo and Alex have been in love since the beginning of the season. We all know it, and finally Alex confessed to Christina that he does care about her. The problem is, she is dating that hot peds doctor and only thinks of Alex as a friend. Being in love with Alex since season one, I feel that the only person for him is Izzie. But since she won’t be returning any time soon, I think Jo and him will be able to work it out. I just LOVED the last scene with Alex and Christina. They haven’t had the closest relationship through the years, but they are friends.

April has been mad at Jackson ever since he took her virginity. Mad that she lost it, and mad that she wanted to loose it. Finally in this episode Jackson lets her know that she can be mad all she wants, he doesn’t regret anything. Fortunately for her, her cute EMT comes back and forgives her for lying about the v-card in the first place. If I was April, I’d be happy that Jackson even looked at me.

While all the drama is going on, Bailey is still under the investigation, and finally they figured out that Bailey has Staff, and that the gloves she used during her surgeries cased the staff infection to harm the patients as well. They told the board members to get new gloves and that all Bailey needed to do was get treatment. That isn’t enough for Bailey because she is still upset. Her and the Chiefs heart to heart literally brought tears to my eyes. They are the closest on the show, and although he really was trying to defend her, she doesn’t see it that way. She was always by his side, and the one time she needed him, he couldn’t be. Ugh, it broke my heart!

So, how did you like this episode? Do you think Bailey is off the hook? Only two episodes left fans, how do you think Shonda will surprise us this time? Leave a comment below and start the conversation.

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Fall Premiere Dates for ABC

Mark your calendars because ABC has finally released its official premiere dates for the 2021 fall season.

Taking the first premiere slot, Dancing with the Stars will begin its 30th season on Monday, September 20. While The Bachelorette is among the last premiering shows on Tuesday, October 19, alongside ABC’s new show Queens.

Meanwhile, Grey’s Anatomy and its sister show Station 19 are keeping their Thursday slots starting on September 30.

And the anticipated reboot of The Wonder Years is taking off on Wednesday, September 22.

Keep on reading for an extensive list of the exact times and dates for all of your favorite shows returning soon!

8:00 pm Dancing with the Stars

8:00 pm The Goldbergs
8:30 pm THE WONDER YEARS (series premiere)
9:00 pm The Conners
9:31 pm Home Economics (new time)
10:00 pm A Million Little Things

8:00 pm Celebrity Wheel of Fortune (new day)
9:00 pm Supermarket Sweep (new time)
10:00 pm The Rookie

10:00 pm The Good Doctor

8:00 pm Station 19
9:00 pm Grey’s Anatomy
10:01 pm Big Sky (new day)

7:00 pm America’s Funniest Home Videos

8:00 pm Shark Tank
9:01 pm 20/20 (two hours)

8:00 pm The Bachelorette
10:01 pm QUEENS (series premiere)

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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Has Overstayed Its Welcome



Grey's Anatomy cast photo

With every season renewal beyond Season 14 that Grey’s Anatomy seems to nab miraculously, the great grandmother of all medical dramas has seriously overstayed its welcome.

And I promise I say this purely out of love as a superfan myself, as someone who has seen every episode, some more than once.

I hate to compare it to this but remember Season 5, Episode 19, when the great aunt continues to be revived, and the niece and nephews seem like monsters each time they hold their breath, hoping she’s gone for good? Well, Grey’s Anatomy is the great aunt in this scenario, and the fans are the children. There, I said it.

Numerous TV shows have ended much too early, but it’s a rarity for a show to have lasted beyond its expiration date. And while there’s no one reason the show has gone downhill, these are some of the factors I think contribute to its decline.

Grey's Anatomy cast photo

Grey’s Anatomy cast photo

Shonda Rhimes Signs With Netflix

Many people don’t know this, but Shonda Rhimes, the original creator, and writer for the show exited and turned over her duties in 2017 when she decided to sign with Netflix.

She passed the showrunner title off to Krista Vernoff, who has been with Grey’s Anatomy since the beginning.

I’m not sure if I actually notice a difference in the writing, but it does seem like Rhimes’ exit in 2017 aligns similarly to when the show started to lose its steam.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but the show began recycling storylines, it lost important characters, and honestly, the drama between doctors began to go off the rails.

Original Characters are Replaced

The amount of times I’ve come across articles about Sandra Oh’s return is astounding. I’m not sure why everyone’s obsessed with theorizing her comeback. Oh has repeatedly said for years that she’s outgrown the show and will never return.

Cristina Yang on Grey's Anatomy

Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy. Credit: ABC

However, without Cristina, there was no hope for the show. Sure, Derek was Meredith’s true love, but Cristina was Meredith’s soul mate. So her exit was quite the blow, and I don’t think the show ever truly recovered.

Oh’s departure in Season 10 left only a sputter of decent seasons in its wake. Cristina was a bulk of the humor and comedic energy, and without her, it lost a huge piece of itself.

Every few seasons, the show introduces new interns. We’re used to that. But, once they were forced to replace attendings and original cast members like Cristina, Callie, Arizona, and Alex, it brought less desirable characters to the forefront.

Amelia, Teddy, Owen, and Maggie are currently the main four alongside Meredith. Originally they were side characters, only meant to add drama to the lives of the original cast. But as original members began to leave, their storylines began to evolve and steal the focus.

Amelia, the other Shepherd, replaced Derek, and Teddy replaced Cristina.

Excessive Drama

With an entirely new shift in perspective, the new doctor’s storylines overshadowed any exciting patient cases. While in the first few seasons, there was a striking balance between special medical cases and doctors’ personal lives.

Owen and Amelia on Grey’s Anatomy. (ABC/Byron Cohen)

There used to be a formula. Midway through each season, there would be a unique and interesting patient case (hysterical pregnancy, sex accidents, etc.), and then the season finale would end on a major event like a shooting or plane crash.

Now, it seems the only major news we’re left with is whether or not Amelia will finally find true love, commit, and tie the knot. Or, who’s going to have the next baby.

And don’t even get me started on how absent Meredith was for this latest season. Meredith has never been my favorite character, but that doesn’t change the fact that the show’s named after her, and she is the main focus of the show. So, when all we saw was her on the beach and in a hospital bed, it definitely felt like we were cheated.

The only good thing to come out of Meredith’s beach rendezvous were guest appearances from old cast members. Seeing Lexi, Mark, and Derek on the beach brought back deep nostalgia for how the show used to be.

As Season 18 is now in the works, I truly hope the show can end peacefully afterward. It’s been dragged on long enough, and it would be the first show I’d ever wave goodbye to willingly.

Please, end the show before it’s too late, so I no longer have to continue watching it out of loyalty.

Now, what do you think? Should the show end? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down in the comments!


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Grey's Anatomy

Best Tweets About the Return of McDreamy on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 17 Premiere



Best Tweets About McDreamy's return on 'Grey's Anatomy'

Grey’s Anatomy surprised fans with the return of McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) during the season 17 premiere! 

The series is saving lives and saving 2020! 

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