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Grey's Anatomy Review The Last Supper Grey's Anatomy Review The Last Supper

Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Review – The Last Supper (16×12)

Grey's Anatomy Review The Last Supper



The truth always comes out; that’s the lesson to be learned. No matter what secret we’re trying to hide from the world, it eventually begins to show. In the medical world that might include HIV or chickenpox, it just takes a matter of time for the symptoms to progress.

However, in this almost tiresome episode, the secret wasn’t that exciting or scandalous, although it was a huge surprise for all of those involved.

We were left last with Katherine and Richard’s marriage falling apart, and this hour was split between an awkward family-ish dinner and being gay in the Jewish culture.

Both seemingly opposite things, but at the core, very similar ideas of secrets finally surfacing.

The entire dinner shared between Richard, Katherine, Jackson, Maggie, and a few extras was so cringe-worthy. Initially, Maggie and Jackson thought they were getting together to celebrate Katherine and Richard’s anniversary, and instead, it turned out to be a divorce announcement.

To top it all off, Jackson invited Vic, who brought a plus one for Maggie. The entire situation was perfectly unperfect. A night filled with elementary jabs between the Avery’s and Richard and Maggie. I’m surprised Vic came out of the dinner safe and sound.

Meanwhile, Schmidt explored his sexuality with Nico and navigated the coming-out scene in his very Jewish family. He and Nico went to visit his uncle who was in hospice and as soon as Schmidt introduced Nico as his boyfriend he flatlined.

The perfect timing for any death is when you’re about to shake someone’s hand for the first time. Schmidt feared he had killed his uncle with his gayness but later came to find out his uncle was harboring a similar secret.

As Schmidt put it, his uncle was only given 45% niceness and he chose to spend it all on Schmidt. Come to find out the reason for this was because Schmidt shared the same gay gene as his uncle.

What a twist! Although gay marriage was legalized almost half a decade ago, homophobia is very much still relevant. And unfortunately, most of the fear is within the family.

Schmidt’s traditionally Jewish family, although accepting on the outside, really wrestled with the concept. His uncle could never come out because of his mom and this was a harsh reality for Schmidt to hear.

He decided to move out of his mom’s house and in with Nico (I’m assuming), putting their relationship onto a new level. I’m glad Grey’s Anatomy took a deeper look into this storyline.

It’s been a while since Arizona and Callie told Callie’s father about her lesbian life. Any orthodox religion has a hard time with the LGBTQ+ community, but it’s important that the show represented this.

Back to Richard and Katherine, what used to be a warm and loving marriage, with only a few bumps here and there has turned into an entire war. Katherine’s envy and anger of Richard’s newfound success at Pac-North have evolved into a desire to take him down. They haven’t even officially divorced yet!

I can’t imagine a marriage falling into pieces that badly.

Next week we’ll gain a better insight into the future of Pac-North. They’re continuing its storyline now with Maggie as a new addition to the team, but I don’t see a clear future in them splitting full-time between two hospitals. Unless Katherine buys it and then somehow combines the entire pack of surgeons.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? What are you looking forward to? They put a hold on the baby drama between Link and Amelia, but I suspect a good resolution coming to fruition soon enough!

Additional Side Notes:

  • How dare they drop Alex’s name so casually and act like he’s still working at Pac-North. I still don’t understand how they plan on using his name often and pretending he still makes an appearance at the hospital when he’s completely MIA.
  • Nico and Schmidt’s relationship is so sweet. Nico’s complete support for Schmidt is the support a significant other should offer their partner! Take lessons, Katherine.
  • Sadly, this was a low key episode with nothing too exciting. Apparently, they needed a refractory period from their top episode from last week.

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Inga is an avid TV watcher and critic, focusing a majority of her articles around LGBTQ+ representation in the media.

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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Review: Every Day Is a Holiday (With You) (18×06)



Grey's Anatomy Review Every Day Is a Holiday (With You)

Just when things were maybe starting to pick up this season, Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 6, “Every Day Is a Holiday (With You)” kept things stunted. Nothing moved forward, nothing happened, despite the number of tears that were shed. I’d argue that this might have been the worst episode we’ve seen.

Weber and Schmitt waited for gory accidents that never came, minimal interaction between the doctors left storylines stagnant, and Meredith stayed in a hotel the entire hour!

The episode set itself up for failure by introducing the dryest patient cases. A woman who comes in with abdominal pain from her pregnancy could’ve made for an interesting lesson on the patriarchal system’s oppression of women. Instead, we were left clueless as to who this woman was and why she mattered to the storyline. Until finally, Jo gave context at the very end for what this woman symbolized.

Meanwhile, Noah comes in again with a collapsed lung and there’s nothing that can be done to save him. So, all he did was pop on the screen to let us know he’s going to die. There was never enough depth to his storyline to make for an emotional goodbye. The old Grey’s Anatomy would’ve given us substance to the plotline and made us weep alongside the characters.

Grey's Anatomy Review Every Day Is a Holiday (With You)

Richard and Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy. (ABC/John Fleenor)

Now, we have to talk about Meredith’s situation. She was on her way home to be with the kids for Thanksgiving, and then the weather delayed her flight. There was absolutely no conflict in the situation, making for an easy advancement in her relationship with Nick. It was a cheesy turn of events. She literally stayed in a hotel on the phone with Nick, until he surprised her and they spent the night together. That’s it.

As a result of Meredith’s delayed return, Amelia and Link were put in charge of Thanksgiving. This is one of the first scenes they were given together since Amelia turned down Link’s proposal. I was hoping Amelia would tell Link about Kai, but she did no such thing and instead slept with him. At least she prefaced the moment reminding him that her feelings toward marriage remain the same. But, what about Kai?! At least we know they’re still in Amelia’s life and making her smile and giggle, as per the text exchange in the first moments of the episode.

Finally, Farouk’s health is left in peril. Of course, we know they’re only doing this to give us something to worry about, but there’s no way they’d kill Farouk. That would be too cruel to Megan.

And one of the ways Megan and Hayes have bonded has been through parental understanding. Without a son, Megan would be an emotional mess and there’d be no hope for the romantic future the writers have planted between her and Hayes. There’s no subtlety in their intentions.

Grey's Anatomy Review Every Day Is a Holiday (With You)

Megan and Hayes on Grey’s Anatomy. (ABC/John Fleenor)

Unfortunately, nothing of importance happened. It’s like they’re fearful of repeating too many storylines. But at some point, they’re going to need to embrace repetition. Until they do, old fans are going to continue cheering for the end.

What did you think of this episode? Do you have different opinions? Please leave your comments down below!

Stray Musings:

  • “I cut on Thanksgiving, just not a turkey.” Weber jinxed himself early on.
  • Let’s hope that Bailey’s gratefulness for them all still being there isn’t a foreshadowing of anything bad happening soon. The show cannot afford to lose Bailey or Weber. That would literally be the last string.
  • Poor Nico, getting the marriage and children talk from Schmitt’s mom. I hope it didn’t scare him off!

Rating: 2.5/5

Grey’s Anatomy Review: Bottle Up and Explode! (18×05)

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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Review: Bottle Up and Explode! (18×05)



Grey's Anatomy Bottle Up and Explode

It’s finally that time, Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 5, “Bottle Up and Explode!” brought us a big event and a death. While it wasn’t a death directly in the Grey’s Anatomy family, it was an unfortunate end to a beloved character on Station 19. In the first few minutes, we were left wondering and worrying if something had happened to Ben, but once they revealed that he was fine we were able to breathe.

Not that I want anybody to die, but the show continues to feel stale and these big events are merely ghosts of the show’s former glory. These major pipeline explosion episodes used to be written well and have more at stake. Instead, “Bottle Up and Explode!” felt like an episode focused on Station 19. 

The majority of the storylines were cut short and underdeveloped, including Meredith’s Minnesota plot. This has been a theme for the last couple of seasons, but I continue hoping there will be a magical shift.

Meredith and Amelia’s time in Minnesota remains the most interesting part of the show, however, it seems to take a backseat to what’s happening in Seattle. Heck, Meredith and Amelia weren’t even clued in on the pipeline explosion. In typical Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith would’ve received updates on what was happening and would have left Nick standing as she ran home to be with her family.

Grey's Anatomy Bottle Up and Explode

Meredith and Nick on Grey’s Anatomy. (ABC/Eric McCandless)

But, this is a new Grey’s Anatomy, and Minnesota is a bubble of Midwestern calmness. They forget their lives in Seattle and focus on what and who they are around in Minnesota. Link and Amelia are just done apparently, and rightfully so. It ended so abruptly. But, I couldn’t be happier, because Amelia deserves to explore her autonomy and sexuality, and who better to do that with other than Kai.

The two are both equally married to their careers and the current research. Yet, aren’t focused on trying to make this a quickie relationship. They’re both allowing the flirtation to flow free.

Meanwhile, the men in the room, aka Koracick and Hamilton, are allowing old tensions and history to stir up anger and hatred. This is why men shouldn’t be allowed anywhere! My guess is that it’s not just Koracick’s personality that ignites a fiery passion in Hamilton’s feelings, but it’s his age. As Hamilton revealed Koracick slept with his daughter, we’re left wondering the age difference between Koracick and said daughter.

After the few moments we’re graced with by the quietness of Meredith’s lab, we’re immediately thrown back into the chaotic whirlwind happening in Seattle.

Grey's Anatomy Bottle Up and Explode

Dr. Bartley and Amelia in the research lab on Grey’s Anatomy. (ABC/Bonnie Osborne)

In the midst of the explosion that’s injured many firefighters, Megan Hunt is attempting to deal with a tragedy of her own, on her own. With Farouk’s heart condition, she’s spooked that anything could happen in the OR, and given Grey Sloan’s history, she has a point.

So, as Winston and Hayes are working on the surgery, Megan forces her way in to hold Farouk’s hand. If it weren’t for her being a scared mother, her presence would’ve never been approved. It seems it might’ve been more dangerous to perform surgery in front of a terrified and invested mother!

But, even with the minor complication of Farouk’s heart swelling, he manages to leave the OR table healthy and strong.

Ok, I guess I can’t totally avoid the major part of the episode, but again Grey’s Anatomy fans are never going to be as invested in a Station 19 death. It’s the series attempt at bringing viewership up for both shows, and we see what you’re doing!

Grey's Anatomy Bottle Up and Explode

Megan Hunt and Dr. Hayes on Grey’s Anatomy. (ABC/Bonnie Osborne)

I’ve never been a fan of crossover episodes. I’m never going to run over to Station 19 to watch an episode that doesn’t totally affect the overall plot of Grey’s Anatomy, nor are many other viewers. So they should stop trying.

Although, since it did happen, now we must discuss it. The unfortunate demise of Miller will affect the lives of Bailey and Ben forever, as they just gained a new daughter. If you remember Bailey’s miscarriage in Season 16 broke her, she’s finally getting a miracle that she’s not prepared for.

Initially, she’s hesitant in saying yes to guardianship over Pru because she’s worried about losing another baby. But, of course, once she sees the adorable and innocent face, unaware of her father’s death, it breaks down all of Bailey’s walls, and the three walk away a new family.

What did you think of this episode? Which new relationship are you most invested in? Please leave your comments down below!

Stray Musings:
  • The amount of times Owen has gone through PTSD moments in the hospital while he’s trying to help with a trauma event is excruciatingly high. I understand it’s part of his character, but during this hour it just felt like it was a cop-out character development that kept him out of the picture.
  • How did Megan make it into the OR! Whenever a surgeon’s beloved family member has been on the table, there’s been absolutely no bending of the rules.
  • They’re really doing a SLOW build-up with Amelia and Kai. Now that they are both aware of their singledom status and their attraction is clear, will they just give us something?!
Rating: 3/5

Grey’s Anatomy Review: With A Little Help from My Friends (18×04)

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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Review: With A Little Help from My Friends (18×04)



With A Little Help from My Friends

After watching Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 4,” With A Little Help from My Friends,” it’s clear what’s been missing all of these seasons. The friendship. Since Cristina’s departure so many years ago, there’s never been a duo that’s been able to fill that hole in the show.

Yes, Meredith has a strong relationship and friendship with Bailey and Weber, but it’s more of a mentorship and parental relationship rather than a deep friendship.

However, during these past two episodes we’ve seen the friendship between Amelia and Addison really thrive and blossom. If you’re a fan of Private Practice you already know they have an age-old friendship, so it’s nothing new. But, “With A Little Help from My Friends” sets aside perfect screentime for the two to share words of wisdom and tears together.

18 years later, following these surgeons for nearly two decades, it’s beautiful to see their personal problems evolve with age. No longer do their issues revolve around which man they need to choose this week, but it’s parenthood and depression resulting from the pandemic lockdown.

With A Little Help from My Friends

Bailey in the OR on Grey’s Anatomy. (ABC/Eric McCandless)

Choosing to tap into a real and relevant issue that many parents can relate to grounded this episode and brought back the show’s roots of humanity.

We hadn’t heard from Amelia her reasoning for not wanting to marry Link, but hearing her aversion to domesticity, is a legitimate reason and empowering to her character.

Meanwhile, Weber was working on speeding up the skills of the residents while also putting a band-aid over the healthcare worker shortage.

Meredith’s class went through so many more crises than this current class of residents, making them look like babies! Is it me, or does it feel like the current residents have been residents for also many seasons?

With A Little Help from My Friends

Weber and Schmidt in the OR on Grey’s Anatomy. (ABC/Eric McCandless)

Unfortunately, the storylines of patients waned and weren’t able to keep the episode very engaging. I would argue that the most compelling patient case remains Owen’s veterans. Even though his patient died, Owen’s fight will continue. It’s been a while since Owen fought for something he’s passionate about. He’s been a wallflower for much of the recent seasons.

With Meredith making her way back to Minnesota again, I look forward to the development between her and Nick, as well as Amelia’s budding romance with Kai.

What did you think of the episode? Please don’t forget to leave your comments down below!

Stray Musings:
  • After watching You Season 3, I can’t unsee Scott Speedman as the grieving husband. I wonder if the pause in his appearance on Grey’s Anatomy had anything to do with filming for You.
  • It’s been so long since Carina’s made an appearance, I nearly forgot she was even on the show. I know she’s been more of a series regular on Station 19, so it makes sense that she’s laid low on Grey’s Anatomy.
  • Can they just keep Addison on for a few more episodes? She’s really the only thing making the episodes digestible.
Rating: 3/5

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