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Halloween Edition: The Best Halloween TV Episodes To Watch Now!



Halloween is a time for shrieks, thrills and Halloween-themed episodes. Here at CraveYouTv, we think the 90’s had some of the best halloween installments ever… I guess it’s got something to do with us getting older and feeling all nostalgic. Here is a list of throwback spooktacular episodes to kick off your Halloween weekend celebrations!

We’ve even provided some writers choices, and yes, threw in Pretty Little Liars because their like the modern-day goosebumps when October rolls around. So get your witches brew, candy corn and pumpkin pie ready and get to viewing.  BOO!

“He said what all killers say. He wants to come here. He wants to kill us. He wants us to wait right here.”– Eric Matthews.      Boy Meets World basically defines our childhood/young adult year. Obviously, their Halloween episodes were always on point.. and quite comical.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch had plenty of Halloween episodes that were SO good. We couldn’t narrow it down, so we just simply chose this old-school on. Sorry Melissa and Joey, but nothing compares to the original witchy goodness.

You can’t find a Youtube version of the greatest Friends Halloween episode- “The One With the Halloween Party,” but it’s definitely worth a watch. Check out this greatness!

No one can forget the greatness that is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Their Halloween where all of the characters turn into real-life versions of their costumes was terrifyingly fantastic. We weren’t able to find the whole version online, but I’m sure you can dust off those DVD collections and sink your teeth into it. Pun intended.

Pretty Little Liars always offers the best thrills for Halloween. Our favorite episode is the Midnight Express train ride, where a certain police officer ends up dead, locked in a box with a certain liar. Bonus points for Adam Lambert’s random appearance! You can definitely stream this on Netflix, so what are you waiting for?

Family Guy’s Halloween episode where Stewie gets all of his candy stolen by some jerks is one of our favorite animated ones. Isn’t he the cutest chicken? Also not available on Youtube, but worth a watch.

One word- slutty pumpkin. Yes, this How I Met Your Mother Halloween installment is everything. 

Oh Jonathan Taylor Thomas… my first crush… my everything. This Home Improvement episode “The Haunting of Taylor House” really gets you in the spirit!


Writer Hiba’s Choice: Smart Guy’s- “Diary of a Mad Schoolgirl.” Lucky for you, full episode available on Youtube, although the quality= not so great. It was the 90’s everyone…

Writer Audrey’s Choice: Modern Family’s Halloween episode. Full version on Youtube below!

Writer Lizzy’s Choice- That 70’s Show Halloween edition. They’ve had many, but this black and white, ghost story definitely one tops the list.

Writer Brittany’s Choice: Disney Channel throwback Lizzie McGuire– “Night of the Day of the Dead.” Oh poor Kate.

Bonus: To go along with the Disney theme here’s the halloween episode for Wizards of Waverly Place. Who doesn’t miss young Selena Gomez?


Featured Image: The Vampire Diaries/ The CW

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Younger Season 6 Report Card: Best & Worst Moments!



Liza takes on New York City after modeling for Infinitely 21 on 'Younger.'

Younger had some great moments and some less than great moments on Younger Season 6.

On a broad level, the storylines weren’t as fleshed out as they should have been, plenty of story arcs got condensed for the sake of time, the characters weren’t as empowered, and the love triangle got pushed so heavily, both Team Josh and Team Charles teams were over it by the finale episode.

But the magic that made Younger the fresh, inspiring, and addictive show is still there hidden under all of that.

We’re looking back at the best, worst and funniest moments of Season 6.

Most Frustrating Thing About the Season

The love triangle.

We all dug the Charles vs. Josh conundrum in the show’s early days, but we can all agree that Liza’s indecisiveness is tiring.

The best thing that can happen come Season 7 is for Liza to make a choice and stick to it.


Funniest Moment

There’s never a shortage of funny moments on Younger.

Ironically, two of the funniest moments involved vaginas: Maggie sticking garlic up hers to get rid of a yeast infection delivered plenty of laughs on Younger Season 6 Episode 4 as did Lauren getting her private parts stuck to an ice sculpture on Younger Season 6 Episode 12.

But my personal favorite was Liza’s micro-dosing experience.

On Younger Season 6 Episode 6, Liza hallucinated Charles and Josh morphing into one person — it would make things easier for her — and then ballroom danced with both men when in reality, she was dancing with a plant


Read the full post at TV Fanatic!

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Fall TV Preview: Riverdale Season 4 Trailer Reveals Jughead is Missing



The Riverdale Season 4 Trailer is Here & Jughead is Missing

The Riverdale trailer for season 4 is equal parts sexy and mysterious (what the hell happened to Jughead?!)

The series creators promised the season would be more high-school oriented giving it a “season 1” vibe following a dark, twisted, and oftentimes, ridiculous (we still loved it) G&G/ The Farm storyline on season 3.

And while they’re making good on that promise — we see Cheryl and the like prancing around the halls of Riverdale High — the show still capitalizes on the darker undertones and secrets.

This is a town that thrives on murder, and that’s never going to change.

The teens grapple with a pretty daunting realization — they’re going to have to part ways after senior year.

“Isn’t it crazy? In just nine-months, life as we know it will be over,” Veronica (Camila Mendes) muses without realizing the statement is more ominous than she intended.

The trailer reveals that one favorite may not make it through their senior year alive as the whole town embarks on a search mission through the volatile woods of Riverdale.

Who are they looking for? Our very own Jughead Jones.

Fans expected a rocky season for Jug following the cliffhanger of season 3, which saw him missing as Betty, Veronica and Archie cleaned up the blood from their clothes, but this has us officially worried.

Later in the trailer, we hear Jughead’s screams as he begs for “help” and tries to break out of what sounds like a car trunk.

What happened to Jughead? And is his disappearance linked to whatever happened in the final episode?

Other major moments in the trailer include Betty getting clobbered over the head from behind by an unknown figure (she’s after the Farm so it could be Evelyn Evernever), crime scene photos that make Betty gasp “oh my god,” a scantily dressed Veronica performing some pussycat dolls-esque routine on stage as she assures that she’s “no stranger to scandal,” and a bunch of smokin’ sex scenes with our three favorite ships: Choni, Bughead, and Varchie.

Yep, sounds like senior year!

Not spotted in the video: Alice Cooper, who we found out is infiltrating The Farm, anyone from The Farm (Chad Michael Murray, where ya at?), Kevin, also with the damn Farm, and Betty’s real brother, Chic, who was introduced in the finale as an FBI agent working with Alice to take down The Farm.

Riverdale premies October 9th on The CW!

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Riverdale’s Camila Mendes Reveals She Was Sexually Assaulted



Camila Mendes Instagram

Camila Mendes is a survivor.

The Riverdale star graced the October issue of Women’s Health where she came forward as a survivor of sexual assault.

Mendes revealed that she was slipped a date rape drug known as a “roofie” while she was a freshman at New York’s University Tisch School of the Arts.

Mendes became visibly emotional while recalling the attack, but she didn’t disclose any details about her attacker or what happened.

This isn’t the first Riverdale star to speak up about sexual assault and harassment.

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, Mendes’ co-star, Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper on the hit series) took to Tumblr to reveal that a “significantly older” male co-worker tried to force himself on her while they were on a date.

She was a teenager at the time.

During the interview, Mendes also dished about how moving frequently before the age of 18 was a traumatic experience for her growing up.

She said she moves almost 12 times due to her parents’ divorce and her dad’s career.

“You’re constantly saying goodbye to people, and you’re constantly being removed from your identity. When you start to feel like you’re connecting with a group of people, an environment, and a home — a physical home— it can be destabilizing when you’re uprooted and taken somewhere else,” she said.

Nowadays, Mendes loves to follow a routine that includes staying at the same hotels when she travels, visiting familiar cafes and yoga studios.

She also opened up about living with an eating disorder.

Read the full interview here! 

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