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iZombie – Chivalry is Dead (4×08)



Did anyone else have a hard time understanding Liv on this week’s iZombie?

It’s great that she didn’t break character after eating an extravagant feast of Garrett, a medieval history professor who was also into LARPing – short for D&D Live Action Role Playing, brains, but man, it took me double the time to process what she was actually getting trying to convey.

There’s absolutely no reason she should have been speaking that way the whole time, though.

Mad props to Rose McIver for pulling that off and every other role thrust her way throughout the seasons, regardless.

The case of the week felt like a secondary storyline since the more plot-heavy moments took precedence.

Liv’s attempt at turning Isobel, a sick girl who was smuggled into Seattle, into a zombie fell flat. 

The look of pure horror and confusion on Liv’s face accurately mimicked mine. How is it possible that Isobel is immune to the zombie virus?

Someone needs to rush her over to the morgue immediately so that Ravi can get to the bottom of this.

This potentially huge development in the story may have major repercussions as it not only affects Liv’s smuggling operation but all the new and existing zombies in New Seattle. It means that there’s a chance Ravi will be able to develop a working cure/vaccine which would save Chase Graves a lot of headaches once that brian shortage comes to fruition. 

Given how vital a cure is too many in the city, a storyline where they jack up the prices so that only the rich can afford them would be a no-brainer as well. No pun intended.

And that would allow Liv’s operation to thrive as she could continue sneaking in those who need to be saved while also giving those in need the cure possibly with Ravi’s help. Same premise as the human smuggling storyline, different model.

Joining in on the rogue smuggling missions is Peyton, who I was convinced would rage out after seeing her sister creating fake zombie I.D’s in her bedroom. But Peyton discerned that if presented with the opportunity, she would also choose to help people, which is why she wanted in. Of course, since she’s a human she cannot technically scratch anyone so Liv jokingly asked her for a large sum of money to fund their operation.

And Peyton came through! She visited Casper, a notorious criminal in jail. In exchange for the “pot of gold” that she knew existed, she arranged a transfer to the State Prison. There was a much bigger angle to this storyline that we didn’t see coming until it jumped out of an ice crate –  Stacey Boss is back and that was actually his money. And you bet he wants it back! 

Things must be really grave outside of Seattle if he’s willing to smuggle himself back into a zombie-infested military state just to get some cash.

Boss approached Blaine for help rounding up an army of zombies to attack the prisoners while they are being transported to the other facility so he can corner Casper and get the locations of his cash.

Blaine argued that he didn’t have that kind of pull in New Seattle but, he knows someone who does! You have to give it to him for always finding the business opportunity in everything. The duo humbly approached Brother Love with a proposition — he orders his men to do this and in exchange, they get brains of bad men who had it coming. Win, win.

The plan goes off without a hitch and everyone is equally as impressed with the control Brother Love has over his disciples. When he says swallow, they swallow. When he says attack, you’re screwed. I frankly watched in awe as none of them even seem phased by what they were doing. 

Let’s give it a minute before Blaine finds another way to manipulate this godly army into doing more of his dirty bidding. At the least, it will finally provide him with the relationship he’s always wanted with his father.

Do you guys really think Angus believes that the grace of God saved him from that well? And does he not realize that “raining brains” was actually his son still holding onto the hope for some kind of bond?

Intersecting Boss’ storyline with Peyton’s yet again is stirring..  They definitely have some unpleasant history and he won’t be too happy to find out she’s the one who stole from him. And it’s only a matter of time before they connect the dots since Blaine already ate Casper’s blood and will likely see her in a vision. And she’ll eventually lead them straight to Renegade’s mission.

Will Blaine out the ex-gf he obviously still has feelings for? We haven’t really had a straightforward villain this season — Graves doesn’t count because he’s a morally decent person who is being forced to do bad things — but Boss’ return and subsequent team up with Blaine and Angus has the potential to do some damage. 

Liv and Clive’s case-of-the-week was pure entertainment as it followed the crime of passion trope when King Arthur, a zombie, caught his wife, Gweneviere, a human, cheating on him with Sir Lancelot, also a human, and killed him.

And at the same time, mirrored Clive’s situation with Dale a bit too much. While grim, the realization that he’s not the only one in New Seattle grappling with a forbidden love story between a zombie and a human was sort of comforting and eye-opening.

No matter how hard they try, this open relationship solution isn’t going to work because the jealousy is too real and as we see,  people do foolish things when they get green with envy.

Just looked how angry and uncomfortable he was when realized that Dale was getting intimate with other men. Now, imagine if he’d actually walked in on them or was a witness. He would be beyond himself.

At this point, dragging their relationship out any longer doesn’t make sense. When it was first introduced, it had the potential to really showcase how zombie and human relations were strained by the virus, but all the writers are doing now is hammering home the same point — neither of them are happy and it isn’t really working. While sex isn’t the most important aspect in a relationship, being intimate is crucial. Without it, they’re both going to develop feelings for other people or resent each other.

They’ve hit a wall and the sooner they get this over with, the faster they can find someone that they are more compatible with.

I’m hoping for that police officer lady friend who was interested in Clive until she noticed the dysfunction.

Russe is totally onto Major, right? He has to be. And Major is getting himself in too deep and doing things that go against his morals just to help out Chase Graves. When is enough going to be enough?

Even when he’s putting himself into shoddy predicaments, I can’t seem to care much about it.

Ravi didn’t have much to do this week but he still somehow emerged as my favorite character. There’s just something about the pure joy that overcomes him when Liv gets fully enveloped by her Brain of the Week.

And the look on his face when no one knew what LARPing was and also when they’d never heard of a Tardis. He brings so much energy and flavor to the show, keep this up!

Will Chase Graves be as hard on Liv and Peyton when he finds out what they’ve been up to? And should they continue saving people from outside Seattle if they know there’s an impending brain shortage?

Will Peyton and Ravi break up once he finds out what she’s been doing?

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iZombie – And He Shall Be a Good Man (4×13)



iZombie and he shall be a good man

That was a solid series finale. The only problem? It was never intended to serve as the series ending but rather, a season-ending.

I find that many shows run into this issue and sadly, iZombie wasn’t able to avoid it.

In the end, the cliffhanger is supposed to be Liv deciding to remain as Renegade and seeing what it feels like to smuggle in humans as it is allowed under the new Commander, Major Lilywhite.

Her boyfriend died in the line of duty, her fiancee took over the army, she became a hero and their mission was deemed a success — zombies and humans were finally living side-by-side.

Admittedly, I want to see this post-Chase Graves world too, however, I could do with just the idea that things are finally on track in New Seattle.

How many times have movies ended on an up-to-interpretation, positive note?

Season 5 is a luxury for fans but after this finale, it isn’t a necessity.

Don’t believe me?

Renegade may have become the public’s hero after word got out that Chase once again planned to execute Renegade for all her hard work and Ravi, Clive and Peyton joined forces to upload her documentary to the masses.

The public support was so grand, Graves was forced to reschedule the execution and do it privately.

But that didn’t stop New Seattle’s army led by an incognito Major and the rest of Liv’s troops from doing everything in their power to save their friend.

Peyton, as acting Mayor, took to the media to rally supporters; Clive punched Major so he went into full zombie mode and they broke in to stop the execution.

Unfortunately, they weren’t able to save Levon and Liv brutally had to watch her own boyfriend get beheaded but Major and co. served as a distraction so that Liv was able to free herself and behead Chase instead.

I hoped that he would come around and realize that his viewpoints were all skewed but he was too far gone.

Even the other soldiers realized it as they were convinced that Renegade was a good person and Graves was off his rockers.

But even though Liv’s documentary was leaked, Chase played a major role in uniting both the zombies and humans unintentionally; he gave them someone to root for and to rally behind.

He also wasn’t the only one whose reign ended on what was almost the gloomiest day in Seattle.

Brother Love followed the “signs” of God and found himself riding into his own death after leading his flock to their deaths. Did that feel a bit ineffective to you?

He was this all-powerful man but we didn’t even really get to see him die.

Granted, Blaine was partially to blame for setting his father up but in his defense, he thought it would actually work and they’d be able to take over the world with the zombies.

When Angus realized Blaine was the one behind all the “signs,” he called him out for being a coward. The relationship Blaine thought he had with Papa was gone like that and once again, he was a disappointment.

His depression didn’t last too long — and I couldn’t help but rejoice over the news that this terrible Brother Love storyline was over — because soon, he got his own sign from the big man upstairs.

When their world domination plan got thwarted, they lost thousands of dollars on all the properties that they bought. Don E explained that they would go into bankruptcy and lose all their businesses. That is until Major sent Hobbs to bring him Blaine and Don E and basically declared them the cities official brain smugglers. In his proposition, he teased that they would soon be hailed as the saviors of New Seattle. And no one loves the glory more than these two!

Before I wrap up on Brother Love, I’ll add that I didn’t hate the storyline completely because it was an interesting interpretation of how people will believe anything they want to hear. However, they definitely could have done more with it. It almost doesn’t seem like the church of zombie supporters was ever much of a problem for FG and they took them down with absolutely no issues when they rushed Gate 6.

Even Ravi’s cure storyline was wrapped up in a neat bow. After Liv narrowly escaped death, she decided she wanted to become anonymous which is when Ravi informed her that she can become human again.

Liv took the offer in a heartbeat even though Ravi did inform her that there would only be one cure total. I guess you can’t replicate someone’s human brain. There would be something poetic about Liv being cured by Isobel’s brain, however, it never got to that point because they were interrupted by an impromptu wedding.

Yep, Clive and Dale seem to be rushing everything these days. I’m always rooting for Clive’s happiness but since we didn’t really get to see their relationship flourish, everything about this felt off. I couldn’t really be happy for Dale, I found their vows to be awkward and I couldn’t take them seriously with all this kid talk.

Just cause they keep telling me Clive wants children doesn’t mean that his actions have ever really given off that impression.

Anywho, Liv realizes that Clive is willing to turn into a zombie for this woman and give up his hopes and dreams to be with her. And in true Liv form, she gives them the only known cure to zombieism so that they can have their chance at having a family

So selfless.

So that leaves us with Liv continuing on as a zombie and embracing her role as hero, Peyton as the Mayor of New Seattle, Ravi successfully having figured out one cure, Clive and human Dale married, and Major as Commander.

And while this is all great, I can’t help but wonder how Liv’s family wasn’t even mentioned?

Justin was there of all people but her mother and brother? Nowhere to be found! At her execution… with a town rallying behind her. I know the writers are better than this type of oversight!

Now that Liv is single again, will she find her way back to Major?

What do you think we can expect from the final season of iZombie? Were you satisfied with the season 4 finale?

At least the human-zombie rebellion is over with — maybe the rest of the world will finally start warming up to the idea of zombies.

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iZombie – Insane in the Germ Brain (4×11)



iZombie Insane in the Germ Brain

This episode should have been “the girl who cried death” because that’s exactly what happened.

After the group found Isobel fake-passed out from a bloody nose multiple times, the last time it was actually real.

I was almost certain no one would believe her because she’d done it so much and absolutely no time was funny.

However, you can’t blame a girl for her coping mechanisms, right?

I’m upset with Isobel’s abrupt death. We knew it was coming, she teased it over and over and yet, when it happened, it hurt just the same.

Isobel was an unexpected, but promising, shake-up for the series. She brought this optimism, some comedic relief and an energy that just changed the dynamic of the morgue.

Seeing Ravi mourn over her body and then watch both him and Liv cry over her body was definitely difficult. I’m glad she was able to spend some time with her mother, but it’s quite unfortunate that their time was so limited.

Also, Liv impersonating Peyton was probably the best thing ever.

She’ll be missed but hopefully, Liv honors her memory by chowing down on her brains. I can’t imagine there being a more intimate way to say goodbye to a friend.

Given her expected-yet-sudden death, I wonder if Ravi was able to garner any results that might bring him closer to a cure. While I enjoyed her arc, she really did only exist to die and if no cure or vaccine comes from it, well, her addition, despite being enjoyable, would be pointless.

A cure for the zombie virus is pertinent at this point in time since the zombies are basically being rallied up by Brother Love.

His sermons, which have now gone worldwide thanks to Don. E on director brain, pray on the hopeless and impressionable with the promise of brains.

And when you are hungry and someone tells you that these defenseless humans walking the Earth are your food, you’re going to believe it.

The writers want us to understand that Brother Love is a vessel for the inevitable human-zombie war, but the kick-off for the war comes from a rather unimportant assassin. Tucker’s human friend marches into the church, tries to shoot Angus, misses and then becomes food for Tucker and his zombie friends. It’s definitely very strange and out of the blue, but I guess it gets the job done.

Peyton’s parents were right, she needs to stay in DC because Seattle is about to become a mess. A bigger mess than it’s already been made by an unstable Chase Graves.

Major has been losing his way all season as he rose to the top of the FG food chain and became Graves’ personal lackey.

Given how “good” he’s had it, I think Major turned a blind eye to all the terrible things they’ve both been doing.

Graves took it too far, though, when he shot and killed both of Major’s troops after they let Russ Roche escape.

What did he expect from newbies? He’s the one who recruited them off the streets and placed them with Major without proper training.

How will the rest of FG see him now after that shootout? If the FG soldiers are turning on each other, it doesn’t bode well for anyone else in town especially in light of the murmurs that a human-zombie war is on the horizon.

Will this be the moment Major finally wakes up from his zombie-coma and returns to being the moral man we’ve come to know?

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Major trick Russ into giving him a meeting with the boss, seeing him be brutally honest of truth brain, and explain that the reason he’s been yelling is because he has earplugs in. iZombie succeeds when they add in funny nuggets, but as a whole, the scene at the end with Chase felt out of place and almost over-acted.

It’s almost as if they wanted to make it comical and it sucked out the emotional implications.

How did Chase even get to be in charge? Seattle is falling apart and he has no idea how to control, stop or prevent it.

And from next week’s teasers, I garnered that his next step is to find the new Renegade and guillotine her. If she doesn’t step up, he’s going to execute one of her human smugglers.

Obviously, Liv won’t ever let that happen, but we know she also won’t die. There’s bound to be a way out of this since obviously, this was bound to happen.

I wonder why Graves thinks the guillotine is the real solution when it didn’t work the first time around. Some people are internally good and they will help others regardless of what the punishment may be.

Clive and Dale’s relationship was put out of its misery and while it was upsetting in the moment, it was the best thing for both of them. They may have been in love but not being able to be intimate was straining their relationship which in turn made them more jealous but also, resent each other.

Simply put, zombie-human relations are a no-go.

While this was a necessary step, I don’t like that the writers took the cheap way out and had Dale find out by re-watching Clive’s personal chat with Liv.

Still, Clive rebounded rather quickly with Michelle, and I have to say, it’s nice to see him getting his groove back!

Considering Dale isn’t that pertinent without Clive around, we, hopefully, won’t see her around anytime soon.

Thoughts on iZombie? Will Major turn on Chase Graves? Will Brother Love command his people to begin eating humans? If he does, our kind doesn’t stand a chance!

Also, did they just stop investigating Blaine for the Mayor’s death? Does it not matter since there more pressing matters at stake?

op of the FG food chain and became Graves’ personal lackey.

Given how “good” he’s had it, I think Major turned a blind eye to all the terrible things they’ve both been doing.

Graves took it too far, though, when he shot and killed both of Major’s troops after they let Russ Roche escape.

What did he expect from newbies? He’s the one who recruited them off the streets and placed them with Major without proper training.

How will the rest of FG see him now after that shoot-out? If the FG soldiers are turning on each other, it doesn’t bode well for anyone else in town.

Will this be the moment Major finally wakes up from his zombie-coma and returns to being the moral man we’ve come to know?


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iZombie – Yippee Ki Brain, Motherscratcher! (4×10)



iZombie Yipee Ki Brain, Motherscratcher

iZombie attempted an action episode with close to zero action.

The only person that brought any vigor to his scenes was Clive who has really mastered the art of storytelling when it comes to his police escapades.

Still, it was an enjoyable episode, nonetheless, with Major finding out Liv’s big coyote secret.

Major has gone from being the greatest guy with a heart of gold to the guy doing things against his will to a full-on asshole.

Does he have every right to be mad at Liv for putting him in danger by putting a tracker in his uniform? Yes. But there’s no reason to get all handsy with Levon and saying that she’s only helping people because she couldn’t find her purpose in life was uncalled for.

There’s a reason that everyone has been in on Liv’s missions and supporting her. Peyton, Ravi, and Isobel are all on the “right side” of history as are plenty of other people being brought into the fold.

The coyote circle is expanding with new volunteers joining the fight for justice each day.

In fact, I don’t think Chase Graves would go down the public execution route this time if he were to find out Liv is behind it.

Not only would he want to spare her, he realizes that inflicting fear isn’t going to stop these coyotes. They are loyal to a fault and dedicated to the cause. Much like with Mama Leone, the minute she’s eliminated, another leader, a new Renegade, will step up and continue what she started.

Now that Major has this intel, though, will he sell out his ex-girlfriend?

Currently, Graves is hunting down Brother Love after soon-to0-be-father Curtis sent him down the path. Brother Love may be innocent of smuggling in humans but he does fit the bill — he needs to feed his hungry zombies therefore, he has a need for humans.

For now, her secret is still safe because she created a distraction and turned Curtis into a zombie so that Graves wouldn’t be able to eat his brains and get any visions.

The random French Inspector who keeps popping up pays the zombie church a visit and is easily sucked in by the promise of what’s owed to him.

He’s not the only one that has been brought into the fold; Blaine is there playing the piano and singing “Amazing Grace” after finally being shown some love from his father.

Seriously, I knew he had daddy issues, but I didn’t think he’d be so easily influenced. His father apologized by feeding their housekeeper, one that mistreated him, to the zombies and all of a sudden, their fractured relationship was whole again.

Blaine can’t really be fooled by his father’s belief that he’s the zombie Jesus they’ve all been waiting for, can he?

Regardless, he’s definitely going to need a miracle so that Dale doesn’t connect the Mayor’s murder to him and Don E.

It seemed like they accounted for everything but those visions are a dead giveaway, even without the mask.

I know visions cannot be put into evidence but if you know something, you’ll do anything to find some proof of it.

And Dale doesn’t strike me as the kind to give up easily.

Also, I’m upset that there was no movement on the Michelle front, no one told Dale about it, and Clive’s relationship status remains unchanged. All we really know is that if he’s having doubts because of his desire to be a father, his relationship with Dale will never survive.

Given that Peyton has taken over as Mayor of zombie town, I was expecting to see more of her not less.

Maybe she’ll be featured in the next episode? Her position will likely help Liv when she’s exposed as Renegade.

Ravi and Isobel’s father-daughter dynamic was the strongest part of the episode.

He’s so protective of her not because he gets to study her or because she might be the key to the zombie vaccine or because he made her mother a promise to take care of her but because she’s a witty kid that’s curious about life.

You can’t blame her for wanting to experience everything before she dies including sex.

And Ravi, you should be ashamed of yourself for saying that sex with Peyton is more of a “chore.”


Something tells me, Isobel isn’t going to die anytime soon. Her labs have all come back fairly positive so maybe she’s not even sick. Whatever it is, I can’t wait for the story to progress. And hopefully, FG doesn’t find out about her because then, she’ll really become a lab rat.

Will Dale pin the Mayor’s murder on Blaine? Will she and Clive break-up? Will Major rat out Liv to Chase Graves?

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