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Jane the Virgin Chapter Eighty-Five Review Jane the Virgin Chapter Eighty-Five Review

Jane The Virgin

Jane the Virgin – Chapter Eighty-Five (5×04)



Nightmares manifest themselves in various shapes and sizes on Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 4, including Rafael and Michael chasing Jane with huge cups of tea.

Yep, that explains the wedding dress scene we saw in spoilers!

Turns out, one of Jane’s biggest nightmares isn’t finding out her father wants to take her away from her family or being forced to jump off of a huge waterfall, it’s losing Rafael.

It'll Be Ok - Jane the Virgin

And that’s exactly what happened by the end of the hour.

Similar to Michael, Rafael got his memories back and realized that this situation felt all too familiar.

What Do I Do? - Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 4

We’ve been at the Michael vs. Rafael crossroads before a few seasons back, and as we all know, it didn’t end well for Rafael.

I’m focusing on Rafael regaining his memories first rather than Michael because I feel like it’s a major turning point for the series.

Up until now, it’s always been Jane’s way or no way.

Jane was in charge of her fate and thus, in charge of choosing which man would be the keeper of her heart.

Both Michael and Rafael had to accept whatever decision she made and move on accordingly.

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Jane The Virgin

Jane the Virgin – Chapter Eighty-Eight (5×07)



Jane The Virgin Chapter Eighty-Eight Review

Montana was weird.

I expected it to be weird … but not that weird.

When the season first kicked off and the writers revealed Michael’s amnesia backstory, I was excited to explore a little piece of Jason’s life.

But upon arrival in Montana on Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 7, I wanted nothing more than to go home and cuddle up to Rafael.

Turns out, so did Jane.

Yes, Jane finally made her choice between Team Michael and Team Rafael, but the journey towards her decision has been slightly offputting for fans.

For much of the episode, I wondered if the writers were drunk or if they were possibly trolling us.

Are the writers getting a kick out of dividing the fandom one last time and making us, and the characters, suffer?

I’m truly bewildered by everything that’s happening this season.

While I personally didn’t enjoy my time in Montana, it was a necessary trip for Jane to clear her head and figure out what the heart wants.

Getting away helped Jane and Michael answer some lingering questions and explore unresolved feelings.

It allowed them to test their relationship in its new shape without the pressure of old memories, Mateo, and most importantly, Rafael, weighing them down.

I also love that for the first time ever, Jane wasn’t able to rely on Xo and Abuela’s advice to help her formulate a decision.

She’s always been so dependant on her family but without cell service, the decision was hers and hers alone.

And sorry Michael fans, it probably wasn’t what you were expecting.

After spending just a bit of time together, it became clear that Michael and Jane are really good friends.

But that’s all they are at this point. Friends.

The spark they had as a couple died probably when we thought Michael died.

Their manure fight in the stables proved that they work better as friends.

They know how to have fun with each other, they enjoy each other’s company, but it’s strictly platonic.

As we learned more about Michael-Jason’s life in Montana, we understood that he’s entered a new chapter. Despite getting his memories back, he was more Jason than he was Michael.

His life was Montana, not Miami.

And while it was sweet that Michael was willing to consider long distance for Jane, it wasn’t exactly a set-up that could ever work.

Michael was hopeful, but only because he was still hanging on to what once was.

And Jane realized that she didn’t fit into his life anymore.

I mean, I laughed out loud when she imagined moving out there and becoming a ranch wife. Girl, who are you kidding?

To be honest, I think Jane’s known for a while that her spark with Michael fizzled out, yet she felt like she owed it to herself and to Michael to give their relationship a real shot.

After all, she’d spent so much time wishing that her husband would return, and now that he had, she felt like she was supposed to want things to return to what was once considered “normal.”

But people grow apart and as Jane quickly learned, you can’t force feelings.

The person you’re supposed to be with is the one you can’t stop thinking about.

Even though Rafael was hundreds of miles away, Jane couldn’t get him out of her mind.

Out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind and despite all the fun she was having with Michael, Jane’s mind kept drifting back to her baby daddy.

Montana proved to Jane once and for all that her heart belonged to Rafael.

Telling Michael that she wasn’t in love with him anymore was painful to watch.

How many times does Jane have to say goodbye to him?

But Jane’s good with words and she summed it up perfectly; so many things changed during the four-year gap, the biggest change being her relationship with Raf.

She fell in love again.

He’s the man who loved her unconditionally through her flaws, offered support, and held her up when she needed it most.

He’s her family and her future.

Michael understood that because, as I said before, he too was trying to force something that once worked.

Sadly, Jane’s realization came a little too late.

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Jane The Virgin

Jane the Virgin – Chapter Eighty-Seven (5×06)



Jane The Virgin Chapter Eighty-Seven Review

Yee-haw, we’re going to Montana.

Is that something they say in Montana? I truly don’t know.

But what I do know is that I’m excited to see Jane and Michael outside of Miami after Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 6.

They’ll be forced to break out of their shell, take a break from the ghosts of their past, and see if there’s still a spark between them without any of the usual interruptions.

Plus, we’re finally going to see what Michael’s life was like in Montana, which has been something I’ve wanted to since the Jane the Virgin Season 5 premiere.

Will Jane still be attracted to him when he’s in his new element and not as the old Michael?

Truthfully, their decision to go to Montana surprised me mainly because I thought Jane finally came to the realization that she and Michael were so far gone from the people they were when they got married.

I was fully ready for them to end things, but they threw me for a loop.

Jane finally realized that not only had Michael changed in those four years by becoming Jason, but she also changed too.

I’d even say the qualities she was looking for in a man were much different.

The whole episode underlined the “Michael is her past, Rafael is her future” sentiment for me.

This became especially apparent when they were working together to piece the timeline of the day Michael died.

Jane saw just how different this new Michael was from the one she fell in love with.

But the most interesting part of this team-up was that Jane realized just how much she didn’t know about Michael back then or how much she chose to ignore.

The question if they were ever happy came into play as she realized Michael gave up being a detective for her.

He wasn’t doing what he loved and Jane of all people knows just how important it is to follow a dream and passion.

Michael tried to assure her that he was happy because she was his wife, but the more that she found out, the more she questioned it.

She was especially surprised to find out that Michael was still investigating Rose aka Sin Rostro after he’d left the force and she explicitly asked him not too.

What else didn’t she know about her man?

Jane also realized that she didn’t quite remember everything from the day Michael died; her memories were skewed and she only remembered what she wanted too.

Maybe Jane and Michael will find that spark once again in Montanna, but despite Michael saying he still loved her, I just didn’t feel the chemistry anymore.

Jane was also dealing with her concerns about Rafael, who she assumed was relapsing because Anna and Ellie said they saw daddy using drugs.

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Jane The Virgin

Jane the Virgin – Chapter Eighty-Six (5×05)



Jane The Virgin Chapter Eighty-Six Review

The choice between Michael and Rafael is becoming more impossible by the minute Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 5.

Just when it seems like Jane made a choice, she goes back on it, and we’re all back to square one.

And by the end of the episode, I was convinced that Jane didn’t deserve, nor did she need, either of them.

You Did What? - Jane the Virgin

I can’t be the only one over the whole back-and-forth between Michael and Rafael? I’m leaning towards #TeamJustPickOne after this episode.

Turning the big 3-0 is a big deal for people.

It’s a time of reflection; a check in on how far you’ve come and how much you’ve accomplished thus far.

Three weeks ago, in the era I’ll refer to as BM (before Michael), Jane knew who she was, what she wanted out of life, and with whom she wanted to spend it. She couldn’t wait to have her big birthday bash with Mateo and Raf by her side.

What’s that phrase they always say? Man plans and God laughs.

It couldn’t be truer in this case.

Little did Jane know, three weeks later, everything was going to get flipped upside down.

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