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Jane The Virgin -- Chapter Eighty-Four review Jane The Virgin -- Chapter Eighty-Four review

Jane The Virgin

Jane the Virgin – Chapter Eighty-Four (5×03)




Michael’s memory came back on Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 3 — at least, it seemed like it did — but the way it happened was rather unexciting.

I’ve thought about how this could possibly unravel plenty of times since the season premiere.

I’d envisioned numerous ways that he could have gotten his memory back that would be more drama-filled: Michael could have remembered when Jane was getting married to Rafael thus halting the wedding or he could have remembered upon seeing Mateo.

But alas, it was snowfall– a signature moment in the show that indicates romance between Jane and Michael — that did the trick and clicked in his mind.

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Sure, it’s a cute touch, but I’d rather the snowfall during some romantic moment, not because a fishing rod chipped the ceiling and triggered the memories.

Instead of feeling the emotions of those memories flooding in, all I could think was “that damn fishing rod.”

This is going to trigger some of you Michael fans, but as a Rafael fan, I’m kind of upset he remembered at all.

There was finally a resolution that would move past this love triangle.

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Jane The Virgin

Jane the Virgin – Chapter Eighty-Five (5×04)



Jane the Virgin Chapter Eighty-Five Review

Nightmares manifest themselves in various shapes and sizes on Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 4, including Rafael and Michael chasing Jane with huge cups of tea.

Yep, that explains the wedding dress scene we saw in spoilers!

Turns out, one of Jane’s biggest nightmares isn’t finding out her father wants to take her away from her family or being forced to jump off of a huge waterfall, it’s losing Rafael.

It'll Be Ok - Jane the Virgin

And that’s exactly what happened by the end of the hour.

Similar to Michael, Rafael got his memories back and realized that this situation felt all too familiar.

What Do I Do? - Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 4

We’ve been at the Michael vs. Rafael crossroads before a few seasons back, and as we all know, it didn’t end well for Rafael.

I’m focusing on Rafael regaining his memories first rather than Michael because I feel like it’s a major turning point for the series.

Up until now, it’s always been Jane’s way or no way.

Jane was in charge of her fate and thus, in charge of choosing which man would be the keeper of her heart.

Both Michael and Rafael had to accept whatever decision she made and move on accordingly.

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Jane The Virgin

Jane the Virgin – Chapter Eighty-Three (5×02)



Jane the Virgin Chapter Eighty Three

Catholic guilt, normal guilt, Jane experienced it all on Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 2.

And how could she not?

She’s built up this great life with Rafael, but she feels guilty about it because of Michael’s return.

And though she should be happy Michale is alive, she’s also made so much progress to get over him, and now, he’s messing up all of that progress. Not intentionally, of course, but it’s still happening.

This had lead Jane to she unwillingly wish that he never came back, which, in turn, makes her feel even more guilty.

At the same time, she knows that if Michael were to get his memories back, she could very well develop feelings for him again, which increases her guilt because of her love for Rafael.

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Jane the Virgin: Is Mateo Sr. Alive?



Jane the Virgin Mateo Sr. Alive Theory

After five seasons of melodrama and gasp-inducing twists, I’ve come to expect the unexpected from Jane the Virgin.

Jane is a heartfelt and joyful show about strong independent women, the power of family, and has even given a voice and platform to the Latinx community. But there’s no denying that at its core, it’s a telenovela.

It’s easy to forget or overlook those telenovela undertones because Jane does such a good job at inserting real and relatable emotions into impossible plots.

The Love of Alba's Life - Jane the Virgin

There’s been plenty of moments that make you go holy crap throughout the show’s run: evil twins, buried skeletons on the beach, and kidnapping attempts are all high up on the list.

But, as viewers know, even being aware of Jane’s track record with telenovela tropes couldn’t prepare us for the mammoth reveal at the end of Jane the Virgin Season 4.

The love of Jane’s life, Micheal Cordero, returned from the dead, but he was never dead at all, he was simply given amnesia by Sin Rostro and lived in Montana for the past four years.

Michael, or Jason’s, return launches us into the most difficult love triangle to date.

With all this going down within the first 40 seconds of Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 1, it’s easy to overlook a passive comment made in the midst of Jane’s emotional breakdown, and quite possibly, the best and most powerful monologue to ever grace our TV screens.

Jane's Monologue - Jane the Virgin

During the breakdown, Jane rushed to open the door and said: “Abuela, maybe your husband came back from the dead too.”

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