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Jane The Virgin

Jane the Virgin- Chapter Nineteen (1×19)



A baby shower… a breakup… and a kidnapping.

I went through so many emotions during this weeks episode of Jane the Virgin, you guys don’t even understand.

We picked up where we left off last week. Rafael decided it would be best if he and Jane broke up because there were too many differences standing in the way of their happily ever after. Jane went through all 7 stages of grief overnight before going to see Rafael and trying to make things better.

That’s when she found out he met his mother. He promised nothing she said affected his relationship with Jane, but we know that’s a lie. Jane- not wanting to give up on this relationship- asked Rafael to go to couples therapy. They love each other which means they should be willing to work it out.

Couples therapy didn’t go as planned however. Rafael was reserved like most guys and it seemed like Jane was making much of the effort. For him, love just wasn’t enough. He had to make the decision whether he really wanted to be with her and compromise on these huge difference that were standing in their way. It turns out he did.

Jane’s bff threw her a lovely baby shower, which sucks because a lot of drama went down. This is a telenovela after all. Upon arrival, Jane was distraught by the therapy and not knowing where she stood with Rafael. Then she saw Andie, who just found out that Michael told Jane about her and realized she had to come clean about being a manipulative stalker. Let’s just say that didn’t go over very well with our sweet Jane. Lastly, Jane’s writing teacher punched Rogelio for being a manwhore and ditching her on a trip to Tampa. What a day! In the end, things worked out with Rafael making an appearance to play a fun couples game which made him realize that he did in fact love Jane and wanted to make things work.

How? Well… couples therapy games didn’t work so they moved on to funner and more spontaneous activities such as skinny dipping. Compromise right? They were so caught up in the naked moment that Jane decided it was time to have sex? Why not! She was about to have a baby, she loved the man she was with and yes, she didn’t want to lose her virginity to the child. Unfortunately, they were interrupted by a security guard who killed the moment… which actually ended up saving Jane from making the biggest mistake of her life. And I’m not exaggerating.

Having sex with Rafael wouldn’t solve any of their problems. But….moving in together would! Rafael said multiple times that living together would be a good solution for them as a soon-to-be-family. Jane wasn’t on board until she realized it was a pretty sweet compromise and would stop her from being so upset that he was working all the time. That’s when sweet Rafael did a 360 and dropped the bomb- he really did want to break up even after their romantic and almost intimate night together?

Wait… what? We were just as shocked as Jane. Rafael went on to put the knife deeper into our hearts by telling Jane he just didn’t love her the way she loved him. He was just blinded by the idea of a family. She realized something in that moment… she never knew Rafael. Clearly. She loved him, but she just now saw his true colors.

Were they true however? Definitely not. Rafael went to see the therapist after their romantic night and realized that he wouldn’t be good to Jane… not right now, not in this dark place. I guess having your dad die, your mom tell you she took 10 million instead of choosing her son and your father’s new wife being Sin Rostro really takes a toll on you. Plus, he wasn’t doing too hot with the hotel and all he would just keep disappointing Jane.  I guess props to him for thinking the way he was treating Jane was for the best. But honestly, no pregnant woman should go through that kind of emotional trauma. He could have told her he loved her still. Told her the truth. He was just afraid that his darkness would rub off on her lightness and the sex thing was just one example of it. Really, your heart can’t help but ache.

With Rafael’s break up, Jane achieved step 7. She had to accept the reality. She fought for her man but lost him anyways. Plus, she was about to have a baby which trumped this “do you love me bs.” On the way home, she ran into Michael which was fate’s way of bringing #TeamMichael back into the picture. While Rafael tried to do the right thing, he unwillingly pushed Jane back into Michael’s arms.

And Michael knew this moment would come. Seeing Jane without Rafael and realizing she was the better person in this Andie drama because she didn’t tell him the truth because she wanted to see him happy made him realize, he still loved her. So he told Andie he couldn’t forgive what she did and set his sights back on Jane. The hero… picking up the broken pieces and putting them back together. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally Team Rafael, but I couldn’t help but laugh at how fate and life works. Once Michael wins Jane back, Rafael really is out of luck…

Other things also happened this week. Petra was kidnapped and driven out to the middle of nowhere by Roman Zazo. She saw an opportunity and took it, sleeping with Roman until he passed out. She was able to call the police before Roman woke up. As he chased her through the woods in one of the most thrilling moments on this damn show, she outsmarted him and “accidentally” stabbed him. Roman impaled. Oh how great is karma? Also, turns out Roman was working with Sin Rostro. Irrelevant at this point. Did anyone else think this episode would be the beginning of Petra and Michael? I secretly did… unfortunately, I don’t think I was right.

Petra has really gone through a lot. From Roman to Rafael to Milos to her mother. Can’t blame the girl for being all shaken up and wanting someone to confide in. She’s been realizing that maybe Rafael was the best thing that ever happened to her, but when she called him he quickly stood her up for Jane. Here’s me hoping these two don’t ever reconcile their romance. So, desperate, she called her mother, who came to the hotel just as Abuela was picking up Jane and had an aha moment, remembering that she was the one who pushed her down the stairs! Well, this will be interesting for sure!

Meanwhile, Nadine is pretty much done with the show. As Michael got access to Sin Rostro’s hard drive, he realized Nadine had been working for Rose the whole time. It’s not like she was the bad guy though, Rose threatened to kill her entire family, something Michael failed to understand. He did give her the benefit of the doubt and gave her a two hour head start before informing the sergeant that his partner was part of the huge drug/plastic surgery plan they had been working on. Yes, it’s twisted.

What do you think? Will Jane and Michael get back together? Will she figure things out with Rafael? Will Rafael get back with Petra? There’s so many ways this show can go! Will Jane still allow Rafael to be there for the birth of his baby? Will Abuela press charges against Petra’s mother? Will Rogelio and Xo get back together? They broke up after she told him she kissed Marco during a low moment in their relationship. Ah, so many things just falling apart here!

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TV Shows to Binge During Your Self-Quarantine and Social Distancing



TV Shows to watch While Working from Home Coronavirus

In case you haven’t been keeping up with global news, coronavirus, COVID-19, is forcing everyone to practice the 2020 version of”conscious uncoupling” known as “social distancing.”

Many cities/states are on lockdown with bars, restaurants, and other establishments closing their doors to keep the outbreak from spreading even more than it has.

If you’ve found yourself self-quarantined at home on the couch to prevent the spread of germs, you’ll likely be looking for things to keep yourself occupied.

Many shows have shuttered production with daytime and late-night talk shows going sans audiences or completely dark for the remainder of the month.

And this means it’s the perfect time to binge-watch those shows you’ve been putting off.

Here are some shows to watch during your self-quarantine.



What the world needs now is a fixer who could tell us all how to get out of this mess. Since that’s not possible, we have the next best thing in Olivia Pope, DC’s fixer and right-hand to the President, who is also in a torrid love affair with him. It’s political, dramatic, and sexy as hell to this day.



Don’t you wish we could all travel back to a time before the coronavirus? Same. Maybe if we had a time machine like Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus, we totally could. But alas, we’ll have to settle for watching their journey through key historical moments as they attempt to stop Rittenhouse from destroying the world.



Locke & Key

Think Harry Potter meets Narnia. Netflix’s new fantasy thriller finds a family moving into a mansion following their father’s death where they learn that it’s filled with secret keys that open up portals to other dimensions. You never know where you’ll end up, but it’ll make you forget you’re curled up on your couch amidst a toilet-paper shortage.


Mr. Robot

Elliot works as a cybersecurity engineer by day and doubles as a vigilante hacker by night. When he’s recruited by a mysterious underground organization, he’s forced to do things that make him question his personal beliefs, his morals, and most importantly, what’s real and what isn’t.

Financial burdens (like the fact that you spent all your money stocking up on canned goods and paper towels) plague three suburban moms who are tired of always playing “catch up.” They decide to take matters into their own hands and rob a grocery store. Soon, they find themselves trying to navigate a world of crime that has absolutely no rules. As they try to survive, their actions will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Stranger Things

You’ve already heard of Stranger Things, and if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s high time you do. The series takes place in 1980s Indiana and follows a group of young friends who become privy to supernatural happening within the government.

Grey’s Anatomy

There’s no better time than during a quarantine to watch all 16 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Honestly, when else are you going to have the time? All you need to know is that it’s a medical drama, there’s a doctor named McDreamy, and Shonda Rhimes is the boss babe behind it.


The Good Place 

The Good Place is a stroke of comedic genius mixed with some of the most insightful and wholesome storytelling of our generation. It’s also the only series that had the perfect series finale (fight me, but after coronavirus cause there’s a no-touching ban). Eleanor Shellstrop is shocked to find herself in the Good Place following her death and immediately realizes she’s there by mistake. No one is prepared for her hilarious afterlife antics as she hides from architect Michael and her new friends while trying to become a better version of herself.

Don’t be deterred by the plot — a young Latina woman learns she’s pregnant after she’s accidentally artificially inseminated. The series weaves together the best parts of a telenovela while adding heart, feshed-out characters, strong female leads, irresistible love interests, and family at the forefront of every storyline.


Love is Blind

In the reality TV vein, Netflix delivered the world’s newest obsession. It’s a social experiment that many claim prepared our generation for dating throughout “social distancing.” Love is Blind forces a handful of contestants to meet people while isolated in pods. Once they find their “soulmate,” they propose to them without meeting face-to-face and a few weeks later, walk down the aisle.



If you’re not familiar with Joe Goldberg, you’re missing out. YOU is a suspenseful thriller that digs into the mind of an obsessed serial killer and follows his romantic relationships.


Game of Thrones

Similarly to Greys Anatomy, when else are you going to find the time to watch all of Game of Thrones? This is the perfect time to dig into a pop culture phenomenon so you know what “winter is coming” means the next time someone mentions it.


The Marvelous Ms. Maisel

If there’s anyone that can cheer you up and put a smile on your face, it’s Ms. Maisel. Set in the late 1950s, Miriam aka “Midge” breaks the rules and pursues a career in stand-up comedy. While it’s unheard of for women of her class to pursue a career, it’s even more unheard of a woman succeeding in such an industry. But leave it to Midge to prove everyone wrong and do it with flair and style!

Binge. Enjoy. And wash your hands!

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Jane The Virgin

Jane the Virgin – Chapter One Hundred (5×19)



Jane the Virgin Chapter One Hundred Series Finale Review

Be brave.

That’s what Rafael told Jane when he first met her on Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 1, and five seasons later, the theme of braveness continued on Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 19.

It should be noted that I had to tell myself to be brave while writing this review and wiping away so many happy tears.

As far as series finales go, Jane the Virgin’s hit every mark and was a treat for longtime fans.

One would say it was the inverse of what made Jane the Virgin such a household name; it bypassed the usual telenovela-twists and opted for happy endings all around.

There will always be things that I wish would have happened, but confined to a one-hour window, the finale was pretty perfect.

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Jane The Virgin

Jane the Virgin – Chapter Ninety-Eight (5×17)



Jane The Virgin Chapter Ninety-Eight Review

How do we say goodbye?

Xiomara posed that very question at the end of Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 17, and nothing sums up my feelings more succinctly.

We’re almost at the end, and despite this being the weakest season to date, it’s still bittersweet.

Look, nothing against anyone on the Jane the Virgin team.

Putting together a final season is a tall order, and appeasing everyone is nearly impossible.

We’re always going to have a bone to pick with something. That’s just life.

Nevertheless, I’m enjoying this strange ride for what it is and soaking up these last moments with the Gloriana Villaneuva family.

The realistic moments of the episode were really great, but the moments that leaned heavily into telenovela territory fell short.

Rose’s masterplan was revealed and to be honest, it was lame and non-existent.

Everything she’s ever done was motivated by her love for Luisa.

She broke out of jail and created an army of minions in order to be with her one true love.

If Luisa hadn’t betrayed Rose, Rose wouldn’t have had any motive to come after Jane.

Rose has been an elusive and terrifying villain all these years, but she just felt like a run-of-the-mill villain when she ambushed Jane.

Yes, I was a nervous wreck the entire time, but only because I expected Rose to already have people at Mateo’s school waiting for him or something.

Did anyone even know where Mateo was at the time? And why did no one come to check in on Jane?

Then, Rose’s grand plan was to sneak into the This Is Mars party essentially wearing alien costumes from Spirit Halloween.

What happened to the plastic surgery genius who could change her appearance at the snap of her fingers?

The one who befriended Michael as Susanna and faked his whole death?

We needed that Rose to come out and play.

Read the full review at TV Fanatic!

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