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Katy Keene What Becomes of the Broken Hearted Review Katy Keene What Becomes of the Broken Hearted Review

Katy Keene

Katy Keene Review – Welcome to the Broken Hearts Club (1×03)

Credit: Katy Keene/ The CW



If you’re in love, Valentine’s Day is the best holiday, but if your relationship is really new, secret, or hanging on by a thread, the holiday is the stuff of nightmares.

On Katy Keene, hearts were breaking everywhere and it wasn’t anything Ginger’s Toni Braxton cover could fix… though, it did make the pain slightly more tolerable.

We all saw it coming from a mile away, but KO and Katy called it quits after attempting to be roomies for a half episode.

The whole roomie situation was birthed from Katy’s desire to still be with KO even though she recognized that she didn’t want to marry him.

Katy was only delaying the inevitable, and KO’s presence in the already crowded house simply underlined what she was already suspecting: he didn’t fit into her life anymore.

She kept holding onto this notion that they were soulmates because they’d been together for so long and KO was her “family,” but the truth is that they were growing apart.

While Katy was “trying” to make it work, she didn’t actually want it to work, so nothing she would have done would have been successful.

When Katy was forced to be brutally honest with herself and KO, she found the strength to let him go even though it hurt like hell.

That’s the toughest thing about life, sometimes, the right thing is also the hardest thing to do.

I have no doubt Katy will bounce back from this stronger than ever, and being single in New York will allow her to focus on her dreams of becoming a designer.

The series went out of its way to showcase that KO wasn’t just figuratively getting in the way of those dreams, he was quite literally in the way of them.

I’m not sure why they made him out to be such a klutz in this episode, but maybe it was to help the audience feel as annoyed by his presence as Katy did?

Everything KO did unintentionally made things worse — he didn’t stand a chance.

When his stuff was all over the apartment, Jorge and Josie were upset, when he cleaned the apartment, everyone said it ruined the ecosystem they’ve built, when he tried to make them lasagna, he inadvertently started a fire and burned George’s wigs, and when he showed up at Lacy’s, he interrupted Katy’s conversation with her favorite stylist and got blood on a silk blouse.

Katy Keene What Becomes of the Broken Hearted Review

Credit: Katy Keene/ The CW

KO couldn’t win, and this made it easier for the audience — at least the few of us that got mildly attached to his character — to let him go.

Josie was also stuck between a rock and a hard place. There are so many puns about her situation, but the best one has to be that she wanted to have her cake and eat it too when it came to Alexander.

And we can’t blame her; he’s a snack!

Thankfully, Josie made the decision using her head and told him that she came to New York with the dream of writing music and snagging a record deal. Pursuing a relationship with him would only be a distraction.

Alexander seems to have understood that as he’s also trying to prove and make something of himself.

But I highly doubt these two will be able to keep things strictly professional.

Then again, Alexander did get his sister some kind of lingerie-type robe as a Valentine’s Day gift, which was just weird on so many levels, so maybe this is for the best.

Josie’s storyline is fun to watch for fans of Riverdale because she’s never forgotten where she came from. Literally, she reminds us that she’s from Riverdale, the murder capital of the world, on a daily basis. She also made a sweet nod to her ex-boyfriend Archie Andrews and offered to bury Buzz’s body in her hometown because “no one will ever find it.” Hilarious.

While many of you would probably pinpoint Amanda as the villain of the series (and I get it, she’s a piece of work), I have to say that there’s something odd about Alexandra.

I can’t tell if she signed Jimmy because she truly believes that he’s good, because she wanted to stick it to her brother, or because she wanted to help him win back Josie. I felt like the latter was the most likely because if she takes Jimmy out of the equation, Josie and Alex fall right back into each other’s arms… or so she hopes.

Josie needs to watch her back around that girl, but again, she’s from Riverdale so it’s fine.

Jorge found a new squeeze after putting Buzz in his place.

The two of them dated for nearly a year and yet, Buzz never even met Jorge’s friends because he was so in the closet. And that’s fine, if he’s not ready to come out, that’s his prerogative, but it’s also unfair to expect Jorge to put his life on hold.

And even then, Jorge did that and gave him a year before realizing that this relationship would never be what he wanted it to be — exclusive.

It didn’t take him/Ginger (I’m using the ‘he’ pronoun for now because I don’t think it has been specified yet) long to get back on the wagon and the firefighter was much more receptive and comfortable in his own skin and with his own sexuality.

And just like Riverdale, Katy Keene has some of the best names. I know the show is based on the Archie Comics, but it still evokes a chuckle with names like Buzz Brown and Bernardo, especially since Katy’s world is so normal compared to that of Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica’s.

Finally, we have Pepper Smith, a broke socialite who is taking the “fake it till you make it” slogan to heart and using it as her motto in life.

On Katy Keene Episode 2, Pepper gave off a faux heiress Anna Delvey vibe (you can read that piece here), and I’m not ready to give that theory up just yet.

Delvey must have been incredibly savvy in convincing people to pay for her, give her money, and more, and Pepper seems to have that talent also.

Fortunately, I think Pepper’s story arc is going to have a happier ending. Pepper has what it takes to play with the big boys, she’s simply lacking the capital.

But when she needed twenty-thousand upfront in cash to get renovations on her space started and heat installed, she found a sugar daddy whom she then tricked into buying her 20K worth of belongings before threatening to sell him out to his wife, waltzing off with all the purchases, and then returning them for the cold hard cash.

It was pretty brilliant, not to mention, she even crafted the perfect sob story about needing tuition money after her parents cut her off.

Seeing her in action like that convinced me that she’ll be able to pull off this dream arts space without so much as lifting a finger.

Other Lacy’s Musings

  • Gloria has such a soft spot for Katy and poor Amanda cannot compete.
  • Does this mean they’ll slowly start phasing KO out?
  • The fake names are the best. Vanity Flair is my favorite magazine from now on.
  • Broadway legend Bernadette Peters as Mrs. Freesia, Pepper’s con mom was everything. I love that she has a black book of men with enormous bank accounts and nothing to do with them!

What did you think of episode 3 of Katy Keene?

Did she do the right thing by being honest with KO and breaking things off?

How are you enjoying the series so far?

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Katy Keene

Katy Keene Review – Did Katy Make a Mistake Breaking Up with KO (1×08)



Katy Keene Review Chapter Eight: It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

Why is it that a guy always moves on faster than a girl?

KO revealed that he was in a relationship with Xandra on Katy Keene and even said things were getting pretty serious.

It was obvious that something was brewing between KO and Xandra in prior episodes, but KO himself said that he wasn’t to jump into anything serious.

Fast-forward one episode and he’s in a full-blown relationship. You can’t blame Katy for being surprised.

Sure, she had a little rendezvous with Prince Erroll and sparks may have flown between her and Guy, but she’s still picking up the pieces from the breakup and hasn’t jumped into anything new yet.

Katy tried to make a friendship between her and KO work, which is understandable — he was a huge part of her life and essentially, the only family she had left.

But clearly, Katy never heard that you can’t be friends with your ex. If you are, you were either never in love with them or still are.

Katy is still very much in love with KO, and the more she’s around him and sees him moving on not only personally but professionally, she’s going to have regrets and think of “what ifs.”

It doesn’t help that KO’s naked Calvin Klein-esque ad is driving around New York City reminding her of what she gave up. That’ll get to anyone.

It’s hard to watch your ex flourish the moment he’s no longer in a relationship with you, but that was the very reason why KO and Katy broke up in the first place.

They both had different dreams and wanted to pursue them without anything getting in the way.

Xandra may not be a great person to Katy and friends, but she’s good for KO. She pushed him out of his comfort zone and gave him a modeling career. He shouldn’t let those good looks go to waste. And I love that eventually, Katy acknowledged that even if it hurt like hell.

Similarly, Ko is helping Xandra become a kinder person who values others over herself. Giving Katy the dress that was dry-cleaned was the first step.

There’s nothing wrong with Katy and KO being in each other’s lives, but they need to have boundaries. KO telling Katy that he should’ve had Xandra’s back instead of Katy’s at Pepper’s birthday was the first step towards establishing a line.

Katy’s personal life tends to have a huge impact on her professional one, but I hope she can try to steer clear of that in the future.

Her personal may have helped her make a good impression on Guy and landed her the apprenticeship, but she needs to start separating the two.

And that includes keeping things strictly professional with Guy.

Sadly, while I’d like to see her stand on her own without a romantic tie-in, it seems rather impossible since he’s already seen her puke in her purse and helped her avert a royal crisis, plus, the fact that he stated, “let’s keep things professional,” seems like foreshadowing that they will be anything but.

Pepper got conned by someone she thought she could trust.

Mrs. Freesia didn’t seem too pleased that Pepper wanted out of the game and crashed her birthday party. Pepper spent a whole night schmoozing Chad so he would invest in The Pepper Plant, and Freesia took his investment and ran off with it!

She worked too hard to get that money, so it’s a shame to be betrayed by someone close to you. But, she’s also experiencing being on the other side of a con, which seems to be something she’s done her whole life.

Freesia didn’t just steal her money, she also almost exposed her in front of her friends. It’s only a matter of time before Katy, Jorge, and Josie begin to piece it together and realize Pepper has lied to them about who she is this whole time.

She even lied to Josie about her father being a wealthy businessman who cut her off — he’s a doorman at a ritzy hotel.

We know Pepper is living a largely fabricated life, but the question is why? And why doesn’t she know her exact birthday? Is Freesia her mother?

Jorge was trying to bounce back from the attack on the LGBTQ community. It was heartbreaking to see him walking around with the bruises, but it finally allowed him to be honest with his dad about who he is.

Sometimes, our freedom has to be threatened to remind us how much we want it.

His father was angry, to say the least, and ordered Jorge to stop dressing like a woman immediately. I’m going to say that a good rule of thumb is to read the room. If you’re the only one upset in a room full of supportive and understanding people, you’re the problem.

He had valid concerns as he didn’t want Jorge to get killed, but he didn’t understand the deeper meaning behind Ginger.

He chalked it up to Jorge enjoying to wear “cute dresses,” but to Jorge, this is was him finally being himself.

It was worth the fight and nothing could take that away from him. Violence stems from haters wanting to control you and wanting to take your power. It’s a reflection of fear and insecurity, and the fact that Jorge didn’t let it define him and owned his truth was beautiful.

In fact, he wasn’t just reactive, he was proactive by throwing a celebration of the LGBTQ community in the very spot that he was attacked.

There’s absolutely no better way to take back your power than to show those who tried to steal it that you aren’t afraid and you won’t back down.

It was even better seeing the outpouring of love from his found family, friends, and community. Even Buzz came out and literally told Jorge/Ginger that they inspired him to come out.

Do we smell a love triangle? Maybe, but Bernardo wins this one hands-down. He’s always been proud of Jorge/Ginger.

As for Josie, her relationship with the Cabots is proving to be detrimental to her career. She seems to have signed a contract with Mr. Cabot without reading it or understanding the caveats like that she cannot put out low budget music videos because her music is now owned by Cabot Entertainment.

Mr. Cabot didn’t like her EP, but he was a fan of The Pussycats, Josie’s Riverdale girl group. He seemed to be eager to make a girl group a thing again, which isn’t exactly the direction Josie was hoping for.

Will she take it because she wants a career so badly? Will she break the contract? She can always call up Archie’s mother for legal advice.

And if she does move forward with it, will the OG Pussycats come along for the ride?

This may not have been the strongest episode when it came to every single character’s individual storylines, but it tackled some pretty meaningful and heavy topics, which I never expected from Katy Keen’s bubbly and perky teasers.

It has staying power.

Even if your family by blood can’t be supportive, there’s nothing greater than being surrounded by the people you’ve chosen to be in your life. Katy Keene has proven that found family’s — best friends, fashion co-workers, ex-boyfriends, a bohemian mix of eclectic individuals, and the LGTBQ community — all fit under that umbrella.

I’m proud to be part of the extended Katy Keene family.

With coronavirus messing up everything including the entertainment world, The CW has released a new schedule for next week and Katy Keene will not be airing a new episode. Hang tight, Katy Kats. We’ll work through this together.

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Katy Keene

Katy Keene Review – One Unhappy Queen (1×07)



Katy Keene Kiss of the spider Review

Katy Keene always knows how to provide an escape from reality.

From the costumes and fashion to the romance drama to the musical numbers, “Kiss of the Spider Woman” was exceptional and managed to deal with real issues while never dulling its sparkle.

Jorge wowed as both Molina and the Spider Woman but the stark reality was that while he may have been ready to take on both characters, the public, and most importantly, the investors, weren’t.

In order to get the Cabot’s to hand over their probably-not-hard-earned money, Pepper had to do what I’m going to call “schmooze-manipulation.” She’s incredibly savvy at getting what she wants and findings ways to convince people to see her way or no way.

Of course, it’s going to become an issue as she over-promised to Xandra, Alex, Josie, and even Jorge to get the show off the ground and eventually, people are going to expect her to keep her end of the bargain.

Overpromising seems to be how Pepper has gotten into most of her “situations.”

Seeing her work the investors gave us a little more insight into how Pepper operates, and honestly, color me impressed. Despite finding herself back into multiple corners, Pepper’s confidence in her ability to get what she needs never wavers.

Imagine how much we could all get accomplished it we had her confidence.

Jorge wasn’t pleased with sharing the stage with Josie at first as it meant he had to give up playing the part of the Spider Woman as Ginger Lopez. It was a bummer for his as he wanted this musical to be what pushed him to become his trues self and finally show his father Ginger.

While Josie remained in the role, there was a compromise that ensured she’d be able to perform in front of talent scouts and he’d be able to have his big moment — they could both be Spider-Woman.

The ending was a powerful demonstration of how two people can play the exact same character and not only own it but make it their own and true to themselves.

Jorge’s father was taken aback but was proud, surprisingly, and even said that his “son was a star.”

Katy Keene Kiss of the spider Review

Katy Keene — “Chapter Seven: Kiss of the Spider Woman” — Image Number: KK107B_0686r.jpg — Pictured: Jonny Beauchamp as Jorge Lopez/Ginger — Photo: K.C. Bailey/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Unfortunately, his pride couldn’t overcome his prejudice. Jorge’s father was proud of his son, but he wasn’t accepting of him, and that’s a real problem. Jorge’s boyfriend stood up for him immediately and told Jorge “never to change,” which you could see affected his father.

Truthfully, it was a lot to spring on his father. I’m not saying his actions were right, but Jorge and his mother kept from him because they didn’t think he would be accepting of it.

His reception was better than expected, and while Jorge was slightly disappointed, he understood that even getting a compliment from his father was a huge accomplishment. I mean, this is the same father who stopped talking to Jorge after he found out he was gay. They’re huge strides.

Realistically, there are many parents just like Jorge’s father, and Katy Keene has a huge opportunity to open the conversation and show all sides — Jorge who just wants his parents to love him for him, his accepting mother, and his hesitant father.

We can all come out of this better.

Josie got what she wanted from the night as an agent came by to field her an offer to perform a gig at The Apollo.

Francois is the fairy god queen that dreams are made of. He didn’t just help Jorge find his voice and get the production successfully off the ground, but he also stepped in when Katy was struggling with her Prince Erroll dilemma.

Though I try not to like Erroll, I really can’t help myself. What he’s doing to both Katy and Patricia is complete trash, but I wish that he was a better person cause I love the dynamic between him and Katy.

Related: Pepper Smith on ‘Katy Keene’ Draws Inspiration from Faux Heiress Anna Delvey

A part of me also feels terrible for him because he’s forced into a marriage he doesn’t want because it would embarrass the royal family.

Though, he told Katy he’d call it off if she admitted to wanting to be with him, which is bold because it means his feelings are so real, he’s willing to get shunned by his family.

He also gets a few brownie points because he wasn’t lying to Katy about breaking off the engagement and thus, when they slept together, neither of them was betraying anyone, but his actions going forward have been problematic.

He either didn’t tell Patricia or he did tell Patricia and she simply didn’t care. If it’s the latter, well, that’s a completely different issue and that means she’s only in it for the claim to fame, but I don’t think that’s the case cause when we met her, she was completely thrown off by the idea of being a royal.

So, it seems that Erroll is keeping his rendezvous a secret and putting Katy in a very awkward position. Patricia trusts Katy, but Katy couldn’t in good faith make that wedding dress.

It wouldn’t be a good start to her career, and it would haunt her forever. Gloria tried to argue that Katy shouldn’t give up the opportunity of a lifetime because of a man, and while that may be true, her motivations were selfish. She wanted the win for Lacy’s and she didn’t care how it made Katy feel. However, had that kind of scandal gotten out — Patricia is new to the royal family so she could have publicly attacked Katy and not cared — it would’ve ruined her brand before it even got off the ground.

Katy Keene Review – Katy Keene Is Royally Screwed (1×06)

Erroll also isn’t helping the situation by still pursuing Katy, telling her he’ll call the wedding off, and sending her “I miss you” notes. Does anyone else think Patricia is going to find them and call off the wedding herself because of the betrayal?

Katy found a perfect compromise that pleased both Gloria (and Lacy’s) and Patricia while sparing her from designing the dress.

The fact that Katy understands what Patricia likes so well is because they’re so similar.

Erroll, you have a type, my man!

Gloria found out about Erroll and Katy’s affair, but she was hardly surprised because she saw the way Erroll “looked at her.”

It seems everyone saw it — Gloria, K.O. Guy — except for Katy and Patricia.

While Katy turned down Erroll, there’s definitely some chemistry between her and Guy. It’s always a good sign when you can be completely honest with a guy, and Katy has been honest with Guy — she even told him about her romp with Erroll. Or more like he figured it out, but still, the honesty was there.

Guy proposed an apprenticeship for Katy, who expressed interest, and while they usually say it’s not wise to mix business and pleasure, that seems to be the way of the world in Katy Keene’s New York City.

If Alex and Josie can make it work, so can Katy and Guy.

However, I have a hunch that we haven’t seen the last of Erroll just yet.

Other Dazzling Musings

  • As someone who has arachnophobia, the number of spiders in this episode was revolting. I can still feel them crawling on my skin. Katy’s reaction is 100% what I look like when anyone tells me “not to move.”
  • Can Amanda just stop?
  • Xandra also needs to stop moving in on K.O. and preying on his heartbreak and also cluelessness. He can have anyone, anyone but Xandra.
  • The musical number with Katy, Francois, and Jorge was hands-down my favorite part of the episode.

Despite the uplifting vibe of the episode, it ended on a rather upsetting note as Jorge and Bernardo got attacked in a string of LGBTQ attacks. The moment was foreshadowed when Jorge’s mother warned him to be vigilant after learning of the attacks, but it didn’t make the moment less upsetting. Especially since Jorge was on a high and feeling like he could finally be himself.

Again, Katy Keene finds a way to bring the glamour aesthetic pizzazz of shows such as Sex and the City and Gossip Girl while also providing poignant commentary about our society.

What did you think of the episode, Cravers? Let us know in our comments section below! And chat with us on Twitter at @CraveYouTV!

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Katy Keene

Katy Keene Review – Katy Keene Is Royally Screwed (1×06)



Katy Keene Mama Said Review

Katy Keene has a unique way of finding herself in messy situations especially as she navigates life post-K.O.

Her friends gave her some sound advice: to get over someone, you need to get under someone else.

And usually, that rings true. Katy, however, wasn’t ready until she saw K.O around town with Xandra.

The worst thoughts began whizzing through her mind as she assumed he had moved on and her friends were right.

So, Katy did her best to put herself out there and she didn’t just find one mediocre prospect, she found two seemingly great ones.

Katy’s experiences as a single New York woman have been less-than authentic on “Mama Said.”

I’ve never been to New York, but I imagine it’s similar to the dating scene in Chicago which consists of swiping right and going on some terrible dates with some loser dudes.

Will Buckingham may have been a bad kisser, but he was also a Vogue photographer, so that has to count for something.

And the second dazzling man  — a prince! — fell right into her lap.

Prince Erroll and Katy always had chemistry, and once he called things off with Patricia — who was letting the royal lifestyle getting to her head — he came looking for the girl he just couldn’t shake.

It’s impossible to blame Katy for being smitten because here I was, sitting on my couch, completely gunning for this Princess Diaries part 3. I was all in.

Erroll put on a baseball cap a la You’s Joe Goldberg to remain incognito (whatever you say!) and assimilated himself into Katy’s life without any problems.

It was the perfect date as he gave Jorge some uplifting advice and then Katy the royal treatment, if you get my drift.

But unfortunately, the allure of Prince Charming caused both the audience and Katy to overlook all the red flags.

What kind of decent man would hit on the woman who has shown him nothing but kindness in front of his soon-to-be-bride?

That was the first red flag. The second one was that he didn’t want to be noticed.

We thought it was because he was a Prince and didn’t want to cause a scene, but it was actually because he didn’t want to be noticed cheating on his bride.

It’s unclear how Erroll thought this was going to play out, but he clearly didn’t think with his head.

The morning after, Katy was called into Gloria’s office and while it seemed like Patricia was going to chew her out, she asked for Katy to design her wedding dress instead.

Katy was understandably befuddled as Prince Erroll sat there embarrassed by his actions, and rightfully so.

He used Katy, lied to her about the break-up, and put her in an uncomfortable predicament that could cost her a job.

And worst of all, he knows she’s not going to say anything or rat him out because he’s a client and it would reflect poorly on her while also damaging his budding fashion career.

Katy keene Mama Said Review

Katy Keene/ The CW

When Katy said she was royally screwed, she meant it in every sense of the way.

Erroll’s an ego-maniac who only thought out himself here, and man, I’m just peeved we fell for the charms and the sob-story of never being “able” to be himself. Please.

He essentially preyed on a broken woman who was recovering from a breakup.

And now, she’s going to have to suck all of that up and design the perfect wedding dress for his bride.

I don’t know how Katy is going to pull it off, but I hope she destroys Erroll for what he did while preserving herself in the process. After all, he said it himself, she always has an answer for everything.

It didn’t help that K.O. casually came over the morning after she may have regretted her royal romp and then informed her he was Xandra’s bodyguard and not ready to get into a new relationship.

K.O. is too good for this world — he’s too good for New York — and he’s 100% too good for Xandra.

Xandra was up to her typical meddling when she informed Alexander about Josie’s contract stipulation mere hours before Josie’s listening party debut.

It was an event that was very special to her because she was trying to prove to herself, her friends, and most importantly, her mom, Sierra McCoy that her singing career is more than just a hobby. She wanted to show her mom that she wasn’t wasting her time in New York while also proving that she’s an adult who can handle her own business arrangements.

Alexander ruined all of that when he showed up to the party drunk and called Josie out for agreeing to be his babysitter in exchange for a record deal.

It proved to Sierra that Josie was getting mixed up as a pawn in some toxic family dynamics and lord knows Sierra didn’t want to see another Riverdale Hiram Lodge situation pan out.

The former Mayor knew how to play her cards and threatened Mr. Cabot if he even thought about messing with her daughter, but in this case, I think Josie had it handled.

She proved that she wasn’t going to give in to Alex’s drama by refusing to follow him or ruin her big night (and thankfully, her friends reminded her of it), and when she began to sing, she proved she had what it takes to get a record deal all on her own.

Josie’s going to to make it big one day, y’all.

She patched things up with her mother who worried that Josie was going to find herself in a toxic relationship like she previously did, and I’m not so sure Josie understands the gravity of Alexander’s addiction.

He says he’s doing better and meeting with his sponsor, but he’s relying too much on Josie to be his lifeline. That’s an immense amount of pressure to put on someone, especially someone with dreams and passions of her own.

I would have to see Josie’s career hit a snag because she prioritizes a man.

Jorge may not know who Ginger Lopez is just yet, but he damn well knows what Jorge stands for.

While Jorge lost the Miss Washington Heights pageant and his prime-time spot at Molly’s Crisis to mean girl Deveraux (who also tried to sabotage him! what a drag-off!), he won something much bigger — a fairy God Mother.

Vee Vee aka Francois offered to be Jorge’s fairy drag mother because he was the only real queen up on that stage.

Jorge, baby, I’ve never been prouder.

A partnership between Francois and Jorge is going to be fun to watch, especially as Jorge gets the mentorship he needs and climbs his way to the stardom that will allow everyone to see him shine. Plus, it intermingles Katy’s two worlds in a fun way!

Other Dazzling New York Musings

  • Pepper is lying to herself about Raj being just a casual thing. They’re compatible and great together and he keeps her in check. He’s the only one she hasn’t been able to fool, which says a lot.
  • She was also called out for being a con-artist, which made me question the story she told Josie about her father cutting her off. As she begins to teach DiDi the ropes, we’ll likely get a lot of insight into who Pepper is at her core.
  • Does anyone else think Patricia is a dead ringer for Blair Waldorf?
  • It seemed like Gloria was warming up to Katy initially, but after the interaction where she dug up Katy’s mother’s file and then didn’t tell her the truth about why she was fired, she’s definitely hiding something. Did she know Katy’s mother? Is she L.L? Were they in love? Did she get Katy’s mother fired because she hated her and she’s taking it out on Katy? I have so many questions.
  • Why wasn’t Jorge’s hunky boyfriend at the pageant supporting him? Was he putting out fires? That must be it.
  • Chubby singing with Josie made me so happy.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Katy Keene?

Do you want to punch Erroll in the face for what he did or are you ready to hear his side of the story?

Should Josie break up with Alexander?

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