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Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Finale Digs Into the #MeToo Movement



Sir Tobias Moore, an Englishmen with curly gray hair and a face that’s mostly teeth is the focus of the 21st season finale of Law & Order: SVU.

We were initially introduced to this Weinstein figure in Season 21 Episode 1 “I’m Going to Make You a Star,” where his habit of assaulting aspiring actresses was displayed. The connections he had with authorities only deepened as the investigation continued. Tapes of women who auditioned for him were voluntarily handed over by DA and former Judge, Alana Barth.

He evaded authorities at every turn until SVU sent in an undercover, (Kat from Vice) he attacked her and they arrested him. Knowing they still had to make a case he remarked to Detective Benson while in handcuffs, “there’s nothing as funny as watching a beautiful woman make the biggest mistake of her life.” Victim Gemma Brooks quickly turned around and made an announcement that what happened between Sir Toby and herself was a consensual affair.

Soon after she hopped a plane to New Zealand to direct a film for Moore’s company Picflix. Fortunately, that video announcement alerted DA Carisi to the updated furnishings in Sir Toby’s office. Footage was found of his assistant replacing the casting couch.

Law and Order Season 21 Finale Review

Ian McShane as Sir Tobias “Toby” Moore — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

We see the producer again in Season 21 Episode 21 “The Things We Have To Lose.” His trial was delayed for a year.

“Men’s reputations can be destroyed overnight, how many innocent men have been convicted in the name of the Me Too Movement?,” asked his female DA on the courthouse steps.

When Moore failed to show up in court due to a “worsening heart condition,” Carisi claimed this is another delay and obfuscation. One victim is stressed and terrified while another was branded promiscuous by the tabloids.  Benson said to DA Barth, “what do you need Alana because whatever Sir Toby is paying you, it’s not worth it.”

Finally, the trial is ready to begin but again, Sir Toby is absent. Carisi pushed the limits of the law saying, “your clients afraid to have the women he raped confront him in open court.” Despite Benson’s determination that has lasted decades on SVU, it seemed there was no justice to be served. Later, Detective Rollins sauntered by Carisi’s office to see if he’d like to go for a drink, further extending the ‘will they won’t they’ vibes carried throughout the seasons between them.

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit on NBC, Peter Scanavino as Dominick “Sonny” Carisi, Jr.

Joelle and young son André who we met in Season 21 Episode 5 “At Midnight in Manhattan” when her soon to be ex-husband, beat her while their 7-year-old watched prompting him to call 911.

It ended with Leon in jail. Episode 21 tells us that he’s been recently paroled. Joelle is under the impression that he was sentenced to a year but Detective Tutuola clarified it’s 6 months in and 6 months out, served with probation, and the order of protection still in place. Leon started showing up anyway. Tutuola is concerned for their safety. He gave André a phone for emergencies. The next time we see them Leon is holding Joelle hostage at knifepoint while the detective tried to calm him. “He’s my boy, not yours,” Fuller threatened, nostrils flared. Tutuola insists, “your son loves you that’s all he ever talks about.” André rushed to his father despite the warnings not to. Leon freed Joelle, now holding his son hostage.

Leon made a move and Tutuola fired his gun. André is left crying over his father’s body. Benson met Tutuola at the scene afterward and he told her, “the boy saw his father get shot. No child should ever see that.” Despite his best efforts to protect, effective yet tragic, Joelle sued Tutuola for wrongful death. Episode 5 ends with Deputy Chief Dodds stepping down and making Detective Olivia Benson, Captain.

Lakira, a transgender woman also introduced in Episode 5 reappears in the finale. She was assaulted with a flashlight by Paul Davies, a man Lakira referred to as “a blue-eyed vulture” he paid her off so she would not testify against him. Lakira didn’t see this as a loss but instead, “turning vultures into angels,” she twirled in the light of the setting sun on the pier, happy to have enough money for a place to stay. It’s not until Episode 21 that her tone changes. The lawyer from Westchester strikes again, assaulting another sex worker so brutally she had to be put into a medically induced coma.

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT — “The Things We Have to Lose” Episode 21020 — Pictured: (l-r) Gisela Chipe as Ramona Diaz, Peter Scanavino as Detective Sonny Carisi — (Photo by: Heidi Gutman/NBC)

Lakira blamed herself. If she hadn’t been too afraid to testify after her own assault, “he’d be in jail. Dakota would be alive.” As expected, Davies pleaded not guilty but his bail was denied and DA Carisi felt optimistic. “So they believe us?” Lakira asked.

“The Things We Have To Lose” ends with the same song heard at the beginning, the haunting chorus of ‘Holy Water’ by Freya Ridings.

The episode wasn’t the intended finale and was actually supposed to usher in the return of Stabler after almost a decade of the character being of the show. Stabler’s time-away seems to have done well for him as his character scored his own spinoff on NBC with a 13-episode order. 

It remains unclear if he will return in Law & Order: SVU Season 22 or how his story-arc will be reframed to lead into the aforementioned spinoff. 

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Big Brother

Big Brother All-Stars Review: Putt-Putt for Power (22×23)



Big Brother All-Stars Episode 23 Review

After seven grueling evictions, it looks like we are in for an eighth. Da’Vonne’s exit from the house last week means that the Committee alliance moves a step closer to wiping everyone out, and after tonight’s Head of Household competition, the group moves in closer to their targets.

The nine remaining HouseGuests immediately wonder who cast the two votes to evict Kevin (Nicole and Dani). Nicole lied to Christmas saying that it might have been David that threw the vote over, but Christmas saw right through it, since she’s been manipulating David into doing the Committee’s dirty work, only to cut him later on. Nicole also feels like she made good on her word with Da’Vonne, having not voted for her, and telling her that she ended up voting for Ian (even though it was in her goodbye message). Whatever helps her sleep at night, Da’Vonne didn’t like the way you told her about Ian. Also, the whole Ian vote has been plaguing Nicole for weeks, and if she knew this would happen, she would’ve voted out Tyler. Oh well, she’ll see her bad gameplay later on.

The other thing that plagues the house is Dani’s Replay power. With this power, the HOH who is leaving power can play in the next HOH competition and get the power again. Nicole and Cody both know that she has this power, and aren’t sure if she’ll use it, because if Kevin or David win HOH, the Committee won’t be in power, and they’ll have to turn on each other. Dani tells Memphis that she wants to use it on him, and that no one knows who uses the power. Memphis says privately in the Diary Room that he doesn’t want to compete; he’s done his job with getting Da’Vonne out, and doesn’t want to get too much blood on his hands. Dani uses the power anyway, thinking that if she uses it, she can show the alliance that she is loyal to them, when she’s really wanting to start turning on them. A big announcement is played in the house, letting Memphis know that he can compete in the next HOH competition. The announcement also said that all BB Basement powers are now expired, meaning Christmas’ power she obtained is now gone.

Dr. Will Kirby teased at the end of the last episode that both power and prizes will be given to tempt the house, and it stayed true during the new Head of Household competition. One at a time, the HouseGuests went to the backyard to a giant putt-putt course. They had the option to putt for 2 things: $10,000, and the title of Head of Household. Each person got 3 chances to shoot a golf ball into targets labeled 1-20 for either prize. Since it’s golf, they wanted to try and get the lowest score. The catch was if they got one number, and shot again, that number replaced the previous one, whether the number was higher or lower. This affected a lot of people because Kevin shot a 5, but then shot the ball out of bounds, so he was given a score of zero. When it came to the money, if people tied, then the money gets split, but no one knows who won it.

Some people went for both, while others just went for one. People who felt safe in the house (Enzo, Dani, Tyler), went for the money, while everyone else tried to go for the Head of Household. Once everyone went, it was revealed that there was a tie for the $10k, which was Tyler and Dani. Both were upset on their own terms, since they would have rather had the full cash prize, but hey, something better than nothing. Memphis then announced that Cody won Head of Household with the lowest score of 2. I groaned a large groan after this, because that means that the Committee is in power once again, and Cody has been going crazy on the live feeds with power, and I’m so sick of it.

After the competition, Dani pointed out to the new HOH that Christmas looked visibly upset that Cody won, planting the seeds into his mind to possibly nominate her for eviction. Cody said that despite that, he wants to nominate David and Kevin, the only people that he’s not aligned with. This is typical new-school Big Brother: those nominations would be so boring, and it’s been done. Flip on the alliance, and get rid of the targets! Enzo tries to get Cody to nominate Christmas and Kevin, because of the Wise Guys deals that he made with Memphis. If Enzo could get Cody to break up one of those final three deals, Memphis would most want to stay connected with Enzo and Cody to the end. Cody then says he wants to get rid of Kevin first, then Christmas, David, and Dani, so WHY is he wanting to not nominate Christmas right away? I know there’s a veto to be played, but if you don’t have beef with David, don’t throw him up.

Nicole asked Cody what he wants to accomplish for the week, and he said his main target is Kevin (without giving a reason why…insert eye roll), but if Kevin wins the Veto, he wants to put up Christmas and send her out. Nicole tells him that that’s a ridiculous thing to do, and to not do Dani’s dirty work. Nicole tells him to do what he feels is best for the game.

Much to his chagrin, Kevin goes to talk to Cody to try and persuade him to not nominate him. In a way, Kevin threatened Cody saying that if he targets him, he may not give him his jury vote. Cody jumped on the defensive saying that Kevin is personally attacking him, and to stop making digs at him. Kevin retaliated at him saying the world doesn’t revolve him, and to stop whining and playing victim. This was great for me to watch for two reasons: I strongly don’t like Cody as a game player, and Kevin stuck it to the HOH. Kevin will probably go home because of this, but it was hilarious to see this little banter happen between them, and Cody throwing a complete temper tantrum while Kevin just sat there.

At the nomination ceremony, Cody stuck to his “safe” plan and nominated Kevin and David for eviction. Cody said he nominated them because he got into the fight with Kevin, and that he hasn’t been able to really reconnect with David recently. He wants the nominations to stay the same, but is prepared to put up Christmas if he needs to. Kevin and David both know that they only have to rely on themselves to win the Veto and take themselves off, since they know that the house is not there to support them.

What makes me the saddest about this episode is that they teased showing Dr. Will Kirby living next door, but never showed him. So hopefully they show him in Wednesday’s Veto episode or before the triple eviction night.

Best Player of the Episode:
Enzo. My winner pick is planting small seeds into the HOH’s mind. He outed the other Wise Guys alliance to Cody to get Christmas out of the house, and it’s pretty smart that he did that. Enzo sits in a great spot in the house: he’s friends with everyone and hasn’t done much to upset people.

Worst Player of the Episode: 
Cody. His temper tantrum to Kevin was immature and embarrassing to watch for me. Kevin showed a lot more maturity in that conversation, and Cody took everything personally. He also has been saying a lot of cruel things about the reasons why Da’Vonne, David, and Kevin played the game this year (they all came in to be the first Black person to win). He’s been mean, and a bully, and it’s affecting how people outside the game are viewing him.

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TV Reviews

The Boys Review – Lamplighter’s Debut Answers Burning Questions (2 x 06)



In The Boys season 2 episode 6, “The Bloody Doors Off,” Lamplighter (Shawn Ashmore) makes his first full appearance where he sheds some light on the mysterious Sage Grove Center, his connection with Stormfront, and the tragic history he shares with Frenchie.

As usual, there’s a lot of gratuitously bloody violence involved in this episode as well as some shocking scenes (one of which involves someone getting choked by an elongated phallus) and game-changing revelations about Vought International.

The main focus of the episode revolves around the Sage Grove Center which is being used by Vought as a testing center for stabilizing Compound V with the goal of creating an army of Supes by injecting them into adults instead of infants.

The Boys Visit Mysterious Loony Bin

As it turns out, the hospital is run by Stormfront on behalf of Vought where she supervises Lamplighter, who is ordered to burn test subjects when they’re no longer needed.

This is a startling revelation, along with the fact that Stormfront admits to Homelander that she was born on 1919 in Berlin, Germany during the Nazi regime. During which she fell in love and married Frederick Vought and learned everything he knew.

She then became the first successful test subject for Compound V – essentially making her the original Supe, which explains why she is so powerful and able to manipulate her way around Vought so easily.

Moreover, her Nazism has extended throughout her time behind the scenes, and sees Homelander as “everything [she and Frederick Vought] dreamed of.” Implying that the goal of Compound V coincides with Nazi values – Yikes!

Fortunately for Billy and The Boys, Lamplighter is more amiable than they expected and is willing to atone for his sins and work with them.

Lamplighter and Frenchie’s Traumatic History

After the patients of Sage Grove Center accidentally break out, Lamplighter, MM, Frenchie and Kimiko find themselves trapped in the hospital with a bunch of unstable and dangerous Supes. One of which is a patient named Cindy who shows considerably dangerous psychokinetic powers – she is shown at the end of the episode hitchhiking and could be a factor later in the season.

Cindy (portrayed by Ess Hödlmoser) debuts in this episode.

On a more humorous note, MM has an unpleasant encounter with a Supe patient who has the unseemly power to control his elongated elastic phallus, which he wraps around MM while trying to choke him out. (So yeah, this show is basically pure insanity at this point.)

The main takeaway from their time at the hospital, however, is the confrontation between Lamplighter and Frenchie who are finally able to discuss face-to-face a traumatic event from their shared past that has haunted both of them for years.

During Lamplighter’s time with The Seven, he is blackmailed by Colonel Mallory and The Boys to be their mole at Vought Tower. Their association ends in tragedy, however, when Lamplighter attempts to assassinate Mallory in her sleep to try and get out of their arrangement but instead mistakenly burns her innocent grandchildren instead.

To make things worse, Mallory tasked Frenchie to track Lamplighter on the night of this event but he is sidetracked into rescuing his best friend from overdosing and was unable to prevent Lamplighter from committing the horrible act.

So essentially, both Frenchie and Lamplighter blame themselves for the deaths of the children.

Other Key Events In This Episode

  • Starlight removes the chip implanted by Vought on her with the help of Frenchie, and she has a heartfelt hug with Kimiko.
  • The Deep invites A-Train to join the Church of the Collective.
  • Elena discovers a video (dropped off by Deep) of Maeve and Homelander abandoning the falling airplane from season 1, which Maeve plans to use as blackmail against Homelander.
  • Starlight accidentally kills someone while trying to commander his vehicle when she and Billy needed to take Hughie to the hospital after he sustained injuries caused by one of the escaped Supes from the Sage Grove Center.
  • Frenchie is a huge fan of The Golden Girls and considers himself as a Betty White type. And, of course, the episode ends with The Golden Girls theme song.

Episode Rating: 9.5/10

The Boys new season 2 episodes stream on Fridays on Amazon Prime Video.

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Big Brother

Big Brother All-Stars Review: The Seventh Eviction (22×22)



Big Brother All-Stars Episode 22 Review

Misreads and miscommunication continue to plague the house, and it all culminates in tonight’s latest eviction, where either Da’Vonne or Kevin will be shown the door, and join Ian in the jury house.

At the Veto meeting, Tyler decided not to use the power, leaving Memphis’ nominees the same. Da’Vonne figured that this would happen, but felt very optimistic that Dani and Nicole could work with her to gather the four votes needed to evict Kevin. The frequent thing that caused Da’Vonne stress was confirming whether or not Nicole voted to evict Tyler or Ian in the previous week. Nicole lies to her face saying she voted to evict Tyler (she didn’t), but said quietly that she will tell Day the truth, but has to find the right moment to do so.

Head of Household Memphis decides to shift his focus onto the next phase of the game, and created two sub-alliances within the Committee. He lets Enzo know that he is going to form two final 3 deals, but have Enzo in both, so that his final 2 deal is with Enzo. That way if the Committee crumbles, he has people to back him up. Enzo takes this deal, thinking that he can beat Memphis in the final 2 should they get that far, and decides to work with Memphis. The first group has Memphis, Enzo, and Cody, and the other has Memphis, Enzo, and Christmas. Memphis calls both alliances “The Wise Guys.” All I have to say is that even though Memphis should not win this game, this is pretty smart. He has a feeling that the Committee is falling apart, so finding smaller groups to take to the end could help him. I hope it all falls in his face, because that jerk (putting it lightly) needs to go now.

Dani believes that keeping Da’Vonne is what’s best for her game, so she starts going around trying to get the votes. Christmas sees right through the campaign, and believes that Dani, Nicole, and Day are working together to destroy the Committee from the inside. She then goes to David and lets him know that she knows that David voted out Tyler, and that Nicole is lying to Day, so that Day can target him, and the only way to stop it is to send her out. David is happy that someone finally agrees with him, since his vote was seen as a lie throughout the entire week. Now David wants to work with Christmas which is dumb, because Christmas is a horrible player, and she’ll vote him out without losing any sleep.

Before the vote, Da’Vonne gave a brilliant speech about how no Black women has ever won this game, except for Tamar Braxton, who won the celebrity version of Big Brother a few years back. She declared that she wants to continue to fight to be the first African-American woman to win the show and credits previous HouseGuests Cassandra (season 1), and Danielle Reyes (season 2), as some of the greatest influences to her, and why she loves the game she’s played three times. Kevin had to keep his speech short for time, but had a similar speech, saying that companies and corporations need to do more than a Zoom representation and diversity training, and start practicing what they preach. Both speeches were incredible, and I’m glad that these two took the opportunity of this platform to spark conversations in a world that is much bigger than the house.

Powerful speeches aside, Da’Vonne was evicted from the house by a 5-2 vote. Dani and Nicole were the two votes for Kevin. After Nicole almost tore Day’s earring out while giving her a hug goodbye, she put on her mask and joined Julie outside. When Julie asked how she was feeling, Day said that she was relieved because she was sick of those people. My reaction to that: me too, Day. Me too. When Julie showed the goodbye messages, Nicole revealed that she is a part of a big alliance, and that she voted to evict Ian to protect the alliance. In that moment, Da’Vonne lost all respect for Nicole, saying that if she had just told the truth from the get-go so she didn’t have to attack David, she would’ve been okay with the decision. She now heads off to join Ian in the jury house, where they will wait the next evictee.

Before the episode ended, Julie revealed not one, but two large twists coming for the week. As teased, a BB legend is moving in next door, and that legend was revealed to be Dr. Will Kirby, the winner of season 2, and one of the first villains to play the game. He said he’s living next door, and will be tempting the HouseGuests with power and prizes, and it’ll be up to them to decide what they want. I’m very excited for this, because Dr. Will is a great player, and will hopefully bring some drama and tear up the house.

Julie then revealed a twist that has never happened before. A week from today, the first ever TRIPLE eviction will occur in a special 2-hour episode. That’s right, 3 people will be sent out the door next week, which will cause a lot of stress through the house. I can’t WAIT for this. Double evictions happen every year, but a triple is a first. I hope this will be a time for someone from the Committee (cough, cough, MEMPHIS) to go home.

My New Winner Pick: 
Because I changed my winner pick to Da’Vonne, I now have to pick a new prediction for the winner of BB22. With so few people I genuinely want to root for, the pickings are slim. However, my pick is going to lie with Enzo. He has great relationships with everyone, and joined the Wise Guys with Memphis. He also has won competitions, and no one has come for him in any capacity. I think he has a good place in the house, and I think he could take it to the end.

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