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Legacies Death Keeps Knocking on my Door Legacies Death Keeps Knocking on my Door


Legacies – Death Keeps Knocking on My Door (1×07)



Well, Hope really messed this one up.

You can’t blame the girl for being intrigued with the Necromancer and the possibility of finding out how her parents, specifically her dad, are doing in the afterlife.

Hope’s gone through a lot, most of which is only brought up in passing on Legacies. However, those of us who have seen The Originals know how brutal and broken her upbringing was.

So, it’s not surprising that she’d willingly go down a dark path to make sure Klaus Mikealson was okay, especially on Remembrance Day and especially as loved ones were being resurrected from the dead.

It was touching to see Hope care so much about Klaus, the most hated man that ever walked the planet. When the Necromancer told her that Klaus is always looking over her shoulder, I really wanted them to show Klaus somewhere off in the distance.

I know that the writers are limited in what they can do because the actors are essentially done with the series, however, it would make the moment that much more meaningful and emotional. Also, why isn’t anyone concerned about Elijah?!

Despite his bizarre introduction on Legacies Season 1 Episode 6, the “Almighty Necromancer” was a hoot.

And though he viewed himself as the most dangerous supernatural being and was offended by the comparison to the Grim Reaper, he wasn’t all that menacing.

In fact, the Necromancer wasn’t physically threatening, but the mind manipulation was the most worrisome.

While Hope should have allowed Dr. Saltzman to deal with him, she thought she was helping by taking matters into her own hands and taking some of the load off his plate.

Truthfully, what else did Alaric really expect? When he told Hope to stay away from the Necromancer, he was doing it because she knew she wasn’t going to.

She thinks she’s invisible because she’s one of a kind. Though her intentions are in the right place, she fails to see the dangers. It’s a complex

Hope’s dangerous meddling caused her to open one of the three keys to Malivore, which isn’t ideal, but at least she destroyed the knife.

That means, no monsters will be resurrecting the dead to do their evil bidding anytime soon. However, you better believe that since one lock is open, the push to open the other two remaining locks will intensify sending even more dangerous monsters to the Salvatore School of the Young and Gifted.

And unlike Alaric who wasn’t able to motivate the Necromancer into telling him anything of value, Hope found out all about Malivore, which stands for permanent death.

Apparently, Malivore’s goal is to wipe the scourge of supernatural off the face of the Earth. They all perished there until recently when the knife beckoned to be brought home.

Permanent death also meant being wiped out of the history books. Is there anything worse than not being remembered, celebrated or mourned?

If the remaining two locks of open, essentially, all hell breaks loose.

And since Hope’s bracelet lit up indicating Landon is in trouble, it seems like the second phase of Mali-apocalypse is starting.

We know Landon’s mom was somehow connected to Malivore, so what does it all mean?

And who was the Pretty Little Liars “A-wannabee” in the end? Was it Landon?

Will they make their way over to New Orleans to help him?

I have to admit that seeing Hope back at Roussou’s gave me all the feels.

Last week, Jo returned from the dead to briefly reunite with Alaric and meet her twin girls, but this week, Cassie, Rafael’s late girlfriend shocked him by walking through the door.

While she played an integral role in stealing the knife and delivering it to one of the Bennett witches, she also forced Raf to face the truth — he killed her.

It’s important that Raf doesn’t block out what happened the night of the accident. By realizing his anger took over and forced him to take the turn too quickly, he now realizes he needs to work on himself.

Cassie’s return also lessened the guilt as he was able to apologize and she was able to forgive him.

The slate has been cleaned, can Raf do better with his second chance?

I’m disappointed that MG was led to believe that he wasn’t powerful enough to help Hope from someone as devious as the Necromancer.

These teens really need to stop setting their expectations so high.

Hope should never have asked MG for help defying Dr. Saltzman in the first place. She set both of them up for failure, not to mention, a lot of trouble.

MG was so scared, he reached out to Kaleb expressing interest in getting more than just bunny blood.

I’m not sure why Kaleb thought it was a good idea to go feed at the cemetery on Remembrance Day during the daytime.

Sure, there’s a wide range of people to choose from, but it’s also a lot easier to get caught.

Thankfully, Dorian’s arrival was needed as he was able to swiftly take down MG who, at the first taste of blood, went into a feeding frenzy that Kaleb couldn’t stop.

Oh, Kaleb. Don’t you know there’s a method to Alaric’s madness? He’s seen things you couldn’t even imagine and therefore, knows what needs to be done to protect the students.

Kaleb hasn’t even heard of a Ripper, which usually happens when impressionable, young minds taste the real stuff.

Obviously, Stefan Salvatore was the OG ripper, and coincidentally, the man who killed Dorian’s father and sister.

MG has been one of the best characters on the series as he’s always bringing a playful and lighthearted nature. Looking back at it after the fact, he’s the perfect victim to become a Ripper, but it’s going to be tough to see his journey back to the “clean life.”

And where the heck were Lizzie and Josie? It seems rather odd that after a Necromancer showed up, Cassie returned, and MG had a feeding field day, they were nowhere to be found.

Why wouldn’t Alaric call one of them to let him out the office when Hope spelled him in?


Other Thoughts

  • Being stuck in an eternal bottomless pit of blackness seems terrifying. I’m not surprised Hope is on a path to bettering herself so that her father can finally find peace.
  • I enjoyed the funny side of Alaric: “no one even knows who you are.” Maybe if he didn’t act like he’s the only one who could do anything about these monsters, Hope wouldn’t attempt to defy him at every step.

Despite my initial hesitations about the show, Julie Plec proved that there is still much magic left in Mystic Falls. What was so special about The Vampire Diaries and The Originals didn’t die after that generation withered away. It’s still there and these teens are slowly tapping into it.

There are many more stories to be told at the Salvatore school. I look forward to reuniting with you all in 2019 to fight more monsters, demons and creatures.


Legacies – Let’s Just Finish the Dance (1×14)



Legacies Let's Just Finish the Dance

I remember where I was for my first Miss Mystic Falls.

If you watched The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, you likely remember, too.

Fans of the original shows were in for a nostalgia-filled night on Legacies Season 1 Episode 14 as the Salvatore School hosted the annual pageant.

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Legacies – The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good To Do (1×11)



Legacies - The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good To Do

How wild was tonight’s episode of Legacies?

The structure of the episode and how the events unfolded differed from what we’ve seen previously but it helped keep up the mystery of what happened to MG, Landon and Raf on that full moon night.

Best of all, while the episode focused on Alaric and Hope’s search for the boys, we also learned a lot about the trio and their backgrounds with the flashbacks.

Legacies has succeed in a lot in such a short period of time, but their strength lies in fleshing out characters and making each one unique and likable in their own way.

There’s a great group of teens that attend the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, even if MG’s father can’t see anything more than a monster when he looks at him.

Arguably, Landon was to blame behind the dumb decisions to reunite MG with his estranged family and to sneak out during a full moon.

So much could go wrong, and so much did go wrong. As the only human — or so we thought — on the team, it was careless of him.

Landon’s reasoning for trying to reunite MG with his family was selfish. He thought he knew what was best for his friend solely because he never had a chance to get answers and it’s what he would have wanted.

He never stopped to think that maybe this wasn’t the best thing for MG because the truth could hurt him.

Some people just aren’t ready for the truth, MG’s father being one of them.

I was crushed for MG who seemed relieved that his father was happy about his miraculous return from the dead only to be called a demon and monster when he revealed his true authentic self.

That couldn’t have been easy but it’s why his mother told him to stay away to spare him the pain.

Being called a monster by the man he loved fueled MG’s anger and he acted as such by feeding on Landon and killing him.

Raf’s response to bite MG also made sense because his anger at losing his best friend took over during a time where he was transitioning into a monster.

Basically, it was a recipe for disaster.

Thankfully, Hope took it upon her to push Raf to tap into his memories even if it meant knocking Emma unconscious.

Poor Emma. If they had listened to her, MG would have surely succumbed to the toxic bite.

Hope is a strong woman. There aren’t many people who would save the person that just killed their significant other but she knew that despite what MG did, his intentions would never be to kill Landon had he not been consumed by bloodlust and rage.

And MG’s guilt over killing Landon was punishment enough.

I will say there was definitely a lot of hugging between Raf and Hope happening and though I knew Landon’s sudden and brutal death could never be permanent, I did entertain the idea of a relationship between Hope and Raf. There’s just a level of love and respect between them.

But as I said, the writers would never kill off Hope’s love interest so early in the game, if ever.

Landon rose from the ashes like a Phoenix.

I’m proud to say I picked up on his “species” before Alaric announced it so that makes me a monster genius or something, right?

His triumphant return was only made better by Hope’s shocked expression.

Yeah girl, that’s your man!

I’m not too familiar with Phoenix’s, so I don’t know what this means for Landon, but at least we know that there is something supernatural about him which is why he’s always felt so drawn to this school.

It’ll be interesting to see what his superpowers are and how Malivore played a role in creating his kind. Are they more of him?

I’m just happy that spring break didn’t end with all of them coming back with a body to bury.

On the other hand, could Landon be the next monster?

It’s only a matter of time before his mother, Malivore, and Triad Industries all catch up with him!

Other Thoughts

  • Dorian quit but Emma is still there … does that mean Alaric has a shot?
  • I could not stop laughing at Landon’s “except for Jesus and Lazarus” comment when MG’s mom said that his religious father wouldn’t believe someone came back from the death.
  • Before everything hit the fan, Landon confronted Raf about his feelings for Hope. Those two have to be the tightest bros on the planet for Landon to accept Raf’s feelings without any anger or resentment.
  • MG and Kaleb may have a long road ahead of them as vampires but at least they have each other. Kaleb’s comments about being MG’s new family were super sweet.
  • It’s interesting that being vampires were so glamorized on TVD and The Originals but Legacies is addressing the bleaker realities — the constant bloodlust and the trouble with controlling it.

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Legacies – There’s a Mummy on Main Street (1×12)




Oh, mummy.

The latest monster unleashed in search of the urn that a possessed Alaric threw away into the river was none other than a mummy. And though I used to be a fan of all the ‘Mummy’ movies, I found this monster to be slightly less compelling than the ones that came before it.

The episode was still a delight because even a spring break trip gone wrong can be enjoyable with the right people, however, the monster was just meh. Josie hurling in the car on the way to Maple Hallows was more entertaining than that one-note fight scene.

It’s almost like a joke waiting to happen. A mummy and the three powerful witches crossed paths and instead of having a full-on throwdown, the moment was anti-climactic.

You’re telling me Alaric couldn’t have just grabbed a blow torch? Hope is a hybrid yet she didn’t think of setting a monster rolled in toilet paper on fire.

It was all just too easy. Even when the mummy came back to life, I can’t imagine any of them felt much of a threat since they’ve taken on worse monsters before.

Throwing up a bunch of beetles is gross, but they also recently threw up slugs so it’s like, is it really that bad?

However, I don’t think the writers wanted to make the focus of this week’s episode the Malivore monster.

The mummy was menacing and all the creepy crawlies did give me the heebie-jeebies, but the real monster was hands-down Clarke.

Clarke tried to manipulate the Saltzman clan by pretending to be a clean-up crew with the people’s best intentions in mind.

I don’t doubt Clarke needed to erase all these people’s memories so they didn’t think recall anything supernatural happening, but Clarke’s mission was the same as Alaric’s — get the urn.

It’s a good thing Hope remembers what happened during their trip to Ohio and the Malivore headquarters because she knew to be wary of Clarke and his team.

Alaric thought he’d outsmarted Clarke using Kaleb, who compelled a worker to steal the urn and bring it to them, however, Clarke was one step ahead of them.

It’s unclear why Clarke’s mission is to unleash the Malpocalypse, but I’m guessing it has something with him being some kind of Malivorian monster himself.

Maybe he’s Landon’s father? Or the devil himself? He kind of gives me devilish vibes.

All I know is, he cannot be trusted after he threatened Alaric’s school and his students; he’s going to pose further problems for all of them especially now that he needs one more key.

Lizzie was a bit ridiculous this whole episode and frankly, I’m surprised by Hope’s level of tolerance.

Everything Lizzie did was like a pathetic attempt for attention, any attention at all.

Lizzie kept pestering Hope and blaming her for ruining their family spring break.

But most surprising was that Lizzie couldn’t let go of the past. She was blaming Hope for a starting a dorm fire and for spreading rumors about her first “outburst,” both of which Hope denied.

Lizzie’s distaste with Hope has been evident since day one, but we’ve never really understood the motivations behind it.

Why did she despise Hope so much? Why did she think Hope was trying to intrude on her family?

Throughout Lizzie and Hope’s tussle, Josie kept trying to change topics and seemed really uncomfortable with everything.

It wasn’t just because Josie is the peaceful sister, it was because she felt guilty.

Josie confessed to setting the fire in an attempt to destroy a love letter she wrote Hope. She also unintentionally told Lizzie that Hope said nasty things about her to save face.

Who would have thought the innocent would be to blame for the feud between Hope and Lizzie? Maybe now that they’ve aired out their grievances, Hope and Lizzie can just find common ground.

They really are stronger together.

As for Alaric, well, no one is cutting him any slack.

He did the right thing by handing over the urn in exchange for Dorian and Emma’s freedom but none of that helped the situation when Dorian found out Emma and Alaric kissed.

In Alaric’s defense, he didn’t know Emma was dating his friend Dorian. However, Alaric should have come clean before he even crashed their spring break with a monster-hunting escapade.

Dorian likely won’t stay away from the school for too long, but his relationship with Alaric has been fractured and that really is too bad. Those two had a good bromance going.

Over the past few weeks, Kaleb has really started to grow on me. I don’t know why he was the chosen vampire to go on this trip, but I’m not complaining either.

His attitude is awesome and the things he was telling the folks he was compelling was downright hilarious.

He may just be one of my favorite students in the school!

Aside from the comedic relief, Kaleb also has a point about times changing. The vampire, wolves, and witches should be taught to harness their full powers at the school. How else are they going to learn and protect themselves from future evil, which we know never takes a day off?

I know Alaric wants to play things safe, but you’d think the whole point of a supernatural school would be to teach the students everything there is to know about their powers and let them make the mistakes in the safety of the classroom.

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? What do you think the #3 key is?

Why does Clarke want to unleash all the monsters?


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