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Legacies Review- Stupid Cupid Stop Picking on Hope (2x11) Legacies Review- Stupid Cupid Stop Picking on Hope (2x11)


Legacies Review- Stupid Cupid Stop Picking on Hope (2×11)

Legacies Review- Stupid Cupid Stop Picking on Hope (2x11)



Broken hearts club turned into the ripped-out-hearts club on this week’s episode of Legacies.

We pick up one day after the Saltzmans were sent to the prison world by Alyssa Chang. Sadly, we have to wait until next week to see what’s going on over there (and finally see Kai again), but Hope is still fighting to get them back to Mystic Falls.

Hope and Landon are still on rocky terms since the qareen forced them to face the issues in their relationship last week. Landon’s desperate to prove that he’s capable of saving the day and that Hope doesn’t have to treat him like “a fragile object”.

So when Cupid arrives, he has the perfect opportunity to prove himself.

He forms his own “super-squad” consisting of Wade, Pedro, and Jed to find Cupid and bring him back to the school. Oh yeah, he already lost Cupid.

But not before spilling his heart out (metaphorically, it’s important to be clear in terms of this episode) to Cupid on how insecure he is in his relationship with Hope. She’s the one who “wears the pants” in their relationship which is only further proven by the two times she has to save him during this episode.

The one big issue in Legacies isn’t a lack of relationships, it’s a lack of well-developed ones. Compared to it’s predecessor The Vampire Diaries, Legacies doesn’t have any epic couples to root for. Landon and Hope’s development felt very rushed and they’ve already been dealt a few crappy storylines that have made me lose interest.

However, on TVD, Damon and Elena had four seasons of buildup before they officially got together. This gave us time to get to know these characters as individuals so we could see why they work together. The pacing of that relationship made the show worth watching. The will-they-won’t-they trope is popular for a reason.

I would even argue that the only crappy storyline in their relationship was in season six when Elena loses her memory. Hope and Landon, on the other hand, have already dealt with the amnesia trope (thanks, Malivore) which forced us to endure the least compelling love triangle I’ve ever seen.

This is only season two. We shouldn’t be running out of interesting plotlines for what seems to be the show’s main couple already.

Luckily, Landon redeems himself in the end. Once the gang discovers Cupid isn’t Cupid at all, but Cupid’s sibling Pothos, Landon puts on his hero hair and ingests some devil’s ivy to kill Pothos when he eats his heart. It sounds more gruesome than it is.

But the best part of this plan was that there was no guarantee Landon would survive it. He knows he typically comes back from the dead, but so far his phoenix heritage has been one big mystery. On TVD, getting your heart ripped out was a sure sign of actual death (if you don’t reincarnate seasons later), so seeing Landon’s heart get ripped from his body tonight was pretty surprising.

He gives a speech about how Hope is his “epic love” (not sure if I agree) and how he’s willing to die to save her. It was a really sweet moment between the two. I get the appeal, but I can’t say I’m completely sold on them just yet.

At the end of the day, Landon did come out a hero. He saved Hope from having her heart eaten, and was able to take down the newest Malivore monster.

While all of this is going on, elsewhere in the school MG is having the worst day ever. He tries to go out on a date with Kaleb’s sister Kym, but gets bad advice from Kaleb and plans the worst date possible. And Alyssa’s been struck with an obsessive love arrow and has decided that now is the right time to confess her undying love for MG.

I’m not sure if her having a thing for MG is real or if he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but his rejection of her led to a near-death experience for Kym, Kaleb, and MG.

Kym decides to leave The Salvatore School afterward and Alyssa breaks the ascendant that’s supposed to be used to rescue the Saltzmans. So right now MG’s two main girls are as far from him as ever. Poor guy.

Do you remember the prophecy about Malivore from the sphinx character awhile back? I had almost forgotten about it, but it appears that it’ll be an important factor coming up in the latter half of the season. In an earlier scene in the episode, Dorian mentions a golden arrow in the prophecy. Pothos was also looking for a golden arrow which the Necromancer finds at the end of the episode. What does this mean going forward?

Other Musings:

  • Kaleb saving Pedro from Pothos’ arrow with his vamp speed was adorable. I never thought he would become one of my favorites on the show.
  • Sometimes the supernatural puns are fun but Alyssa calling Jed a booty howl was cringeworthy.
  • Hope chopping off Pothos’ wings immediately was such a Mikaelson move.
  • Wade now throws up fairy dust apparently.
  • The Landon/Wade friendship is still really sweet and I hope he’s not just a “stand-in until Raf comes back”.
  • So are Emma and Dorian married? I wonder how Ric’s going to react to that when he finds out.
  • Was that some Alyssa x Kaleb foreshadowing? That could be an interesting storyline going forward.
  • The kiss between Hope and Landon in the bathtub was very reminiscent of Delena’s kiss in the rain. I’m a sucker for any parallels between the two shows, so this was a standout moment for me.
  • And yes, okay, the part where Landon reads Hope’s diary entry and they fly in the air together was really cute too. Maybe Pothos struck this episode with an arrow because the only time I’ve found myself rooting for these two was this week.

Next week marks the return of fan-favorite villain Kai Parker played by the talented Chris Wood. In the preview for next week, it looks like he’s set his eyes on Josie. He’s kidnapped Alaric and seems to be forcing Josie to use black magic to save him.

How far will Josie go to save her dad? How far will Kai go to get revenge on Ric and his nieces?

Considering the episodes titled “Kai Parker Screwed Us” I would say things aren’t looking too good for the Saltzmans.

Let us know your predictions in the comments and over on our twitter!

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Legacies Review – Hope’s Slasher Flick (3×05)



Legacies This Is What It Takes Review Season 3 Episode 5

The Salvatore School shut its doors on Legacies Season 3 Episode 5 in hopes of finding out what happened to Landon. 

After Landon dissolved into a pile of goo, Hope funneled all of her energy into getting answers, which allowed her to take back the narrative and own the hour in a way she hasn’t done in quite some time. 

Yes, her focus was still on Landon, but navigating her grief via the Therapy Box allowed her to reconnect with her subconscious. 

And turns out, her subconscious is really into Friday the 13th-esque slasher flicks. It may have been random, but it did break up the serious tone of the episode with some comedic relief and retro-outfits. I’m sure the costume department had fun with that one. 

Deep down inside, Hope knew she was responsible for Landon’s death. And it’s not surprising why she didn’t want to admit it either. Though the series never flat-out said it aloud, it basically alluded to the fact that their sex caused his death. Poor girl.

Admitting it also meant that she had to come to terms with the fact that he was gone. And as someone who has lost so many loved ones in such a short period of time, wanting to remain in denial was completely understandable. 

It wasn’t entirely silly of her to cling to the idea that there was a supernatural way to bring him back to the land of the living.

Those of us who have watched The Vampire Diaries know that there’s only a handful of deaths that have ever been “permanent.”

And while it seemed as though the “heart’s desire” artifact didn’t work, it did light up under water, so maybe she shouldn’t give up hope just yet. Also, can I just say, if Hope had an artifact that could bring back someone, why would she choose Landon over let’s say Klaus or Haley? Ridiculous. 

It’s been so long since we’ve seen Hope embrace her powers, but it was very Mikealson of her to channel her anger at those who stood in her way. 

She didn’t think twice before almost killing Pinky or throwing Alaric against the wall when she thought he was pulling a fast one on her. 

It was genuinely fun to watch. It’s so easy to forget that Hope is a tribrid and a descendant of the most powerful family in the supernatural realm because she rarely taps into her magical abilities. 

Alaric dedicated himself to helping Hope because he’s the one person who understands the weight of grief. He’s been consumed by it as he’s lost every nearly every single significant other.  

There’s no one that relates more, which also makes him the perfect person to help her work through this tough period in her life. 

Seeing him embrace his inner-Indiana Jones reminded me of the good old days when he hunted down artifacts and weapons to use as a vampire hunter! 

Lizzie’s glow-up, both physical (that hair!) and emotional, has been a joy to watch. 

She’s flourishing into such a mature person. The first step was admitting her feelings for MG, and the second was accepting that Josie needs to carve her own path at Mystic Falls High.

The scene where she made Josie a first-day of school outfit was precious. 

While it didn’t make sense that she astral-projected to a prison world to find ways to convince Josie to stay at the Salvatore School, I’ll never be mad at her for finding reasons to spend time with MG.

I love that MG helped her come to the realization about Josie. Despite her feelings for him, she still cherishes and respects him as a friend. 

But will they be more than friends soon?

Lizzie was trying to tell MG about her feelings and deep down, I think he knew what she was getting at, but he’s such a sweet guy that he remained loyal to Alyssa.

Which brings me to Alyssa… how dare she hurt our MG?

This was probably the show’s way of eliminating her as she got a new role lined up on The CW’s Kung Fu, but that girl has been given too many chances and has squandered them all. Girl, bye. 

Josie is also coming into her own, just like Lizzie, and learning to put her own happiness first by deciding to stay at Mystic Falls High School. 

Obviously, meeting Finch contributed heavily to her decision. Is it just me or does Josie have chemistry with everyone? I felt it with Ethan, and I definitely felt it with Finch. How very Caroline Forbes of her! 

And while I was proud of Josie for boldly going after what she wanted, things with Finch escalated almost too quickly,

Considering how the writers handled things between Josie and Jade, I can’t say I trust the writers to do this relationship justice. I hope they prove me wrong because Josie deserves a real love interest that doesn’t break her heart or abandon her. #JusticeforJosie, am I right?

Which brings me to Sheriff Mac’s off-screen exit. We barely knew ya, but since Alaric trusted her enough to clue her in on the supernatural beings in town, it seemed like she was going to be a semi-permanent person in his life.

So why did she get spooked ad skip town? What was the point of even introducing the possibility of a romance then? As mentioned before, Alaric has had so many negative and heartbreaking experiences with women — Isobel, Jenna, Meredith, and Jo — that he deserves better than someone wasting his time and running at the first supernatural occurrence. Do you know what this man has been through?

After the hour, the one thing that remains unclear is what happened to Landon. 

Hope might think he’s dead, but the final moments of the episode left us on yet another cliffhanger as we saw him stumbling around a dark void (could it be Malivore? Is he the new Malivore?) and heading towards a glowing white door. He’s alive… sort of. 

What’s on the other side of that door? Another prison world? The bottom of the lake? The school?

We’ll find out when the series returns from hiatus on March 11. 

Legacies Season 3 hasn’t been my favorite. “This Is What It Takes” was significantly better than previous episodes, but I’d be lying if I said the series lived up to the glory days of TVD and The Originals.

It needs a major overhaul where it allows Hope to become the badass that we know she is. We need a villain, we need stable and less confusing storytelling, and we really need to figure out what the heck to do with #Handon because this constant grief and loss is exhausting. Maybe Hope’s “hot guy” comment to Ethan means that she’ll pursue a new relationship soon!

What did you think of the episode? Sound-off in the comments! 

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Legacies Review- Another Prison World (3×04)



Legacies Season 3 Episode 4 Hold on Tight Review

Last week I wondered if I was being too harsh on Legacies. I was worried I was just nitpicking, and that I was making it out to be much worse than it is. After watching the fourth episode of the season, I no longer feel that way. It is actually that bad.

Somehow a musical episode was less cringy than this one was. It’s difficult to defend Legacies, especially in comparison to The Vampire Diaries or The Originals, after an hour of bizarre plot choices and even worse special effects. The shot of Landon/Malivore opening his mouth to absorb the Necromancer will haunt me for weeks.

The issue with the series stems from poor writing and what appears to be a low production budget. A lot of the dialogue this season feels off, but the actors are doing really well with what they’ve been given to work with.

This season might feel so disjointed because of the pandemic since they’re trying to wrap up a lot of storylines at once. But, it’s become increasingly hard to watch.

The timeline feels inconsistent. Have Hope and Landon really been together that long? I don’t know if the math adds up on that, especially considering Landon dated Josie for about four months sometime in between there.

On top of that, Hope and Landon’s relationship itself has been inconsistent. The show keeps toying with the idea of breaking them up but never sticks to it. We keep seeing how they’re bad for each other in one episode, and then the next is spent memorializing their perfect relationship and featuring a big milestone for the two of them. So, which is it? Should we be rooting for them? Even though they never work on any of their issues and it has only become more apparent how incompatible they are together?

Until the series takes a firm stance on their relationship, it’s hard to become invested in what happens to it. And he keeps “dying”. It’s become so repetitive and dull.

Also, I found it very upsetting that Landon only died right after he and Hope have sex for the first time. She finally gets to experience this big, vulnerable moment only for it to be ruined immediately after. It’s exhausting watching her find the happiness and peace she so desperately wants only for it to be taken away time and time again. At a certain point enough is enough.

It would be nice to see Hope’s happiness last for once.

Things are looking better for the twins than they are for Hope.

Josie has made the decision to transfer to Mystic Falls High School to get a break from the supernatural world for a bit. That should be really good for her, and we’ll probably meet her new love interest there.

She was able to use magic this episode successfully but is still dealing with the guilt of her actions as Dark Josie. It’ll probably be hard to see Ethan every day but with time and space from the Salvatore School, she’ll be in much better shape.

Lizzie finally came to terms with her feelings for MG, only for her to catch MG and Alyssa kissing in the hallway. Obviously, that sucks for her to see, but the way she reacted to it was really healthy. She didn’t freak out or concoct a crazy scheme to get him back. She accepted her mistake in waiting and is going to continue to work on herself in the meantime.

She was super self-aware when talking to Josie about how she held herself back from MG for so long because of her own insecurities. She’s on the right path right now. Alyssa and MG will fizzle out soon anyway. Then, a healthier, more secure Lizzie can make her move.

Stray Thoughts:

  • It’s strange that we never got to see a scene of Hope and Josie reuniting after Hope woke up from her coma. She was only put in that state because she went into Josie’s mindspace to rescue her. This feels like a weird moment to skip over.
  • I love MG.
  • Hope and Landon really are unbearable as the Necromancer said. Do you really have to kiss while sinking into Malivore?
  • The Kaleb and Jed rap was a bit strange, but I really enjoy the dynamic between the two of them. Hopefully, there will be a lot more of that this season!

What did you think of the episode?

Do you think Alaric’s in danger based on what the Sphinx said?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Best Tweets About ‘Salvatore: The Musical’ on Legacies



Best Tweets About 'Salvatore: The Musical' on Legacies

Legacies honored the show (and characters) that started it all, The Vampire Diaries, on tonight’s episode aptly titled “Salvatore: the Musical.”

As expected, fans had a lot of feelings about the stroll down memory lane — both good and bad. 

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