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Legacies Review You Will Remember Me Season 4 Episode 8 Legacies Review You Will Remember Me Season 4 Episode 8


Legacies Review – You Will Remember Me (4×08)

Legacies -- “You Will Remember Me” -- Image Number: LGC404a_0178r -- Pictured (L - R): Kaylee Bryant as Josie Saltzman -- Photo: Nathan Bolster/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.



Klaus Mikaelson may be dead, but his enemies are still plotting their revenge. 

Only this time, it’s aimed at the Tribrid — his miracle daughter, Hope Mikaelson. 

After becoming the all-powerful creature and turning off her humanity, Hope has been hunting down the Triad, which eventually brought her to a very familiar face for fans of the franchise. 

Too bad Hope didn’t do her homework because she might’ve been more prepared for what Aurora De Martel has planned.

Instead, she relied solely on her immortal strength, which Aurora was able to weaponize against her. 

Aurora has years on Hope. She knows and loathes the Mikaelson family, and Klaus, better than most, so she was able to determine exactly how Hope would react. 

She was betting on Hope’s recklessness to get the best of her because it was all part of her meticulously crafted plan. 

God, it’s so good to see Aurora back. She’s a promising villain that elevates the danger of the series by reconnecting it to The Originals. 

Facing Malivore monsters is one thing, but it’s comical in comparison to Klaus’s foes. 

If Hope spent more time learning her family history, she would’ve known more about Papa Tunde’s blade, how it connected to The Hollow, and she wouldn’t have been able to fall for the tricks. 

Instead, she decided to impulsively stab Aurora — which is what she wanted — which led to a Freaky Friday-esque body swap. 

Now, Aurora is in the Tribrid’s body, while Hope is in Aurora’s body. Aurora’s body is powerful by vampire standards, but it’s no match for the powers of a Tribrid, which explained why Hope bolted for the door the minute she realized the extreme nature of the situation. 

How will Hope find her way out of this one? It’s a dangerous situation considering Aurora likely has plenty of enemies. 

Will she turn her humanity on and seek out the help of her friends? Was it turned on when they switched bodies?

Legacies Review You Will Remember Me Season 4 Episode 8

Legacies — “You Will Remember Me” — Image Number: LGC404b_0429r — Pictured (L – R): Danielle Rose Russell as Hope Mikaelson — Photo: Nathan Bolster/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

And will her friends believe that Hope isn’t actually Hope?

Back at the Salvatore School, Josie was navigating her therapy box, which included her going into the footsteps of her mother, Jo. I also got Elena Gilbert vibes! 

In fact, they were all nursing interns and EMTs at a hospital named after the Mikaelson’s. Even in her subconscious, Josie is still living in Hope’s shadow. 

The whole thing was reminiscent of one of those really weird dreams you have where you wake up and question literally everything. That’s what makes the therapy box so fun — it allows the series to play with all these different genres that otherwise wouldn’t make sense. 

It was also a long-winded way of getting Josie to realize what she finally needs to do to fix everything. Only, we never actually found out what that was. 

The only thing Josie really made clear was that she would no longer allow herself to crumble under the pressure of expectations.

Meanwhile, Lizzie leveraged Ethan’s invisibility powers to spy on Cleo and MG and realized that there totally is a way to kill Hope. 

Cleo burned the tree that could be used to make a weapon, but, of course, Lizzie managed to save the ash and turn it into a stake. 

Is it just me or could you actually see Alaric’s reflection in Lizzie as she channeled her inner-vampire hunter?

My guess is that the whole battle will come down to Lizzie and Josie, who will both have different ideas for how to put an end to Hope. 

While I love that Lizzie is finally taking matters into her own hands, I hate that she lied to Cleo who was only trying to protect her. She also took advantage of Ethan, and it really sucks that he continues to be manipulated by those around him who have a better grasp when it comes to this supernatural stuff. 

Alaric, Ted, and Landon also realized that the only way to get out of limbo was to make amends with the ones you hurt. 

Alaric attempted to make peace with Dana, and when that didn’t do it, he realized it’s because he wasn’t actually remorseful about her daughter’s death. It sounds bad but honestly, that’s what you get for living in a town with supernatural creatures. Also, hell doesn’t exist — Alaric remembers that all too well because you know, Cade, Lizzie, and Josie. 

IYKYK, TVD fans! 

Anyway, Alaric realized he was supposed to apologize for screwing up Landon’s life, which, in turn, convinced Landon to go back and save Hope. It was a cute bro-moment even if I didn’t really get the whole gist of it, plus, it got them the coin, which is their ticket out of there. 

Of course, they aren’t trying to find peace, they want to steal the boat and ride it all the way down the river to the land of the living. 

And that’s the kind of action I’m here to see from our men!

How do you think everything will play out in the midseason finale? Will Alaric and Landon make it back in time to find a solution for Hope?

Will Lizzie get to Hope first? And if she does kill Hope, would she only kill one part of her like her vampire side meaning she’d no longer be the Tribrid? I hope that isn’t the case because, humanity-less Hope aside, the Tribrid is what has made her 50 shades of interesting. 

What is Josie’s solution?

Will everyone at the school stop Lizzie from making a terrible mistake that she might regret for the rest of her life?

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    Legacies Review – I Wouldn’t Be Standing Here If It Weren’t For You (4×16)



    Legacies Review I Wouldn’t Be Standing Here If It Weren’t For You Season 4 Episode 16

    The Salvatore School welcomed it’s strongest monster yet — Ken the God. 

    Ken arrived on campus ready to do so damage, which if you think about it, is really ungodlike. 

    But he made his ultimatum very clear; either they surrender Jen or he kills everyone in his attempt to take his traitorous daughter. 

    It’s been awhile since we had a solid Lizzie and Hope team-up. Sure, they partnered up when Hope’s humanity was off, but it’s entirely different when Hope is back to her old self.

    However, Hope’s martyr complex seems to have transferred onto Lizzie. While Hope may be a tribrid and Lizzie is a heretic, they were naive to think they stood any chance against Ken. 

    They’ve run this scenario plenty of times and they know that the odds of them winning any battle against him are slim. 

    Ken, who was awoken by Ben who wanted to get the boon for waking his father in order to break his curse, threw Hope and Lizzie around like rag dolls. I mean, it was brutal to watch. 

    Hope attempted to look tough with her “I’m Klaus Mikealson’s daughter,” but even her strength was no match for him. She looked like a mere mortal next to this godly creature.

    The confrontation ended pretty terribly for both the ladies. Lizzie was impaled on the metal gate — though she survived because she’s also a vampire now!

    And Hope, well, she went from losing everything, turning off her humanity, hurting the ones she loved, defeating the darkest parts of herself, and fall into yet another “sleeping beauty” coma. 

    Before mustering up a plan to take down a god, Hope had to make sure that she was in the right headspace, which meant getting rid of humanity-less Hope — the uninvited guest just sticking around. 

    It was actually Lizzie who figured out a way to help Hope silence her “other half” once and for all. 

    Lizzie suggested that it wasn’t Hope’s dark counterpart that was holding on, but rather, Hope was holding onto humanity-less hold as a shield; a defense mechanism if you will. 

    It’s understandable considering all the terrible things that Hope has done while her humanity was off. She’s hurt the people she’s loved countless of times, and she’s being forced to live with that guilt.

    She was shielding herself from the fear of losing the people she loves. 

    And by keeping dark Hope around, she didn’t have to face the profound loss of Landon. 

    So, why Hope wouldn’t wake up after getting a really intense beat down from Ken, it stumped Cleo until it was revealed that Hope found her way to limbo where she reconnected with her one true love. 

    You didn’t think that they would actually give up the idea of Hope and Landon, right? They’re meant to be, soulmates, yada yada. Though, it was a nice break to see them apart and move on with some other storylines.

    My guess is that Landon is crucial in finding a way to help them defeat the gods, while Hope is what Landon needs in order to be brought back to the real world. 

    He can’t stay in limbo forever. 

    And neither can Hope. 

    Though, Landon has really made a life for himself here, which goes to show that you can successfully reinvent yourself time and time again.

    After being kidnapped by the coin thief, it was revealed to be Landon’s birth mother, Seylah. I didn’t think we’d ever see her again, and Landon was equally as surprised. 

    But it was a sweet aside from all the WWE-esque smackdown happening in Mystic Falls, a town that truly gets evacuated with fake emergencies all too often. 

    Landon “forgave” his mother, which, in turn, allowed her to finally get her own coin an cross over. But it wasn’t forgiveness she was seeking after all; Seylah couldn’t move on until she knew that her son was going to be okay without her. 

    It was nice for Landon to get this closure with his family, and the cherry on top was Hope’s arrival.

    Back in Mystic Falls, Lizzie sought out forgiveness from the ones she hurt, Ethan’s powers started glitching without explanation, Cleo changed the future thus rendering her oracle powers useless — though it’s not entirely clear what her new form will be, while Ben and Jed had their first argument. 

    Jed ended up snapping Ben’s neck and locking him in the dungeon cage, which was valid considering Ben brought the wrath of his father on them for selfish reasons. He tried to explain his poor decisions by assuring Jed that he wanted to protect him and his friends, but honestly, it’s hard to see the positive side of this when Ken is literally waging war on people half his size.

    Hopefully, the magical school has enough resources to leverage to bring him down and save Jen in the process. 

    That poor girl only wanted to live her life on he own terms and yet she got sucked into this whole mess. 

    And while the gods bring an interesting perspective into town, I had a moment where I thought about Nina Dobrev’s Elena and Ian Somehalder’s Damon Salvatore dealing with gods in the townsquare, and it made me chuckle. I know they technically had their own monster with the siren, but can you just imagine these kind of silly monsters running around back in the day when one of the only issues was vampires that were hundreds of years old?

    Share your thoughts about tonight’s Legacies in the comments below. Are you happy Hope’s humanity is back on?

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