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legacies season 3 episode 2 goodbyes sure do suck review legacies season 3 episode 2 goodbyes sure do suck review


Legacies Review – We Say Goodbye To *SPOILER* (3×02)

Legacies/The CW



The episode title has never been more fitting. This goodbye sure did suck.

In the second episode of Legacies‘ third season, we say goodbye to Rafael. The deal Alaric made with the Necromancer no longer stands, and the kids he brought back will die. Alyssa already died at the end of the previous episode, and Landon escaped death for the final time when his “Phoenix-self” died. So, that leaves Rafael.

He decides that he wants to spend any time he has left with his family. He travels to his dad’s house with Landon, but his dad isn’t home.

This is the first time that Legacies is saying goodbye to one of their main characters. Everyone’s been in danger countless times,  but none of their injuries or “deaths” stick. It’s almost like the Super Squad knows that, too. They refuse to give up on Rafael, and track him down to bring him back to the school to try to save him.

They spend the entire episode looking for ways to help Rafael and are confident that they’ll be able to. Well, Kaleb isn’t; he thinks Rafael’s a goner.

Their first idea to save Rafael involves Lizzie siphoning Landon’s phoenix power only to bring him back after his death. For Landon, this would mean he’d be human again. It’s no surprise that he’s willing to give his powers up to save Raf, but unfortunately, his powers are already gone. He’s been human ever since he came back in the last episode.

The witches were able to tie Rafael to the lunar cycle to delay his death, but now they’re out of ways to stop it. Lizzie, Landon, and Hope are distraught that their plan failed, but Rafael decides to accept his fate and cherish the time he has left. He tries to recreate the party he went to his first night at the school, but it ends up being a pretty grim affair since no one wants to celebrate losing a friend.

Landon’s taking it the hardest. He feels useless for not having his powers when Rafael needed them. In a strange turn of events, Rafael ends up being the one to comfort Landon.

Luckily, Hope comes up with an idea to save the day once again. Rafael was trying to tell Hope to look out for Landon while he’s gone, but she abruptly gets up and leaves in the middle of the conversation. Since there’s a major celestial event occurring on this day, she realizes that they can access a prison world.

Since Rafael is tied to the lunar cycle, if he enters a prison world where this day never ends, he’ll never die. It’s a pretty clever loophole.

Rafael now gets to live out his life with his family for an indefinite period of time. His pack is able to track down his dad, and Alaric tracks down his mother. They both agree to join Rafael in this repetitive world and try to mend their relationships with each other.

It was sweet how Jed got the pack involved to help Rafael. The werewolves on this show are largely forgotten, but hopefully now that Jed is a series regular we’ll learn more about the pack at the Salvatore School.

Alaric’s storyline tracking down Rafael’s mother was less sweet. He had his cop girlfriend (if they were ever official) compelled to help him regardless of whether or not she wanted to when it comes to life or death situations. Yikes. Legacies is pushing new boundaries with consent lately.

I don’t know how realistic it is for Rafael’s absentee mother to do a complete 180 and want to live out the rest of her existence with him after ignoring him all his life, but whatever. Nothing about Rafael’s storylines has ever been fully fleshed out. For a main character, he’s been dealt the short end of the stick since the beginning of the show.

How much do we really know about him, his motivations, his ambitions? He’s been relegated to the role of Landon’s sidekick on more than one occasion, which is absurd given how Rafael’s a much more interesting character. But, sadly, our time with him has been cut short. His ending wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t the worst. It leaves room for him to come back in the future, and at least he’ll be happy with his family in the meantime, which is what he always wanted — to find his family and where he came from. 

His relation to King Arthur seems kind of pointless now, but at least we got to see what Hope looks like as a knight from it.

The episode ends with a tense conversation between Landon and Hope. It’s unclear whether this was a definitive breakup, but they’re at least on bad terms. Landon’s upset because when he found out he was a human again, Hope never reassured him that they would be okay. Even after being confronted, she didn’t say that.

Now she’s back to being worried about his safety constantly because the next time he dies, he won’t come back. She’s dealt with a lot of grief in her life, so it’s completely understandable that she’s scared of dating someone so vulnerable to being hurt. Aside from the problem of him being human, Landon can also be recklessly dumb. He’s constantly putting himself in dangerous situations and doesn’t think through how it will affect others.

He would’ve stayed dead in the previous episode if Rafael wasn’t there to convince him otherwise, and now he’s gone. If I were Hope, I would be scared too. It’s not necessarily healthy for her to want to put him in the prison world to protect him, but I totally see where she’s coming from.

On the other side of things, Landon has every right to be upset that Hope treats him like a breakable thing. She doesn’t have faith in him to protect himself. Based on what we’ve seen, that seems justified, but I’m sure Landon would disagree.

It’s never been more clear that these two don’t work together. They will never be able to have a balanced relationship. Fingers crossed that this is Legacies finally realizing that this couple is not meant to be.

Stray Thoughts:

  • It sucks that Josie isn’t there to say goodbye to Rafael.
  • Hope and Landon have no chemistry. I don’t know if there’s anyone else I’d put Landon with, but Hope has more chemistry with every other character in the cast than she does with Landon. I’m team Hope with literally anyone else. 
  • Hafael fans, how do you feel? Are you happy Hope was the one to save him?

What did you think of Rafael’s ending?

Are you hoping Hope and Landon are done for good?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Legacies Review – Witchapalooza (3×14)



Legacies Review This Feels a Little Cult-y Season 3 Episode 14

Legacies delivered its trippiest to episode to date, but it was great fun all around. 

Honestly, I’ve stopped taking the show seriously and it’s become so much more enjoyable. 

If anyone was to get sucked into some feel-good, be your best self cult, it would be Lizzie, but surprisingly, she was the one who broke the mind control and tried to stop Andi, the cult leader, who was a dead ringer for The Vampire Diaries‘ Sybil. 

After her jealousy caused a rift in her emotional cleanse, Lizzie quickly realized that Andi was up to no good and learned that she was manipulating everyone with psychotropics provided by Triad. 

As both Lizzie and Hope pointed out — it’s never good when Triad is involved. 

Now, it’s unclear how Triad plays into this whole thing, but it’s definitely connected to Clarke and the artifact.

Andi explained that she needed to use the power of an army of witches to complete some kind of ritual that also required a human sacrifice. She also informed them that Triad kept the witches as prisoners and used drugs to keep them compliant. 

When Hope, Lizzie, and Jo broke through the spell, Andi sacrificed herself, but not before spraying them with a jug full of the potion, which led to one of the best and weirdest scenes on television. 

“I’m tripping balls,” Lizzie exclaimed as “Cause I Got High” played in a ridiculously drug-infused montage that included the three of them giggling up a storm in panda onesies as they waited for whatever was going to emerge from a dark hole. 

But no one was expecting the next Malivore monster to be… Darth Vader?

What? Why? Is this a side-effect of the drugs? Are they still tripping?

The whole scene was second-best next to Lizzie’s line: “we don’t worry about dicks here.” Tell em, girl. 

Andi may have been a fraud, but the ladies were easy prey because of their insecurities. They have all allowed their emotions to control them, in particular, Hope, whose powers were exploding as she mourned her breakup with Landon. 

In order to break her out of the mind control, Jo forced Hope to come to terms with the fact that she was in denial about their relationship.

Legacies Review This Feels a Little Cult-y Season 3 Episode 14

Legacies — “This Feels a Little Cult-y” — Image Number: LGC314fg_0047r — Pictured: Danielle Rose Russell as Hope Mikaelson — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

A break-up was inevitable as they are biologically incompatible, and Hope knew it. Landon did what she was too afraid to do. 

Lizzie has always been insecure when it comes to Hope, so she was easy prey. 

And Jo has been going through her fair share of struggles since Dark Josie and her new relationship with Finch. 

Even with everything going on, at least they can count on each other to keep themselves in check. 

That’s what best friends are for.

Elsewhere, Dorian and Alaric teamed up to find another monster, but this time, he was outside of Mystic Falls. 

Dorian though that MG might have turned into a ripper, but instead, MG was helping people when he ran into a wendigo. 

Since everyone always says it’s “never a wendigo,” it was inevitable that they’d encounter a wendigo eventually. 

Alaric allowed MG to come back to school and promised they’d help people together. 

Will this become the Salvatore School’s new purpose?

Finch challenged Jed to a game of pool for the coveted spot of alpha. Jed was feeling pretty confident until the pack told him they always let him win. It was obvious Finch as a pro-pool player, but when she realized just how important being alpha was to Jed, she threw the game and let him win. 

Finch is really starting to grow on me, and she’s fitting in exceptionally well at the school! I love that she already has a storyline outside of her romance with Jo. 

What did you think of the episode?

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Legacies Review – Cleo’s Story (3×13)



Legacies Review One Day You Will Understand Season 3 Episode 13

In an effort to determine if Cleo was a villain or hero, Legacies Season 3 Episode 13 tapped into her backstory, which took us all the way back to 1464 to what is now known as present-day Nigeria.

Many of Malivore’s monsters tend to be one-dimensional, but there was so much depth to Cleo as we learned that she sacrificed herself to the mud monster as a child to protect her grandmother and their village. 

This led to Kaleb’s epic one-liner: “Malivore? This bitch is everywhere.”

Kaleb may play a small part in the series, but his character is larger than life. 

And he’s the one who managed to convince Alaric, along with Josie, that Cleo wasn’t the villain of this story after all. Instead, she spent her whole life trying to find a way to destroy the mud monster. They all want the same thing! 

Through flashbacks, we also saw that while she was Malivore’s prisoner, she was tasked with creating “friends,” aka monsters, from his mud so that he could consume them. 

This was Cleo’s version of a prison world, and she worked tirelessly to find a way out. 

Knowing that his hunger would never be satiated, she outwitted him by creating a vessel for him to live in with the catch being that she controlled it. This allowed for her great escape.

Alaric still wasn’t convinced, however, because he needed to know why Cleo made a golem of Landon and tried to kill Hope. 

But the answer was one that he already knew. Cleo couldn’t risk having Hope open the prison world and release Malivore hence the golem to make Hope happy. 

And the only way to truly defeat Malivore is for Hope to trigger her vampire side and become a full tribrid. 

Much like Alaric, I feel like we already knew all of this, but since this season has been slightly confusing, it was nice to get a play-by-play that laid it all out on the table.

Alaric has valid reasons for not wanting to ask Hope to become a tribrid, but ultimately, it’s a choice she’s going to have to make.

And it’s not an easy one.

The series needs to give Hope a compelling reason to trigger this side of her because the cons outweigh the pros. 

While being the first and only tribrid comes with immense power, it also strips her of her human side, which means she’ll never be able to have a family of her own. 

And you know there’s nothing more important to a Mikealson than family. 

I do wonder if there’s a chance Hope would still be able to have children even if she activated her tribrid side. Her father, Klaus, was a hybrid and was able to have a child. Magic has loopholes, and it seems that in this case, it might work in her favor. 

Regardless, Hope is a hero in this story, so she’ll likely make the sacrifice to destroy Malivore once and for all and save all of her friends. At the very least, it would help get rid of the monster-of-the-week formula and allow the series to tape more into the vampire, wolf, and witch mythology like The Vampire Diaries and The Originals did! 

Cleo’s story was truly fascinating as she even detailed her romance with Leonardo da Vinci, who helped her create the artifact. It’s a stretch even for a series hinged on the supernatural, but I can’t say it wasn’t an enjoyable little addition. 

Hope and Landon’s reunion was slightly less enjoyable. 

The duo tried to find their stride again, but there was no falling back into old habits as he’d seen some things in the prison world. And he did things to survive. 

This might have finally been the real Landon, but he wasn’t the same Landon Hope fell in love with. 

He was darker, angrier, angstier, and filled with less hope (pun intended) about their future. So, it wasn’t surprising that he broke up with Hope and declared them doomed. 

And he made a compelling point: he’s the son of Malivore, she’s the only one that can defeat it, ergo, they exist to destroy each other. 

This breakup has been a long time coming, so I’m glad the series finally ripped off the bandaid. 

I don’t know where Landon is going, or Cleo for that matter, but I know that I’m thrilled to see Hope figure out who she is without using him as a crutch. 

Also, two people working towards a common goal (in this case, destroying Malivore) sounds like the beginning of a love story. And I can’t say I’m against Cleo and Landon falling in love… though, I doubt he’d compare to Leonardo in the slightest. 

And I’ll never forgive her for leaving Kaleb to wonder whether their brief fling was real. 

Through Cleo’s story, Alaric learned that it’s encouraged to allow people to make their own decisions. He also realized he’s a bit of a hypocrite who lost sight of why he and Caroline built this school. 

Josie realized that the Salvatore School wasn’t always as magical for others as it was for her considering it was literally built for her. Though, I’d argue that a school dedicated to educating and nourishing supernatural beings is pretty magical regardless of whether or not your father is the headmaster. 

Finch seemed to agree. While she had her reservations, after spending some time with the werewolves, she found her pack and was ready to enroll. 

Josie couldn’t be happier, and man, happiness looks good on her! 

What did you think of the episode? Did it help that they clarified everything? Are you glad they are finally giving Landon some material that doesn’t involve being Hope’s little puppet?

The series returns on June 10th! See you then, Cravers! 

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Legacies Review – Ted Talk (3×12)



Legacies Review I Was Made to Love You Season 3 Episode 12

Is it just me or does Legacies have a weird obsession with Landon and the Necromancer?

Those two just keep taking up so much unnecessary screentime. 

Each time I think maybe we’ll move on from a storyline surrounding the two of them, boom, we’re back at it again. 

And things were no different on Legacies Season 3 Episode 12. 

Only this time, the Necromancer was just Ted. And he was quite enjoyable. If we got this version of the almighty being, I might’ve not been so eager to kill him off. 

But it seems that this time, finally, his death will stick. And Ted even managed to redeem himself in Alaric’s eyes, which I never thought I’d be able to say. 

Ted was quite a hoot, even though Alaric’s motivation for locating him was pretty weak.

He needed Leonardo da Vinci, no one spoke Italian at the school, and nothing came of that whole storyline.

What was the point of the whole da Vinci connection in that case?

The only thing we did learn is the Cleo and Da Vinci knew each other because she was once trapped in the Artifact for centuries. 

Does anyone else feel betrayed by the revelation that Cleo is actually evil? Personally, I couldn’t help but think how broken Kaleb would be by all of this! 

She came off as a genuinely good person who wanted to be Hope’s friend and help her figure out what was wrong with Landon. 

After Wade brought up that Landon wasn’t acting like himself, Hope put it to the test by tricking him into eating avocados. When he didn’t break out in hives, she was 100% convinced he was an imposter. And listen, hives don’t lie. 

While I thought that the Necromancer was moonlighting as Landon, it turned out Landon was actually a golem that Hope made earlier in the season.

Furthermore, he was being puppeteered by Cleo, though it’s not clear why. She kept mentioning Hope’s obsession with Landon and how she only cares about him, so maybe this was her way to appease Hope while she attempted to trigger her vampire side and make her a full-blown tribrid. 

Legacies Review I Was Made to Love You Season 3 Episode 12

Legacies — “I Was Made to Love You” — Image Number: LGC312fg_0005r — Pictured: Leo Howard as Ethan — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

She mentioned it was about Hope fulfilling her destiny, but again, this was confusing and cut short by the skull creature we’ve seen lurking around the school grounds for several episodes. 

He came to Hope’s aide by knocking out Cleo and revealing himself as the real Landon. 

But, uh, why? Why would the real Landon just sit back for weeks on end? Why would he hide behind that weird mask? I genuinely have so many questions. 

Also, here we go again with another Landon. 

Legacies needs a revamp. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. 

If you made sense of any of these storylines, feel free to explain them to me!

Elsewhere, MG remedies his mistakes by compelling Ethan to forget all about their little superhero ventures. It was for the best considering Ethan tried to kill himself to become a vampire. 

The storyline, which included daylight rings and feeding humans vampire blood to heal them, brought it back to the good old days on The Vampire Diaries. Mystic Falls was a much more dangerous place back then, but somehow, it felt like simpler times.

We were even brought back to the emotional moments that the series delivered as MG gave a sad, heartfelt speech while wiping Ethan’s memory of all the good times they shared. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy! 

I wish they could’ve held onto their friendship without the supernatural aspect, but I get that it would’ve been too hard for MG.

After having a heart-to-heart with Ted —  another solid moment in the episode — Josie went to get the girl. Finch called her out for not telling her she’s a witch, Josie called her out for not leading with the fact that she’s a werewolf, and sparks quite literally flew when they kissed. 

They’ll both be attending the Salvatore School, and I just hope Finch is ready for all the monster-hunting that awaits her because it doesn’t seem like they’re going away anytime soon.

What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments below. 

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