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Legacies Season 3 episode 3 salvatore: the musical review Legacies Season 3 episode 3 salvatore: the musical review


Legacies Review – The Musical Episode is Here! (3×03)

Legacies/The CW



After months of waiting, the Legacies musical episode has finally arrived. The pandemic slowed down its production, but we still got to see Salvatore: The Musical after all.

There’s a ton of issues to be had with the episode, but the musical concept isn’t really one of them. It could’ve been a lot more cringe-worthy. I’m glad they didn’t choose to have the characters just burst out into song at random moments like they do in the Riverdale musical episodes. It was nicely contained to the stage.

The episode picks up where we left off with Hope and Landon fighting after Rafael leaves. Hope is having a meeting with the school’s guidance counselor which turns into couples therapy when Landon arrives. It’s become so difficult to be invested in their relationship. They’re constantly fighting and have proven over and over again how wrong they are for each other. Why is the series so desperate to keep these two together?

The monster-of-the-week turns out to be the guidance counselor himself. He has the ability to warp everyone’s memories and can essentially do anything he wants. His master plan turns out to be… putting on a musical. Terrifying.

It’s sort of unclear what his true motivations were. We knew he was supposed to just be a distraction for the Necromancer’s larger plan, but did they just happen to pull the one nice guy out of Malivore? Why did he concoct an elaborate plot to help Hope? Not sure if I missed something there. I know he mentioned meeting Klaus at one point, but that doesn’t explain why he’d to put on this musical.

I really enjoyed the subplot of MG being the only one to discover that he’s the monster, only to forget as soon as he walked away from him. Quincy Fouse is a gem.

The poor guy was just trying to do the right thing, but now his life is in danger. Alyssa’s a total wildcard. I actually thought she cared about MG. Maybe she has some plan to defeat the Necromancer that MG is unwillingly a part of. But, then again, does she really owe him anything? She feels totally isolated from the Salvatore School. Would she even want to help them?

As far as nostalgia goes, the episode had plenty. I’m sure long-time TVD fans enjoyed references to the previous shows. We even got a voiceover from Caroline Forbes herself! That was completely unexpected. I wish the show would go more in-depth about what exactly is going on with Lizzie’s brain chemistry instead of making it sound like a mysterious, looming threat. But, the sentiment of the letter was really sweet, and it was good to be reminded that Caroline still exists somewhere in the Legacies universe.

Lizzie was right, only she could be the one to play her mother in the musical. She understands where her insecurities stem from and was able to deliver a great performance. Caroline’s song was perfectly fitting for the character.

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It was hilarious that only Jed auditioned for Stefan and that the rest of the school auditioned for Damon. But honestly, on Jed’s behalf, I’m kind of offended that they made him be Team Stefan. Even Paul Wesley hates him! At least now I have another valid reason to dislike Landon after he agreed with Jed about how Stefan is “the anchor of the story”.

Kaleb was a fantastic choice for Damon. He did such a good job invoking the creepy stare Ian Somerhalder has perfected over the years.

Josie was super cute as Elena. The song where she’s trying desperately not to think about Damon is so damn spot-on. What’s also eerily spot-on is the complete erasure of Bonnie Bennett from the musical. We don’t even know who played her!

She was never treated properly on The Vampire Diaries, and now she was completely ignored in the musical. Come on, writers. Do better.

There weren’t too many Easter eggs for fans of The Originals in the musical, but the final song draws on the classic “always and forever” mantra. The song was actually really adorable. It was a great closing number, and Danielle Rose Russell gave a great performance. However, it’s so frustrating that the big Damon and Elena song was used to further Hope and Landon’s relationship.

Earlier in the episode, Landon has the realization that he wants to fight for Hope and writes this song using parts of the letter Klaus wrote to Hope before he died. This is something Hope showed him in private, and yet he chose to use it for lyrics in the school musical. Already, that’s a bad move. But on top of that, he explicitly goes against her wishes and puts the song in the musical after she told him that it hurt her. What the hell?

Joseph Morgan Reveals If He’d Ever Reprise His Character Klaus Mikealson for ‘Legacies’

Why would anyone root for that? Hope has lost so much in her life and struggles with the death of her father everyday. How could her “epic love” use something so personal against her. It doesn’t matter if he had good intentions, or that she came around at the end. She stated a boundary, and he crossed it, again. It’s infuriating to watch. It makes absolutely no sense that they got back together in the first place, but especially after that.

Originally, I just disliked the pairing because I thought they didn’t have much chemistry. But now, it’s clear that Landon is a terrible match for Hope and that he doesn’t care enough about her to respect her wishes. How many times are they going to break up before it sticks?

Stray Thoughts:

  • No one cares about Alaric and his new girlfriend. Why would she even like him? He breaks her boundaries and ignores her constantly.
  • It sucks that another one of Josie’s love interests is leaving. I always found the age difference between her and Jade to be alarming, but it does rub you the wrong way when all the queer love interests keep getting the boot, you know? Hopefully, this season we finally get a long-lasting queer romance.
  • Alyssa Chang is a  far more interesting competitor than the Necromancer.
  • Isn’t it a bit strange for Josie to talk about how she doesn’t understand Elena as a character? She knows her. They have a relationship, she could always ask her why she chose what she did.

What did you think of the musical episode?

What do you think is going to happen to MG?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Legacies Midseason Finale – Kaylee Bryant Leaves the Show (4×09)



Legacies Review I Can’t Be The One To Stop You Season 4 Episode 9

Legacies Season 4 is not messing around! 

After this midseason finale, things will never be the same again. 

There were quite a few jaw-dropping moments that will change the course of the series as we know it when it returns from its brief hiatus in 2022. 

Spoilers below — you’ve been warned!

The biggest shocker was that Lizzie has been turned into a vampire, which, based on the upcoming promo, means that she’s now a heretic just like dear old Uncle Kai. 

This was Lizzie’s failsafe in the event that her battle against tribrid Hope Mikaelson went awry. 

And honestly, it’s a fun progression. Not only have we gotten to see Hope’s dark side, but now we’ll get to see Lizzie in a brand new light. 

Legacies is finally starting to pull out the kind of punches we’ve come to love from The Vampire Diaries.

Of course, this begs the question: does Lizzie’s transition cancel out The Merge?

One would assume it does considering Kaylee Bryant, who brought Josie to life for four seasons, has left the building. 

Bryant’s exit from the series is shocking considering she’s one of the core squad members, but, in retrospect, she’s been trying to distance herself from the Salvator School for quite some time. 

Her time spent in the therapy box made her realize that she needed to remove herself from the school where she’s constantly pulled in several directions as a savior to focus on bringing back Hope. 

She never said where she was going or how long she’d be away, but the series really honed in on the fact that she 1. needed to leave and 2. needed to do it alone. 

So, goodbye Josie.

While it’s a huge loss, there’s always the possibility that she will return as a recurring character. 

Especially because Josie’s storyline is far from over. Her father is still dead, her sister is transitioning and becoming a vampire, and she finally has a promising romantic interest. 

But therein lies the issue — it’s always about somebody else. Josie never gets to prioritize herself, and her decision to leave, despite being anchored to saving Hope, is her decision. She’s finally doing what’s best for her. 

And for the first time, no one is stopping her. 

It hurt like hell to let Josie go, but Finch encouraged her because she knew this was the path that Josie had to take. 

Lizzie also gave Josie her blessing and didn’t bog her down with the very terrible decision she just made. Josie has put her life on hold far too often to save Lizzie, and this wasn’t one of those cases. 

In a way, Bryant’s exit will finally allow the twins to become independent of each other. 

Of course, none of this would have been necessary had Hope just flipped her humanity switch back on. 

For a moment, it definitely seemed as though Lizzie got through to her, which would have actually been kind of sweet. 

Hope’s friendship has always been strongest with Lizzie (and I know some of you Josie fans will disagree with this, sorry!), so it would have made sense if the thing to flip her switch was Lizzie’s genuine love and care for Hope. 

Lizzie always acts as though Hope is such an inconvenience on her life, and she finally admitted to loving Hope like a sister. 

Hope had me fooled.

Sadly, the “panda promise” was simply her way of manipulating Lizzie into switching her and Aurora back into their rightful bodies and burning the only weapon that could kill her. 

Does anyone else wish we got to see Hope struggle a bit more in trying to beat Aurora? It felt too easy. That was her elaborate and master plan?

Klaus would’ve laughed in her face. 

Also, I was proud of Lizzie for her psycho-analysis of Aurora. The poor girl was taking out her anger at Klaus on his teenage daughter, which was just kind of pathetic if you really think about it.

Does Hope deserve to pay a price for all the things she’s done? Yes. But Lizzie was right that an eternity of torment was slightly over-the-top.

Though, it really stung to see Hope ruthlessly manipulate Lizzie’s love for her.

But Hope never even considered that Lizzie would consider turning into a vampire, so this definitely puts a dent in the plans. 

MG is not going to be happy about this one. He’s already upset with Ethan for knowing that Lizzie created a weapon that could kill Hope and not saying a word. He could’ve stopped her from making a grave mistake, but instead, he let her go on with her plan which has now resulted in her becoming a vampire. 

Yeah, MG is going to be really mad. 

I wonder if this will change the way Ethan and/or MG feel about her?

Since Lizzie died on Hope’s watch, does this mean that she might also turn her humanity off and live it up?

The Super Squad is down its best members, so things are kind of looking bleak. 

MG might be the only one carrying the rescue missions as Ethan has been banished, Finch has become the leader of the pack while Jed recovers from an injury, and Cleo and Kaleb are busy trying to figure out his monster side. 

Honestly, Kaleb, Cleo, Jed, and Ethan are likely going to be a little more preoccupied with the bandaged man who suddenly healed and came in to deliver a mighty warning about monsters being the least of their worries. 

Who is this man? Why does he have healing properties? And why did he make Kaleb and Ethan want to kill him?

Could he be an angel? Is he another Malivore monster?

There’s definitely intrigue surrounding this hunky new man. 

Of course, as all of this is going down, the interim headmaster at the school doesn’t have the stomach for any of it. The poor oaf fainted at the first sight of blood. 

But don’t worry, Alaric, Ted, and Landon are working hard to save themselves from death, and they are going to use the sphinx for assistance. 

Who would have thought we’d see the day where Alaric teams up with a Malivore monster?!

What did you think of the midseason finale? Are you excited to see Lizzie as a heretic? Are you upset by Bryant’s exit?

Let us know in the comments below! 

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Legacies Review – You Will Remember Me (4×08)



Legacies Review You Will Remember Me Season 4 Episode 8

Klaus Mikaelson may be dead, but his enemies are still plotting their revenge. 

Only this time, it’s aimed at the Tribrid — his miracle daughter, Hope Mikaelson. 

After becoming the all-powerful creature and turning off her humanity, Hope has been hunting down the Triad, which eventually brought her to a very familiar face for fans of the franchise. 

Too bad Hope didn’t do her homework because she might’ve been more prepared for what Aurora De Martel has planned.

Instead, she relied solely on her immortal strength, which Aurora was able to weaponize against her. 

Aurora has years on Hope. She knows and loathes the Mikaelson family, and Klaus, better than most, so she was able to determine exactly how Hope would react. 

She was betting on Hope’s recklessness to get the best of her because it was all part of her meticulously crafted plan. 

God, it’s so good to see Aurora back. She’s a promising villain that elevates the danger of the series by reconnecting it to The Originals. 

Facing Malivore monsters is one thing, but it’s comical in comparison to Klaus’s foes. 

If Hope spent more time learning her family history, she would’ve known more about Papa Tunde’s blade, how it connected to The Hollow, and she wouldn’t have been able to fall for the tricks. 

Instead, she decided to impulsively stab Aurora — which is what she wanted — which led to a Freaky Friday-esque body swap. 

Now, Aurora is in the Tribrid’s body, while Hope is in Aurora’s body. Aurora’s body is powerful by vampire standards, but it’s no match for the powers of a Tribrid, which explained why Hope bolted for the door the minute she realized the extreme nature of the situation. 

How will Hope find her way out of this one? It’s a dangerous situation considering Aurora likely has plenty of enemies. 

Will she turn her humanity on and seek out the help of her friends? Was it turned on when they switched bodies?

Legacies Review You Will Remember Me Season 4 Episode 8

Legacies — “You Will Remember Me” — Image Number: LGC404b_0429r — Pictured (L – R): Danielle Rose Russell as Hope Mikaelson — Photo: Nathan Bolster/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

And will her friends believe that Hope isn’t actually Hope?

Back at the Salvatore School, Josie was navigating her therapy box, which included her going into the footsteps of her mother, Jo. I also got Elena Gilbert vibes! 

In fact, they were all nursing interns and EMTs at a hospital named after the Mikaelson’s. Even in her subconscious, Josie is still living in Hope’s shadow. 

The whole thing was reminiscent of one of those really weird dreams you have where you wake up and question literally everything. That’s what makes the therapy box so fun — it allows the series to play with all these different genres that otherwise wouldn’t make sense. 

It was also a long-winded way of getting Josie to realize what she finally needs to do to fix everything. Only, we never actually found out what that was. 

The only thing Josie really made clear was that she would no longer allow herself to crumble under the pressure of expectations.

Meanwhile, Lizzie leveraged Ethan’s invisibility powers to spy on Cleo and MG and realized that there totally is a way to kill Hope. 

Cleo burned the tree that could be used to make a weapon, but, of course, Lizzie managed to save the ash and turn it into a stake. 

Is it just me or could you actually see Alaric’s reflection in Lizzie as she channeled her inner-vampire hunter?

My guess is that the whole battle will come down to Lizzie and Josie, who will both have different ideas for how to put an end to Hope. 

While I love that Lizzie is finally taking matters into her own hands, I hate that she lied to Cleo who was only trying to protect her. She also took advantage of Ethan, and it really sucks that he continues to be manipulated by those around him who have a better grasp when it comes to this supernatural stuff. 

Alaric, Ted, and Landon also realized that the only way to get out of limbo was to make amends with the ones you hurt. 

Alaric attempted to make peace with Dana, and when that didn’t do it, he realized it’s because he wasn’t actually remorseful about her daughter’s death. It sounds bad but honestly, that’s what you get for living in a town with supernatural creatures. Also, hell doesn’t exist — Alaric remembers that all too well because you know, Cade, Lizzie, and Josie. 

IYKYK, TVD fans! 

Anyway, Alaric realized he was supposed to apologize for screwing up Landon’s life, which, in turn, convinced Landon to go back and save Hope. It was a cute bro-moment even if I didn’t really get the whole gist of it, plus, it got them the coin, which is their ticket out of there. 

Of course, they aren’t trying to find peace, they want to steal the boat and ride it all the way down the river to the land of the living. 

And that’s the kind of action I’m here to see from our men!

How do you think everything will play out in the midseason finale? Will Alaric and Landon make it back in time to find a solution for Hope?

Will Lizzie get to Hope first? And if she does kill Hope, would she only kill one part of her like her vampire side meaning she’d no longer be the Tribrid? I hope that isn’t the case because, humanity-less Hope aside, the Tribrid is what has made her 50 shades of interesting. 

What is Josie’s solution?

Will everyone at the school stop Lizzie from making a terrible mistake that she might regret for the rest of her life?

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Legacies Review – Someplace Far Away From All This Violence (4×07)



The Super Squad did their best to restore Hope’s humanity, but even their best efforts weren’t good enough. 

On Legacies Season 4 Episode 7, Cleo, MG, and Josie dug deep to find inspiration that might break through Hope’s turned off humanity. They even tried to take a lesson from when Caroline Forbes turned her humanity off to stop the pain of her mother’s death, but that didn’t do the trick either. 

Hope is just too determined to push down all that pain and trauma that came with losing her family and killing Landon. 

And can you blame the girl? That’s some heavy stuff. It’s not a surprise that she’s running away from that. 

In fact, it’s more surprising that no one anticipated this. 

Hope has never been good with dealing with her emotions, particularly when they involve killing her soulmate. 

Salvatore Idol may have been a cute idea in theory, but it just felt like a wasted episode, especially when they brought out the likes of Wade and Pedro to try to inspire some feelings within Hope. 

I like Wade and Pedro, but those are not the people that are going to get through to her — sorry not sorry. 

Cleo’s attempt at impersonating Landon and reading his final words didn’t do the trick, MG getting real with Hope also failed, and while Dark Josie may have seen a smidge of fear in Hope’s eyes, she also didn’t stand a chance. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that the squad shouldn’t try, but they have to get slightly more creative. 

Maybe Finch was onto something when she suggested weakening Hope by draining her blood?

Josie promised Hope she’d be there for her, and I love her loyalty. That’s what a friendship is all about, but it was also naive to put herself in that situation. 

Hope basically said “stupify” and locked Josie away in the therapy box so that she wouldn’t stand in her way. 

And even then, Josie was like “well, she didn’t kill me.” Talk about looking on the bright side. 

But she had a point — Hope only showed emotion around Josie. She was the only one that was able to get to her even in the slightest. 

She has no humanity, yet she couldn’t bring herself to kill her, And by locking her up, Hope admitted that Josie has what it takes to bring her back. 

Now, how do they get her out? Is it as easy as passing a test as Lizzie did? And can they before Lizzie does something reckless?

Lizzie’s therapy box scenario played out like an episode of Walker. She navigated the situation in hopes of avenging her father and getting revenge on Hope. 

And eventually, she did. She had the guts to shoot the White Oak bullets into Hope using her Damon and Stefan guns, naturally. She also killed Josie who had been turned into a vampire. 

Does this mean Josie will go to the dark side? Or did she predict Josie would be an obstacle in her plan?

Lizzie realized that Alaric’s pacifist ways landed her in this dire condition, so her theory was that the only way to stop Hope is by killing her. 

Will this scenario lead her to the actual weapon in real life?  Because we know it exists thanks to Cleo, who grappled with whether or not she should tell the Super Squad about it. 

She used a manifestation of Kaleb to gauge his opinion and realized that the information probably wasn’t safe in their hands. 

As fake Kaleb pointed out, they do dumb stuff all the time. Using the White Oak would be permanent. 

Of course, Cleo didn’t necessarily check her surroundings when revealing the information to fake Kaleb, and Finch was sleeping on a couch nearby.

When she finds out what Hope did to Josie, she might just do that dumb thing. 

I hate to say it, but I can see Finch’s impulsiveness and love for Josie getting her killed. 

This has been the strongest season thus far, and humanity-less Hope is such a ride, but the episode didn’t do it for me, sadly.

Elsewhere, Kaleb channeled his inner-Game of Thrones while hunting the Argus with Jed. They beat it, but also learned that its victims revived themselves as fleshless corpses. Fun!

And finally, who is the triad? The woman’s voice on the other line kind of sounds like Emma.

Their introduction reminds me of the early TVD days where they teased the arrival of Klaus. We didn’t even know we were going to meet the greatest misunderstood villain of all time. 

Can the triad live up to the hype? Does it tie into the Mikaelson’s past in some way?

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