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Legacies Season Finale Review Fate’s a Bitch, Isn’t It? Season 3 Episode 16 Legacies Season Finale Review Fate’s a Bitch, Isn’t It? Season 3 Episode 16


Legacies Season Finale Review – Fate’s a Bitch, Isn’t It? (3×16)

Legacies -- “Fate’s a Bitch, Isn’t It?” -- Image Number: LGC316b_0050r -- Pictured: Danielle Rose Russell as Hope Mikaelson -- Photo: Boris Martin/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.



With the capture of Malivore, Legacies ended its season prematurely.

With The CW schedule all out of whack due to the coronavirus pandemic, the series ended roughly five episodes ahead of schedule making Legacies Season 3 Episode 16 the unofficial season finale.

But it wasn’t a terrible way to finish off the season either, though, my guess is that the actual finale likely would’ve seen Hope Mikealson embrace her destiny of becoming a tribrid. 

This installment was the necessary push to get her to that moment while also acknowledging that she doesn’t have to bear the burden alone. Hope is constantly surrounded by people who love her and want to help her, yet she keeps pushing them away… quite literally.

In this case, Hope ditched Lizzie and Josie by stealing their car and making off with Clarke, who resurrected from the dead in hopes of killing his father. 

While it initially seemed like Clarke’s return was going to be hell for everyone, he wasn’t lying when he said he was a changed man. 

“Man” being the keyword as Clarke actually bled blood instead of mud. In rising from the dead, he beat his destiny and became human, which meant he came with a fragility that we’re not used to seeing on the show. It also proved that he wouldn’t dare try anything shady with Hope this time around.

I thought I’d be annoyed by Clarke’s return, but it was nice to see him and Hope on good terms finally. Plus, he gave her the sound advice she needed about trusting her friends and allowing them to help her.

The series keeps honing in on the fact that Hope and Landon are soulmates, but I’m having a hard time believing that considering she can’t tell when it’s an imposter instead of her boyfriend. 

How many times is Landon not going to actually be Landon? And how many times is Hope going to be blindsided by it?

I may have been fooled by Landon at first, but after I saw the way he talked to Hope and Clarke when they arrived at the motel, I knew something was up. 

Legacies Season Finale Review Fate’s a Bitch, Isn’t It? Season 3 Episode 16

Legacies — “Fate’s a Bitch, Isn’t It?” — Image Number: LGC316fg_0022r — Pictured: Omono Okojie as Cleo — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Despite their breakup, Landon would never look at Hope with such disgust. 

At that point, it began to make sense as to why the mud from Cleo’s Da Vinci artwork didn’t move and why Hope and Clarke’s locator spell led them to the motel — Landon was the portal; he was Malivore. 

They always say if you don’t want to get caught, you should hide out in plain sight. Admittedly, it was pretty clever. 

But where is the real Landon? Is he stuck somewhere in the darkness this whole time? Is he still in the prison world? How is this Landon Malivore?

And most importantly, is Aria Shahghasem getting paid for all the different roles he has to play? He’s like the present-day Nina Dobrev. 

Sadly, by the time they figured it out, it was too late for Cleo, who was swallowed up by the one thing she was determined to destroy. 

Is anyone else surprised that she wasn’t able to feel that Landon was actually Malivore when she was trying to help him figure out what to do?

We saw Cleo navigating the darkness on the other side and going towards a light at the end of the tunnel, but what will she find there? Is it the light that led her back to Mystic Falls? Will she somehow reconnect with Landon?

The worst part about her “death” is that Kaleb never got to tell her how he really felt. He didn’t even remember her as the moment she was swallowed by Malivore, everyone forgot about her existence except for Hope, who has already been inside Malivore and is immune. 

Alaric offered Kaleb the chance to remember Cleo, which was nice of him, though, Kaleb will likely be haunted by the fact that if he and MG didn’t stop to help at the scene of a car accident, he likely would’ve been able to tell Cleo how he felt and saved her life. 

I hope this doesn’t convince him to give up the superhero shtick with MG because oddly enough, I’m enjoying it. 

MG and Ethan’s superhero days were cool and all, but MG and Kaleb have a swag about them. And cool masks, which is 95% of what makes a good superhero. 

Hopefully, Kaleb will get the chance to tell Cleo how he really feels one of these days.

But first, they have to figure out how to save Cleo and Landon before destroying Malivore, which will inevitably force Hope to trigger her tribrid side.

I know it’s not something she wants to do, but if it gets rid of the monsters, protects those she loves, and allows her to be with Landon again, I think it’s safe to say that the pros outweigh the cons. 

Not to mention she’ll have a world of support! 

While trying to meddle in Hope’s romantic life, Lizzie connected with Ethan on a deeper level. And they are cute! 

The chemistry was very much there even though Lizzie was oblivious the whole time. 

It’s about time Lizzie gets a decent love interest, but unfortunately, this likely isn’t going to sit well with MG and Lizzie shippers. 

Maybe one day the “will they or won’t they” couple will get their shot, but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards for now. 

It’s going to be hard for MG to stomach considering his feelings for Lizzie and the fact that Ethan was his best friend but doesn’t remember it because he was compelled to forget. 

Josie also doesn’t seem to be in favor of the relationship as she feels guilty that their supernatural world has hurt Ethan on several occasions. 

We all know it never ends well when humans meddle in the supernatural. Just look how it turned out for Matt Donovan! 

What did you think of the finale? Despite not being the official one, do you think it was a satisfying end to the season?

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Legacies Review – There’s No I In Team, or Whatever (4×02)



Legacies Review There's No I In Team, or Whatever Season 4 Episode 2

Malivore is proving to be a much bigger pain than we initially thought. 

On Legacies Season 4 Episode 2, the students at the Salvatore School are learning that it isn’t going to be as easy to get rid of the pit of darkness.

When their plan, inspired by Cleo, to transfer Malivore to someone already exposed to him — Clarke — failed, the plot inched closer to the very real possibility that Hope Mikaelson will become a tribrid. 

While there’s plenty of hesitation from Hope, Alaric, and the gang, fans have been waiting for this moment that will allow Hope to become an immortal, all-powerful being. 

It’s time for her to step into her power and for the series to explore what it means to be the first tribrid. 

With Claire Holt set to reprise her role as Rebekah Mikaelson on Legacies Season 4 Episode 5 (airing November 11), all the cards seem to be pointing in this direction. 

The official synopsis for that upcoming episode notes: “Rebekah is fearful of what path Hope has chosen but makes every effort to get through to her. Josie and Lizzie hold out hope in a seemingly dire situation as MG figures out what he can do to help. Meanwhile, Kaleb wants to set things right and turns to Cleo for guidance.”

Hope will do anything for Landon. She’s learned to tame her “save him at all costs” urges, but once she realizes that everyone else is being put in danger because of her, including her soulmate, I have no doubt that the “chosen path” is to embrace the darkest parts of her. 

It’s a curse that she’ll have to face eventually. 

Malivore outsmarted them once again by thwarting their transfer plan. Instead, he sent a dybbuk into Clarke’s body, which unleashed yet another Malivore monster on Mystic Falls. 

Malivore definitely has an advantage as he not only shares a mind with Landon, but he’s able to tap into Cleo’s mind for inspiration and ideas. 

While Hope and the group were trying to hold things down at the school, Lizzie and MG’s boring volunteer night at “Movies in the Park” turned into a real-life scene from Godzilla when Clarke, as a dybbuk, descended upon the event and captured Lizzie. 

This whole side-plot wasn’t as intriguing as the whole “destroy Malivore, save Landon, and preserve Hope,” but Lizzie and MG always sell every scene they’re in, even if it’s completely ridiculous. 

Volunteering at the movies also marked Lizzie’s first date with Ethan, and while she confirmed that he was epic romance material, she still wasn’t totally vibing with him at first. 

She couldn’t figure out why, but obviously, it’s because her heart is with MG. Lizzie won’t admit it because MG turned her down, however, now MG is regretting that as jealousy took hold when he saw Lizzie and Ethan together. 

Legacies Review There's No I In Team, or Whatever Season 4 Episode 2

Legacies — “There’s No I In Team, or Whatever” — Image Number: LGC318fg_0037r — Pictured (L – R): Danielle Rose Russell as Hope Mikaelson and Matthew Davis as Alaric Saltzman — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

MG almost got the girl, but not before Ethan came to her rescue from the dybbuk. And while he was knocked unconscious immediately, it was brave nonetheless. The knight in shining armor moment definitely persuaded Lizzie to give him a real chance — she’s a sucker for that fairytale romance. 

And once again, MG missed his moment. These two are like ships passing in the night. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll get an MG and Lizzie romance anytime soon now that Ethan has also become Malivore’s latest vessel. 

Honestly, poor Ethan. He’s been through hell and back over the course of two seasons. 

After his superhero escapades with MG, his memory of all things supernatural was erased, which seemed like a safe idea at the time, but it’s actually what led to this mess. His instincts to help those allowed him to be fooled by Malivore. 

But what now? Ric let both Malivore and Ethan go, so I’m hoping that they have a plan going forward. They simply cannot afford any missteps.  

Clarke’s redemption arc was promising, especially when he realized the true horror isn’t Malivore but rather the cost of America’s healthcare! 

The $81,000 bill forced him to take up Hope’s offer to become a host for Malivore. While it didn’t work, Hope did keep her promise to keep him safe. 

As a human, Clarke is actually a good person who wants a fresh start. Better yet, he deserves it. 

If this is the last we see of Clarke, or Ryan, it’ll be for the best for everyone involved. 

I love that Hope is so loyal this season. She’s really working on herself and trying to be a team player, which is also why she felt so betrayed by Alaric and MG, two people she trusted with everything.

They knew Landon was alive and kept it from her calling it a “necessary evil.” Understandably, because of her past, they didn’t think she’d remain objective, but Hope, who is bound to risk it all, deserves to know the truth. 

After all, she’s putting everything on the line. 

And finally, there’s Josie and Fitch. Josie has channeled her inner badass this season, and I’m loving it. 

Unfortunately, the writers cannot keep a promising romance going for Josie. 

Things between her and Fitch were going so well, so of course, talk of the Merge had to go and mess it up. 

Fitch confessed that this was just too much for her, and while I want to blame her for not being supportive, I can’t hold it against her. 

Not only did this poor girl just find out she’s part of the supernatural, but now she has to come to terms with the fact that her girlfriend has a 50/50 chance of surviving this evil curse with her sister. 

It’s a lot for anyone. 

There’s a chance Fitch will come around, and my hope is that she does. After all, you don’t just abandon the person you love when things get tough!

Also, is anyone else upset that the “I love you” moment between these two got derailed because of the Merge?

I really just want Josie to get that happy ending!

What did you think of the episode?

Are you happy with how Clarke’s storyline ended? Will Hope become the tribrid and save Landon? Will she successfully destroy Malivore?

And will Ethan survive?

Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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Legacies Season Premiere Review – In Malivore’s Mind (4×01)



Legacies Season Premiere Review You Have To Pick One This Time Season 4 Episode 1

If you jumped into the season 4 premiere of Legacies hoping for a complete reboot, that’s not happening just yet…

Although it is being presented as a season premiere, Legacies Season 4 Episode 1 was actually supposed to be part of season 3, which explains why we’re still knee-deep in the midst of all the Malivore drama. 

The episode kicks off shortly after everyone learns that Malivore has taken over Landon’s body and is using it as a vessel. 

The Super Squad comes up with a plan to rescue him by prioritizing the rescue of Cleo first. If you’ll recall, in the Season 3 finale, Malivore swallowed Cleo up whole and now she’s stuck in the darkness.

Hope wasn’t brought up to speed on MG’s plan initially, and while she’s shocked by the turn of events from some of her nearest and dearest, it’s actually not surprising in the slightest. 

Everyone is genuinely concerned about Hope’s track record of putting Landon’s safety over everything else. 

She always prioritizes him, and oftentimes, it comes at the expense of others. 

It makes sense that they would want to protect themselves before journeying into the belly of the beast. 

It’s great that the series is basically calling out Hope’s biggest flaw, but it’s even better that she’s not fighting it or denying it — Hope knows that Landon is her weak spot. 

The fact that’s she’s only mildly annoyed and majorly understanding is very beneficial. 

On the surface, it seems like they’ve given Malivore the whole plan on a platter — both Alaric and Kaleb will go in to find Cleo and hope that once they do, she inspires them. 

However, with Malivore alerted, he’s able to suppress his subconscious and trap them in a nightmare of his conscious.

What he doesn’t know is that MG and Hope are using a “loophole” to enter his mind and find Cleo without raising any red flags. 

It’s not necessarily a bad plan, but it definitely underestimates the power of Malivore.

Malivore brings to the surface a shared memory of the day Kaleb and Alaric met, which is also the day that Alaric saved Kaleb from himself. However, their memories differed because Kaleb didn’t recall that he went full-blown ripper on half of the marching band before Alaric brought him to a halt. 

This obviously triggers plenty of emotions for Kaleb, who can’t fight the bloodlust any longer. 

While they may be in a dream state, anything that happens to them in Malivore’s conscious also translates to the real world, so, you know, the stakes are pretty high. 

Just as he’s about to let his inhibitions go, Landon saves in to save the day. It’s pretty murky these days whether or not Landon is actually Landon, but they both confirm that this is, in fact, their long-lost friend. 

Landon is alive and well, but he too knows that he’s Hope’s biggest weakness. He knows that if she’s aware that he’s alive, she’ll jeopardize everything to pull him out when all he wants is to destroy Malivore and protect her. 

Legacies Season Premiere Review You Have To Pick One This Time Season 4 Episode 1

Legacies — “You Have To Pick One This Time” — Image Number: LGC317fg_0127r — Pictured (L-R): Chris Lee as Kaleb and Matthew Davis as Alaric Saltzman — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

His love for her is blatant. He’s sacrificing himself and choosing to stay imprisoned in the darkness forever so that she doesn’t have to kill and trigger her tri-brid side. 

Spoiler-alert: we all know she will because she will find out. Also, all of us want to see Hope embrace how powerful she is. 

However, Kaleb and Alaric both kept Landon’s appearance a secret for the greater good. 

While Kaleb and Alaric were dealing with their struggles, Malivore was alerted to the unwanted guests in his mind. 

He tried to distract Hope and MG from the task at hand, but before he got to them, Cleo was able to be reminded that her fake dinner with her family was just a distraction from the bleak reality of her imprisonment. 

Once Lizzie and Josie successfully pulled everyone out of Malivore, Cleo was able to “inspire” Hope with a plan that could end this Malivore mess once and for all…. for everyone’s sake. 

Lizzie and Josie spent the episode tasked with making sure the plan went smoothly. 

Since Josie was forced to cancel her date with Finch, Finch brought the date to her. It’s only a matter of time before she’s inaugurated into the Super Squad, especially after she let the twins siphon her to save everyone else. 

Josie and Finch’s relationship is sweet, and it’s going to be the one that helps Josie become more confident in herself. 

Finch pushes Josie to be a better version of herself and to do the things that scare her. In this case, Josie was terrified of letting Finch in because of the curse of the Gemini twins. 

However, after seeing how dedicated Finch was to the relationship, she finally opened up about the Merge! 

Josie also called out Lizzie for being super dismissive of her relationship, which made her take a beat. 

In a heartwarming heart-to-heart between Lizzie and Hope, the former revealed that she’s always so snarky about Finch and Landon because she’s jealous of what her besties have — true love. 

This ushered in the conversation of both MG and Ethan, two of Lizzie’s love interests. It definitely seems like she regrets friend-zoning MG now, and since he knows how she feels and isn’t reciprocating, she’s opting for Ethan as a second choice. 

We all know how much the TVD/Originals/Legacies sphere loves a love triangle, so I’ll expect this to be a focal point this season, especially since MG and Ethan are good friends (poor Ethan doesn’t remember any of it!). 

What did you think of the premiere? Do you have high hopes for this season? Will we finally move past all the Malivore and Landon/Hope drama?

Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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Legacies Review – Planet Mystic Falls (3×15)



Legacies Review A New Hope Season 3 Episode 15

Hope, Josie, and Lizzie traveled to a galaxy far away on Legacies Season 3 Episode 15, and I probably should’ve been tripping in order to fully enjoy the penultimate episode. 

While I was skeptical going into the Star Wars-themed episode, I found myself slightly enjoying it and the connections that were made to The Vampire Diaries and Legacies

And I know no one was complaining about that sweet little cameo from Little Hope! How could you not squeal with glee when she came onto the screen?!

The nightshade-induced hallucination pulled a page straight from 11-year-old Lizzie’s diary and delivered, in a roundabout fashion, a profound discovery we already knew: Hope needs to become a tribrid to defeat Malivore once and for all. 

Hope knew that it would come to this, but she’d been putting it off out of fear. 

However, she can no longer fight it when her loved ones are being threatened and hurt because of the monsters and she has the means to put an end to it.

She was created to destroy Malivore, and while it’s optimistic of Jo and Lizzie to think that there’s always another way, I truly don’t think that’s the case this time around. 

Hope cannot fight her fate. 

Hope’s feelings of loss also bubbled up to the surface. After Little Hope appeared and mentioned The Hollow, Hope was reminded about all that she lost in life. 

It was heartbreaking to see her confront her younger self and inform her that she wouldn’t get her family back simply by defeating The Hollow. 

Hope knows what the future holds, and it’s an endless amount of pain, misery, and loneliness. 

This is why her breakup with Landon was so upsetting because he was yet another person that she loved that was taken from her. 

Maybe in the process of destroying Malivore, Hope will find a way to be with Landon once again? 

Legacies Review A New Hope Season 3 Episode 15

Legacies — “A New Hope” — Image Number: LGC315a_0244r — Pictured (L-R): Danielle Rose Russell as Hope Mikaelson and Kaylee Bryant as Josie Saltzman — Photo: Boris Martin/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Though, from the promos, it seems like Landon might be moving on with Miss Cleo! 

The trip through the galaxies also touched upon the insecurities of Lizzie and Josie. The former couldn’t be “The Chosen One,” even in her own story, while Josie was reduced to an android who didn’t have her own story but instead, served Princess Elizabeth, which in reality meant that she always put her sister’s needs above her own. 

Hope’s sequel to the story in Lizzie’s diary remedied things a bit and painted Josie as the hero who protects people, but overall, it was an accurate representation of how the girls saw themselves and each other. 

Though, as Lizzie kept reminding us, the story came from her 11-year-old mind, and thus, they’ve grown significantly since then. In her diary, she painted Hope as the villain, Lord Marshall, but nowadays, the three of them are united in this fight. 

Did it break anyone else’s heart that Hope secretly wished they could all be friends?!

She’d be happy to know that in the present day, their drug-induced adventures brought them closer together and sealed their fates as they all gained a new appreciation for each other.

Also, is anyone shipping Lizzie and Ethan aka Dak Romo?

Back at Mystic Falls, not Planet Mystic Falls, Kaleb, MG, and Jed embarked on their own mission to bury the Wendigo. 

Unfortunately, the Wendigo was still alive, which meant that MG had to slay the monster once again. 

The trip did allow MG and Kaleb to finally have a heart-to-heart with the latter revealing that he was upset because he felt as though MG replaced him with his new buddy Ethan. 

Kaleb’s jealousy was understandable considering MG swapped schools and found a new sidekick almost immediately, but I’m glad they worked things out in the end. Ethan may have been a cool dude, but there’s no friendship better than MG and Kaleb’s! 

And Jed, I guess. 

The show really cannot find a storyline for him! 

I couldn’t care less about the whole Dorian, Emma, and Alaric drama, but I guess it’s a good thing that Emma is allowing Dorian to stick around.

As Hope, Lizzie, and Josie gear up for an epic battle against Malivore, Alaric is going to need all the backup he can get!

And finally… we found out what monster emerged after Andi threw herself into the pit. 

It was Clarke, which was a huge disappointment and convinced me that it’s absolutely time to put an end to this Malivore storyline once and for all. 

If I never have to say Malivore again, I’ll be happy! 

Other Mystic Falls Musings

  • Gandalf4Eva proves that Lizzie is a lowkey nerd. MG would be proud.
  •  Alaric Saltzman channeled his inner Indiana Jones and it was everything I could’ve ever imagined. 
  • Hope still hasn’t learned how to accept help. Even in a hallucination, she uses her magic to put everyone to sleep and handle the situation on her own! 
  • Salvatore Castle is such a great name. 
  • Jed making smores on the Wendigo was such a monster-fighting vibe. 

What did you think of the episode? Could you get past the ridiculousness?

Have you been enjoying Legacies Season 3 so far? Or do you think Season 4 needs a complete overhaul?

Sound off in the comments below! 

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