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Legacies Season Finale Review: This Fairytale Didn’t Have A Happy Ending (2×17)

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Well, this fairytale didn’t have a happy ending.

On Legacies‘ unexpectedly early season finale, we pick up with Hope in Josie’s subconscious trying to help her fight the black magic. But, because Caroline loved to read fairytales as bedtime stories, Hope wakes up dressed as Red Riding Hood.

The fairytale theme was a fun concept, but unfortunately, the terrible CGI put a big damper on one of the best episodes of the show.

The Big Bad Wolf wasn’t great, but that talking pig will stick out as the worst CGI in the entire TVD universe, which is saying something considering how many different creatures the shows have introduced over the years.

Besides that, the fairytale plot turned out to be much better than I was expecting. Josie saved herself in the end and rewrote the story.

Josie’s such a great character who was pushed to the sidelines in the beginning of this season, but this arc of her fighting her insecurities was worth the wait. Nothing’s more personal than someone’s subconscious, and now we finally have some insight into how Josie feels about the relationships she has with other people, and most importantly, the relationship she has with herself.

Josie’s constant feeling of being unwanted or like she wasn’t enough is something everyone can relate to. It’s heartbreaking to hear how much it’s affected her life and it provides reasoning for why she lets people treat her the way she does. She’s as selfless as they come, and she thought that meant she had to be weak. But she was able to come around and realize that being a good, empathetic person doesn’t mean she has to be powerless. Her innate goodness is what makes her strong. It’s what makes her worth rooting for.

Caroline and Alaric always tried their best to be good parents to both the twins, but Josie’s feeling of being inferior to Lizzie even when it comes to her parent’s attention speaks volumes. My biggest gripe with Legacies is how Caroline is painted as a bad mother, who’s not there for her kid’s lives and didn’t treat them equally. We know Caroline. She would never do that. They need to come up with a better way to explain Candice King’s absence without ruining the character.

When Josie spoke about Penelope leaving and Landon breaking up with her contributing to her lack of self-worth, it was definitely less of a “ship” moment as some fans will think and more just a heartbroken teenage girl dealing with her feelings. It felt very honest. It was very reminiscent of Caroline in TVD’s pilot episode obsessing over why Stefan has no interest in her. It wasn’t about her missing previous relationships as much as it was Josie working through rejection and how these situations affected her sense of self. Hopefully, going forward we’ll see her regain confidence in herself so she can finally recognize how wonderful she is.

Josie shouldn’t be in a relationship for a while, but this episode felt like the show’s finally admitting what relationship they’re building up going forward.

Hope was the one who helped Josie find the strength within herself to defeat the black magic torturing her. She was the one who took it upon herself to travel to Josie’s subconscious to save her in any way she could. She put herself at risk for Josie, and then Josie did the same to her when asking Hope to leave her subconscious for her own safety.

And I mean, come on, if Josie was the pig all along she’s the one who suggested Hope kiss her to wake her from her sleeping beauty-esque spell. It would be a shame if the writers just keep dancing around the possibility of these two getting together instead of actually making it happen. This season has basically been a death sentence for Hope and Landon’s relationship anyway, so there’s nothing holding them back there.

With this season being cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we won’t get to see “Hosie” anytime soon, but here’s to hoping in season three Legacies will finally capitalize on the chemistry between Danielle Rose Russell and Kaylee Bryant and make Hosie a real thing!

Outside of the fairytale world, the other Saltzman twin faced her own insecurities at her fake funeral. Lizzie’s always worried about other people’s opinions and when people are speaking ill of her at her own memorial, she reaches a breaking point.

In the last episode’s review, I mentioned how the treatment of Lizzie on Legacies was similar to the treatment of Damon on The Vampire Diaries. A lot of emphasis is put on how selfish they are, when really, they’re not much worse than the other characters. And at least they own the fact that they can be narcissistic.

Lizzie didn’t deserve for people to be relieved she was dead. Thankfully, everyone came around eventually, but that was still a low blow for the show to take.

MG is as sweet as they come. He didn’t even know Lizzie was listening when he gave his eulogy. He was just doing it because he wanted to defend her to the school, not so he could win brownie points with her.

MG gave a great explanation of Lizzie when he said that she knew she could be overdramatic, but she was always actively trying to change herself and start over, but no one would let her. This episode gave more backstory as to why both Lizzie and Josie are the way they are than the rest of the series combined.

Finally, we’re getting character development, and then the season had to be cut short!

This wasn’t the worst episode to serve as a season finale, but the cliffhanger at the end is going to make this hiatus feel much longer than it is.

Stray Thoughts:

  • Danielle Rose Russell’s Lizzie impression was spot-on.
  • Kaleb and Jed have the potential to be a great power duo.
  • Josie putting her magic away like Jo once did was sad. Definitely the right choice for now, but hopefully it won’t last too long.

Is Hope still in Josie’s mind?

What is the Necromancer’s plan?

And is Landon really dead?

We’ll have to wait until Legacies season 3 premieres to find out!

Thanks for watching this season with me, Cravers!

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Legacies Season Premiere Review- Where’s Hope? (3×01)



legacies season 3 episode 1 we're not worthy review

After an excruciatingly long hiatus, Legacies has returned for its third season. We were left on a big cliffhanger, with Hope and Landon’s lives hanging in the balance.

Because of the pandemic, last season wrapped up prematurely. Fans have been dying to find out what happened to their favorite characters. So, let’s dive in.

The season premiere picks up where we left off. Josie has returned to her normal self and has to face the consequences of her actions as “Dark Josie”. Not everyone wants to forgive and forget. In typical Josie fashion, she internalizes this blame and guilt because she feels she deserves it. Lizzie, on the other hand, is determined to force everyone to forgive Josie by any means necessary.

It’s been nice to see Lizzie working on herself and how she treats other people, but it was fun to watch her return to her mean girl roots for a bit. Unfortunately, she never really knows when to stop. It’s likely that her fight with Alyssa Chang will come back to bite her later on.

I’m not totally sure why Alaric is keeping the fact that Hope is in a coma from the twins. Maybe he’s just trying to avoid upsetting Josie further. But then again, Hope is the one who put herself in danger to rescue Josie. Josie should know what happened.

That’s one of my biggest issues with Legacies. Quite often the character’s relationships are ignored for the sake of the plot. Hope has known Lizzie and Josie for way longer than she’s known Landon and Rafael, yet they’re the one’s who get to know what state she’s in? It would’ve been much more compelling to see the twins’ reactions to Hope’s coma.

But, I guess if the reason she’s in a coma is because of Landon, it makes sense. I wonder if that was the plan all along. If production hadn’t been halted, would we have gotten a more interesting storyline about why Hope didn’t wake up? The reasoning behind her refusing to wake up if Landon doesn’t felt cheap. I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve never been a fan of Hope and Landon’s relationship, but it felt like a quick writing change to get Hope back into the game in the new season.

My guess is season two’s finale would’ve dealt with saving Hope from something different. Maybe we’ll find out what was originally planned later on.

It’ll be good to have Hope back next episode. It doesn’t feel like Legacies without her. When the Super Squad was dealing with the latest monster-of-the-week, they could’ve used her help. But, it turns out they didn’t need it!

Is ‘Legacies’ Season 3 Killing Off Someone in the Super Squad?

Rafael saves the day because he’s a descendant of King Arthur. He’s the only one who can use the sword to defeat Malivore’s newest monster, the Green Knight. How long do we think Legacies is going to keep introducing a new monster every episode? They have to be running out of ideas. The audience is definitely running out of interest.

The reason The Vampire Diaries and The Originals worked so well was because of the relationships between the characters. It would be great if Legacies turned their focus from fighting a different monster every episode to actually developing their characters and the dynamics between them.

Take Josie and Lizzie as an example. Their bond pales in comparison to Damon and Stefan’s, or Elijah and Klaus’s in the third season of their respective shows. Why is that?

We know they care about each other and would do anything they can to save each other. But it still feels like the writing is just scraping the surface. We keep getting the recycled plotline of Lizzie being controlling over Josie without really diving into why. Any small signs of character development we see gets pushed to the side for Malivore. It’s a shame because there’s so much potential with this cast of characters.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are some relationships we’re getting too much of. It’s always been strange how much the series focused on Alaric’s relationship with Hope instead of his own daughters. Hopefully, season three will rectify that.

Additionally, at this point it’s clear that Landon is holding Hope back. It would be great to pull back from that relationship so Hope can be her own person again. We can’t have another season focused on her saving him the entire time. The same can be said for Rafael; he deserves his own storyline separate from Landon, too.

However, it looks like we’re going to be losing a different member of the main cast. Josie is going to spend some time with Caroline while she heals from what she’s been through. Was there a behind-the-scenes issue that caused this? It’s not a great writing choice to get rid of Josie, so I’d imagine there has to be something else going on.

There’s so much potential with her character. Hopefully she won’t be gone for too long.

Stray Thoughts:

  • I love Jed. I’m so glad he’s been promoted to a series regular.
  • Where’s Ethan going to fit into the show? He’s only been in three episodes, so he’s an odd choice to be promoted to a regular.
  • I’m calling it now, Lizzie and MG will get together this season.
  • Landon and Hope remind me of Stefan and Elena. The show keeps telling us how deep their bond is, but the lack of chemistry between the two ruins it.
  • Major Bly Manor vibes when “The Lady of the Lake” came out of Malivore.

What did you think of the season premiere?

What do you think is going to happen to Alyssa?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Is ‘Legacies’ Season 3 Killing Off Someone in the Super Squad?



Is Legacies Season 3 Killing Off One of Their Own?

Returning to school has never been associated with feelings of excitement and joy, but when you’re a student at the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, “back to school” means something entirely different. 

For Legacies fans, back to school means that we’re inching closer to the premiere of Season 3 on January 21! 

When the series wrapped up in March, things were looking pretty bleak for Hope and Landon, who were both unconscious and showing no signs of waking up. 

And based on the teasers for Legacies Season 3, it’s not looking promising.  

The CW released the synopsis for the first two episodes of the season and well, Legacies Season 3 Episode 2 titled “Goodbyes Sure Do Suck” has fans a little concerned. 

Joseph Morgan Reveals If He’d Ever Reprise His Character Klaus Mikealson for ‘Legacies’

The synopsis reads: “The Super Squad pulls out all the stops when they learn some devastating news involving one of their own. Alaric (Matthew Davis) turns to Sheriff Mac (guest star Bianca Kajlich) for help getting some timely affairs in order.”

Does the devastating news have to do with Hope or Landon? The phrase “timely affairs” immediately lends itself to the idea of death. 

Does someone in the “Super Squad” die? And should we be concerned? After all, if Julie Plec taught us anything with The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, it’s that no death is permanent. 

Or could this be in reference to Hope triggering her vampire side? The tribrid has already activated her witch and werewolf side, which means that season 3 could bring on a whole new Hope once she wakes from her deep slumber!

Do you think Legacies will kill off one of their own?

Be sure to watch the teaser for Season 3 right here!

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WATCH: ‘Legacies’ Season 3 Trailer Teases an Awakening



Legacies Season 3 Trailer Teases Hope's Fate

The wait for Legacies season 3 is almost over!

The CW released the official trailer for the supernatural drama, which returns on January 21. 

Everyone goes above and beyond to help save and awaken Hope and Landon. You can get a refresher on Legacies Season 2 finale, but both have fallen into a deep slumber after Hope saved Josie from her own subconscious, while Landon was stabbed by the golden arrow by Rafael, puppeteerred by the Necromancer. 

Feeling the weight of his guilt. Rafael begs the Necromancer to put Landon’s spirit into him.

Check out the trailer below:

You can also watch the Riverdale season 5 trailer right here! 

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