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Legacies There's a World Where All of Your Dreams Came True Legacies There's a World Where All of Your Dreams Came True


Legacies – There’s a World Where Your Dreams Came True (1×10)

Legacies/ The CW



Jinni the Genie is hands down my favorite monster.

In fact, I appreciate that Legacies included a genie in the monster category simply because they are glamorized, but their manipulative nature is oft glossed over.

In addition, “There’s a World Where Your Dreams Came True” may very well be the most relatable episode because though none of us are as selfish and self-centered as Lizzie, we’ve all found ourselves wishing for a “better” life at some point or another.

Legacies’ mission was to prove that “better” doesn’t necessarily exist. Sometimes, what you think you want is actually a lot worse than what you already have.

And you know that quote “everything happens for a reason?” Well, it couldn’t be truer, and Lizzie learned that the hard way. I never thought I’d say this, but I actually felt kind of bad for her by the end of it.

The wishes Jinni granted Lizzie showed her vastly different realities that got increasingly worse with each wish made.

While Alaric and Hope were trying to avoid getting blindsided by the genie in real life, the genie was observing and scouting the perfect broken-soul to pray upon.

Unsurprisingly, she found a weakness in Lizzie that she just had to exploit.

When Lizzie realized an actual genie could grant her wishes, she eagerly took her up on the offer thus allowing the writers a lot of creative freedom to play with narratives they otherwise never would have been able to.

The what-ifs were endless and for roughly half of the episode, they were a complete hoot. That is until they took a really dark and unexpected turn.

Altering realities is dangerous and like most magic, comes with a very steep price.

It was obvious that Jinni’s end goal would be to trap Lizzie in a terrible reality with her only option of escaping being to hand over the key to Malivore.

But before we get there, let’s pick apart these realities, which surprisingly had everything to do with Hope Mikealson’s existence and absolutely nothing with Lizzie’s awareness that she’s kind of a terrible, miserable and painstakingly difficult to deal with kind of person.

Lizzie’s first wish was for Hope never to have attended the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted.

As you may already know, the phrasing of this wish was flawed from the get-go.

In this alternate reality, Hope didn’t attend the school but that didn’t mean she couldn’t become a student at some point.

Lizzie was initially happy in this first reality as she soaked up all of the love and training Alaric usually had reserved for Hope.

This not only showed how self-centered and materialistic Lizzie was, but it also underlined how needy she is.

It seems she really did all of this just to get daddy’s attention.

But there was a reason Old-Laric had all this time for his twins. In this reality, the school didn’t have any of the funding from Klaus Mikealson since Hope didn’t attend thus making them poor.

Lizzie couldn’t deal with the fact that the school wasn’t living up to its potential so she created a globe that led them to straight to New Orleans where a Klaus-like Hope slaughtering people left and right.

After Alaric took Hope under his wing, the school began to thrive, but little Lizzie was again pissed that she failed to rid her life of Hope.

In her second wish, she took it a step further and wished the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted never existed.

No school, no problem, right? Wrong.

Without the school — Alaric’s dream created specifically to keep her and Josie safe — life felt a little meaningless to everyone.

Alaric, aptly dubbed Drunk-Laric, found his happiness at the bottom of the bottle… during school hours and in class.

Josie found her happiness in a materialistic lifestyle as the head cheerleader who was dating the QB.

It was also Lizzie’s worst nightmare as she was the “school freak” and shadow to Josie, a clear departure from what she’s used to.

Lizzie tried to make it work, but Josie’s disgust with her eventually triggered one of her episodes which alerted the cavalry aka the Kim Possible students of the Mikealson School for the Young and Gifted.

Those outfits, that gear — it was everything.

Again, Lizzie’s reality only became better when Hope was in it, and Josie and Alaric gravitated the tri-brid.

The Mikealson version of the school, owned by Klaus who was ALIVE in this timeline and traveling Europe to open the second branch of the school, was trendier and more high-tech.

But alas, Lizzie was still unhappy with Hope’s intrusion and couldn’t bother to absorb everyone else’s happiness. It was still all about her.

And thus, she made her third and most selfish wish —  she wished Hope never existed.

Now, the lesson genies usually teach their subjects is that every action has a consequence.

Without Hope, we entered a post-apocalyptic world where the government knew about and hunted down supernatural creatures after Klaus Mikealson, who no longer had an anchor to humanity, exposed them and started a war.

Alaric and the rest of the students built up a resistance to fight back the TRIAD who was hunting them down.

But the reason this was Lizzie’s work alternate reality was because Josie was dead because of her.

Since the series kicked off, the secret of the Gemini Twin’s has been looming over the school. We’ve wondered when the series would address this issue aside from Caroline’s search for a cure in Europe, but I never expected the answer would come so soon and be revealed via an alternate reality.

Way to throw me for a loop, writers!

The 100-Laric told Lizzie all about the Gemini Curse which led her to be competitive with her sister, motivated to win,  have an episode and accidentally kill her sister.

Lizzie was distraught.

The genie offered to revert everything back if Lizzie promised to hand over the artifact, but even in such dire circumstances, Lizzie knew she couldn’t do that to her family.

For this, I’m really impressed.

In her short time navigating these realities, Lizzie grew a lot.

She became more level-headed, conscious, and more appreciative of what she had.

These were the lessons we needed Lizzie to learn in order to become more tolerable.

But when she figured out a loophole — she wished Genie would never have met the people who trapped her in Malivore — she essentially did the right thing while shooting herself in the foot.

Everything she learned and all the progress she made went out the window because without Malivore she would have never met the genie and thus, would have no recollection of her wishes.

Lizzie was sent back to her reality without any memories including the revelation of how the Gemini Cover curse plays out.

Without this, there’s no way to prevent it or better herself to avoid it.

Back to square one.

Since Lizzie still feels like something transpired, the gaps in her memory actually make her feel like she’s losing her mind which again, don’t help in preventing her episodes.

Will this be the catalyst to the Gemini Coven catastrophe?

Without these experiences, she also goes back to hating Hope without realizing how vital she is to her very reality.

The dramatic irony is going to be heavy for us as we now know the outcome of something major that none of the main characters do.

How will this big family secret unravel? Will Alaric eventually tell the girls about the curse before it’s too late?

Though Legacies is its own series that tells a vastly different story from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, the little subtle reminders that they operate in the same town are always appreciated.

I loved the Klaus Mikealson poster hung up in a very Harry Potter-esque bus stop, and I couldn’t help but turn into a handful of goo when they said Damon and Elena had children to raise of their own. Be still my heart.

I had my doubts about Legacies and how the writers would find a creative way to tell another vampire, witch, werewolf story, but they’ve outdone themselves.

Each episode gets stronger in content and a shortage of material does not seem to be the issue.

While many of the episodes have focused solely on Hope, it was nice to get inside Lizzie’s head for a little bit, even if she doesn’t remember any of it.

Hope delivers, but Lizzie can stand on her own which is something the TVD and Originals universe always prided itself on: strong female characters.

I’m turning it over to you, Cravers. What did you think of tonight’s Legacies?

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Legacies Review – Hope Turns Into a Monster (3×11)



Legacies Review You Can’t Run from Who You Are Season 3 Episode 11

It was business as usual at the Salvatore School on Legacies Season 3 Episode 11 as Alaric and team brainstormed ways to destroy Malivore using Cleo, their new muse.

Cleo inspired a few plans, but none of them went as planned. Do they ever, though?

Hope and Landon astral projected to the prison world in hopes of destroying it and Malivore along with it using the Necromancer.

However, upon arrival, they realized the Necromancer couldn’t come to the phone. Why? Cause he’s dead. 

And while that obviously put a dent in Hope’s plan, I was pretty thrilled that we wouldn’t have to deal with the Necromancer again because, much like the prison world, he’s greatly overstayed his welcome.

However, it seems like we were all onto something when we theorized that Landon wasn’t being himself. 

If I had to guess, I’d say that Landon’s been a vessel for the Necromancer, who somehow hitched a ride in his body upon returning to Mystic Falls. 

You’ve got to admit that Landon was way too good at impersonating the Necromancer. It’s almost as if he was him. 

The best part is that Hope wasn’t the one to figure it out. She’s been so happy to have Landon back that she ignored all the red flags and didn’t even realize her boyfriend wasn’t himself! 

Is that a telling sign about their relationship?

Instead, Wade was the one that picked up on Landon’s odd behaviors.

Landon didn’t remember his favorite module from D&D, and the berbalang went after him instead of the dead flesh which it usually craves. 

Props to Wade for being so observant.

Legacies Review You Can’t Run from Who You Are Season 3 Episode 11

Legacies — “You Can’t Run from Who You Are” — Image Number: LGC311fg_0006r — Pictured (L-R): Omono Okojie as Cleo and Danielle Rose Russell as Hope Mikaelson — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

However, there were moments were Landon acted like himself, so maybe he’s internally fighting with the Necromancer and doesn’t remember it?

Wade found it weird that Landon stabbed Hope in the heart, but he did it to save her. He also immediately jumped into action when the berbalang bit Hope and the bite transferred over into the real world. 

Also, how fun was it that one of their own turned into a monster-of-the-week. 

In order to save Hope, Josie was forced to confront her dark subconscious — welcome back, Dark Josie — and take back her magic. 

And it’s about time. 

I’m all for Josie attending Mystic Falls High if she’s genuinely interested in embracing a human existence, but she can’t do it at the expense of herself.

 It’s obvious that she’s been struggling because she’s not being authentic about who she is. 

She’s running away and trying to suppress the supernatural parts of herself, which, in turn, means she’s letting the dark side win.

Josie needs to own who she is — a witch. 

And she doesn’t even know it yet, but even in the muggle world, she fell in love with a supernatural creature. 

Lizzie and MG confronted Finch about her werewolf gene, and the poor girl had no idea how it worked or what triggered it. 

Lizzie went into protective mode, which is understandable, but it’s a little strange that she automatically assumed Finch was a bad person and a killer. 

From past experiences (see: Tyler Lockwood), werewolves trigger the curse accidentally. 

Still, Lizzie wanted proof that Finch wasn’t a cold-blooded murderer and forced the poor girl to remember that she was tricked into killing her grandfather. 

It was a heartbreaking memory that she forced her to tap into. Though, it does help us understand Finch a little better.

Lizzie meant well — she simply went about it the wrong way. 

However, she’s making a lot of progress by admitting that she screwed up and asking MG for advice. 

Hopefully, she takes it because Josie deserves to know the truth about Finch. She’s been so hard on herself for her relationships falling apart, but this time, it wasn’t her fault at all.

And now that she’s accepted her supernatural side again, she can be a source of support for Finch. 

Kaleb finally scored his first date with Cleo, but in order to do so, he needed to be vulnerable and honest. 

I love that Cleo is so secure that she wasn’t falling for Kaleb’s game and demanded he drop the act if he wanted a chance with her. 

It’s about time we ask men to be real instead of encouraging their macho actions.

This is the start of a healthy relationship, which honestly, might be a first for the series. 

Hope and Landon should get some pointers!

Alaric’s mission to Triad HQ with Cleo and Kaleb also unearthed some clues about his artifact. 

Even though the parchment turned to dust, Alaric found out that it likely created by Leonardo da Vinci. Is this giving anyone The Da Vinci Code vibes?!

He also realized that it’s connected to Project Pandora, the mythical box that Alaric and Hope opened which contained all the world’s ills.

Does this mean the artifact is the key to destroying Malivore?

They always say that those who give the best advice rarely take their own. MG gave Lizzie solid advice about how to handle things with Josie, but he didn’t take his own advice when it came to Ethan. 

The downside of allowing a human to know about the supernatural is that they can get hurt… badly hurt. 

Ethan is the present-day version of Matt Donovan. He’s a human who is all too eager to get involved in supernatural situations that have nothing to do with him. 

It was only a matter of time before he got injured. 

MG will either have to come clean to Alaric or give Ethan his blood to help heal him. Neither option is ideal. 

What did you think of the episode?

What’s up with Landon? Are you happy Josie got her powers back? Let us know in the comments below! 

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4 Biggest Moments from Legacies ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’



Legacies All’s Well That Ends Well Season 3 Episode 10

Legacies is going on a brief hiatus until May, so “All’s Well That Ends Well” brought out all the punches. 

The action-packed episode — one of the strongest of the season — found the students of the Salvatore School battling a banshee in order to get information on Malivore. 

These were the biggest moments from Legacies Season 3 Episode 10: 

Finch is a Wolf

Lizzie tried to help Josie get the girl with her encyclopedic rom-com knowledge, but when Josie finally made her move on Finch with an impassioned speech, she got rejected with a capital R. 

Josie jumped to the most obvious conclusion: Finch was already seeing someone else hence the “plans.”

However, Lizzie snooped around long enough to prove my sneaky suspicion that there wasn’t anything ordinary about Finch. Her “plans” included turning during a full moon because she’s a Mystic Falls werewolf. 

Lizzie didn’t have the heart to tell Josie, so she just told her Finch is unavialable. Why? Why couldn’t she let her make up her mind on her own?

And will MG or Ethan spill the beans?

So much for Josie just wanting to live a normal human life. You can take the girl out of the supernatural, but you can’t take the supernatural out of the girl!


Cleo is a Muse

The episode featured so many revelations about the characters particularly why Malivore was still hanging around sending monsters to the the school. Hope had a theory that Malivore was after Cleo, and she wasn’t wrong. 

The banshee revealed that Cleo is a muse, which Malivore wants in order to gain some inspiration to escape the prison world. 


Malivore is a Creep

Well, at least Malivore’s right hand man is. He’s been snooping around the school for the past several episodes ever since Landon returned from the prison world. 

When he failed to snatch Cleo, the monster snuck into Hope and Landon’s room and stole locks of their hair. Why? Does it think that they’re the key since they’ve both escaped before?


MG and Ethan Form Their Own Super Squad

MG and Ethan are the crime-fighting superhero duo that Mystic Falls didn’t know it needed. The two have formed a budding friendship ever since MG allowed Ethan to keep his memories of the supernatural. 

Ethan’s been really dedicated to stopping any and all crime in town (Matt Donovan much?), but unlike Donovan, he thinks the supernatural is pretty darn cool. 

After he saved MG from Finch in werewolf form, the former upgraded him to “partner” instead of “sidekick.” 

My only gripe with this friendship is that I’m scared it’s replacing MG’s friendship with Caleb, who was completely missing from the episode! 


What was your favorite part of the episode? Are you over the Malivore storyline or are you interested to see how Cleo will play into it?

And what do you think is up with the artifact Alaric found that connected to several historical figures?

Let us know in the comments below! 

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Legacies Review – Is Elena Gilbert Making a Comeback to Mystic Falls? (3×09)



Legacies Review Do All Malivore Monsters Provide This Level of Emotional Insight? Season 3 Episode 9

An adorable Malivore monster? That’s a first. 

But it wasn’t wise to be fooled by the Gremlin’s (it was a Furby, let’s be real) appearance as he quickly turned into a scary, menacing creature who thrived off of the disrespect between Hope and Lizzie.

Not only did the little guy have a potty mouth, but he also tried to drive a wedge between the two ladies. What a rude little dude. 

It’s been. bit since Hope and Lizzie butted heads, and I’ve quite enjoyed their friendship, so it was slightly disappointing to see them regress. 

However, I was pleased that Lizzie didn’t just forgive and forget Hope for putting her and Josie in harms way simply to get Landon back. 

Hope has zero regard for others, but she needed to be held accountable and reminded that her behavior wasn’t okay. 

Even Landon seemed to understand that Hope went a little too far with her mission to save him. 

But even with Lizzie and Landon pointing out Hope’s mistakes, she was never truly remorseful; her apology always featured a “but.”

Legacies Review Do All Malivore Monsters Provide This Level of Emotional Insight? Season 3 Episode 9

Legacies — “Do All Malivore Monsters Provide This Level of Emotional Insight?” — Image Number: LGC309a_0046r — Pictured (L-R): Chris Lee as Kaleb, Danielle Rose Russell as Hope Mikaelson, and Jenny Boyd as Lizzie Saltzman — Photo: Kyle Kaplan /The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

In order to defeat the Gremlin, Hope and Lizzie had to genuinely respect each other, which was easier said than done. 

They eventually found common ground and realized that they fight like sister’s because they’re much more alike than they’d want to admit. 

Hopefully, this is the last time Lizzie and Hope turn on each other because, as I said, I prefer them as friends! They’re better together, as cheesy as that may seem. 

Landon made some solid points throughout the episode, which was a first. He pointed out that Hope hurt others in her quest to save him, and he followed that up by telling her that she has to stop prioritizing him.

Even Landon is realizing that Hope’s obsession with him isn’t healthy. 

Her whole life revolves around Landon, but it’s not normal for one person to be someone’s whole world.

It’s such a disservice to Hope’s character because it makes her one-dimensional. She doesn’t see anything or anyone outside of Landon. She’s always focused on being with him, saving him, protecting him. 

Truthfully, I don’t think Hope knows who she is without him and that, unfortunately, diminishes all the badass things about the tribrid. 

Let’s give her something more than a relationship to focus on! 

I’ve said this before, but the monsters-of-the-week are just not doing it anymore, so I’m excited about this new mystery that Alaric has unfolded that could potentially put them away for good. 

Or, at the very least, it could give us something else to focus on. 

The artifact Alaric stumbled upon somehow connects to Einstein, Rasputin, and Napolean Bonaparte. Alaric revisiting his historical roots? Yes, please! 

The strange intro also revealed that Clarke, Landon’s brother, was somehow around when Einstein had the artifact, but it’s unclear what all of this means. 

And then… there are the adorable nods to The Vampire Diaries that made up for the lackluster episode!

Many Legacies fans have been stalking Nina Dobrev’s Instagram and saw her mysterious posts “on-set” where she reunited with Katherine’s hair extensions. Naturally, it led people to believe that she’s making an appearance on the series. 

And while I’d usually ignore the rumors, the fact that the episode not only restored Elena’s teenage home to its full glory (it looks exactly the same!), but also revealed that Josie has been staying with “Aunt Elena” is enough to raise some eyebrows.

They wouldn’t just mention Elena if they didn’t plan on bringing her back for an episode, right?

I find it strange that Alaric would be living in the same town as Elena, Damon, and their children and yet, they never cross paths! 

If the series doesn’t plan on bringing any of them back, then I’d rather they not mention them because all it does is make it seem like Elena, Damon, Bonnie, Caroline, etc. just don’t care about any of their old friends. 

Alaric was like a father to Elena, so I doubt she’d remove herself completely from his life and not stay in touch. 

And why isn’t their kid enrolled in the Salvatore School? Or Mystic Falls High?  I believe they mentioned a Stephanie Salvatore before! 

Josie invited Alaric for dinner at Aunt Elena’s, and he even mentioned that he didn’t want her to get dating advice from Damon. 

It’s too much of a tease if they don’t actually have any cameos in motion!

Josie isn’t the only one settling down at Mystic Falls High as MG has decided to start a new chapter in his life. 

But while Josie is all about “no magic,” MG doesn’t mind bringing his vamp talents to the mortal high school. 

In fact, he used his vamp speed to save Ethan, who almost got run over by a truck. Instead of erasing Ethan’s mind, he trusted him enough to keep his secret. 

Truthfully, I’m digging this new friendship! But I also think there’s more to Ethan than meets the eye. Maybe he’s unaware of his supernatural powers?

Caleb seemed pretty bummed to see that MG made a new friend because it meant he wasn’t coming back to the Salvatore School.

But honestly, MG deserves better as his skills and talents were underappreciated at the school by so many of his peers. 

Plus, Caleb has Cleo now, and she’s been officially inducted into the Super Squad!

But can we trust her? She’s come to their rescue twice now and seems genuine, but you can never be too careful with new faces in Mystic Falls! 

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Hope needs to find a hobby?

Will Elena Gilbert be making an appearance in the new future?

Sound off in the comments below! 

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