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Legacies There's a World Where All of Your Dreams Came True Legacies There's a World Where All of Your Dreams Came True


Legacies – There’s a World Where Your Dreams Came True (1×10)

Legacies/ The CW



Jinni the Genie is hands down my favorite monster.

In fact, I appreciate that Legacies included a genie in the monster category simply because they are glamorized, but their manipulative nature is oft glossed over.

In addition, “There’s a World Where Your Dreams Came True” may very well be the most relatable episode because though none of us are as selfish and self-centered as Lizzie, we’ve all found ourselves wishing for a “better” life at some point or another.

Legacies’ mission was to prove that “better” doesn’t necessarily exist. Sometimes, what you think you want is actually a lot worse than what you already have.

And you know that quote “everything happens for a reason?” Well, it couldn’t be truer, and Lizzie learned that the hard way. I never thought I’d say this, but I actually felt kind of bad for her by the end of it.

The wishes Jinni granted Lizzie showed her vastly different realities that got increasingly worse with each wish made.

While Alaric and Hope were trying to avoid getting blindsided by the genie in real life, the genie was observing and scouting the perfect broken-soul to pray upon.

Unsurprisingly, she found a weakness in Lizzie that she just had to exploit.

When Lizzie realized an actual genie could grant her wishes, she eagerly took her up on the offer thus allowing the writers a lot of creative freedom to play with narratives they otherwise never would have been able to.

The what-ifs were endless and for roughly half of the episode, they were a complete hoot. That is until they took a really dark and unexpected turn.

Altering realities is dangerous and like most magic, comes with a very steep price.

It was obvious that Jinni’s end goal would be to trap Lizzie in a terrible reality with her only option of escaping being to hand over the key to Malivore.

But before we get there, let’s pick apart these realities, which surprisingly had everything to do with Hope Mikealson’s existence and absolutely nothing with Lizzie’s awareness that she’s kind of a terrible, miserable and painstakingly difficult to deal with kind of person.

Lizzie’s first wish was for Hope never to have attended the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted.

As you may already know, the phrasing of this wish was flawed from the get-go.

In this alternate reality, Hope didn’t attend the school but that didn’t mean she couldn’t become a student at some point.

Lizzie was initially happy in this first reality as she soaked up all of the love and training Alaric usually had reserved for Hope.

This not only showed how self-centered and materialistic Lizzie was, but it also underlined how needy she is.

It seems she really did all of this just to get daddy’s attention.

But there was a reason Old-Laric had all this time for his twins. In this reality, the school didn’t have any of the funding from Klaus Mikealson since Hope didn’t attend thus making them poor.

Lizzie couldn’t deal with the fact that the school wasn’t living up to its potential so she created a globe that led them to straight to New Orleans where a Klaus-like Hope slaughtering people left and right.

After Alaric took Hope under his wing, the school began to thrive, but little Lizzie was again pissed that she failed to rid her life of Hope.

In her second wish, she took it a step further and wished the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted never existed.

No school, no problem, right? Wrong.

Without the school — Alaric’s dream created specifically to keep her and Josie safe — life felt a little meaningless to everyone.

Alaric, aptly dubbed Drunk-Laric, found his happiness at the bottom of the bottle… during school hours and in class.

Josie found her happiness in a materialistic lifestyle as the head cheerleader who was dating the QB.

It was also Lizzie’s worst nightmare as she was the “school freak” and shadow to Josie, a clear departure from what she’s used to.

Lizzie tried to make it work, but Josie’s disgust with her eventually triggered one of her episodes which alerted the cavalry aka the Kim Possible students of the Mikealson School for the Young and Gifted.

Those outfits, that gear — it was everything.

Again, Lizzie’s reality only became better when Hope was in it, and Josie and Alaric gravitated the tri-brid.

The Mikealson version of the school, owned by Klaus who was ALIVE in this timeline and traveling Europe to open the second branch of the school, was trendier and more high-tech.

But alas, Lizzie was still unhappy with Hope’s intrusion and couldn’t bother to absorb everyone else’s happiness. It was still all about her.

And thus, she made her third and most selfish wish —  she wished Hope never existed.

Now, the lesson genies usually teach their subjects is that every action has a consequence.

Without Hope, we entered a post-apocalyptic world where the government knew about and hunted down supernatural creatures after Klaus Mikealson, who no longer had an anchor to humanity, exposed them and started a war.

Alaric and the rest of the students built up a resistance to fight back the TRIAD who was hunting them down.

But the reason this was Lizzie’s work alternate reality was because Josie was dead because of her.

Since the series kicked off, the secret of the Gemini Twin’s has been looming over the school. We’ve wondered when the series would address this issue aside from Caroline’s search for a cure in Europe, but I never expected the answer would come so soon and be revealed via an alternate reality.

Way to throw me for a loop, writers!

The 100-Laric told Lizzie all about the Gemini Curse which led her to be competitive with her sister, motivated to win,  have an episode and accidentally kill her sister.

Lizzie was distraught.

The genie offered to revert everything back if Lizzie promised to hand over the artifact, but even in such dire circumstances, Lizzie knew she couldn’t do that to her family.

For this, I’m really impressed.

In her short time navigating these realities, Lizzie grew a lot.

She became more level-headed, conscious, and more appreciative of what she had.

These were the lessons we needed Lizzie to learn in order to become more tolerable.

But when she figured out a loophole — she wished Genie would never have met the people who trapped her in Malivore — she essentially did the right thing while shooting herself in the foot.

Everything she learned and all the progress she made went out the window because without Malivore she would have never met the genie and thus, would have no recollection of her wishes.

Lizzie was sent back to her reality without any memories including the revelation of how the Gemini Cover curse plays out.

Without this, there’s no way to prevent it or better herself to avoid it.

Back to square one.

Since Lizzie still feels like something transpired, the gaps in her memory actually make her feel like she’s losing her mind which again, don’t help in preventing her episodes.

Will this be the catalyst to the Gemini Coven catastrophe?

Without these experiences, she also goes back to hating Hope without realizing how vital she is to her very reality.

The dramatic irony is going to be heavy for us as we now know the outcome of something major that none of the main characters do.

How will this big family secret unravel? Will Alaric eventually tell the girls about the curse before it’s too late?

Though Legacies is its own series that tells a vastly different story from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, the little subtle reminders that they operate in the same town are always appreciated.

I loved the Klaus Mikealson poster hung up in a very Harry Potter-esque bus stop, and I couldn’t help but turn into a handful of goo when they said Damon and Elena had children to raise of their own. Be still my heart.

I had my doubts about Legacies and how the writers would find a creative way to tell another vampire, witch, werewolf story, but they’ve outdone themselves.

Each episode gets stronger in content and a shortage of material does not seem to be the issue.

While many of the episodes have focused solely on Hope, it was nice to get inside Lizzie’s head for a little bit, even if she doesn’t remember any of it.

Hope delivers, but Lizzie can stand on her own which is something the TVD and Originals universe always prided itself on: strong female characters.

I’m turning it over to you, Cravers. What did you think of tonight’s Legacies?

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Legacies – This Year Will Be Different (2×02)



Legacies This Year Will Be Different Review

Legacies’ second season brings new monsters, a new student, and a broken Hope Mikealson.

Despite presenting herself as a new student at Mystic Falls High, Hope was on a mission to take down the troll that presented itself at the end of the first episode.

But Alaric was onto Hope almost immediately.

Her cover story that she’s a vampire hunter wasn’t terrible, but when she used her magic to defeat the troll, it kind of gave her away.

And so did the fact that Alaric felt a familiarity fighting alongside her.

“We’ve done this before, haven’t we,” he inquired surmizing that she’s probably the person erased from his memory by Malivore.

He’s kind of good at this thing.

Hope wasn’t planning on setting down any roots — she told the bearded principal that she was just passing by. She wanted to kill her troll and be on her merry way.

But the whole time, I kept wondering where Hope was going to go exactly.

Her home was here. Her family and her friends were all here.

And her purpose was here. Did you see how she and Alaric tag-teamed the resurrected troll that ended up being a cyclops?

They were unstoppable despite just getting trolled.

After Hope had a very emotional and heartbreaking one-on-one with Landon, she approached Alaric to come clean.

“I’m Hope Mikealson, daughter of Haley and Klaus Mikealson,” she revealed much to Alaric’s shock.

Yeah, the Klaus Mikealson name still instills fear. And I bet he didn’t expect one.

But Hope, the badass who singlehandedly closed Malivore, was evidently broken.

She needed him more than ever.

Will Alaric enroll Hope in the Salvatore School for the Gifted? He’s not very involved there anymore considering he was voted out as Headmaster and the new guy, Professor Vardemus, is running a tight ship.

Curfew for witches? Please.

Alexis Denisof starring in a supernatural show again brings me joy, but Vardemus seems like he’s going to become a problem going forward.

I didn’t much like his encouragement of Josie’s spells against her classmates or that he was recruiting her for an advanced class.

His speech about the future being supernatural was a little too extra in a town that’s tried to keep their magical abilities under wraps.

Josie and Landon’s relationship wasn’t faring nearly as well as it did during the summer months.

Once you start admitting feelings, there’s a certain pressure that surfaces.

They were both awkward around each other, Landon was trying to say the right thing and be the perfect boyfriend, while Josie was jealous of how all the girls threw themselves at him following his newfound popularity.

Landon is the “cool kid” now, which is a stark difference from his first day on Legacies Season 1.

Oh, how things chanv

Their first date wasn’t any better as Josie wasn’t feeling well.

We later learned that she went to get sushi because Landon wanted it despite being allergic to seaweed.

They both had a very honest conversation about taking things slow and it looks like these two have staying power.

Landon and Hope were that epic love story, but Josie and Landon are sweet.

There was a brief connection with Landon and Hope, but he doesn’t remember her at all so he felt comfortable talking about relationship woes with her.

Hope’s a trooper for listening and even giving him advice.

My heart broke for MG who spent much of his first day of school trying to impress Lizzie.

It’s about time he realized that he deserves someone way better than her.

Lizzie’s not a bad person, but she’s a work in progress; she’s working on herself and not ready to accept the kind of love she deserves.

In her mind, she’s boxed MG into a friend-zone, and it’s nearly impossible for him to get out right now as she tries to “rebrand” herself.

Plus, she wants someone that doesn’t know her and MG knows her too well.

Can we get him a decent love interest?

Lizzie took a cue from Shonda Rhimes and began her “year of yes,” which meant she was saying yes to everything.

And she was more than happy to say ‘yes’ to Sebastian, a new boy that crashed her study date.

While Lizzie was too mesmerized by his eyes and his chiseled smile, I noticed that Sebastian was wearing dated clothes and spoke as if he’d come back from a different era.

Sebastian is a looker and he’s charming, which is precisely what makes him dangerous.

Why did he target Lizzie?

Is he the next monster?

Was he resurrected with Clarke? Did he venture out of Malivore?

Is he the cloaked figure that killed the poor jogger at the end?

Look, jogging through a cemetery at night in Mystic Falls of all places isn’t a good idea, but the dude didn’t deserve to die!

Another very possible theory is that he’s a figment of her imagination.

What do you think?

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Legacies – I’ll Never Give Up Hope (2×01)



Legacies I'll Never Give Up Hope Review

The answers Landon is seeking are right in front of him.

If only he knew what he was looking for.

The sophomore season of Legacies explained that final, jaw-dropping cliffhanger and explored a world where Hope Mikealson didn’t exist.

Much of the episode took place in two varying universes — Mystic Falls and Malivore.

While students from the Salvatore School for the Young & Gifted were enjoying their summer break, Landon felt a constant void and sense of hopelessness. Yes, all the puns were very much intended.

The only time Landon ever felt alive was when he was hurling himself off the dock in hopes of drowning and seeing those subconscious memories of what we know is Hope.

Their love is so strong, nothing could permanently erase her. He still feels her in everything that he does.

Seeing Landon “self-harm” was concerning, but since he’s an immortal phoenix, he rose from the ashes every time.

Much like Landon, Josie was having a not-so-great summer.

She stayed back in Mystic Falls to keep an eye on her dad, Ric, who had been ousted as headmaster of the school he founded (talk about unfair) and was trying to distract himself by looking into how exactly Landon closed Malivore and who was with him when it happened.

Hey, at least they all still remember Malivore and the rules that apply to it.

Speaking of Malivore, Hope was having the worst time out of everyone because not only did she have all of her memories, she was also trapped inside a black void with Landon’s villainous brother, Clarke.

Hope made it out of Malivore by the end of the episode after Malivore quite literally regurgitated her as she left behind Clarke, a brother who proved that he had more of a soul than he previously let on.

But all of that changed when she ditched him.

Out of desperation, Clarke offered to be the bad guy (duh) that his father needed and vowed to destroy Hope, the only person who could destroy Malivore.

Was he being genuine? Or was that his way of freeing himself from Malivore’s wrath?

Hope’s entrapment in Malivore ended more swiftly than I thought it would, but in terms of how much time passed in the show, it wasn’t quick enough.

Jo and Landon bonded by being the only ones stuck at the school and things turned from friendly to very friendly in a few short months.

Both of them found themselves “happy-ish” and while it was cute to watch, you couldn’t shake the feeling that if they knew the truth, they’d never allow things to go this far.

But that’s the thing — they didn’t know the truth.

When Hope exited Malivore and stumbled upon Landon and Jo sharing their first kiss, she was destroyed.

She blamed Landon’s magical holographic manifestation of her subconscious, but there was nothing to be angry about.

She couldn’t be angry at Landon because she no longer existed in his world.

With no one remembering Hope, she had absolutely nowhere to go and no one to turn to when that Hulk-like monster crashed the bus coming from New Orleans.

Will she slowly weasel her way into Alaric’s life again?

Will she tell Landon the truth and risk destroying his current happiness?

Julie Plec already confirmed that The Originals’ Freya will make a guest appearance. Will Hope reach out to her aunt to fix the mess that she’s gotten herself in?

Rafael may be the only other student to remember Hope since he was trapped in wolf form.

He ditched Landon around the same time he started getting close to Josie probably out of respect for Hope.

Will Hope turn him back and have him in her corner as an ally?

Forgetting about Hope has given the series the freedom to play around with relationships that otherwise wouldn’t have any merit.

And it’s a damn refreshing take on an unlikely love triangle.

Even if Landon gets his memories back, he’s still going to have feelings and experiences with Josie.

They’ll always have that one summer.

Kaleb and MJ were experiencing their version of a “hot girl summer.”

Their friendship is so wholesome.

Kaleb may be a tough guy, but he has the biggest heart and he takes his role as MJ’s best friend seriously.

When MJ’s family brutally turned their back on him, he brought him home with him for the summer.

While it wasn’t the “best summer ever,” MJ did learn how to cook a mean burger and temporarily got over Lizzie Saltzman by crushing on Kym.

Sadly, she was strictly off-limits because she’s Kaleb’s sister.

He did have a point that it’d be weird to have his “brother” and sister date, but doesn’t MJ deserve a little love in his life?

Meanwhile, Lizzie was Euro-tripping with her mom, Caroline, but it wasn’t as great as she made it out to be when she chatted with Josie.

Throughout most of the trip, Lizzie was putting in work to better herself and the twins were attempting to figure out what the ascendant had to do with their merge.

For all of those The Vampire Diaries lovers, hearing them mention Kai was probably music to your ears because it alludes to the possibility of a Chris Wood appearance.

Obviously, Kai was a terrible human and speaking to him about stopping the merge should be a last resort since he had no qualms about killing his own twin sister.

The chances of him telling anyone the truth are slim.

But Kai was also one of the funniest characters to grace the TVD realm. I wouldn’t mind seeing the girls get caught up in some mischief with him.

Maybe they’ll pay a visit to the prison world?

Other Mystic Falls Musings

  • Dorian and Alaric’s relationship is strained, but we need to get them back on track because Alaric’s beard is not doing him any favors.
  • Who was the lady in red at the end of the episode?
  • Did anyone else’s heart skip a beat when they mentioned Aunt Bonnie? I hope she comes back to help out with the merge.

What did you think of the Legacies Season 2 premiere?

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Legacies – There’s Always a Loophole (1×16)



Legacies There's Always a Loophole Review

It’s hero time.

And the students of the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted really proved themselves when push came to shove.

They were brave, they stood their ground, and even outsmarted the agents of Triad Industries.

Alaric was right when he said they fared brilliantly against the worst monster of all — ignorant humans.

It’s almost as if they’d been fighting monsters alongside Hope all season long… oh, wait.

Seeing how capable his students were should have eased Alaric’s mind and lessened his worries, but instead, he was more concerned about how his role as an ignorant human himself impacted his leadership of the school.

When Alaric blamed himself for the mess they were are in, he was really acknowledging the backstory and roots.

Alaric may be pro-supernaturals now, but those who have watched The Vampire Diaries know it wasn’t always this way.

He started off as a vampire hunter wanting to eradicate the Earth from supernaturals. But his fate has always been tied to vampires, witches and werewolves ever since his first wife.

I’m glad the writers acknowledged his past because it shows that it’s entirely possible for someone to change.

However, after all was said and done (I’ll get to this in a minuted), will Alaric and the council even remember why they were voting on whether or not he should remain headmaster? Or has their memory been completely cleared?

Legacies finished out its first season on a high note.

And boy, Julie Plec wasn’t lying when she said it would be an emotional rollercoaster.

Admittedly, I was skeptical about the series in the beginning. I wasn’t even a fan of the few first episodes as they felt too teeny-boppy and cheesy.

But Julie and team proved that they can deliver exceptional supernatural shows that feel fresh while simultaneously finding ways to relate and connect the storyline to its predecessors, TVD and The Originals.

Hope Mikealson took a page of out Klaus Mikealson’s playbook and sacrificed herself to save her loved ones from Malivore.

Either the fact that she’s a tribrid and the “key” (how Buffy-esque) to stopping Malivore’s rise(Hellmouth, anyone?) just fell into the writers’ laps or it’s something they’ve been mapping out since Hope’s conception.

The latter is the most impressive from a planning standpoint, and I wouldn’t put it past Plec and the writers.

This was always Hope’s destiny, but it isn’t her end-game.

Hope didn’t dive into Malivore alone though. She took Landon’s snakey brother with her after performing a ‘follow the leader’ spell which was so second grade. I can see why Clarke was never Malivore’s perfect son.

TVD started off with a good brother, Stefan, and a redeemable bad boy brother, Damon, but in this situation, the family dynamic between Landon and Clarke doesn’t seem as promising.

While Hope’s sacrifice was a tough and heartbreaking decision, forcing Clarke to suffer the same fate lessened the blow and made it worthwhile.

Hope’s journey from a lonely girl to a woman who realizes she’s better with a group and that she’s part of something bigger. She doesn’t need to carry this burden all on her own and if she had realized that sooner, maybe she wouldn’t be in this place.

It’s unfortunate that as Hope starts having real meaningful connections with her fellow students, she also has to retreat into isolation. Malivore has been dubbed a lonely place and I’m afraid it will undo all the progress she’s made.

But what happens now? The show’s heroine, and arguably the most powerful supernatural creature, has been swallowed up by a hell dimension. And the way Malivore dried up after they both fell in made it feel way too permanent.

There’s also the little issue where no one has any memory of Hope.

Being sucked up by a void of darkness erased her from everyone’s collective conscious and the remaining trace of her left behind at the school was erased by Ric.

I’m slightly upset that Ric listened to Hope and burned all her documents.

Her request was valid since she didn’t want them to suffer at her expense, but Ric should have held onto everything in case there is another loophole that could stop Malivore from rising and simultaneously save her.

Why would he do that?!?

Almost immediately after her jump, everyone forgot Hope. It’s as if she never existed. But how does this work exactly? Does Landon simply not remember anything about Triad since his brother has also been wiped from his mind.

How far back do their memories go? Do they remember that Triad attacked the school under the false belief that the chalice was hidden there?

And what happens to poor Rafael? Is he stuck in his werewolf mode? They made it a point to underline that Hope was the only one who could turn him back into his human self.

I’m guessing he’ll probably be the only one who will remember Hope when he eventually becomes human again.

Triad may have been a group of extremists who hunted down monsters they deemed dangerous, but they weren’t wrong for wanting to keep Malivore under lock and key.

The stuff Clarke and Landon’s father wanted to do once he was alive again was disturbing and dangerous.

There were moments where I was truly worried about his future if his father remolded.

The twins were still at odds following their fight and after finding out about the merge.

We assumed Josie was the stronger one, and it seems we were right. But even through her anger, she couldn’t allow her twin sister to die and she threw herself in front of the bullet.

Thankfully, Hope’s blood served as the cure because the fact that the episode is called ‘There’s Always a Loophole’ gives me faith that they will find the loophole for the Gemini curse.

Unlike with Jo and Kai, Josie and Lizzie love each other so much they are going to be extra motivated to find a way to save each other.

They also got their hands on an Ascendant in Ric’s office after Triad lifted his hiding spell.

Again, those of us who have watched The Vampire Diaries know that an Ascendant is used to harness the power of a celestial event to create a portal to a different dimension and allow the person to travel to it. There were three in use, but it is believed they were all destroyed.

The last one was created with Bonnie, Josie and Lizzie to trap Kai.

I’m guessing this is the one Ric was holding onto.

Since the girls have their hands on it, there’s a chance they may help Kai escape.

Part of me hopes this Gemini coven storyline allows for Kat Graham (Bonnie) and Candance King Accola (Caroline) to guest star!

Other Thoughts 

  • Is Triad officially over now that Malivore has been locked? How did they not figure out that Hope was the key to all of it?
  • MJ’s relationship with his mother is deader than he is. Sorry, Veronica.
  • All the monsters this season have been so on point!
  • Medusa returned to save MJ’s life! I really hope she attends the school and has a thing with MJ.
  • How adorable was Kaleb protecting all the children?
  • MJ telling Kaleb to “be better” when it came to enemies who just tried to kill them was so critical. We should all think like that in our daily lives and refuse to be less than.

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