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Limitless- Pilot (1×01)




What if you were smarter than everyone on the planet? What if you used up 100% of your brain at any given moment? What if you were offered a drug to enhance the way your brain works? Would you take it? Those are the question’s CBS’s new show Limitless poses.

Of course, if you’ve seen the movie with the hunky Bradley Cooper, you already get the premise of the show. Brian Finch is the dude, NZT is the drug. Brian is introduced to us as an aspiring musician who lost his way. He’s been trying to get his “shot” for years now, when he realizes he’s basically a worthless loser who works temp jobs. Then his dad gets sick and he looses all hope, until he meets his old bandmate Eli at a banking firm. He hears him out and hands him over NZT. The high is a good high- Brian organizes all the folders at his job, encourages a girl to dump her BF and pursue her MBA and even finds a cure to his dads sickness, which doctors weren’t able to diagnose. But the low is really, really low. The withdrawals are worse than a bad hangover… We wouldn’t wish that upon anyone.

Seeing the capabilities this new drug has given him, Brian heads to Eli’s place to score his next fix. Unfortunately, inside he finds his best friend dead and the place ransacked. He finds the drug right as the FBI bursts in and begins chasing him because well he’s running away so he def looks like a suspect. You know how those in uniform always jump to conclusions. Brian makes his great escape calculating exactly when the train will stop so it doesn’t hit him and then climbing under and sneaking through to a secret tunnel.

The FBI then begins searching for him, since most NZT users die within a year of using the drug. But Brian is determined to find out who killed his friend and clear his name. He finds two of Eli’s colleagues also using NZT at the firm. He finds the first one dead in his hotel suite, but the other one is still very much alive and very much the killer. He begins shooting at Brian, who escapes with a gunshot wound to the leg. Back at his hotel, he tries to heal the wound himself with Rebecca’s over the phone help, but he blacks out and wakes up handcuffed to a bed. And not in a good way!

Cue Bradley Cooper. Remember him? His character Eddie Mora was the original NZT user. Turns out, he’s now a senator who is planning (maybe) to run for President. He sees potential in Brian, as long as he can clear his name and keep the whole convo a secret. Sounds pretty easy right? If he does, Mora promises him a position with unlimited NZT that has no side-affects. Dope right?

With his last pill, Brian realizes the only thing Honey wouldn’t throw out is a NZT pill, so he hijacks a bank, has them call the FBI and breaks into Andrew’s vault to find hidden pills with Eli’s blood still on them. When the head of the FBI realizes that Brian’s brain scans have come back without any affects of NZT on the brain, she realizes he’s immune and that he’s an asset to the company and further development of the drug. Instead of being just a test subject, Rebecca wants him to actually become a consultant because you know, she secretly loves him.

Brian agrees to the job on one condition- they help his dad find a new live. I’m also calling it that his dad won’t live for too long, but at least he saw his son finally find his place in life.

Previews from next weeks episode show Brian jumping right into his new job in a manner that reminds me of Forever’s Dr. Henry Morgan. Could this be the new show for those fans? Quite possibly.

What happens now that Brian is working for the FBI and not taking up Mora on his job offer? I could use a little Bradley Cooper guest starring now and then!

For now, Limitless has a lot of potential to make it past season 1 of this fall season. Were you digging it?


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Limitless – A Dog’s Breakfast (1×19)



Limitless A Dog's Breakfast

Brian did not get a warm welcome when he returned from Russia. Instead, Naz put together a whole new list of rules that basically stripped Brian of all his freedom. Get ready to see a tux-wearing, no-goofing off, always being watched Brian. Obviously, the lack of space comes at a bad time, especially in Brian’s situation. Things only get worse when he finds Piper’s bloody bracelet in his apartment and realizes Morra and Sans must have kidnapped her.

But Brian’s new detail aren’t the only one keeping an eye out on him – so is Rebecca who found out that Brian has been in cahoots with Sans, thanks to Brian’s little sister. Seriously, look how she screwed everything up. Rebecca is busy trying to find a connection between Brian, Sans and Morra and she even goes as far as to enlist Mike and Ike to help. I’m really not liking this bad work atmosphere we’ve got going here now.

Brian eventually ditches his detail to meet up with Piper, who never shows. He realizes he’s being followed but doesn’t suspect it could be the one person he actually trusts. After he realizes Piper is missing, he ditches his detail once again to get some one-on-one time with the mastermind himself, Morra. But in an interesting turn of events, Morra tells him that he didn’t actually know Piper was alive. In fact, he didn’t care much about anything except his plan to become President and then to take over the world.

Oh and Sans has gone totally rogue. Basically, Sans now has an unlimited amount of NZT and the one person who knows how to make the anecdote to reverse all of its side-effects. In other words, he’s gone evil and he’s building a super smart army of villains. Seriously, why isn’t Morra more worried about this? Kind of makes you wonder if Sans was really the mad man all along and Morra was just power hungry. It’s also disappointing that Sans and Brian had such a good friendship until now. How will he stop Sans and find Piper?

Things only get worse when Rebecca comes to Brian’s house and confronts him holding a gun pointed at him. She demands that he tell her why he’s chummy with Senator Morra or else. Now look, if he does tell her the truth, is it really that dangerous? It doesn’t seem like Morra cares anymore because his henchman is actually evil. So in reality, teaming up with Rebecca and the FBI against Sans seems like a solid solution, don’t you think? I am however shocked Rebecca could turn on a friend like that… no matter what she thinks Brian is doing.

This weeks story involved a rich dude that was killed for his kidney. Turns out, his wife wanted him dead so that his high tech kidney story would go viral and she’d be able to cash in. But in reality, she just got caught. As much as I enjoy seeing Brian solve cases, I could have done without. There was enough happening this week that we didn’t need a filler story!

Will Brian tell Rebecca the truth? Will he rescue Piper? What is Morra’s ultimate plan? Why did Sans go rogue?


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Limitless – Bezgranichnyy (1×18)



Limitless Bezgranichnyy

Brian’s time in Russia was very eventful – he saved Piper by making “Game of Throne” deals with the head honchos, fell in love with Piper, helped Piper break into a ball and steal some plant that could help make the NZT anecdote so that they could free themselves from Eddie Morra once and for all, got arrested, got freed by Piper and finally returned home to New York City.

That’s pretty much the gist of what happened on this weeks where Brian was concerned. His whole motive behind the little trip to Europe was to finally get back his old life; the one where people respected him and where he didn’t have to lie all the time. As you remember last week, things came to quite a boiling point when his mother freaked out about him working for the FBI, taking some clear drugs and putting his sisters life in danger by stitching up some undercover agent. He also lied to Rebecca about having spare NZT pills and she put in a request to change his handler – a falling out between friends and family really affected Brian who realized enough was enough.

All of Brian’s lies are beginning to unravel as his double life begins to come out. First off, both Mike and Ike heard the story about that undercover FBI agent. Eventually Brian’s sister told Rebecca exactly what she saw and positively identified Sans as the man that came over last night. Now Rebecca is smart so you know she can piece two and two together. She’s been suspicious of Morra and his NZT use, Sans tried to buy her out with some really impressive offer to work for him and now she’s finding extra NZT pills at Brian’s place and the fact that he’s secretly meeting him. Not good for Brian at all, but honestly, Sans is to blame for pulling this thread.

Brians relationship with Sans is also pretty much doomed. It was fun while it lasted. Let us not forget like Brian did that Morra and Sans are two very powerful people in this world. Sans has eyes everywhere, including Russia. He received a picture of Brian and Piper at the end of the episode and it really pissed him off because not only is Brian working with the enemy, he’s lying to them about it and he lied about killing Piper. It is safe to say, he’s in big trouble. Without Sans and Morra, Brian will die from the effects of all the NZT he’s been taking. Plus, spoiler alert – the preview showed that Morra’s team kidnapped Piper.

So what now? Instead of freeing himself, Brian only dug himself deeper. His family hates him, Rebecca is onto him and Piper is being held hostage. I hope she doesn’t die, I really like her and Brian together. How will he get out of this one without telling everyone the truth? Will Morra trust him again? Will the FBI welcome him back with open arms after the stuff he pulled? It’s all fun and games until you end up in Russia.

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Limitless – Stop Me Before I Hug Again (1×13)



Limitless Stop Me Before I Hug Again

You weren’t the only one who made sure that they were watching the right show. For the first time on Limitless, Brian was finally faced to deal with a really bad criminal and the opening shown had us deal with a very gruesome murder, something I wasn’t completely ready for when tuning in.

Brian is also pretty jilted by the gruesomeness, so he reverts to his subconscious and leans on his favorite childhood TV character Josh-o-saurus Josh. Instead of using words like killer and murder, he uses happy phrases like hug and coddle. So instead of watching the FBI hunt down some deranged serial killer, we’re on the hunt for a serial hugger. It’s hard to take anyone seriously with this lingo and that’s why Limitless is really good at what it does… although I did find it a little creepy and questioned whether or not I should be taking something so serious as rape so lightly. Regardless, the show kept it’s light hearted tone while tackling the case of Mr. Pralines and Cream.

The FBI brings in a top FBI profiler from Quantico named David Englander. Everyone is really excited to see him however Brian puts him in his place right away. The dude is so impressed with Brian’s ability to narrow down the bad guy in a split second, he invites Brian to check out Quantico for a few days and take a stab at some unsolved cases. Naz doesn’t have the heart to say no to Brian, especially when he keeps repeating “ROADTRIP,” so she allows it but only if Rebecca goes with him as supervision.

On the “roadtrip” Brian learns a lot more about his partner including that she’s a really good roadtrip buddy, she loves to sing along and she’s down to play punch buggy. He also finds out that Rebecca has been digging into Edward Morra and that she believes he might have been on NZT the day he was shot. That’s clearly a problem Brian will have to nip in the butt.

But first – Quantico. Brian spends his time flying through cases. When its time to leave, Englander gives him a signed (gasp) copy of his book. While reading the book, Brian realizes there are some inconsistencies. The high profile case made Englander famous, but when Brian reads it on NZT, he realizes that Mr. Butter Pecan is probably innocent. They make a pit stop at the jail to visit Butter Pecan, who is on death row for the crime and find that it would be impossible for him to commit the crime because there is no way this scrawny dude could have killed 300 pound people with his bare hands.

Brian proceeds to look into the case trying to find ways to prove that Butter Pecan is innocent. He’s following his gut, but it’s difficult considering the dude passed a polygraph test which proves that he truly believes he committed the murder. That is until Brian realizes that his memory was altered by his psychologist, who is dabbling in some neurological experiments. Doc was able to plant fake memories into Butter Pecan’s brain by using fiber optic wires. Yes, just like inception… the complicated movie starring Leo DiCaprio! When they shave his head, they find the incision made by the doctor. Unfortunately, his alibi for the night of the murders checks out.

Whoever did commit the murders had to give a detailed account of them to Butter Pecan, so chances are, the dude is in the doctors circle. When the doc gets a big fat paycheck for his research, Brian puts two and two together and realizes that the doc is framing his patient to protect a wealthy investor whose son killed those people.

After Butter Pecan is cleared, Englander flies out to Brian’s headquarters to personally apologize for getting mad that Brian was trying to pick apart his case. He offers him a job by his side, but Brian isn’t down for that life. He likes the FBI, plus there is no way Morra would let him accept it… and neither would Naz. Don’t you ever feel bad for Brian? Essentially, he’s just a really smart puppet that can’t be freed.

With that case solved, Brian now has to make Rebecca stop investigating Eddie Morra. If she continues, she’ll end up dead and we definitely don’t want that. He realizes that eventually, she’ll want to test the blood on Morra’s coat, which is in the evidence locker, to see if it has traces of NZT. He contacts Sands to provide him a very detailed replica of the coat so he can switch them out. If the blood has no traces of NZT, Rebecca will finally let this go for good.

Once Sands delivers, Brian has to break into the evidence locker and plan the evidence. While he’s pulling off his big mission, Rebecca and Boyle show up and realize something is wrong. Brian and Rebecca nearly miss each other in the evidence locker and you know, that would be really, really, really hard to explain. Thankfully, Brian’s got some ninja like reflexes and gets away with it.

But does he? Not really. Sands clearly isn’t on NZT because when he gave Brian the jacket, he failed to chip a button. Brian attempted, but obviously the chip is not identical and Rebecca, who is meticulous to detail, notices it right away. Did Brian want her to see it so that she’d continue asking questions and maybe save him from this life? Josh-o-saurus Josh seems to think so. But he’s also a pothead so we can’t really trust him. All we know is the Rebecca totally knows someone switched out the coats and now she’s even more suspicious.

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