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Loki Season Premiere Review – A Pit-Stop In Time (1×01)

(L-R): Mobius (Owen Wilson) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in Marvel Studios' LOKI exclusively on Disney+. Photo by Chuck Zlotnick. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.



When Loki was first announced in 2018, I, like many others, wondered what it could conceivably be about. Since…he died, technically. But later when the Avengers went back in time in Avengers: Endgame, he stole the Tesseract, which led many to wonder about how that would affect the timeline. Well, now we are getting answers.

The series starts right at the beginning. The Avengers in New York, Loki in cuffs, and the Tesseract falling out of its case for the God of Mischief to pick up and quickly disappear.

He ends up in Mongolia, about to assert his will over some unsuspecting people. Except the minutemen–basically, tactical soldiers with some cool time tech–show up and accuse him of being a “Variant” who’s committed crimes against the “Sacred timeline”.

They subdue Loki and bring him to the Time Variant Authority. Now, I personally think the TVA is super cool. Loki does not really agree with me, but I love this concept of a bunch of bureaucrats in a government-like building protecting time.

A building that is run verrrrry efficiently, though I’d expect nothing less from an agency all about time. Loki is shepherded from station to station, having to sign off on everything he’s ever said, and confirm he’s not a robot. He really had to think about that one, because apparently there are people who don’t know if they’re a robot or not?

But this is where we truly get a sense of what exactly this place is. Through a helpful cartoon that reminded me of The Jetsons, we know that the TVA is here to protect the “sacred timeline”. Loki accidentally created a “Nexus” event when he veered off-course of the intended timeline.

There used to be a multiversal war with multiple timelines all fighting for supremacy, which nearly destroyed everything. Fortunately, these three “Time-Keepers” were able to combine all the times into one single timeline.

It’ll be interesting to know if we get to have a good look at these Time-Keepers. So far we’ve only seen them in cartoon form. Are they honestly aliens as Loki referred to them? Or maybe they’re some other kind of creature.

It also shed a light on why there are so many kinds of creatures in this universe. It’s like everyone was from different timelines before coming into the one Sacred Timeline.

But Loki isn’t buying this. In fact, he spends most of this episode in denial about where he is, what this is, why he’s there, and questioning everyone’s power and knowledge. Even though they could stop him from using his magic so if I were him, I’d definitely start believing.

Now things get a bit sticky when the judge wants Loki to answer for his time crime. It seems like all hope is lost and he’ll get “reset”, but Agent Mobius swoops in to save the day just in the nick of time (pun 100% intended).

Agent Mobius was just in 1549 dealing with a problem the TVA has been having. Apparently, there’s a dangerous Variant that’s been killing their minutemen, and stealing the device they use to reset the timeline.

Mobius thinks that Loki could help them with this problem. So he tries to get him on board by trying to see if Loki can understand and come to terms with who he is, and what he’s done.

He has this cool machine that has Loki’s proper life, and Loki heartbreakingly sees the moment he caused his mother’s death.

Of course, he’s still in denial and does not do well with this information. He’s still all “I’m a God, you’ll be sorry, bravado, bravado, blah, blah”.

But he’s still the God of Mischief and does manage to escape this viewing room. He corners a desk worker, demanding to get the Tesseract back.

Demanding is a very nice way of saying he threatened to flay him like a fish. But the worker didn’t even know what a fish was! Do these people not eat? Is he literally just in that office for his entire life? They showed a wider city, so what’s happening out there if everyone just works with no life? Hopefully, all these questions get answered in later episodes.

But when the worker does give him the Tesseract, Loki discovers something else in the drawer. Infinity stones! And lots of them. All from when other Variants took what they weren’t meant to have. So, they end up confiscated and useless (Well not completely useless, they’re given a second life as paperweights).

This is where it’s all finally sinking in for Loki. The most powerful things in the universe with no power? Yeah so, this place is no joke.

He goes back to the viewing room and watches the rest of his life on tape. Along with his beloved mother, he sees his father die, his relationship with his brother blossom, and Thanos killing him.

This all happens in such a short period, that it’s like he gets a concentrated evolution instead of the one that happened over many movies. He gets to the root of who he is, and even though he doesn’t like hurting people, he does it to gain control from their fear. Whew, what a therapy session.

He’s finally ready to listen to what Mobius is saying, understanding this world is not only real, but “formidable” as he puts it.

This is good because the TVA needs his help. Because the very dangerous Variant that’s been killing their minutemen is…Loki!

Now, I totally called this from earlier in the episode, but its confirmation lends itself to more questions.

Like what time was that Loki created from? And did this experience at the TVA contribute to that timeline? But maybe even more significant, is why? Because there has to be a reason he wants the timeline reset devices so much he’s willing to kill all these minutemen for it.

So, I don’t know if this new softened Loki is completely genuine, but only time will tell (ok that was the last time pun). The episode ends before we learn any of that. We just see evil Loki (well we don’t even get to see him, just a dark hooded figure) strike again in 1858.

Overall, I’m super excited about where this series is going to go because the possibilities seem endless. Although it could be a bit confusing like most things involving time are, but I am here for this cool little timeline offshoot and the mod office aesthetics.

What does everyone think so far? Let me know!

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Loki Recap – The God with a Desk Job (1×02)



Loki The Variant Review

Okay, so the second episode of Loki dropped, and we actually get to see what Dangerous Loki looks like. Let’s get into it!

It seems like Loki is fitting right in at his TVA desk job. Mobius has him watching annoying training videos like every other corporate job. Miss Minutes, sort of a recording but also sort of alive, does seem like she would be a little more interesting than the usual cheesy videos.

But soon enough it’s time for him to get out into the field.

There’s been an attack. In good old 1985 Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Seems like Dangerous Loki has struck again. But this time when the Minutemen showed up, he took one as a hostage! Not great.

Mobius and the gang show up to reset the timeline. This is Loki’s moment to display what he’s learned in his training, and prove that he can be trusted! He fails. Of course, he’s more concerned with trying to bargain his way to an audience with The Time-Keepers.

Ok, but I can’t even get mad at Loki for this. He’s facing total destruction! Obviously, he’s going to try to find a way out of it. Anyone would do what they need to do to survive.

But Mobius is pretty perceptive. I think he manages to see Loki very clearly. Whether it’s his motivations for his actions, or just when he’s trying to get away with something.

Anyway, Wisconsin was a bust.

Mobius has to appeal to Judge Ravonna Renslayer, and convince her why using Loki to find the other Loki is still a good idea. He does manage to placate her for the time being, but did you guys catch what I did?

She has quite an impressive office, including life-size statues of the three Time-Keepers. There are also larger statues elsewhere in the TVA. It strikes me as interesting that these Time-Keepers seem to be ever-present, and yet completely absent. Mobius also mentions that he’s never met them. Coupled with the conversation he has with Loki about believing in the reality of the Time-Keepers, I wonder if everything is 100% legit at the TVA.

But those are answers we’ll have to wait for.

Because it’s time to hit the books once again. Mobius has Loki in a library-like place doing some serious variant research. Even though Loki would like to learn about the small things–like the creation of the TVA, and the beginning and end of time–those are classified. He’ll have to settle for files only about himself. Tough.

Except! He makes a crucial discovery in those files. Loki learns about the annihilation of Asgard that happened in Thor: Ragnarock (yes, boohoo, very sad) and comes up with an important hypothesis.

If apocalypse events destroy everything and everyone, then whatever you do before one doesn’t matter. The perfect place for Dangerous Loki to hide.

He and Mobius go rogue for a moment to do what anyone with a hypothesis should do. They test it out in 79AD, right before the city of Pompeii gets buried in ash.

Now I don’t know about you, but I was thinking about their actions potentially causing someone to prematurely run and escape. It didn’t happen, but again time is a very delicate and complex thing.

But Mobius said there was zero variance energy created, so we’re all good!

All they have to do is narrow down all similar apocalypse events between 2047 and 2051. This is the period that has the candy Dangerous Loki gave to the small girl in 1549 from episode 1.

After the Judge gives her approval, a team is deployed to a fatal storm in 2050 Alabama.

This is where things get interesting.

Head Minuteman, Hunter B-15 insists on keeping Loki under her command. Everyone fans out, looking for Bad Loki. While the others find the Minuteman originally taken hostage, Loki and B-15 run into the Loki they’re searching for.

Of course, he doesn’t look like Loki.

Trickery abounds! Dangerous Loki can mirror and control other people while he does other important things (what a great way to multi-task). Unfortunately, this involves taking over Hunter B-15 as well. Don’t worry, not for too long. Bad Loki likes to body hop.

Now after some classic Loki banter where he reveals he wants to take over the TVA and some rowdy fisticuffs, Dangerous Loki finally reveals themselves. Who do we have…?

Well no one immediately recognizable or anything, but she’s a blonde Lady Loki! With a great green outfit complete with some golden horns (or horn, as one seems to be broken).

Although Loki seems reasonably shocked like the rest of us, he remembers we’ve got a situation.

It seems Lady Loki appreciated the time Loki sucked up because her plan was already in motion.

All those reset charges she stole were set up and rigged to blow! Blow as in she transported them throughout the Sacred Timeline, setting off a lot of Nexus events at the same time.

Does the TVA have the resources to handle all these events simultaneously? Because what happens if just one reaches that red line? Is the entire universe sent into chaos immediately? Well, they have to leave some answers for upcoming episodes I guess.

Another pressing issue? Well, after Lady Loki conjures a portal to disappear, Loki escapes the TVA’s custody by using that same portal.

Mobius was even calling after him, but of course, he chose the classic Loki move of betrayal. A bit heartbreaking. This is not going to go down well with Judge Renslayer and everyone who was warning Mobius this EXACT thing would happen.

It seems like Loki is still The God of Mischief at heart. Maybe his evolution wasn’t as complete as the last episode made it appear. But who knows, perhaps Loki is just going after Lady Loki to later bring her to justice? Maybe?

I guess we’ll have to tune in next week to figure it all out. What do you guys think will happen with the Sacred Timeline? Where do you think Loki is going to pop up? And do you guys think there’s anything fishy with the TVA?

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