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Love Life Episode 3 recap Love Life Episode 3 recap


Love Life Recap – Rejection Sucks (1×05)

Credit: HBO Max/ Love Life



Your past teaches you lessons that you can use in your future, but as we learn in episode 5 of Love Life, the original series from HBO Max, ignoring your past can cause you to make the same mistakes over and over.

This episode starts as all the others have, with the unknown narrator giving us some insight into Darby’s life, who according to her, has ignored her past.

Darby has decided to see a therapist but doesn’t seem very comfortable talking to someone she refers to as a “stranger.”  The therapist points out that being a stranger is kind of the whole point, you can talk to that person without judgement or history.

The therapist asks Darby to just start talking. Darby recounts a recent situation with her boyfriend talking her into buying a $2000 sofa that they neither needed or could afford. Rather than disagreeing with her boyfriend, Darby suggests that they buy the matching ottoman as well. When the therapist asks why and Darby explains how he has a way of talking her into things, the therapist comments that it sounds as if Darby was steamrolled into the purchase and asks why she didn’t express that to him.

Darby confesses that if she did, it would cause a fight and she feared he would reject her.

And so our story begins for this episode.

Rejection sucks, it really does. Everyone has experienced it in some form or other, but as Darby tells the therapist about her first times dealing with it, you see how it can affect one person more strongly than others, and that Darby doesn’t realize that she has felt rejected before this situation.

When Darby was 15 and being shuttled between the households of her divorced parents, she didn’t feel that she belonged anywhere. Darby decides to apply for a boarding school across the country, hoping her parents would stop her because she is so important to the family, but is disappointed to see that they allow her to go.

During her first Thanksgiving break, she is one of the few to stay on at the school because her parents have their own plans. Darby heads to the cafeteria to grab something to eat and sits with a group of gamers, who she doesn’t seem to have a lot in common with. While sitting there, Luke Ducharme walks in wearing a robe and bottoms,

The two begin talking and go off together to smoke some marijuana and kiss. A romantic montage begins showing the two together throughout the Thanksgiving break.

Once students return and classes begin, Darby tell her roommate about her time with Luke and is warned that he is a player. She denies any feelings for him and says they are keeping it casual, although Darby obviously feels more than she is letting on.

Darby starts to notice Luke pulling back and tries to stay close by joining the cast of the school musical Cats which he stars in. Luke uses the excuse that he is just busy.

Love Life Episode 3 recap

Credit: HBO Max/ Love Life

One day Darby comes back to her room and notices her roommate has hung a hair tie on the door handle, indicating no entry. A few minutes later, Luke comes out of the room.

Darby is upset but when her roommate comes out and finds her crying, she denies being upset over them hooking up and blurts out the excuse that she is upset due to a recent cancer diagnosis. Of course this is not true, but trying to save face is more important than the truth when you are young and hurt.

Fellow students, as well as the Dean begin to hear about the diagnosis and approach Darby extending their concerns and support.

Luke comes to Darby’s door and asks her to take a walk with him. Wearing a “Live Strong” bracelet, Luke tells Darby he is sorry and that he loves her.

It isn’t long before Darby is found out and embarrassed, drops out of the school.

Her parents come together to pick her up and take her home. They ask Darby why she lied, and she says that she just wants to go home and be with them, even if they don’t want her there, showing where her original feelings of rejections came from.

Darby’s father is shocked and tells her that of course they want her and love her. Her mother’s response is that Darby can be thankful that she wasn’t at the school long and those she met will probably not remember her.

Darby tell the therapist how embarrassed she was, the therapist responds that it sounds more than embarrassing, it sounds traumatizing.

The therapy session is ending and the therapist asks Darby to think about why she feels that she doesn’t deserve love so they can talk about that during the next week’s session.

The final scene shows Darby grocery shopping. The narrator lets us know that Darby did not return to therapy. Darby is wearing an engagement ring and Magnus from the last episode is there with her.

This episode of Love Life was heart wrenching. Anyone who has felt the pain of rejection can sympathize with Darby, hoping that in some future episode, she finds the love and happiness she obviously wants so badly.

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PLL Original Sin Review – The Rosewood and Riverdale Connection



Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Review Scars Season 1 Episode 6

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin is starting to feel more and more like the OG PLL, but maybe that’s because some of the new liars took a trip to Rosewood on Season 1 Episode 6 in search of some much-desired answers. More specifically, The Radley Hotel, once known as Radley Sanitorium.

PLL fans have plenty of worrisome memories at Radley, but thankfully, Imogen and Tabby’s trip fared slightly better. Turns out, Radley is actually a place of relaxation and serenity these days.

It was also a productive trip because one meeting with Eddie Lamb (who has truly seen it all!) later gave the duo a lot more to work with, in addition to a handful of new questions. This is still PLL after all. 

The only thing missing from the mini-crossover was a guest appearance from one of PLL’s finest, though, Tabby’s trip to Ezra’s bookstore filled the void while also being a natural fit for the character.

During the brunch meeting, Lamb revealed that five young girls would visit Rose Waters, Angela’s mother, who was committed at Radley after spiraling and attempting to attack a group of teen boys in the high school following her daughter’s tragic death. Imogen knew exactly who the five women were, with Lamb confirming it was the moms, who clearly have a load of secrets and aren’t exactly forthcoming with any intel about Angela.

In fact, Imogen and Tabby, who are doing much of the heavy lifting when it comes to the research, had to go meet with a man named Crazy Joe living at the abandoned train tracks in order to get any insight into Angela’s past. 

Joe confirmed Imogen’s theory that their mothers were somehow connected to Angela’s tragic death, which pretty much proves that it is also why “A” is targeting them. However, Joe also underscored that the moms were the mean girls who “adopted” Angela and turned her into someone completely different.

After her death, Rose couldn’t deal with the loss and came to school yielding a weapon and trying to attack a group of teen boys. While the attack initially seemed random—like someone who just snapped from the stress— it all made a bit more sense when Lamb filled in the missing piece: Angela was raped before she plunged to her death, which explains the messy look and the fact that she was begging her “friends” for help.

Honestly, the more we find out, the more I despise the moms. I know that they are good people now who have learned from their mistakes, but they never actually owned up to their part in Angela’s death. Actually, Noa and Faran’s moms don’t seem to have changed their ways at all, So, they don’t deserve any slack. 

Lamb’s reveal that Angela was raped right before her death negates the theory that she has a secret child out there getting revenge, but it does make Rose a prime suspect as Lamb added that she was released and bussed out of town when Radley underwent a bit of a makeover. 

He also said some patients were turned over to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy in Riverdale, which now brings all three shows into each other’s orbit. I don’t know how that works considering Lucy Hale was both Aria Montgomery and Katy Keene, but I guess we’ll just live in this informal crossover bliss for a bit and enjoy that all these worlds exist simultaneously. 

Rose has now skyrocketed to the top of the suspect’s list when it comes to “A” as she would definitely have it out for the girls who hurt her daughter. And it would make sense that she would try to protect their daughters in a way that no one protected her daughter (“A” has never tried to hurt the liars physically, he only comes after those who hurt them), while also making any bully pay the ultimate price. 

Crazy Joe can’t be ruled out as a suspect since he was in love with Anglea, but now we also have to add Steve to the list simply because he’s an actual creep who has become obsessed with Mouse. 

There was something fundamentally wrong with him pretending that Mouse was his kidnapped daughter, but I could turn the other cheek and ignore it in that one instance because everyone experiences grief in their own way. 

But stalking Mouse at bowling and Swan Lake, while also introducing himself as Mouse’s dad to Ash, is crossing the line. Losing his daughter has clearly taken a toll on his mental health, and Mouse needs to tell someone before it gets too serious. 

Tabby and Imogen, who enjoyed their mini-getaway, also realized they have a lot more in common with Angela than they ever knew as they both opened up about their respective sexual assaults.

Tabby has minimal memories from the night of the bonfire where she was basically drugged and assaulted, while Imogen has no recollection of it happening aside from the intense pain the next morning. She underscores it’s the night that she got pregnant, which is even more heartbreaking.

It’s important to address sexual assault, but it’s even more important to highlight and showcase how strong and badass these women are. They aren’t letting what happened to them define them; they are opening up about it on their own terms, working through it, and trying to prevent it from happening to others in the future.

And they are most definitely considering the possibility that it was the same person who assaulted them both.

At this point, Chip tops my list of suspects. He’s trying so hard to be the good guy that it’s almost like he’s covering for a dark side and trying to convince himself. It’s not lost on me that Tabby mentioned that she asked him to take her shift while she went to the bonfire, which he judged her for with a comment about “hanging out with the meatheads.”I wouldn’t be surprised if his feelings are borderline obsessive and he took advantage of the situation as she kept dismissing the “nice dude” to pursue the jocks that he clearly has some feelings about. 

However, all of the male students in Millwood seem to have a hard time grasping consent in general. It’s not hard not to be an ass, but they just keep making crude and misogynistic jokes while believing that “non means no” is just a suggestion they can ignore if they feel like it.

Take Greg, for example. Kelly bashes Tyler for being a pig, he laughs, and then he proceeds to try to force himself onto Kelly, suggesting that the “Beasly girls like it rough.” Kelly and Karen may have been walking nightmares, but no one deserves to be treated that way. 

Kelly also made it a point to underscore that she’s not pretending to be her sister in this scene and in the following one where she’s attacked by “A” in the theater — when he pulls a move straight from the OG A playbook and ditches the pigskin mask for a theater one, so maybe we should just ditch the twin switch trope.

The whole theater moment was peak PLL! “A” is taking those big swings as he chases Kelly/Karen before finally cornering her. It’s the perfect opportunity to strike, but when she exclaims that she’s really Kelly (a declaration I’m still hard pressed to believe as it feels like a final Hail Mary), he slinkers off proving that he’s only interested in making the bullies pay.

And maybe he just likes seeing people in total fear.

Of course, the moment immediately raises a red flag on Henry as Kelly drops out of the show shortly after, leaving an opening for Faran to be the star, which is what he calls her.

Basically, I’m saying that none of the boys can be trusted. Period. Question all the boyfriends because every single one of them is shady, including Shawn.

Shawn seemed to have good intentions when he confronted Noa’s mom about being a roadblock for her daughter, but not only was it out of place, but his approach was terrible.

He didn’t understand or respect where Noa was coming from about taking hit after hit for her mother and protecting her. Noa fully acknowledges that her mother is an addict who needs help. Shawn, however, came in there playing the blame game and making her feel guilty to the point where she shut down. I don’t think Noa’s mom was using — and the drugs that they found belonged to A — but this set her over the edge and right back down a dangerous spiral. 

Noa deserves to step out from under her mom’s shadow and live her own life; she deserves not to be the adult the whole time, but the conversation could’ve been so different had she not trusted Shawn with the information he wasn’t ready to handle.

As for Faran, well, you have to applaud when a woman takes her power back. In her case, A provided her with the information that proved to her that her mother purposefully put her through an unnecessary surgery for the sake of vanity, which also confirmed all of her biggest fears about her mother. 

And even now, after everything that Faran has accomplished, her mother is still only seeing the surface level and is ready to put her through more pain to make her “prettier.” It’s a huge blow to a young woman’s self-esteem, so I’m glad Faran can see it for what it really is. She’s much stronger and braver than her mom ever was. She’s no longer hiding; she’s owning scoliosis and the scar so that no one — looking at you Kelly/Karen — can ever use it against her again. 

Of course, when her mother saw that Faran aired her family drama publicly, she broke down. It likely all triggers a memory of when she forced Angela to get a tattoo and then ghosted her, but in general, Corey doesn’t seem to do well with anyone calling her out. 

She was pretty distraught after leaving the play, so it’s possible that the crash was really an “accident,” but if I’ve learned anything over the years, “A” probably had something to do with it. 

And considering how vain Corey is, I wouldn’t be surprised if “A” made sure that her looks took a hit.

Either way, the mystery trudges on as we narrow down the possible suspects in hopes of getting some clarity in the near future. Who is “A”? Who assaulted Tabby and Imogen? Sound off in the comments below!

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Internet Reacts to ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spinoff ‘Original Sin’



Internet Reacts to 'Pretty Little Liars' Spinoff 'Original Sin'

We’re not in Rosewood anymore. Millwood is a blue-collar town that’s darker and harbors a tragic secret that transcends the new generation of liars. The trauma began with their mothers, and the new version of “A” is hellbent on making them pay the price at any cost. 

Since Pretty Little Liars had such a dedicated fan base, it’s only fitting that the internet has a lot of thoughts about the reboot, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.

Here are some of the best tweets and internet reactions!

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Series Premiere Review – Spirit Week (1×01)

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WATCH: ‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot Trailer Gives First Look Into the Scandalous Lives of Manhattan’s Elite



Hey Upper East Siders,

The long-awaited Gossip Girl reboot has finally dropped its first trailer.

Nine years after its original run in 2007-2012, Gossip Girl is back and ready to ruin the lives of the next generation of New York’s elite.

This time, she’s upgraded technology and can wreak havoc beyond her blog and outdated flip phone’s contact list.

Through the use of an anonymous Instagram account, she threatens to unveil a huge secret among the ruling rich kids at the private school Constance Billard.

With a cast full of up-and-comers including Jordan Alexander’s portrayal of the queen bee, Julian Calloway, and Whitney Peak as the new girl, Zoya Lott, the show seems to do a great job of diversifying its characters.

There are a few familiar faces including Elizabeth Lail (You) and Laura Benanti (Younger), and the recognizable voice-over of Kristen Bell as the ominous Gossip Girl.

In this short two-minute trailer, it’s clear that the show will be full of drama, and according to the official logline, “The prestige series will address just how much social media–and the landscape of New York City itself– has changed in the intervening years.”

Don’t forget to tune in, as the series will officially stream episodes on HBO Max weekly starting July 8.


Gossip Girl

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