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‘Lupin’ Season 3 Premiere Date Finally Announced

Credit: Netflix press



Lupin fans, we finally have some news about the upcoming third season!

Netflix teased the third season focusing on the gentleman thief played by Omar Sy in 2022, which riled up the fandom, but now, there’s additional information bubbling up to the surface.

It’s been nearly two years since the French-language thriller aired its last episode, so there’s quite a lot of anticipation for new episodes.

And now, we have an official premiere date! 

Lupin Season 3 will drop on Netflix on Thursday, October 5, 2023. 

It’s unclear how many episodes the new season will have, but hopefully, Netflix will unveil more information in the days/weeks to come. 

Here’s the synopsis: 

“Now in hiding, Assane Diop must learn to live far from his wife and son. With the suffering they endure because of him, Assane can’t stand it any longer and decides to return to Paris to make them a crazy proposal: leave France and start a new life elsewhere. But the ghosts of the past are never far away, and an unexpected return will turn his plans upside down.”

In the meantime, you can read our review of Lupin Season 2 right here

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‘Lupin’ Season 4—Everything We Know



Will There Be a 4th Season of Lupin

Lupin is a high-stakes series about a gentleman thief, Assane Diop (Omar Sy), who is exceptionally crafty at what he does and usually does it in the name of revenge.

For two seasons, he’s managed to evade police while rallying support from the public as a sort of Robin Hood figure, which makes watching his escapades unravel throughout the city of France all the more enticing. Assane/Lupin has never met his match, though police officer Guedira (Soufiane Guerrab) has come the closest to figuring out the tricks of the trade, making Lupin respect him even more. 

After a two-year hiatus—yes, they really made fans wait that long—Lupin has finally returned for a seven-episode third season on Oct 5, 2023. 

But is the story over? It seems like it’s far from it. And while there’s no word on whether a fourth season is in the works just yet, with Lupin, who masterfully chooses his destiny, there’s no shortage of inspiration or trouble that he can get into. The third season did a good job of weaving Assane’s backstory into the present-day plot, giving audiences a fresh mystery to follow after Assane successfully got revenge on Hubert and Juliette, the people from his past who wronged his late father. 

For Assane, family is everything, and everything he’s done has been for family, so it’s safe to say that there’s plenty more story to tell when it comes to France’s most notorious thief. 

When the third season concluded, it left the door wedged open for a potential fourth season as it reintroduced Hubert, who may be Lupin’s greatest foe, back into the mix. Turns out, Hubert is Assane’s prison cell neighbor, which is bound to get very messy as the idea of revenge comes back into play. 

It was necessary for Assane to accept his fate after all the pain and suffering he caused, with paying for his crimes being the only solution out of this mess not only for himself but for his family, but there’s no reality where viewers will simply accept that the storyline ends with Assane Diop in prison. 

We need to see how Assane gets out—because we know that he always has an escape plan, and he’s just waiting to put it in motion. 

The decision to renew the series for a fourth season will also hinge on how well the third season is received—but much like the good people of France, the rest of the world can’t get enough of Lupin and we’re eager to see where he goes next. 

If Netflix makes any decisions, we’ll update this post accordingly with all the information! 

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Lupin Season 3 Review – Catch Me If You Can (Episodes 1-7)



Lupin Season 3 Review 7 Episodes

The third season of Lupin should be called the many—and ever-changing—looks of Assane Diop, a chameleon in the streets of Paris who’s able to pull off just about any look—from a head-to-toe pink suit to a Chad army uniform to a full Dennis Rodman makeover, and many more in between. There’s a reason why he’s considered the master of disguises.

Warning—this review contains spoilers from Lupin Season 3!

And piggybacking off of that, it’s so easy to become whoever you want to be if you just believe in yourself and have the confidence to sell the story. It’s how the gentleman thief—inspired by the fictional character Arsène Lupin—the most-wanted man in all of France whose face was plastered on every single newspaper, was able to blend in public, stepping out and showing his face to all of the people who were so obsessed with his “voice of the people” persona yet barely bat an eyelash when he was standing in front of them. Lupin doesn’t just talk the talk, he plays the part and sells it. It’s part of the fun that keeps audiences guessing for seven episodes this season, wondering how it will all end for him, if he’ll ever slip up, or if there’s any piece of the puzzle he hasn’t accounted for (spoiler alert—there isn’t. His forethought is absolutely incredible). 

The one thing that does catch him off guard, however, is the season’s new villain. At the end of season 2, Assane brings down Hubert (Hervé Pierre) and Juliette Pelligrini (Clotilde Hesme), the father-daughter duo who framed his father—with the former also framing him for murder—before disappearing into the night.  However, it turns out it’s not easy being the family of a criminal, and when he saw the public’s obsession with his escape and how the media began to hound Claire (Ludivine Sagnier) and Raoul (Etan Simon), he was inspired by Lupin staging his own death. 

He was able to pull it off without a hitch, even digging his way out of a coffin and through a tunnel with Ben (Antoine Gouy) and Jacques’ help, bxut a wrench was thrown in his plans to disappear off the grid when someone kidnapped his mother and forced him to do their dirty bidding, first telling him to hand over the Black Pearl (which he so masterfully stole in the first episode of the season), before making him steal a Monet painting and a very rare and expensive diamond bracelet directly from the wrist of the heiress wearing it. 

The fact that someone somehow one-upped Assane is shocking, but it’s far from the only jaw-dropping moment this season. Audiences are equally as stunned when Ben, Assane’s loyal-to-a-fault right-hand man is caught red-handed with the aforementioned bracelet in his hand as it’s revealed that having Assane lose everything and hurt the ones he loves most is the true goal for this season’s villain.

This is a deeply personal vendetta and one that’s intriguing as it connects directly to his past growing up without a father and yearning for the love of his mother. The flashbacks take us to 1998 when Assane finds his people at Keller’s gym alongside his good buddy Bruno. Keller isn’t the good guy he claims to be, quickly making it clear that he uses manipulation tactics to make all the kids dependent on him. With such a focus on how much control Keller had over Assane’s formative years, it’s not exactly a surprise that Keller ends up being the bad guy in the present day, especially when the translated closed captions use his name even before the reveal is made clear on screen. That, however, doesn’t water down the impact of the twist as fans still find themselves wondering what Assane could’ve done to Keller to make him crave revenge of this caliber.  

Lupin Season 3 Review 7 Episodes


The truth is, if Assane kept better tabs on his enemies—and he has a lot of them—he likely might have been able to get ahead of this one, but the suave criminal doesn’t have time for all of that nonsense. 

Because that’s the thing–even when the stakes are as high as Keller threatening to kill Assane’s mother Mariama, it never stops being fun. Assane thoroughly enjoys what he does and he never seems to worry, as Claire happens to point out, even though we know he definitely worries in his own way; he simply doesn’t show it, turning those anxieties into actionable moments where he’s able to control the narrative before it controls him.

He’s also able to use his understanding of human behavior to get people to do what he wants and needs, without them even realizing that they’re being manipulated or tricked, as is the case of Youssef Guédira (Soufiane Guerrab). Despite every bone in his body telling him not to help Assane, he goes through with it because Assane makes a compelling point and promises to give himself up in exchange for his assistance. On a surface level, it seems like Guédira agrees to help Assane because he wants to be the victorious police officer who not only retrieves all the valuable possessions but also brings in the big fish, but on a deeper level, we know it’s because Guédira is actually a huge fan of the Lupin character, and, in turn, Assane, and can’t pass up yet another opportunity to be an accomplice and work alongside him.

There’s a level of loyalty with Assane in that he never breaks a promise. He might put those he loves in questionable situations—like allowing Ben to get arrested with the bracelet—but he always takes care of them in the end, which is one of the reasons why he eventually turned himself in and allowed Guédira to be the arresting officer. He owes him this one favor, and if he’s to allow himself to get caught, he wants the person who gets the credit to be someone who deserves it; someone he sees as somewhat of an equal and who he admires. Aside from Ben, Assane never met his match, until Guédira came along. He’s one of the few people able to keep up with every single hint and clue because he figured out the rules that Assane plays by.

Guédira was the first person to link Assane to the Lupin stories, finding the connection between Assane’s escapades and Lupin’s. It served him well in the second season, so you’d think by now his colleagues would put aside their skepticism and simply acknowledge that Guédira is onto something. It was nice to see Guédira redeem himself when he arrested Assane because of how little faith everyone had in him and his theories, particularly Sofia Belkacem (Shirine Boutella). She constantly bashed Guédira’s suggestions and tips, dismissing and shrugging them off as nothing more than an obsession when she should be utilizing him considering he’s the only person who was ever even remotely close to catching Assane, and he’s definitely gotten closer to him than anyone else has.

Lupin Season 3 Review 7 Episodes


Did things look bad for Guédira when he was caught on an unofficial undercover mission as Justin Avisto?  Yes. But did Guédira attempt to prove himself many times after, even giving her a lead in the case? Also, yes. 

Guerida deserves better—and quite frankly, I was really shipping him with Fleur. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see more of a development in their relationship.

One of the biggest letdowns of the season was Assane’s decision to transform into Alex, Raoul’s new basketball coach who got all too close to Claire and allowed her to develop feelings for him. It’s one thing to want to keep tabs on your family, especially when their safety is a concern, but it’s another to completely mislead them in such a way. Claire eventually caught on when she got confirmation that Assane was still alive, and I’m surprised she wasn’t more upset. My guess is that she would’ve been had his presence not protected her from a hitman, plus she was overcome with emotion at seeing him alive and well after being led to believe he was really gone. 

In a way, he was protecting his family by being “around” even when he couldn’t be, but how did he find all that time to play both roles and never skip a beat as he hunted down the people trying to destroy him and kill his mother? It was one of the more unbelievable storylines, that’s for sure. 

Assane’s attempt at stealing the Black Pearl—his first and only ever failure—was the most riveting master plan as it was so exceptionally executed, right down to faking his own death. He had to know that it was going to be a hard sell, even if he was in the casket when Guédira forced them to open it. Anyone familiar with Lupin’s story would expect him to fake his own death. 

It was thrilling to see his plan in action, but it’s seven better to see it deconstructed from top to bottom after seeing him succeed.

The Black Pearl robbery came with the highest stakes as he informed the jeweler and the police of the robbery—the exact date and time—in advance. Not only did he require backup from Bruno and Ben, he also needed the police to be on the premises, watching like hawks, and playing along to his cat-and-mouse game, in addition to the chaos of the crowd to aid in his great escape. It was all meticulously calculated into his plan. 

Assane somehow manages to always be in the thick of the action and within a cop’s reach, while also vanishing before anyone even figures out what he’s up to.

It was also rewarding to meet Bruno in the present day and see that he was still available whenever Assane needed him considering how much time we spent with him via flashbacks, how vital he was during Assane’s teen, and how they were bonded for life by shared trauma.

Lupin Season 3 Review 7 Episodes


As for Keller’s motivation after all these years, he was simply upset that he spent 25 years in prison for killing a cop during a botched robbery that he forced Assane and Bruno to commit on his behalf and against their will. Bruno may have taken the shot at the cop out of fear, but it was really Keller who pulled the trigger as the situation was of his own making; he deserved to pay the ultimate price, and the fact that he thought otherwise was simply his ego and inability to confront the truth—and Assane made sure to underscore that when he set Keller up to get cornered by the police once again for his crimes (the ruthless attempted murder of the hitman he pushed off the roof). 

Keller was doing good things but holding it against people—he was a devil in disguise, a dangerous gang leader masked as a safe haven. Bruno eventually opened up his own boxing studio—that did have the youth’s best interest at heart and called it Lupin’s Gym in honor of the friend who always had his back. 

One major highlight this season was Diop’s journey to finding his mother. We’ve seen how far he was willing to go for his father, but his mother was largely out of the picture until now when we learned of her story—and that the craftiness of thievery runs in the family.

Mama Diop was forced to steal after being released from prison in Senegal, and she was quick with it, just like Assane. Not only did we see them reconcile their relationship, but we even saw them work a mark together, which was a pure delight. The anxiety may have reached new heights this season, and through it all, I genuinely have no idea how Assane stayed calm, but it’s clear that life is a game to him—and it’s a game he plays well. He’s finally found his perfect partner in crime.

And finally, Assane Diop’s arrest, which wasn’t how anyone wanted his story to conclude, but it was necessary. From the get-go, Assane was ready to risk it all for the “big one,” alluding to the fact that he was ready to put this lifestyle, this chapter of it, to bed. 

He’s a man of his word, delivering on his promise to Guédira in a slightly different way, even when he had every chance to escape and make a clean getaway with his whole family finally together. Assane knew that he owed it to his loved ones to do better; he didn’t want them living a life as runaways solely because of the mess he made. Claire once said the only solution was to turn himself in, and she was always right—so he did.

The plan was for Assane to pay his time, repent for what he’s done, and wipe the slate clean, but I’m sure he has an escape plan in his back pocket for a rainy day…like when it’s revealed that his cell neighbor is Hubert, his biggest enemy, for example. 

Assane gets the message loud and clear, and the man he put behind bars now has every reason to make his life a living hell. 

How will Assane respond? What’s next for the gentleman thief who always keeps us on our toes? He was in his prime this season—one of the strongest seasons to date—but this development sets the scene for more to come. 

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Lupin Season 2 Recap – The Gentleman Burglar Is Smoother Than Ever



Lupin Part 2 Review

Ok, I binged the entire second part of Lupin, so we have a lot to discuss!

In Part 1, we were left with Assane’s son Raoul kidnapped by Leonard in Normandy. Him and Claire searching for him, and Youssef Guedira spotting Assane.

We pick up right where we left off, thrust into a car chase as Guedira pretends to be a random man who witnessed the kidnapping. So Assane and Guedira, your favorite buddy cop duo go off to find Raoul.

Well, they follow them to an old creepy abandoned house, but only Assane goes inside. After figuring out Guedira is a cop, Assane locks him inside their car. So that duo is short-lived.

Assane and Leonard get into an intense fight which ends with Leonard going out of a window! He’s ok though. Just a bit banged up.

Assane searches the house for his son until he gets a text from the kidnapper. This guy set his car on fire, with Raoul in the trunk!

At this point, I was like omg the show has taken a dark turn. OMG Claire will never forgive you, and oh no, now he’s being arrested. The jig is up.

But this is Lupin. This show loves catching the audience off guard. I was worried Part 2 may stray from what made it so good, but I was not disappointed.

Assane, distraught in the police cruiser learns the truth: the police didn’t find anyone in the burning car.

Um, so where is this kid?

Well, the buddy cop duo lives! Guedira broke the window to escape his vehicle prison, heard Raoul screaming from the burning car, pried open the trunk, and saved the day.

Sure, now this Leonard guy is shooting at them but one problem at a time.

So those two escape being shot by hoping in the unburnt car, Leonard tells his boss Pellegrini that he failed, and that Guedira has the kid.

So Assane knows his son is alive. Time to plan his escape from police custody. And he’s a master so of course, escaping is like breathing for him.

Just like Commissioner Dumont is a master at being a double-crossing dirty cop.

Under direction from Pellegrini, Dumont arranges for Guedira to bring Raoul to him at a hotel. So now Raoul, Pellegrini, the commissioner, and multiple goons are all in one place. How does Assane pull this one off?

Oh, just a handy phone trick where he copies Hubert’s voice and commands Dumont to move Raoul. Right into a black van driven by Assane himself.

Now as soon as I saw that black van and they didn’t show the driver, I was like aha! That’s got to be Assane. I’ve seen my share of heist movies; I know how this works.

Unfortunately, Pellegrini isn’t too worried. He has a plan B.

Claire, oh Claire why?

She went to Pellegrini previously to try and trade the necklace stolen in Part 1 in exchange for her son. But Pellegrini doesn’t care about the necklace. He just wants Assane.

So of course when Assane brings Raoul back to Claire, Hubert’s got his men waiting to pounce.

Now I don’t want to be too hard on Claire. Her son was kidnapped and she’s had to deal with this stuff for years.

When they were younger Assane stole a violin for her to play at an audition. A sweet gesture I guess, but then the police showed up at her audition to deal with her and young Assane. A tad embarrassing honestly.

He only got out of that one because he was too young to charge, and by using a cruder more elementary phone trick. Pretending to be the shopkeeper asking for mercy for the boy. Yeah, quick thinking.

I do love how they show this evolution of how he developed his skills over the years. You can’t become a master overnight.

But right, the trap!

Claire tells Assane to run with just enough time for him to disappear into the attic, escaping capture. She’s still pissed though.

But Hubert is feeling bold. He’s already scheming about his next fraudulent activity. Oh, how about a benefit concert for the benefit of his own pockets? Sounds enchanting.

What’s Assane’s plan? Hubert’s daughter and Assane’s former flame, Juliette.

They rekindle their friendship through an adventurous night, and if you’re like me you knew something sneaky was happening.

With the help of Ben, they made sure Juliette was at a restaurant alone where she could invite a passing Assane to eat with her. Yeah, it was too convenient to be real.

They skip the bill, steal a scooter, he sends her a stolen painting the next day, and even steals a bracelet from Claire. But they set up the chance meeting, paid off the waiter and scooter driver, even faked the theft! He did steal the bracelet but sent it back later.

All this to prove he’d do anything for her. The perfect manipulation tactic to influence Juliette to convince her mom to talk to Guedira about Hubert’s crime. Yeesh. A very tangled web.

But it works! And Hubert is arrested! The buddy cop duo strikes again.

Unfortunately…the victory doesn’t last long. Of course, Hubert uses his smarmy connections to get released. And how does he retaliate for being detained? Murder!

Hubert gets his lackey Pascal to kill his other lackey Leonard inside Assane’s house. Assane is frustratingly too distracted to notice because he was dancing to Reach Out (I’ll Be There) by the Four Tops. A total bop, so I understand.

Well of course Pascal tips off the police, and now Assane’s gotta flee as a man wanted for murder.

He and Ben go on a long-winded trek through the Catacombs to escape capture from the police. When they were younger they discovered a secret tunnel that thankfully comes in handy for the chase.

Also handy? A USB stick hidden in a candle. Which is what Assane left Guedira to discover. On this USB stick? Oh, just documents and proof of the connection between Dumont, Leonard, and Pellegrini. Jackpot.

So everything is set up nicely for the finale.

Hubert is ready for his fraudulent concert at the Chatelet, Assane and Ben are ready with some kind of plan, and the police are closing in on Commissioner Dumont.

Time to discover what surprises Assane has been working on.

Well, he infiltrated Hubert’s operation when he stole a briefcase from his financial expert. Yes, this is where he got the files linking up all the crimes to send to Guedira. He also used that same advisor to send in Phillippe Courbet.

Now, this part legitimately shocked me. This Courbet that we’d seen being shady and helping Hubert set up his fraudulent concert? He and Ben found him at the library, and sent him in undercover!

So he helps both Assane and Ben get into the Chatelet while he oversees the digital donations (that do end up going to charity. So no longer a fraudulent concert!)

Assane (with a knife to his throat) gets Hubert to admit to Raoul’s kidnapping, Leonard’s killing, Fabienne’s killing, and setting up and killing Babakar. A lot of death because of this man. But the best part is that Assane records this confession.

So it’s all going swell. Except because he’s a bit of a drama queen, Assane goes on stage to tell the crowd truth. Cue the police moving in.

But Ben drops the lights, chaos ensues. Poof! Everyone can disappear into the night.

Well until Assane is recognized and chased onto a boat he conveniently has waiting for him.

He briefly reunites with Claire and Raoul until he seriously does manage to disappear into the night.

A crazy ride! I loved it. Thankfully we’re getting a Lupin: Part 3. I wonder if it will still be about the Pellegrini’s or if there’ll be a new target.

There’s a lot of threads from this story but I wouldn’t mind new characters. I don’t really care as long as there are more thefts, disguises, and high-tension chases.

How was your binge? Did it live up to Lupin: Part 1? And did you also want to punch Hubert Pellegrini a few times, or just me?

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