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Manifest – Contrails (1×11)

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Dark lightning.

No, it’s not a CW superhero, it’s the latest clue to unravel in the mystery of Flight 828.

Melissa Roxburgh, who plays Mic on Manifest, promised answers in the second part of the season and we’re inching closer and closer to fully understanding what happened during the flight.

Captain Daly may have been obsessed and desperate, but he was also right.

Flying into the eye of the storm might have been extreme, but it was also the only way to see if lightning could strike the same place twice.

The outcome of the Captain’s rogue mission was unclear though that may be the beauty of it. We won’t know if the Captain and Fiona survived until about five years TV time.

Ben and Mic are now forced to experience what their loved ones did in terms of believing Daly and Fiona were shot down.

You have to think that in his manic state, Daly was certain of the outcome because he was right about everything else.

He knew about the meteorologist, he knew that it was a government cover-up and he had the paperwork to prove it.

However, there’s always a missing link.

That’s the one thing Daly got wrong. Fiona had no involvement with what happened during that flight; she wasn’t the missing link.

But something did happen to them and the government does know what it is. Obviously, that’s why they are looking into all the passengers in the first place with a major emphasis on Cal.

As we learned last week, Cal is special. He experiences the callings on a greater, more personal scale.

Whatever this is, he’s the key, which is why the Major wants to get her grubby hands on him.

Manifest is unearthing one clue at a time so we didn’t get much about the Major in this week’s episode which was unfortunate following the emphasis on her running the show in the previous episode.

However, whatever the Major and her team have on Autumn, it has to be good enough to convince her to manipulate Mic and kidnap Cal.

Yep, the inevitable finally happened. And while everyone saw it coming, Grace was beyond surprised to see that her son wasn’t in his room. Hmm.. maybe if you had just listened to your husband once in a while.

We have seen Autumn struggle with the weight of the Major’s request so obviously, there is a good person in there somewhere.

Maybe the “friend” she had Mic lookup is some kind of clue?

I’m glad Manifest isn’t one of those shows where the main characters are clueless and take way too long to piece together a puzzle.

Mic trusted Autumn at first, which made me cringe when she turned her back and left Cal alone with her, however, when the meteorologist died, she immediately realized she had said the place in front of Autumn thus labeling her the “mole.”

With Cal gone, Grace has no other choice but to trust Ben and Mic.

And she won’t be able to argue with Cal’s vision drawings of the future. There wasn’t much of an emphasis on Cal’s psychic abilities until this episode when he knew that Ben would be meeting with the man from the plane before it happened.

But knowing that his visions go beyond just a connection to the other passengers, that he can actually predict what’s going to happen, it makes sense why he’d be a hot ticket item for the Major.

At the same time, it doesn’t explain why Cal wouldn’t warn his father or Mic that he was about to be kidnapped.

Wouldn’t he have seen it if his drawing showcased them all standing in his room looking for him?

The promo revealed that Cal drew them a map leading them to him so at least they know how to find him.

Sadly, the visions that both Cal and Mic were experiencing in which a man in the mountains looking for Michaela weren’t explained either.

Could this be Captain Daly in the future?

Much like the other passengers in the plane, Mic and Ben are juggling personal situations as well.

Things aren’t exactly going great between Ben and Grace since she kicked him out of the house, but she just told Mic she hopes the love she has for Ben is enough to fix things.

I’m honestly confused about the status of her relationships. Does she want to be with Ben? Does she still love Danny? What do you want, Grace?

Mic knows exactly who she wants, but she can’t have him without hurting her best friend. I use the word best friend loosely because since she’s returned, Mic has seen Lourdes a total of one time. Maybe they used to be best friends, but they are far from it now.

Still, sleeping with Jared despite being with him first is still considered cheating now that they are married.

I respect Michaela for trying to put an end to it before it becomes even messier than it already is, but Jared really won’t let up.

He knows he has a wife at home yet he’s openly caressing Mic’s hand and talking about their “fresh start.”

If he’s serious about pursuing Mic again and giving their romance another shot, he needs to first end things with Lourdes. It won’t be pretty but the heart wants what it wants.

To summarize: Captain Daly and Fiona may or may not be in 2024. We won’t know for a while unless the series does a time jump. Autumn helped the Major steal Cal. Cal is psychic. Fiona had nothing to do with anything. There wasn’t enough of Saanvi in this episode. And Mic and Jared are trying not to go there, but will undoubtedly go there again.

Other Questions

  • Why did the government allow the co-pilot to go back to Jamaica like nothing ever happened?
  • Are we just dropping the connection the other passengers all shared?
  • Why isn’t Ben talking to Aaron from the podcast?
  • What is the government trying to cover up?

In order to figure out the true mystery, Ben cannot lose sight of what’s happening or what’s real.

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INTERVIEW: Manifest’s Olli Haaskivi Talks Isaiah Being the Reason for ‘Save the Passengers’ Calling



Olli Haaskivi as Isaiah on Manifest Season 2 Episode 7

Manifest is known for its shady characters with unclear motivations, and that couldn’t be truer for Isaiah, played by Olli Haaskivi.

On Manifest Season 2 Episode 7, Olli’s character was revealed as an obsessive believer who wanted to transcend death and be reborn as a “returned,” just like the passengers of the “miracle” Flight 828.

Olli’s character did quite a lot of damage as he lured all the passengers to a makeshift nightclub, spiked the bottles of champagne, attempted to blow them all up, held Olive at knifepoint, and died while wrestling TJ, who sacrificed his life to save his girlfriend.

At the Club - Manifest

TV Fanatic had a chance to talk to Olli about his involvement in the series, bringing such an intense character to life, and what was going on in Isaiah’s mind this whole time.

I didn’t expect Isaiah to go that far. Let’s start there!

One thing I’ll say is that it’s been fun to watch this season and anytime someone says, “Save the passengers,” my thought is always, “From me!” It’s been fun to have that up my sleeve, hearing the phrase “Save the passengers” so much for the last many weeks and be like, “That’s only about me, guys.”

Well, when we met Isaiah in one of the first episodes, I think it was Manifest Season 1 Episode 3

I think so yeah so.

Olli Haaskivi

So, was this his plan the whole time or was it kind of building up as he kept attending the Church of the Believers? What’s your theory?

Yeah, my feeling is, I’m always sort of looking for one sort of new, big idea to hang your character on.

I remember I did a bunch of episodes of The Sinner in its second season playing a public defender, and I was speaking to a friend of mine who is a public defender, and I remember he said that all a public defender is is just a burnt-out idealist. I remember thinking, “Okay, I can base my entire character on that phrase.”

That gives me everything I need. And Isaiah, when we meet him in Manifest Season 1 Episode 3, and he has a big jail scene with Michaela, he says a line that I think is, “I’m not afraid of prison; I’ve been here before.”

It’s something along those lines, and so what that says to me is it’s easy to take that thought and track it down, like track the implications of that. So, my instinct is that if someone who has led a really rough life, who was potentially in and out of foster homes, maybe, I think he’s definitely seen things and been a part of things that are, well…

Isaiah in Jail - Manifest

That led to this explosive moment?

Yeah! And I think that he comes from a sort of unstable and harrowing background, whatever it is.

I have some ideas, but whatever it is, we almost don’t need to know, but we know that he certainly has a past, and he has capabilities. And I think the miracle of 828 really is, I treated it as the first time that he has a really has any hope, or any optimism, or anything beautiful.

I think he leans into that really hard. I think he feels really safe in that community. I think he feels like he has a purpose. I think he feels excited to be with Olive and welcome her into this community. And I think it really is maybe the first time in his entire life that he feels those warm and positive feelings.

And then I think when that gets threatened when the Church gets attacked. And I think he has some sense that Olive’s family is not approving of this.

Isaiah - Manifest

And then he gets that confirmation when Ben comes and confronts Adrian in this episode. 

Yeah, and it also wouldn’t surprise me if Adrian and Isaiah had a conversation about Ben attacking Adrian, or Isaiah maybe just has a sense that something happened there.

I think that when Isaiah’s emotional safety — which has been such a comfort to him and such a source of safety and beauty in his life that has not had a lot of safety in beauty — I think a lot of things that he’s been pressing down and trying to compartmentalize, a lot of angst, a lot of rage, a lot of frustration, all these things, I think really has no choice but to show up in the way that it does in 207.

What I think is interesting though is that when we started getting suspicious of  Isaiah a few episodes back, a lot of people kind of assumed that maybe he was an X’er disguised as a believer. 


But from what you’re saying and this whole scene, he was always a believer. 

I really do think so, especially on 103, right off the bat, we see how much he cared for Kelly, who got murdered. We see the stars in his eyes when Michaela comes to speak with him at the prison. I always treated his beliefs as unbelievably genuine.

Church of the Believers

Yeah, that explains everything he did.

Yeah, I’m so glad. And like I said, when that safety gets threatened, he feels that he has to do something, and unfortunately, what he decides to do is drastic.

Adrian told Isaiah that a “bigger miracle” was coming on Manifest Season 2 Episode 6. Did Adrian know anything about this, was he referring to something else, or was it just a blanket statement to make Isaiah feel more comfortable?

I took it as a blanket statement. I took it as maybe the very first time, or not even maybe, I took it is the first time that something Adrian says doesn’t ring true to Isaiah. I think it was something Adrian said to sort of calm Isaiah down kind like saying like, “Don’t worry about it; we’ll just figure it out later.”

The thought that I had in that moment was, “I don’t know if I fully believe you right now,” or “Maybe I have to take matters into my own hands here.”

Read the full interview at TV Fanatic! 

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Manifest Review – Isaiah Attempts Another Flight 828 ‘Miracle’ (2×07)



Manifest Emergency Exit Review

When Adrian warned Isaiah that there would be “another miracle,” he didn’t realize how far his believer would be willing to go to prove that the miracle of Flight 828 exists on Manifest Season 2 Episode 7.

Every “save the passengers” Calling has been building up to this moment, and by the end of the hour, everyone’s lives were affected and changed as a result.

Isaiah, who many of us believed was an X’er, turned out to be a devoted believer ready to die and transcend death to prove that what happened to Flight 828 is possible again.

In fact, he was so ready to prove it, he gathered all of the passengers in one place and blew the whole place up.

It was dark, twisted, and completely unexpected, but it also gave us some resolution to the Church of Believers storyline.

It was proof that the Church and its message was just as dangerous as Ben believed it was.

What I found frustrating was the lack of clarity from the Callings.

This is a Trap - Manifest Season 2 Episode 7

The way they manifested themselves made it seem like Ben and Mic were supposed to stop another flight from crashing, and yet, it turned out to be a warning about a party that happened to present itself in the confines of a plane.

Is this possibly a clue as to what happened to the real passengers? Why do they keep seeing everything through the lens of a plane crash?

The Callings would be much more useful if they actually gave detailed warnings with a place, a time, or heck, even a person.

Ben spent so much time pushing back against Adrian instead of pursuing the true villain. Though, Adrian isn’t without fault as his ideologies did encourage this.

It didn’t take long for Ben and Mic to realize that something was way off about the party as they spotted all passengers in attendance, but it was too late as Isaiah had set his plans into motion.

Something Seems Off - Manifest Season 2 Episode 7

What followed after was a scene of chaos as people scrambled to find an exit out of the club and to safety.

While Mic and Ben managed to save most of the people with the help of Zeke and Jared, there were a few casualties.

Isaiah and TJ never made it out after the latter bravely sacrificed himself to save Olive from Isaiah’s grasp.

Isaiah pulled Olive in and held a knife to her throat hoping she’d keep Ben and TJ around long enough because passengers needed to be among the fallen.

Olive suffered a great loss with TJ’s death, which will likely force her to rethink everything she’s believed in thus far.

She was so happy to believe in the miracle of Flight 828, but her beliefs put TJ and her family in harm’s way.

I can see her going to a very dark place as a result and blaming herself for everything.

It was incredibly sad that just moments before his death, TJ told Olive he finally “found something to live for.”

Many of us were suspicious of TJ’s motivations and thought maybe he wasn’t being fully honest, but at least this incident redeemed his character and proved that his only fault was wanting a family.

Another casualty of the explosion seemed to be Finn as the camera panned to him laying unconscious in the building moments before it blew up.

It could have been that they simply wanted to show us that Finn was in the same position as he was in the Calling, however, I found myself wondering about the significance of that scene.

Is it possible that they will all come back again because Isaiah died with two passengers? As messed up as his intentions were, maybe he was onto something?

I doubt so much emphasis would be placed on Finn if there wasn’t more to the story.

While Ben and Mic were trying to help from the inside, Grace, Zeke, and Cal all shared a Calling together that warned them about the attack.

Again, the Calling didn’t tell them where the party was happening, so it was up to them to figure it out using Olive’s iPad. Seriously, these Callings need to step up their game.

Zeke helped Mic rescue Bethany, the flight attendant who was trapped under falling rubble. His strength was impressive in that scene, sure, but we need to talk about him lifting a flaming object with his bare hands.

The moment was incredibly odd until he got checked out by Saanvi at the hospital and learned his hands were covered in frostbite and not burns.

The death date is closing in on him and symptoms have begun manifesting themselves. If Ben and Mic don’t figure out a solution soon, Zeke will slowly freeze to death just like he did in that cave.

Read the full review at TV Fanatic! 

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Manifest Review – Is Zeke Relapsing? (2×06)



Manifest Return Trip Review

When Michaela uttered “what the hell is happening” at the end of Manifest Season 2 Episode 6, I’ve never related to anything more in my life.

It’s comforting to know that the characters are just as lost and confused as the majority of the audience.

The Callings have made it clear that they want Ben, Mic, Saanvi, and Zeke to “save the passengers,” but these scenarios have taken us away from the core mystery.

Ben and Saanvi shared a Calling (yay! the dynamic duo is back!) which showed a young, scared boy on Flight 828, and led them to a man named Finn, an 828 passenger who found out he had a 5-year-old child with following a one-night stand with a woman in Jamaica.

You’re probably thinking “so now the Calling is here to reunite long lost families?” It’s a valid question, and the answer is yes, sort of, but also not really.

The Calling wanted to warn Finn, Ben, and Saanvi about Theo’s liver disease.

Finn was a match and saved Theo’s life temporarily. Saanvi assumed that it’s possible they extended his life as the death date anomaly was transferrable. More on that later.

It also led to another joint Calling as Mic, Ben, Saanvi, and Adrian (no one saw him there) found themselves standing in the middle of a plane crash.

At first, it seemed like the wreck was from Flight 828, but as they looked closer, they realized they didn’t recognize the passengers and figured this was a brand new flight.

The only passenger on-board that looked familiar was Finn, and since he was holding the rock that his son showed him in this episode, it’s safe to say the wrecked flight is a glimpse into the future.

In my reviews of Manifest Season 2 Episode 4, I said my off-the-wall theory was that they’re supposed to save passengers from a future crash, and that seems to be the case here.

The title of the episode is “Return Flight,” so could this be a flight coming home from somewhere?

We’ve now successfully completed a full-circle back to Mic’s question: what the hell is happening?

Adrian’s inclusion in the Calling was surprising and sparked a new theory that maybe he’s responsible for the crash.

He wasn’t inside the plane with Ben, Saanvi, and Mic, but rather, on the outside. It could be alluding to the fact that he’s an “outsider,” but maybe it’s teasing that there’s more to his story than we know.

Shortly before the Calling, he told Isaiah that “another miracle was coming” and seemed confident in that as if he knew more than he was letting on.

The Callings have become frustrating because they don’t have a clear directive that allows the passengers to act on them properly.

Grace’s “open her eyes” Calling about Erika is still lingering without any resolution.

Saanvi returned after her episode-hiatus and wasted no time jumping into the action.

We should all be worried about her because she’s taking the “save the passengers” Calling to the extreme by experimenting on herself after losing all of her research to The Major and her goons.

Saanvi is aware of the risks that come with becoming her guinea pig but doesn’t care because she’s so determined to get answers.

Her decision is incredibly dangerous because Ben is right, how is she supposed to help anyone if she kills herself in the process?

We need her around if her assumption that the death date anomaly is transferrable through the liver transplant and by birth.

Saanvi’s absence from the previous episode was explained as her “hiding out” from The Major, but she’s back and walking around without a care in the world. Does The Major no longer pose a threat?

What’s The Major doing with all that research?

And what about Vance? Is he still in hiding?

The introduction of Zeke’s wife didn’t have much of an impact on the storyline other than causing some drama between Mic and Zeke.

Courtney turned out to be his “fake wife” as they never made things legally binding.

She came, caused a disturbance in Zeke’s life, and walked right out without uttering a word after he almost relapsed while trying to pay off her debt.

Is it possible Courtney is working with the X’ers? Did she purposefully want to sabotage Zeke’s relationship and put doubts in Mic’s mind?

See the full review at TV Fanatic! 

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