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Manifest – Contrails (1×11)

Credit: Manifest/ NBC



Dark lightning.

No, it’s not a CW superhero, it’s the latest clue to unravel in the mystery of Flight 828.

Melissa Roxburgh, who plays Mic on Manifest, promised answers in the second part of the season and we’re inching closer and closer to fully understanding what happened during the flight.

Captain Daly may have been obsessed and desperate, but he was also right.

Flying into the eye of the storm might have been extreme, but it was also the only way to see if lightning could strike the same place twice.

The outcome of the Captain’s rogue mission was unclear though that may be the beauty of it. We won’t know if the Captain and Fiona survived until about five years TV time.

Ben and Mic are now forced to experience what their loved ones did in terms of believing Daly and Fiona were shot down.

You have to think that in his manic state, Daly was certain of the outcome because he was right about everything else.

He knew about the meteorologist, he knew that it was a government cover-up and he had the paperwork to prove it.

However, there’s always a missing link.

That’s the one thing Daly got wrong. Fiona had no involvement with what happened during that flight; she wasn’t the missing link.

But something did happen to them and the government does know what it is. Obviously, that’s why they are looking into all the passengers in the first place with a major emphasis on Cal.

As we learned last week, Cal is special. He experiences the callings on a greater, more personal scale.

Whatever this is, he’s the key, which is why the Major wants to get her grubby hands on him.

Manifest is unearthing one clue at a time so we didn’t get much about the Major in this week’s episode which was unfortunate following the emphasis on her running the show in the previous episode.

However, whatever the Major and her team have on Autumn, it has to be good enough to convince her to manipulate Mic and kidnap Cal.

Yep, the inevitable finally happened. And while everyone saw it coming, Grace was beyond surprised to see that her son wasn’t in his room. Hmm.. maybe if you had just listened to your husband once in a while.

We have seen Autumn struggle with the weight of the Major’s request so obviously, there is a good person in there somewhere.

Maybe the “friend” she had Mic lookup is some kind of clue?

I’m glad Manifest isn’t one of those shows where the main characters are clueless and take way too long to piece together a puzzle.

Mic trusted Autumn at first, which made me cringe when she turned her back and left Cal alone with her, however, when the meteorologist died, she immediately realized she had said the place in front of Autumn thus labeling her the “mole.”

With Cal gone, Grace has no other choice but to trust Ben and Mic.

And she won’t be able to argue with Cal’s vision drawings of the future. There wasn’t much of an emphasis on Cal’s psychic abilities until this episode when he knew that Ben would be meeting with the man from the plane before it happened.

But knowing that his visions go beyond just a connection to the other passengers, that he can actually predict what’s going to happen, it makes sense why he’d be a hot ticket item for the Major.

At the same time, it doesn’t explain why Cal wouldn’t warn his father or Mic that he was about to be kidnapped.

Wouldn’t he have seen it if his drawing showcased them all standing in his room looking for him?

The promo revealed that Cal drew them a map leading them to him so at least they know how to find him.

Sadly, the visions that both Cal and Mic were experiencing in which a man in the mountains looking for Michaela weren’t explained either.

Could this be Captain Daly in the future?

Much like the other passengers in the plane, Mic and Ben are juggling personal situations as well.

Things aren’t exactly going great between Ben and Grace since she kicked him out of the house, but she just told Mic she hopes the love she has for Ben is enough to fix things.

I’m honestly confused about the status of her relationships. Does she want to be with Ben? Does she still love Danny? What do you want, Grace?

Mic knows exactly who she wants, but she can’t have him without hurting her best friend. I use the word best friend loosely because since she’s returned, Mic has seen Lourdes a total of one time. Maybe they used to be best friends, but they are far from it now.

Still, sleeping with Jared despite being with him first is still considered cheating now that they are married.

I respect Michaela for trying to put an end to it before it becomes even messier than it already is, but Jared really won’t let up.

He knows he has a wife at home yet he’s openly caressing Mic’s hand and talking about their “fresh start.”

If he’s serious about pursuing Mic again and giving their romance another shot, he needs to first end things with Lourdes. It won’t be pretty but the heart wants what it wants.

To summarize: Captain Daly and Fiona may or may not be in 2024. We won’t know for a while unless the series does a time jump. Autumn helped the Major steal Cal. Cal is psychic. Fiona had nothing to do with anything. There wasn’t enough of Saanvi in this episode. And Mic and Jared are trying not to go there, but will undoubtedly go there again.

Other Questions

  • Why did the government allow the co-pilot to go back to Jamaica like nothing ever happened?
  • Are we just dropping the connection the other passengers all shared?
  • Why isn’t Ben talking to Aaron from the podcast?
  • What is the government trying to cover up?

In order to figure out the true mystery, Ben cannot lose sight of what’s happening or what’s real.

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Manifest Double Episode Review – How Is Noah’s Ark Connected to Flight 828? (3×07 & 3×08)



Manifest Review Precious Cargo and Destination Unknown Season 3 Episode 7 and Episode 8

With another double-header, Manifest Season 3 Episode 7 and Manifest Season 3 Episode 8 erupted with a few answers about the miraculous return of Flight 828. 

For starters, it’s on its way to being declared an official miracle just like Noah’s Ark, which begs the question: are the passenger’s saints or angels? Is that why they’re glowing?

The series has always had religious undertones, but connecting it to the vessel that saved Noah, his family, and his animals takes it to a whole other level. 

Though, I guess it does explain all the guest appearances from the peacock.

The revelations started when Saanvi realized that the passengers and the recently deceased Meth Heads shared the same DNA anomaly of sapphire.

This led to the delivery of driftwood from the Vatican (the place that has the power to declare miracles). The driftwood was described as the only specimen on the planet coated with the same sapphire compound.

And it’s location led Saanvi to discover that it was likely a piece from Noah’s Ark.

Now, I’m not going to pretend that I understand why Flight 828 and Noah’s Ark are connected (and if you do, let me know in the comments), but the fact that Ben spent much of the episodes preserving their “lifeboat” — preventing passengers from doing something that would result in all of their deaths — wasn’t lost on me.

Manifest Review Precious Cargo and Destination Unknown Season 3 Episode 7 and Episode 8

MANIFEST — “Precious Cargo” Episode 307 — Pictured: (l-r) Ellen Tamaki as Drea Mikami, Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

I also looked into the meaning of sapphire in the bible and found that it was once believed that the stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were inscribed were made from sapphire. 

Do with that what you will, my friends.

Maybe Ben is about to issue commandments to all of the 187 passengers?

Micromanaging so many people into diligently following the Callings and behaving appropriately sounds like a tall, impossible order. 

Ben is up for the challenge, but it doesn’t seem like the rest of the passengers are all too eager for him to be their “shepherd.”

That reference wasn’t lost on me either. 

Of course, there’s also a scientific aspect to what happened to Flight 828 as both the driftwood and the tailfin were triggered by a seismic event, which Saanvi notes was caused by a dormant volcano that wasn’t registered in any databases. 

It’s described as invisible just like the lightning that Captain Daly believed struck the plane. 

All I know is, I’m glad they’re addressing Daly and Fiona because it means that we’ll eventually get some answers as to what happened there. 

Initially, I thought that maybe Flight 828 flew over Mount Arat on its way from Jamaica to New York, but the flight plan wouldn’t track.

So, maybe the lightning — which we also saw with Al Zuras — is responsible for the volcanos?

Again, please let me know if I’m totally off base here! 

Explosions and fire aren’t new for the series as Ben and some of the other passengers continue to have visions of Flight 828 exploding. 

And I’m going to go on a limb and say that the fire in the Calling that led Mick and Ben to Rachel and Hannah wasn’t a coincidence either. 

The volcano is the new peacock! 

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Manifest Double Episode Review – Sayonara, Methheads! (3×05 and 3×06)



Manifest Review Water Landing and Graveyard Spiral Season 3 Episode 5 and 6

Manifest hit us with an action-packed doubleheader.

The episode was filled with dramatic fight scenes, Grace covered in blood and holding a shotgun, and an NSA agent getting shot in the head. 

And that was just the tip of the iceberg. 

There’s no denying it — Manifest Season 3 Episode 5 and Manifest Season 3 Episode 6 were intense and gave us new and unexpected insight into the death date and the Callings.

But don’t be fooled . . . as per usual, one answer leads to a plethora of new questions. 

Even the ending, which saw the methheads dying together, remained vague as Ben declared: “We were so very wrong.”

Jace was the only one of the methheads that wasn’t redeemed, but he wasn’t the only one to die. 

Initially, everyone thought he’d be the only one to meet a permanent fate since he continued down a destructive path while the others made the most of their second chance.  

Pete helped Ben track his brother and save his family, plus, he found love with Angelina. 

Meanwhile, Kory helped save Cal by coming to tell him to stop reciting the nursery rhyme as it led Jace right to him. 

They both proved that in their second go-around, they would make better choices. 

And yet, it didn’t matter.

Manifest Review Water Landing and Graveyard Spiral Season 3 Episode 5 and 6

MANIFEST — “Water Landing” Episode 305 — Pictured: Josh Dallas as Ben Stone — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

After Jace died by throwing up lake water, the other two consumed by his shadow figure.

I know that the shadows come with the territory, but they were a little too animated and cheesy for my taste.

I also can’t say that I’ll miss the methheads. We were supposed to be touched by Pete’s redemption arc and love story with Angelina, but it just didn’t have the same pull as Mic and Zeke’s survivor love story. 

Kory barely made a dent in the storyline aside from being a cool dude. 

As for Jace, well, the world is better off without him. 

Olive’s discovery that they “all came back together so they will all be judged together” does change things for the passengers of Flight 828. 

Up until now, they thought that following the Callings individually and being good people would lead them to defeat the death date.

But if they are all being judged collectively, staying alive is going to be much harder.

One bad apple can ruin it for everyone. And we already know that there’s someone out there — looking at you, Eagan — that’s doesn’t have pure intentions for following the Callings. 

The revelation from the Egyptian symbols may have been shocking, but in hindsight, I feel like the signs were all there. 

After all, the series keeps pounding the fact that it’s all connected. If that’s the case, why wouldn’t the fates of the passengers be connected as well?

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Manifest Review – Tailspin (3×04)



Manifest Tailspin review season 3 episode 4

Vance wasn’t lying when he referred to the NSA’s 828 investigation room as “eureka.”

Much of Manifest Season 3 Episode 4 focused on the mystery surrounding what happened to Flight 828 and the tailfin, and it was a lot to process. 

We were bombarded with plenty of information, but as usual, with every answer, several new questions arose. 

It’s almost like we can’t ever get ahead of the mystery; we’re always two steps behind as we try to piece together all the clues. 

Ben, Saanvi, and Mic have been trying to figure this out on their own, but it’s evident that there’s so much at play here that even a robust team of government researchers and scientists has been struggling to come up with any plausible theories. 

For starters, Vance’s team proved what Ben suspected all along: the tail fin is an original part of 828. 

And it apparently teleported to the bottom of the sea on the same night that Zeke beat the death date and the methheads drowned in the lake.

Yep, teleported. 

That was also the same night and time that Saanvi killed The Major, which lead her to believe that the events were somehow related and intensified her guilt. 

The connection between all the events remains unclear much like the connection between the passengers and the non-passengers. 

The recovered tailfin also showed signs of corrosion that was consistent with having spent seven years in saltwater. 

How is it possible that the tailfin is showing signs of original wear and tear?

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